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How to fix Alert ! System Battery voltage is low problem in dell PC

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How to fix Alert ! System Battery voltage is low problem in dell pc How to fix Diskette drive 0 seek failure in dell pc
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Ioanna Vr (6 days ago)
Good you please tell me why did you take off that blue thing?did you put it again? Thanks a lot for this video!!
ibrahim shahid (18 days ago)
Nice video and thanks now my computer is working
If I don't do this will my PC die?
Keshav Partap Singh (2 months ago)
I am confused
Gracias me ayudó mucho
Tom Braceland (4 months ago)
Thanks, worked for me even without the voltage meter.
Kevin Paz (5 months ago)
Thanks bro!
Jay Clark (5 months ago)
What happens when the battery dies?
Kay Jeffs (5 months ago)
I'm really trying to stay on topic but I cannot get past that roach crawling on the keyboard
mississippiboy1982 (1 month ago)
Tom Yuan (6 months ago)
It helped a lot man, thanks!!
Sarwar abbas (7 months ago)
I was repair my computer and also remove the CMOS battry and put it new one but it again messaging th low voltage
Denis Fcdb (7 months ago)
Bubnova (8 months ago)
Nice it worked.
IC (8 months ago)
Wanderson Silva (8 months ago)
I already have tried It,but the problem goes on.I already changed the battery for a new one several times and nothing:( What could be?
Genius Loci (9 months ago)
What happens if you ignore this for years?
Marwa Adel (9 months ago)
Thanks a million you saved my life :D
Raptor Bandala (9 months ago)
Thanks a lot man you save my a....
Muhammad Musa (10 months ago)
thanks in my computer the voltage was low
Vic the gamer (11 months ago)
why do you fucking retard touch the "button battery" on both sides???? hurts me so much looking this noob.... indian
Shikiraamzingly so (1 year ago)
I don't have possession of a Voltage of CMS battery meter yet last time I had a PC alert on my Dell PC - exactly the same one you have, unplugged it and re-plugged into two different wall sockets and problem resolved itself.  I think my PC is in need of a clean though as bought it refurbished online and never once got around to  cleaning it until today - hopeful this resolves all issues as have no idea what to do from here.   Thanks for the wonderful tutorial though - your knowledge of Dell systems helps so many others in the same predicament.
Fé En Accion 1.0 (1 year ago)
Yo tengo el mismo problema y enciende mi compu y se vuelve apagar y me sale ese de bateria baja
Leonmarc 2736 (6 months ago)
Ya lo pudiste arreglar?
Heykal 46 (1 year ago)
madprofessor (1 year ago)
killerman killerman (1 year ago)
just click f1
Diego Alves (1 year ago)
Nguyen nhat duy (1 year ago)
My computer, when it boots up, says "Alert! memory failure detected in DIMM 2 strike the F1 key to continue, f2 to run the setup utility press f5 to run onboard diagnostics" is wrong. Is there any way to rectify this situation?
muhammad Bilal (1 year ago)
just send the option button name that you applied on your dell PC I am in this problem that you made video .
sisophous (1 year ago)
Why bother checking the voltage of a battery that has been sitting in the computer for years???? Simply replace the battery that has a long expiration date. I too have this low voltage battery warning which appears on a restart and that is what brought me here. Thanks for sharing. I needed to know the battery size and you show it.
Josey Claudio (1 year ago)
hi my dell desk computer got and alert system battery voltage is low and i went to youtube and found your video. Thanks for your help. God bless you :)
Santoy ll (1 year ago)
MJ C Hi do you speak Spanish?
Enyol Miguel (1 year ago)
El teclado no me funciona que hago?
TSRB_Cubic (1 year ago)
i got a alert just a minute ago!! i ignored it lol
NicMusic 4,627,325,567 Views so did i
Romero Junior's (1 year ago)
una mierda no explicase nada
Super_ Slogan GAMING (1 year ago)
Piyush Sharma (1 year ago)
First of all Thanks for creating this video. I want to ask for how much can i get a new battery? keep making videos like these. it helps a lot
sisophous (1 year ago)
I purchase mine from photonlight(dot)com They occasionally offer free shipping several times a year, usually around holidays. They always sell batteries with the longest expiration dates. I would not bother with amazon, some sellers are not trustworthy. http://www.photonlight.com/batteries-and-battery-chargers/energizer-cr2032-lithium-battery/
msahib (1 year ago)
He rushes through important key clicks. Here is what you should do: In "Maintenance", Click "Load Defaults", "Continue" "Factory Default Acknowledgement" and "OK". Then Esc to save and exit BIOS setup..
ainsworthjones (3 days ago)
Thank you
GARDAdeFOC (1 year ago)
Thanks, bro! You saved my prehistoric PC. Lots of kisses ;*
Santoy ll (1 year ago)
GARDAdeFOC do you speak Spanish?
