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Archaeological Discoveries Proving GIANTS exist

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There have been other species of human on this earth, some smaller and some bigger, but what about a human 2, 3 or maybe even 4 times larger than the average person? Check out these discoveries of giant footprints and skeletons that may prove giants really do exist! China’s Giant Footprint In August of 2016, an amazing and unexplainable discovery was made in Guizhou, China. During a hike, photographers stumbled upon a series of marks in the ground that looked eerily similar to the prints made by a human walking barefoot. Nearly two feet long and indented nearly three centimeters into the ground, the massive prints likely belong to someone who is over thirteen feet tall, according to researchers’ estimates. Many dismiss the prints as a hoax, which is understandable except for the fact that this is not the first time such prints have been discovered. In 1912, a four foot long print was unearthed in South Africa that was dated to be over two hundred million years old, suggesting an ancient civilization of giants. This is backed up by countless tales from Norse, Indian, Mayan, Aztec, Incan, and Greek lore, as well as the Bible. Most amazingly, the 1912 discovery’s creator had to have been over twenty seven feet tall to leave such a print behind, making the mere thirteen feet of the Chinese discovery seem much more feasible by comparison. Phillips Excavation A news article from 1912 details the excavation of a burial mound completed by the Phillips brothers at Lake Declan in Wisconsin. According to the New York Times, on May 4, eighteen giant skeletons that were carefully buried in charcoal and baked clay were uncovered from a presumed burial mound. The bones were said to be, “monkey-like” in many ways, such as straight sloping eye sockets and a nasal placement higher than that of a human, but were obviously human bones. Many other alleged “giant” bones have been found in Wisconsin, with the New York Times also reporting skeletons found by a Smithsonian researcher in 1881 and one nine foot skeleton found in Maple Creek years later in 1897. Certainly such repeated results are at least some cause for interest and concern. Ecuadorian Giant Remains In 1964, several Ecuadorian locals called upon Father Carlos Vaca, a priest who worked with the local hospitals, after uncovering several strange bones in a mountainous area. After inspecting them, he determined they were likely human despite being incredibly large. The bones were taken to Austrian artifact researcher Klaus Dona, who allowed several experts to view the bones. They all came to the same conclusion: they likely belonged to a human who, based upon estimates, would have been over 25 feet tall. No DNA could be pulled from the bones during examination, leading the researchers to believe them to be over ten thousand years old, at the least. Dona also claims that the area where the bones were found has been called, “the cemetery of the giants” by those local to the area, though this has not been proven to be true. Found At Varna This particular discovery actually took place much more recently in Varna, Bulgaria. You see, Varna used to be the ancient Greek city of Odessos, which is known having a lot of mythology that talks about and has images of giants. So it came as almost no surprise in January of 2015 that an incredibly large human skeleton was discovered. The skeleton appeared to placed very delicately with its hands on its waist and it’s head facing specifically to the East. The only issue with this discovery is that no height has actually been publicly confirmed, giving suspicion to its legitamacy. Some people have speculated that the man may have simply been of above average height and was considered a spectacle when they were alive in Ancient Greece, but others believe this was a real giant that was spoken of as mythology. Lovelock Cave In 1911, two Nevada miners named David Hart and James Pugh took interest in the large deposits of bat feces, also known as guano, which they planned to sell for use in making gunpowder. During their digging, the two men uncovered some incredible archaeological finds and called upon Alfred Kroeber, the founder of the Anthropology Department at the University of California. Several normal sized mummies were uncovered, as well as a few who were, amazingly, over eight to ten feet tall. Some sandals were also found that measured in at around thirty eight centimeters long, along with many giant sized handprints embedded into the cave walls. Interestingly, the local Paiute Native American tribe spoke in lore of red haired, white skinned giants called Si-Te-Cha living in the Lovelock cave system where the mummies were discovered. The Colorado River Egyptian Giant Finger The Giants Of Death Valley
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Text Comments (2635)
Rene Dulnuan (7 hours ago)
1:40 How did you get this opicture of Goliath and David?
Roger Martin (8 hours ago)
This is right wing ideology and makes real Christians look stupid !!
