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Clean Greasy Range Hood Filters! How to Clean Your Stove Hood: Easy Cleaning Ideas (Clean My Space)

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Maker's Cleaning Cloths: http://MakersClean.com Watch more Clean My Space videos here! http://bit.ly/CleanMySpaceYT Visit http://bit.ly/JoinOurSpace17 for more great cleaning tips, tricks and how-to articles! Start your journey to a cleaner life! This week we're talking about cleaning greasy range hood filters (or stove hood filters - or exhaust hood filters) - this is a popular cleaning question for us at Clean My Space and for good reason - these vent filters do an important job - but get REALLY greasy in the process! So Melissa shares some secrets to tackling the grease on your kitchen exhaust filters - enjoy! *** JOIN US FOR A CLEANER LIFE! *** Blog: http://bit.ly/JoinOurSpace17 YouTube: http://bit.ly/CleanMySpaceYT Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/cleanmyspace Pinterest: http://www.pinterest.com/cleanmyspace Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/CleanMySpace *** MELISSA AND CHAD'S PERSONAL STUFF *** Melissa's Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/MelissaMaker Chad's Instagram: http://instagram.com/TheChadReynolds Melissa's personal channel: http://www.youtube.com/MelissaMaker Chad's personal channel: http://www.youtube.com/CheckYourLevels *** CHECK OUT THESE HELPFUL VIDEOS *** How to Clean Cupboards and Drawers! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gTkYGanhR9k&list=UUGozdt7Wbd15k7dWhvlmLUw Sink Cleaning Secrets! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LlbEBTDYgXg&list=UUGozdt7Wbd15k7dWhvlmLUw How to Clean a Refrigerator! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vJmm-Uvut4Y&list=UUGozdt7Wbd15k7dWhvlmLUw Let us know your questions, tips and tricks in the comments!
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Text Comments (371)
Polly Maly (1 day ago)
Worked perfectly! Thank you!
Splaticus Blah (6 days ago)
Several cars run on the grease from my filter.
David Johnson (11 days ago)
Only cleaned it once, the day I moved out. Yes it was easier to replace than clean. ( Never came completely clean )
Pam Kerr (2 months ago)
Just clean them with hot soapy water once a month whilst you are doing your oven and hob.
Nancy S. Macario (2 months ago)
I dont even know where mine is. 😂
NADINE NADINE (2 months ago)
Thank you for the fun video. I am going to get busy with some of your idea. Thank you!
Andrew Domahidy (3 months ago)
I use the dishwasher to clean my filters always clean with one Powerball
troy rogers (4 months ago)
Mine was clean . I really do clean it regularly...
Nancy Kafka (4 months ago)
Gross! smells like fried steak - and tried in the dishwasher but didn't work. Will try the oxyclean next.Thanks
winebox (4 months ago)
Put the metal outer filter in the dishwasher all the time. No smell or grease buildup. There are interior charcoal filters that are supposed to be replaced and not washed. Just found that out after I started soaking them😳
Angie Meadows (4 months ago)
Spread GOOP hand cleaner with brush, let set on newspapers hose off.
Marie Helene (5 months ago)
Oh no! I did once put it in the dishwasher 😬 I pre-soaked it and scrubbed it before and only did it to finish cleaning it but either way I won't be doing it again! Thanks for the tips!
Inojin Yamanaka (6 months ago)
I just put it in the dishwasher lmao
Nina Richie (6 months ago)
What should i clean with
Nina Richie (6 months ago)
Hi...my filter has kinf of sponge within the metal screen
Alexandra Ariel (7 months ago)
OMG people! Just put them in the dishwasher! Easiest way and all grease gone with no effort.
Rohit Bhatnagar (7 months ago)
Use Aluminum foil, instead of paper. We do not want a fire....
Fatima___sh (8 months ago)
We just moved into this house recently, and apparently the people that used to live here NEVER cleaned the filter ... it’s absolutely disgusting !
Joan Baucom (9 months ago)
Clean but one filter turned black in places. How do I get the black out and back to silver
SJ Mullins (9 months ago)
I don't think mine has ever been cleaned! Truthfully, I have never even thought about it! I was cleaning my fridge and the bulb blew, so I looked to see if the range hood had one. It did, so I took it out to put in the fridge and everything underneath, including the filter, had built up grease really, really bad! Ugh. So nasty, and you think your house is clean! It was utterly disgusting. Thanks for the tips on how to clean it!
flynn malin (9 months ago)
Awesome spray is a degreaser. It works.