Mathis (1 year ago)
Thank you for this video !!!!!!!!!
Previous Client (1 year ago)
Can you fix mine?? what happen to music? put jumper back in?
Jake Horman (1 year ago)
Will this problem stop the pc from booting up
Cosmic Nava (1 year ago)
how do you go into bios settings?
Mohit Kumar (1 year ago)
sir whenever I start my pc it .make some beep sound and again it shutdown plz help
Mohit Kumar (1 year ago)
[email protected] its my email id
Tony Boyer (1 year ago)
looks different from my pc
Salman Khan (2 years ago)
tnx you so mach
Maqsood Ahmad (2 years ago)
thanks .... its works
Ashity Infotech (2 years ago)
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Muhammad Bin Khaled (2 years ago)
what is the blue thing you removed?
Ashity Infotech (2 years ago)
thats the jumper pin
Giba Xavier (2 years ago)
Thank you man!!!
Ashity Infotech (2 years ago)
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demented12 (2 years ago)
Thanks,your video helped me to solve the problem.
Ashity Infotech (2 years ago)
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Selah Avery (2 years ago)
What is the music playing! Love it!
Ashity Infotech (2 years ago)
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alejandro merlo (2 years ago)
Thank you good tutor.
Ashity Infotech (2 years ago)
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always fighting (2 years ago)
Thanks man I replaced my battery and it worked 100% working Salute to you man
always fighting (2 years ago)
Ashity Infotech (2 years ago)
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TheErciyaslar (2 years ago)
To be more safe, disconnect the power cable before doing anything.
Ashity Infotech (2 years ago)
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Alan Dunwiddie (2 years ago)
This is the kind of video that can save a lot of frustration. Thanks, worked perfectly for me
Ashity Infotech (2 years ago)
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racso366 (2 years ago)
thanks a lot <3
Ashity Infotech (2 years ago)
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Even when my pc is off
My pc is broken when I on and I charge the battery won't go up help me
wolf spirit (2 years ago)
I got a 10 year old xp that mostly died on a power flicker well it was booting up plus and now I get like I don't know like 5 beeps as with the fan kicking on high gear. Then when it dose work I get voltage is low and like 12 sec when windows boots up I get System Halted
imran saidie (2 years ago)
thanks bro
Ashity Infotech (2 years ago)
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imran saidie (2 years ago)
Ashity Infotech (2 years ago)
imran saidie you are most welcome
Ipek Qasimova (2 years ago)
I don't see save and exit botton in my DELL PC Bios, pressing ESC button. Could you help me?
Yvette Richard (2 years ago)
I've been a computer tech since 1989, and I have never run across this problem before. This is an old Dell desktop PC that belongs to someone who cannot afford to buy a new PC. The System Battery voltage is low error message came up as soon as I powered up the PC for the first time to troubleshoot it. My immediate diagnosis was that the CMOS battery was low, so I replaced the battery with a new one. Of course, I had to adjust the date and time in the BIOS, and when I did, the PC booted all the way into Windows. However, now, every time I power down the PC, the low battery alert comes up, YET, if I merely restart the PC from within Windows, the alert does NOT appear...ONLY after powering down completely. The PC remains connected to a hot/live power source at all times, so I absolutely cannot figure out why this keep occurring. BTW, I tried two different new CR2032 batteries. Any ideas? (This is an old Dell GX280 system.)
Ashity Infotech (2 years ago)
clear all log in CMOS Setting if it doesn't work than may be problem with Battary Socket on Motherboard
sirwallaby (2 years ago)
Sir you are a legend - it worked like magic.
Ashity Infotech (2 years ago)
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Afriza Hanif (2 years ago)
well, no luck. my cmos has been locked (Dell Optiplex 780) and cannot release. But, thanks. This way will help me to fix this error
Ashity Infotech (2 years ago)
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SAAD HATTABOU (2 years ago)
thanks my brother
Ashity Infotech (2 years ago)
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Terry Tanktop (2 years ago)
Thanks. My battery needs changing
Ashity Infotech (2 years ago)
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Hairy Neck (2 years ago)
Ashity Infotech (2 years ago)
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faiza haider hashmi (2 years ago)
Ashity Infotech (2 years ago)
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Gabriel Des (2 years ago)
cara voce me ajudou bastante valeu mesmo
Ashity Infotech (2 years ago)
Por favor inscreva-se para mais videos
Héctor Cavazos (2 years ago)
Thanks a lot! :D
Ashity Infotech (2 years ago)
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Escher Cuello (2 years ago)
mira que sencillo.. y yo siempre he visto... pero ya gracias a ti..he aprendido a solucionarlo. deberas gracias.. Good Boy
Ashity Infotech (2 years ago)
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Robert Zimniak (2 years ago)
do i have to put the jumper back on its place?