VIBIN VIJAY (10 hours ago)
Why every shit happens in USA 😂😂😂
Up-a-Creek (1 day ago)
what's truly amazing is the FAKE images you show... LOL...
joseph rishkofski (2 days ago)
The Bible speaks of Angel's that were here on Earth long before and during mans rule. Finding proof of these people/Angel's can not be all fake. My question. Who gives the Church and Goverments to hide, poses, lie, withhold objects and or information that they clearly did not find or locate rather than steal or just take. Iam Catholic but who gave them the right to be the lock holders of OUR right to knowledge, 2nd who the H*** does the government think they are by Always confiscating history our History.
Frank Khoury (2 days ago)
Bullshit it belong to the "Shack" lol
Naturally Beautiful (2 days ago)
Why hide the discovery
His English is so annoying to listen
Walker #18936 (2 days ago)
All these people bringing in their own holy book, while I’m over here like, “Cool. Giants.”
Jim Hendleman (2 days ago)
I liked the video, although I had previously read about all of them. The Death Valley Mummies being 80,000 yrs old is a typical archaeology lie. They only date back to c.580 BC to the beginning of the Jaredite Civil War. Read my book: WhAT THE PROPHET ETHER DIDN'T tELL uS. h
viswa kanth (3 days ago)
This is all fake.
Sunny Xinger (4 days ago)
Niw mistry is clear peramid made by that giants
Tynia Leslie (5 days ago)
If Genesis speaks of it.It's very much true.
Joseph Patton (6 days ago)
Isn't it strange that all the evedence of all the stuff in this video is somehow gone ?? I don't know about those giants, but I dated a very pretty girl that was 7 feet tall years ago. I helped her put my Harley into a pickup truck once, 650 pounds with very little effort. Her physical build was very much normal, abet large height. Sex with her was an adventure, that I fondly remember to this day. Too bad she was dumber than a fence post.
rizwan s (6 days ago)
Children of Noah... ☺
Staff_Beam Legend (7 days ago)
Big chungus
Dennis Belaong (8 days ago)
Just like said in the book of enoch. Giants is offspring of fallen angels
3DManShadowland (8 days ago)
Actually, not. No other humans existed or ever proven to be true. Subspecies that were hominid yes, they walked upright. Giant's yes, they did exist in fact with human gene traits likely in most cases, as they were in part human. You can study skulls all day long, assemble bones all day long and they appear to be so close the human its unreal, but its like saying "bigfoot" is human. First is bigfoot real, then if you find him does he actually have Human DNA, .....NOT!
Doroteo arango (8 days ago)
Deuteronomy 1:28 28 Where can we go? Our brothers have made our hearts melt in fear. They say, ‘The people are stronger and taller than we are; the cities are large, with walls up to the sky. We even saw the Anakites there.’ ” Amos 2:9 9 Yet destroyed I the Amorite before them, whose height was like the height of the cedars, and he was strong as the oaks; yet I destroyed his fruit from above, and his roots from beneath. Deuteronomy 3:11 11 (Og king of Bashan was the last of the Rephaites. His bed was decorated with iron and was more than nine cubits long and four cubits wide. It is still in Rabbah of the Ammonites.)
Naeem Khan (9 days ago)
Read Holy Quran your all answers there . Holy Quran describe clearly about this Giants and also deaths of Giants..
P S (10 days ago)
The Bible is a true story
Jacqueline Rosales (10 days ago)
Guys.using the bible to prove giants is sonstupud.the bible is all made up.sorry.if ur old enuff to know santa isnt real.then ur old enuff to know god isnt real.the bibles bullshit.and the tooth fairy is really a guy stealing teeth to jack ofd over
Jerry Blizzard (11 days ago)
Giant what? Earthworms? This video was somebody’s brain fart. Thumbs down.