Sandra Smith-thomas (11 months ago)
All videos show how to clean the filters. I need to know how to remove mine to clean. It is an older Whirlpool range hood.
Karina Rice (1 year ago)
Hot water, bleach, Meguaiars Hot Rim Tire and Wheel Cleaner and steel brush. Grease is gone!
Pamela Kilponen (1 year ago)
Oxiclean is also great on greased caked on glass pans, just soak in hot water with about 1/4 cup of Oxiclean.
Hidden Gems (1 year ago)
Good info but presentation style a little fake and patronising
EweChewBrrr (1 year ago)
I'm cleaning it right now and they are so filthy that the ones you show look brand new compared to mine. I'm not even sure if I can clean them. Thanks for this video!
Tasia Norman (1 year ago)
I did put in my dishwasher :( I will try the bucket& oxyclean, mine is very emabarrasing and very gross
YaVasilisa (1 year ago)
Hi there, could you give me a tip how to clean back splash wall behind my stove please? I cook and fry a lot. Also, I always get white residue on my blacks after washing it in washing machine ( i use cold water with Tide and with/without softener), maybe you can help with that as well. Thank a lot for your inspirational videos. My 13y.o. daughter now wants to clean her room!!!))) Bye!
Niklas Walther (1 year ago)
It's completely gross. Never had one, but got a new kitchen early last year, which had an exhaust in the kitchen. So now I'm looking on youtube to try and find ways to clean it. Unfortunately it's a lot of layers of that metal filter, so it's hard to get the insides out.
Daisy Mermaid (1 year ago)
I just dipped the screen in warm water then placed on tea towel then sprinkled generously with Baking Soda and drizzled on liquid dish soap, then scrubbed with a green scrubby  and after I rinsed in hot water rinsed. Came out gleaming clean!
Tineke Williams (1 year ago)
I put mine in the dishwasher and wrecked them, be warned. The man selling me the new ones said dishwasher okay but just hot water, no soap of any kind.
Natalie Gilbert (1 year ago)
I recently moved into this house; but the filter appears as if it hasn't been cleaned since the house was built.
Betty C (1 year ago)
hmmm. I better go check because i've not cleaned it since we bought the stove.....in Oct 2014 (almost 3 years ago). Ugh
Jacz (1 year ago)
What does everyone do with this greasy water? I hate to pour it down the kitchen drain. Curious what everyone else does.
janice maddox (1 year ago)
mine was so bad it was dripping grease. it was awful. Next time I will get on it sooner
Shannon Moore (1 year ago)
everybody tells how to clean the filters which is really the easy part but my filter has a filt like fabric in between the mesh plates so how do I dry it. No body has offered any instructions on drying.
Outi Pöllänen (1 year ago)
I clean the filter every two months at the dish washer. That way there's not much build-up.
leonesses (1 year ago)
To much bla bla
Kelly Ng (1 year ago)
Leslie Heisner (1 year ago)
I never knew about those filters so I just checked and they appear clean. It's been almost 3 years since I moved in with brand new appliances. But they (2 small filters) are over the back burners which I rarely use.
teikiri wolfy (1 year ago)
Please post help on cleaning greasy build up on cabinets
Denise Benedict (4 months ago)
Murphy's Oil Soap
teikiri wolfy (1 year ago)
I didnt hve a clue how to clean ours but we finally got them down and after years (i know grosss!!) your trick worked like a charm. Thank u Makers and Oxi Clean. 😜😋
studybuddy (1 year ago)
way to long for its purpose
Carolyn Miller (1 year ago)
I have never cleaned them but I am about to right now. I m tempted tp put in the dishwasher but I am going to try soaking them in oxyclean mixture first. If there is anything left, then I will follow up in the dishwasher.
Ujii J (1 year ago)
Can we spray easy off then rinse it off
Latin Lady (1 year ago)
Filter is inexpensive so I buy new replacement. Much easier.
Balbir Singh Kohli (1 year ago)
pls show how to get rid of too much grease stains on kitchen exhaust fan and the adjecent wall
winebox (4 months ago)
Dollar General store has a cleaner called L.A.'s Awesome. Dilute it and dip a rag into it. If it's really bad use straight. The stuff is really cheap too.
Farida Polizzi (7 months ago)
Balbir Singh Kohli n
duoble fox (1 year ago)
since 2 years
Faridah Rezaee (1 year ago)
I just did after watching this video and did exactly what you explained but believe me it took almost 2 hours and still not clean as you did your filter, it's alright now but I was expecting more cleaner although I used the dishwashing detergent at the end, 😒
amalaleta johnson (1 year ago)
Pretty gross, I used to be a respected member of society, now I can't show my face in public ???
