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How to Make Money on YouTube! (2016-2017)

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My basic guide to how YouTube advertising works, how much money YouTubers make, and how you can earn money with your own YouTube channel! Enjoy. Check out my YouTube network, Freedom! http://www.freedom.tm/via/CTNtechnologynews 5 Ways to Grow Your YouTube Channel Today: https://youtu.be/qKja1OlrPUk Thanks for watching this video! If you enjoyed it, please... SUBSCRIBE on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/user/CTNtechnologynews?sub_confirmation=1 FOLLOW me on Twitter: https://twitter.com/CTech_TV ADD me on Google Plus: https://plus.google.com/b/118422321546031494326/+CTNtechnologynews?cfem=1
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Dr. Venture (1 year ago)
getting a real job works just the same if not better!
Mikaeruda (1 year ago)
scam alerrrttt
michaela6413 (1 year ago)
I earn a $1 a year because I have 1.1k views, 15 subs, and 100 vids but my friend has 298 subs, 33 vids, and 2.9k views and earns $8 a year
Ebrima Jatta (1 year ago)
Ebrima Jatta (1 year ago)
Anderson Mateo (1 year ago)
How to make money online http://cashyooo.com/?taskid=39099
DontUpload (1 year ago)
But I live in England how do I get money
Random Tube (1 year ago)
but how do you set up a YouTube channel without a computer and make money?
Dylan Creppel (1 year ago)
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Jikku Francis (1 year ago)
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Amanda Brown (1 year ago)
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The Crazy Idiots (1 year ago)
im making a channel with my friends
wildflowerr1 (1 year ago)
Sounds good ! I am aftraid to download because of viruses etc. Is there some place else to get the book?
DougieDougieENT (1 year ago)
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20k W4T3R (1 year ago)
how do u start making money?
edmond kendella (1 year ago)
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Lifzweet (1 year ago)
Kimra Burningham (1 year ago)
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Nigel West Dickens (1 year ago)
Edited Songs (1 year ago)
1:25 Who else clicked the add? xD
i domt meed thousands i just need sum money for a set of dayton 150s boiii
Tere Mccormick (1 year ago)
the last supper who took the first. pic. hummmmmm, art Carmelo thanxxx...
dacsus (1 year ago)
scam, scam, scam - google should ban all those fucktards...
Cambodia Lifestyle (1 year ago)
very interesting video
AyoJo (1 year ago)
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Ashley Rozon (1 year ago)
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Alex Parfitt (1 year ago)
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typical evie (1 year ago)
on one of my videos I have like 30k views but only 170 subscribers and I never post would I still get money
Jacob Wanner (1 year ago)
help I have 0
__Last__ (1 year ago)
i got 3.756 on one of my vids
Quan Ohv (1 year ago)
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the truth is here (1 year ago)
I don't get it
Jeffrey Eugene Bryant (1 year ago)
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Rose Xua (1 year ago)
i use it drip feeded, not all at once, more natural
Kiwi Bamber (1 year ago)
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Thomas Garcia Ledezma (1 year ago)
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Azaf Dizzy (1 year ago)
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Kotori - (1 year ago)
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Orsolya Mosolygó (1 year ago)
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Orsolya Mosolygó (1 year ago)
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Orsolya Mosolygó (1 year ago)
Every youtuber know that is not that simple and you know.... With your deliberately lying video you try to frighten people ... and take advantage of poor beginner people who do not know how to lie.
Orsolya Mosolygó (1 year ago)
You are a stupid shit!!!! NOTHING IS TRUE WHAT YOU SAY!!! LIAR STUPID SHIT.....
Carlos Jackson (1 year ago)
Mr.Mejia (1 year ago)
Longqi hair (1 year ago)
could you advise how to make the video more attractive ?
WhenImGone (1 year ago)
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Watz Music (1 year ago)
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NK Muhammadi (1 year ago)
nice one
IPChips (1 year ago)
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Touchit (1 year ago)
so lets say i have 0 subscribers and upload a funny videot about myself doing a challenge (example). It gets very popular and gets 5 million views and views are giong up all the time. Do i get money for it? Even thought i dont have sponsors or ads
imKingJoseph (1 year ago)
awesome tips bro! i love videos like these
Tyvone Harrison (1 year ago)
I have a question YOUTUBE World! How do one makes these catchy videos, where the person is using black & white cartoon drawings to explain their point of view REPLY
Ranjitham K (1 year ago)
Anne Estacio (1 year ago)
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david call (1 year ago)
ELYXO2 (1 year ago)
I just watched a 3 minute ad without skipping for you. What am I doing?
HeyyouGT (1 year ago)
How To Do 1:18 And 1:29
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BennySupreme FLO (1 year ago)
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NonStopGamer (1 year ago)
do you HAVE to be in a network for money? And how do you receive it?
smosh tdm (1 year ago)
your video suck
Ali Propps (1 year ago)
come on no one press on ads like its very annoying :/
إستثمار نت (1 year ago)
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never give up (1 year ago)
fuck u
Megan McCormick (1 year ago)
ok, how does the money get to me? am I suppose to list my account, or email? where would I go?
Tony Thompson (1 year ago)
Joltee (1 year ago)
well my chanle sucks so no money for me
The Hacker (1 year ago)
Hy per (1 year ago)
MA Codhead (1 year ago)
He talks fast
Ptoler The Nutter (1 year ago)
Did u make money 💰 on dis vid???
Robert Moreau (1 year ago)
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Stricq (1 year ago)
so i have 6k views... how much money is that?
roblox fan (1 year ago)
currently i just started so it's gonna take me a long time to get some money
Black Nightmare (1 year ago)
my money is going down!!! what do I do!!!! pleas help! I want o help my fam I'm 14. I got 4 dollars. and its going to be 3 soon!
Esther Bishop (1 year ago)
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Al3alwi Adam (1 year ago)
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Thunder Spud (1 year ago)
When the ads were shown I was trying to ex them out XD
Andreas Tzavaras (1 year ago)
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The Things I Do (1 year ago)
Its best for us to find a HUSTLE...
Claudia Peralta (1 year ago)
I have a question. Why are the likes/dislikes and subscriptions important? Thank you.
April Johnson (1 year ago)
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April Johnson (1 year ago)
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Till Seyer (1 year ago)
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Sons Of Technology GR (1 year ago)
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storyteller Lyndon (1 year ago)
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sarah Estiven (1 year ago)
how long does it take people start liking heels
sarah Estiven (1 year ago)
how long do it take to get paid
Bairi Chafik (1 year ago)
I sub = you sub thank's
FireyGaming (1 year ago)
i think 3 million people come only for money!

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