Meria Johnfroe (12 days ago)
Sir, these giant skeletons which man claims are from many Millions yrs. ago! This is why Father destroyed them in the Flood of Noah! He, teaches us this in the HEBREW, GREEK AND ARAMAIC MANUSCRIPTS WRITS.AS WELL IN THE DAYS PRIOR TO THE ARK OF NOÉ. FATHER HAD ENOUGH OF THESE GIANT PERVERTS! THESE GIANTS WERE MADE FROM THEIR FATHER, “THESE FALLEN ANGELS= NEPHILIMS their fathers! WERE HYBRIDS AS THE ONES WHICH CAME FORM THE NEPHILIMS”= “NAPHA” Hebrew for FALLEN ANGELS And The Sixth Day Race Woman! Three races created on this Sixth Day of rejuvenation off His Favorite. Planet 🌎! This came after these Nephilims fled back to Heaven after He’d mated with these women from the oriental race being and the women from the burnt face race! Thanks again! This flood of Noah destroyed all these Huge 20’-50’ tall Giants! Hybrids for Lucifers’ role is to destroy the human woman so Yeshua. D Christos from coming to Earth as he’d done with Mary , an ISRAELITE! Yeshua would not come through these other races for they lived for their flesh body’s! Our Father formed not created but, Took his Helix Curve and Clay to form ÈT HA ÁADAM AND PLACED THIS MAN IN A, LARGE GIANT GARDEN OF EDEN. AFTER NOAHS’ Flood all 6-6 couples of ppl from the Three Sixth Day Race Ppl were put on the Ark of Noah! Hence, they are still here we Us! these races which had gone to the ark to be saved from that flood as Father placed them! There ware as many couples* had as many children of as the family of Noah so they’d be able to multiply on this Earth 🌍! When they’d settled in their land which Father Ordered not to mix raced again! So did our ancestorsNoah! We, Caucasian Christians Are These 2 Tribes of Israelites as EPHRAIM and Manasseh! Sure we’ve many different Europeans here which they (some of them came Italy, France 🇫🇷 , Germany 🇩🇪,are from these Eight day Christians and Jews but, more are of the 8 Tribes of The Blessed Israelites! After the flood how many yrs. the HOLY WORD do not know how many yrs. before Lucifer came to Earth 🌏 and have his seduction of Ève in the Garden and had an Ménage ah Trios l! He’d ordered his Nephews to go into the 6th. Day Race again and The is time these children would be as a, Beast we call a Him Father God calls them HYBRIDS and He’s ask we to leave them alone, but, what does man do? Man wants to hunt than these Hybrids and that’s not pleasing to our Father less these hybrids become dangerous! Some men and women called them Humans’ that are not Human Beings they are Hybrids! Many men as My son-n-Laws’ brother has two feet 17” on both feet! He’s always been called Bigfoot! He’s as tall about 6’7” if my mind doesn’t fail me. My son-n-Law, wears a, 14 footprint! So, this monster footprint even is much than theirs for these creatures walk bare feet! They’re son. Tall men and I’m amazed at their height for my hubby is 6’1 and not much heavier than these human race as his about 230lbs. most of muscle Alone weigh much to them! My hubby has been called all his life: “POPEYE” for his fore are takes a, huge muscled arms and lower calf! Built as. Popeyes’ huge calves! Just as the cartoon! Yet, this creature which these Bigfoot have one huge deep Print! Pray you do not encounter with these giant creature as “my brother and Nephew” had a, face to face with a, 10’ Bigfoot! He’d been so fared at what he’d been facing this creature nose to nose and Largest Slanted Red Eyes! He’d known this creature just had to reach out to grab him and kill him! Yet, all he’d have to do was reached across the ledge of the swamp and grab him! He’d been a, Skeptic all his 40 yrs.of his life never believed me when I’d tell him that these creatures are real Creature! Now, he and his buddy together in CoCos’ friend both seen a, Real Bigfoot! My Baby brother as well! He’s 60yrs. old as our nephew is 40yrs.old! Honest, Descent, very good Christians as our parents instilled in us! So, enjoyed your video! Thanks
Felsie joyce (13 days ago)
The bible says there were giants in earth. Back to Adam and Eve. People can live hundreds of years and some are born as giants. But the nephilim are bigger for they are hybrid.
Maximo Narona (14 days ago)
The irony is religion teaches us the wrong way that in the wink of an eye Adam and Eve was created perfectly and the so called God rest in the 7th day and the creation was made perfect. Evolution is not like magic, it is a continuing process thru time
Rocket Hutchins (14 days ago)
杰克杰耐Jienai77 (14 days ago)
We don’t need mere human to prove that ancient biblical giants actually existed because the word of GOD is the ultimate proof.