Briar Rose (2 years ago)
What about how to clean under the actual stovehood??? It gets totally greasy too, especially with eating lots of healthy fats.
Organised Ann (2 years ago)
Iv lived here 18 months and my now hubby for 3 years before that I know for a fact it been at least 5 years 🙈🙈🙈 think it's on my list of things to do today!! ***update*** Worked like a charm!!! 5 years of gunk gone in 30 mins and zero scrubbing required!!!
Alla Lipovetska (2 years ago)
Oxiclean works amazing! All grease is gone!
Lori Delgado (2 years ago)
My filter was so nasty , the local landfill sent it back to me....
Lisa Lisa65 (2 years ago)
How about grease splattered on the wall above the stove? It is a regular painted drywall.
Raul (2 years ago)
Thank you so much. Now I know I won't have to buy another filter ever again. God bless you. Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
Senad Selimovic (2 years ago)
she looks fucking hot lol fuck yes
regina beasley (2 years ago)
I loved your video on oven cleaning ( the racks and being that I have an electric stove I'll include the drip pans from the burners ) this looks like it takes no effort at all and you could actually start when you get up in the morning and then you will have a clean oven rack by the time you took dinner or you can make a cold dinner like a sandwich. or take out!!! thanks
Voice Of Truth (2 years ago)
Hi Melissa I'm one of your subscriber and was amazed that you don't have a video to clean the gas hob. Can you please make a video about cleaning the gas hob. Many thanks
Donna Natano (2 years ago)
How would you clean Glass Splashbacks over your gas cooker?
Roberta Rowland (2 years ago)
how to clean underneath stove top panel where the wires are?
Lena2005100 (2 years ago)
Where should I dumb the dirty water, Melissa?
Evelyn Velasquez (2 years ago)
I don't remember ever cleaning the filter! It was soo gross. Thank you for the tips, I used oxi clean method, as soon as I dunk the Filter in and started to stir, I could already see the grease coming off! I love your Chanel
KiwiCakeful (2 years ago)
But how do you get the filters down?
Brenda Johnson (10 months ago)
KiwiCakeful generally there is a little tab on the top or bottom and you just pull the filter down
dadefope80 (2 years ago)
@1:50 Thank me later
ivygailmcc (2 years ago)
Thanks for this incredible video! My filters were horrible and I mean the very very worst. I used boiled water and OxyClean and after 40 minutes if soaking my filters were like new! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!!!!!
Lekha Rashmi (2 years ago)
hi Melissa I tried goof up liquid. and it worked awesome
Jonida Sanço (2 years ago)
It's 2016. I think by now they should have invented a better way to deal with this shit.
oca1JSB (4 months ago)
Raw diet. Better yet, just kale smoothies and sunshine. An occasional chipmunk for protein. Again actually capturing yourself, and raw is best. No field dressing. They are just a bite or two. Muscle through it.
Up-a-Creek (2 years ago)
Like? Oh, yeah there is... don't put up a hood and just let the grease collect on your walls... you'll never notice it for the first 15 years... but you might wonder why your house smells like McDonald's... and the second solution is to cook outside... just sayin'
Charlotte Milton (2 years ago)
You don't put greasy dishes in the dishwasher because that would cause a buildup of grease on the walls and in the drain? BS. That is what a dishwasher is made for.
Johnny keroscene (2 years ago)
I learned recently that this is really high on the list of main reasons your house catches on fire. No one likes a grease fire! (also your exhaust fan for your clothing dryer, get that cleaned out too)
Katia Hernandez (2 years ago)
Where does one get mineral oil ? In the states
reference2me (2 years ago)
drug store ...
Katia Hernandez (2 years ago)
Where does one get mineral oil ?
Simrit Sandhu (2 years ago)
13 years....I'm scared haha!
Rawforlife77 (2 years ago)
I recently moved into an older apartment and the filters had been... neglected. A hot water soak with a large portion of Borax added to it did an awesome job cleaning the grease off.
Shelby Lou (3 years ago)
I'm cleaning the exterior of my kitchen range hood right now but I'll try the filter with Oxy Clean! Thank u:)
Katherine Canon (3 years ago)
I touched my range hood due for a cleaning too lol
Pauline Canulla (3 years ago)
u need add close caption cuz I'm deaf I don't understand what u talk
Amanda Short (3 years ago)
I don't have a filter over my stove so it's not dirty. 😃
Nathaniel Aranda (3 years ago)
I clean mine  2 times a year once in the spring and once in the fall
Andy T (2 months ago)
Nathaniel Aranda Good for you
Vatsala Dorai Rajan (3 years ago)
I cleaned mine when moved into my current house in October. Now, is probably a good time to open it up again.