Ashity Infotech (2 years ago)
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Ashity Infotech (2 years ago)
Manesh Hanj (2 years ago)
thanks a million!
sicksack83 (2 years ago)
*must lol(remove jumper) you contiuously delete bios cache, funny experiment i guess i got a t3400 and this dell bs keep telling its low battery but it doesnt forget settings. sometimes i got lockup of pc (no mouse no kb lights ful crash) and im not sure if its cuse battery (it has low voltage alarme since idk.. 2 months maybe) DELL IS THE MOST RETARDED SHIT U CAN BUY! IDK WHY NOONE UNDERSTANDS THAT I KEEP SAYING THAT FOR DECADES, I GOT NO CUE WHY PPL BUY IT (bought that thing very cheap back then^^)
Robert Zimniak (2 years ago)
+Ashity Infotech i put the jumper back and my mouse has stopped working so i left it without jumper, hoping it wont cause any more trouble :)
GaBrieL MuNDo (2 years ago)
I tried this and now my keyboard doesn't work, What happened and how do I fix i?. I went and bought a new one and it doesn't work either. Any thoughts comments or solutions would be appreciated. I need my desktop. I don't like this laptop.
Access Kri (2 years ago)
thank u sir
Roger Casco Herrera (2 years ago)
Gracias sinceramente! He resuelto el problema.
geniepiper (2 years ago)
Where do I get a new battery?
yinyangdynasty (2 years ago)
I took mine to a battery store (batteries plus) and asked them if they had one. Cost me five bucks.
Khaoticsounds (2 years ago)
Thank you bro!
Feder Morales (2 years ago)
thanks!!! your pc is of 32 or 64 bits??
Muhammad Hamza (2 years ago)
we can go to bIOS from error screen as well ,why restart! at #4:20 . Dead or low Voltage CMOS battery can corrupt system after some time ,as BIOS cannot load OS ,
Geert365 (2 years ago)
Funny, have both problems, may try tomorrow (shops closed, cables, trouble switching constant bit much, bye, thanks). Oh i have different model, and not same options in bios, bad luck for me. ......gx240.
thanks very muxh
grace elohim (2 years ago)
Thank you sooooooo much, it works and I am most definitely not a technical person.
Argenis (3 years ago)
no sirve esta porquería
William Bautista (3 years ago)
you are a God!!
Tech Platforms (3 years ago)
just to be safe, i would have atleast disconnected the power supply cable on the back of the pc before touching the inside! :]
Rami Pelles (3 years ago)
Perfect Fix and easy one too.  Thanks for sharing this
Jsjsjs Shshshhs (3 years ago)
Thank you
mohamed farid (3 years ago)
Thank you
Nida Naser (3 years ago)
Heya, The best ideas that I have saw was on Volt daddy (i did a google) Without a doubt the most useful info on batteries and this type of that I have found.
Rog G (3 years ago)
Tactical Xo (3 years ago)
Awesome! im going to try this tomorrow
Lamarsh67 (3 years ago)
Could have made a much shorter video since all you did was replace the battery. Also, not a good idea to remove the battery while the computer is on. Almost good. 5/10.
Roy Joseph (3 years ago)
Thanks. System working proper. Thanks alot
Musyll (3 years ago)
y para q quitó esa cosa azul
Alex Park (3 years ago)
nice trying
Jehu Ortiz Monterroza (3 years ago)
Thank you. Works beautiful on my computer.!! God bless you for sharing your knowledge.
Ashity Infotech (3 years ago)
Thank you
Chuck Shick (3 years ago)
I play this video when me and the girl are making whoopy.
kambopoolboy (3 years ago)
thank you!!  Fixed!!
musicimprov1 (3 years ago)
Thank you for this very informative video! I have this alert notice on my Dell Dimension 9100 desktop PC.  How did you open up the cover for the hard drive?  Did you unscrew with a screwdriver or was there a lever you pulled up? Where did you purchase the CMOS battery?  Are most CMOS batteries 3 volts?  I would greatly appreciate your reply.
LlfoorTheClasher (3 years ago)
Just take off the screws and pop it off

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