Matthew McMillian (15 days ago)
athiest and democtas have always did everything they could to cover up anything that would show what the Bible tells us.....that is what is wrong with America...far too many liberal athiest trying to force slavery on the rest of the world
AzeriBeast /// (16 days ago)
Fake if one of them fake then all of them are fake https://youtu.be/dbIc6UUAbRg
Connor Murray (16 days ago)
Igneous rocks don’t work for foot prints unless they stepped in lava.
Rxonmymind (16 days ago)
I saw a giant fall off a cliff.... he was on his 10" iPad not paying attention to where he was going. 😁
Junior sooklall (17 days ago)
The Hindu text talk about giants and the book is about 35000 years old
Rose White (17 days ago)
Too many photoshopped pix and no hard evidence apart from the Bible's Genesis.
Rose White (17 days ago)
CLICKBAIT NONSENSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Regina Ramos (17 days ago)
Those skeletons were from and after Noahs and aftermath of the deluge. And those giants were the Nefilims
Andy Barrass (19 days ago)
and all ya unexplained ancient dwellings, built from things impossible to even us now?? to move, really needs a shitlode more investigation, with this in mind, bet shit to shovels things start making sence to just maybe how it got built!!..
Ryan McElmurry (19 days ago)
"Over 8 to 10 feet tall" huh? So all at least 10.0000000001 feet tall, since 9 feet or 9' 5" wouldn't be over 8 to 10 feet tall?
Connie Phillips (20 days ago)
Connie Phillips (20 days ago)
Lilane Jennings (20 days ago)
Samuel Reed (21 days ago)
They became us.
Edgardo Gatusani (21 days ago)
I do not believe in evolution.
Bernadette Becerra (21 days ago)
Giants did exist. The HOLY BIBLE speaks about the Giants. Genesis 6:4.
Thousands of years, not millions of years....
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meyhur (21 days ago)
Paul Korakas (21 days ago)
i wished i was next to lady giant to watch the birth of a giant....madona santa
Joost (21 days ago)
Another food for thought....if humans would disappear from the earth...everything we have build like, tools, buildings, bunkers, hooverdam and even our bones (except if they are kept extremely dry or frozen) would be gone within ~50.000 years. Since the earth is 4.700.000.000 years old and global killer events happen, we could have had multiple advanced civilizations on this planet before. https://youtu.be/Kibpn9UTGzA?t=302
Maegan K (22 days ago)
Cool video! but you gotta work on your narrating skills.
Kenny H (22 days ago)
Some Indian legends say there were giants who could run down buffalo catch them and carry them under one arm like a pet!
AP AS (22 days ago)
Not sure it proves Giants exist, but it sure does prove Photoshop exists.
Anonymous (23 days ago)
Native Americans originated here unlike the popular belief that they came from Asia. Have you ever seen an Indian speak Chinese, people don't lose their languages.
Anonymous (23 days ago)
The Chemehuevi Indians of the Mojave desert have stories about having wiped out these giants that they called Mojave desert giants with red hair.
Fr34K Ward (23 days ago)
I do not advocate the murder of children because whores can't keep their legs shut so Stop with the planned Parenthood ads!
nick bamberger (25 days ago)
"wow", "Awesome!".
Rick Schulet (25 days ago)
Don't believe everything you read. Especially things written thousands of years age, when they thought the Earth was flat.
Abubakar Buledi (26 days ago)
and there is also in holly Quran that Allah says that height of Hazrat Adam was 90 feet ... And that time there was 100 feet man present ......beshak Quran is book of Allah Almighty 👉💓👈
Jannet Cdd (26 days ago)
The gaunt are called titans lol 😂 y’all understand if u watch attack on titan anime 💞❤️
Ian Whiteley (26 days ago)
The first 2 books of the quran there script dont evan match
Ian Whiteley (26 days ago)
Mohamid died 6th centoury first quran was in the 7th lol so not from him
Ian Whiteley (26 days ago)
The quran is a coppy of christian script and jew script i.e jews dont eat pork gess what islamics dont eat pork
Samuel Paye (27 days ago)
Giants exist just look at fat people.😂😂😂
Maaz Khan (27 days ago)
I like you vedio
Lisa Slade (27 days ago)
In those days there were giants in the land.