Lorena Hernandez (3 years ago)
need help with cleaning a deep fryer, please
Charles Stanley (3 years ago)
Excellent video from "Clean My Space" regarding how to clean range hood filter.
PW (3 years ago)
I live in a rented appartment and I am not sure how to remove this filter, but I am sure it has a lot of build up cause of the cooking methods, can you help on how to get this filter out?
reference2me (2 years ago)
there are clips holding the screen in ... look for one that rotates ... turn it and then slide it out of the other clips ...
Kulvinder Kaur (3 years ago)
Use dish washing liquid, baking soda (works fantastic), and boiling hot water. Soak for 15-20 minutes and then rinse. Scrub with brush or sponge gently if necessary. Repeat if necessary. The baking soda makes all the difference in cleaning the filter. Yet another use for baking soda too!
annacomputerwiz (3 years ago)
The last time mine was cleaned was 4 years ago. It was pretty disgusting.
rikuo bain (3 years ago)
i moved in to a place and mine is so gross!
Clarisse D (3 years ago)
Also, people still use myspace? :O
Clarisse D (3 years ago)
I feel like an adult now.
Diana Criscillo (3 years ago)
My filter was at least 10x dirtier than yours!! Yuck!!!! However now it is pristine, thanks to you and your advice.
Samantha Stevens (3 years ago)
Im cleaning mines now as we speak. Im doing it with dawn dish soap. Hopefully i will feel cleaner that i know how to do it now
Asima Nasir (3 years ago)
Throw it in a dishwasher. ..u r good to go.
Stephanie M. (3 years ago)
Great video. When cleaning the hood itself, I've found that spraying the hood with one part vinegar and one part warm water in a 12 oz. spray bottle and then wiping down with a damp paper towel really gets it clean and shiny.
lacrimashi (3 years ago)
Great tips! My filters are WAY TOO FILTHY yet again! I have cleaned them about a month or so ago, but I do cook a lot. Also, I use them to suck up cigarettes smoke when someone is smoking in the room (I know, I know - don't judge) I also have 3 cats, so there's a lot of hairs sticking to that greasy mess. I definitely have to clean them about once each month or two. Talk about embarrassingly dirty filters.... no contest :P
Stephanie M. (3 years ago)
I know how you feel about cigarette smoke. Most of my relatives on my mother's side smoke and I grew up around that. It's awful.
helenld1 (3 years ago)
I think I left mine soaking too long as the side that was sat in the water has tarnished and turned black.  Is there any way I can fix this?  If not, its not big deal as at least its clean.
Carolina Sanchez (3 years ago)
Um um never.
konichiwa50 (3 years ago)
Hello Ms. Clean My Space,      Thank you for this video........ my exhaust filter looks "hideous"!!!!  I will be soaking mine for like 1/2 a day....... I will get back to you on my results......  I am opting for your tip on using de-greaser dish washing liquid......... konichiwa50
Daily Cup of Justin (3 years ago)
do you have any tips for cleaning a super gross bathroom tub?
Savvy Serena (3 years ago)
I used boiling hot water and oxy clean and mine turned black! How do I fix that?
Clarissa Hoagland (7 months ago)
So i still have the oxyclean solution evaporating in my backyard because I wasn’t sure if it was safe to dump down the drain 😕
Clarissa Hoagland (7 months ago)
tdhtran yup. She did! Not going to do that in the future!
Clarissa Hoagland (7 months ago)
Yup. Did that to my filter last night when I was cleaning it. And some of the aluminum on that filter seemed like it disintegrated!
tdhtran (9 months ago)
She did say oxy clean & boiling hot water in the video
Joshua Stackhouse (10 months ago)
You can’t. You literally oxidized the metal. The bright shiny coating on these isn’t meant to be exposed to that kind of treatment.
Jacob Jordan (3 years ago)
OMG, She's so beautiful but married! I'll keep watching this channel!
Catherine Jameson (4 years ago)
Por a thick coat of baking soda then saturate it with white or apple cider vinegar. Then let it sit 4-8 hours. Most grime wipes away with ease. I have cleaned some nasty ovens this way while renting. Have a wire brush handy you will use it to grt rid of a few residual spots and also clean the racks with this.

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