Hussein Hussein (27 days ago)
They did exist and hello cousins
Javier Smith (28 days ago)
Is it possible if we could start using measurements of people who put a flag on the moon Just saying
Truth Stalker (29 days ago)
Uhh, “may prove”🤡
TFfolkes (30 days ago)
stolen video
brandon irgs (1 month ago)
What if humans were taller back then and gravity just got stronger and just made us smaller ik its a dumb question
Chloe Sets (1 month ago)
May just be a dinosaurs or a giant monkey
Olan Fletcher (1 month ago)
Og king of Bashan. Deuteronomy Chapter 3, verse 11, declares that his bedstead, translated in some texts as sarcophagus, was made of iron, and was nine cubits in length, and four cubits in width, about 13.5 feet by 6 feet. Cubit = 18 inches. Og was a good three feet taller than Goliath.
truthfilter (1 month ago)
if everything was massive thousands or millions of years ago then why is it hard to believe that humans were also massive
Orman Virsel (1 month ago)
your picture of 3 feet tall is a bit outsized, unless the human in it was only 2 ft tall . whatas the point of your video, it is also everywhere else, whats new in yours?
Zachary Martin (1 month ago)
The bible says these giants were common on the earth before the flood and they were destroyed by the flood. These giants were larger than Goliath. Genesis 6:4 "There were giants on the earth in those days, and also afterward, when the sons of God came in to the daughters of men and they bore children to them. Those were the mighty men who were of old, men of renown."
The frog (1 month ago)
This is big.
Paulita Currie (1 month ago)
Michael Garcia (1 month ago)
Walking With the Giants is our history. Of Genesis 1 everything mentioned in Genesis 1 is found here with the Native Indian people of copper skin and long black hair Genesis 2. took place in the Middle East.. ApacheHopiTribe Israelites Copper People of Genesis 1
JOKER SMILES (1 month ago)
200million yrs old!!!!What a crock!!! You have to be very ,very, naive to believe that lie!!LOL, this world is less than 7000yrs old..GODS CLOCK
Dallas DautermanDallas (1 month ago)
Christian Munz (1 month ago)
This should prove to everyone that giants exist.
Mochammad Adi (1 month ago)
kemungkinaan manusia raksasa adalah anak adam yang durhaka pada Allah yang di tenggelamkan pada masa nabi nuh
Peter Bartolomeo (1 month ago)
you said it brother
Joe gagnon (1 month ago)
Why isn't this stuff made public?
Vasili Záitsev (1 month ago)
You dont need discoveries or whatsoever to prove All Biblical claims. The Holy Bible and what is written is enough
Joe gagnon (1 month ago)
But the none believer's need proof!
Andy Bee (1 month ago)
Synnøve Lumley (1 month ago)
What if people thousands of years ago just made the giant footprints just to mess with people in years to come.
Chris Bird (1 month ago)
rebecca brandt (1 month ago)
Angels had relations with human women. The human women gave birth to giants according to the bible
Many ancient species of animals have been found that are far larger than their successors, so it's not hard to believe the same may be true of humans.
Scott Oiab (1 month ago)
Can't believe you're not intelligent enough to see that evolution is a huge lie! Also it is still a theory. Wow it has been disproved by tens of millions of people! May Christ open your eyes and ears.
Abbey Christo (1 month ago)
Saint Christopher was said to be 18 feet tall.
Abbey Christo (30 days ago)
King Arthur 9 feet
paulla smith (1 month ago)
where do giants live that we can't see how many there are
Mikasa Ackerman 95 (1 month ago)
Why Muslim people always say read the quran read the quran but Christian people need to read holy bible not quran
Tyler Durden (1 month ago)
This asshole who makes videos to confuse little kids for likes, your piece of shit
Aeirial echols (1 month ago)
Aeirial echols (1 month ago)
Familiar spirit from endor
Aeirial echols (1 month ago)
God makes his angels spirits
Aeirial echols (1 month ago)
Giants are sons of God
Aeirial echols (1 month ago)
Aeirial echols (1 month ago)
God spirit speaks

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