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10 Billion Dollar Companies That Are Secretly Going Bankrupt

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Could Uber be about to take its last ride? Is Twitter about to stop Tweeting? Alltime 10s looks at 10 companies that are seriously struggling in the modern economic climate, and may just be on the verge of extinction. Click to Subscribe.. http://bit.ly/WTVC4x Check out the best of Alltime10s - https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLec1lxRhYOzt2qqqnFBIpUm63wr5yhLF6 Where else to find All Time 10s... Facebook: http://ow.ly/3FNFR Twitter: http://ow.ly/3FNMk
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Text Comments (4420)
Native Ease (49 minutes ago)
car maintenence for Uber? Salary the pay the drivers?? Wtf are you talking about man...
Greg Smith (1 day ago)
Everything is going to go broke , we have a major collapse coming !
Solito Reyes II (1 day ago)
Amazon has $22B cash on hand, which means it could take over 20 years before it begins to fail. And way before then, a company like Apple, who has over $250B of cash on hand would just buy it out.
Patrick Boothey (2 days ago)
no sources for their claims............ fulla shit
Patrick Boothey (2 days ago)
John B (2 days ago)
Funnyass British English.......
The cod troll (3 days ago)
I hate electronic reading devices...
Imran Hossain Alif (3 days ago)
wow !!! great video . now days all Billion Dollar Companies are online base . they have a great website and apps also . every company need to create a great nice looking website . its must be needed for all company . if any one want to create a greate nice looking website then thats the best things . you can check this - https://goo.gl/52ZQWd
Sukh Sodhi (3 days ago)
Lol wtf reviews for amazon!!!😂😂😂
Eli Allore (3 days ago)
This info is outdated in much of this video
gopalltheway (4 days ago)
People who sell things on Amazon buy it from Walmart and resell it on Amazon for a profit.  Only stupid people shop on Amazon because everything is more expensive.  The customers will soon find this out and shop locally for their everyday items.  Bezos has no real interest in Amazon anymore, he wants to focus on space travel and is withdrawing 1 billion a year to finance that, its called Blue Origin.  They have no real delivery service that's why they are trying to privately have delivery service by regular people.  They bought Whole Foods and the quality of Whole Foods is on the decline.
numcrun (4 days ago)
Amazon is closing in on a TRILLION dollar valuation. Worst. Call. Ever.
2001kb (4 days ago)
None of those are big secrets, they are all obvious, with one exception which is completely wrong Amazon is not going broke, they never have been. Their razor thin profits, are part of their design in putting almost all revenues back into R&D. You also pointed out a huge dip in revenues and a layoff as a result of amazon prime being such a big loss, however the layoff occurred years before amazon prime existed. At the time this video was created, amazon had posted increasing profits for 7 straight quarters, up to 13 now. Now, with a market cap of over $900B, annual revenues of over $170B, and profits of over $3B, you really have to straight up lie to come up with any trends that could point to any downward trend at all.
[G]555 (5 days ago)
Ø555Ø Maybe Apple......? Someday? maybe?
D&L Enterprises (6 days ago)
eBay ships world wide!
PKVFan (7 days ago)
The fact 19 thousand people believed this without even fact checking... Amazon is nowhere near going bankrupt, nor is uber.
Jayant Samala (7 days ago)
Yeah Amazon is clearly not going bankrupt, the calculated loss that was spoke of was only there because that was the time when they were seeking pure publicity by taking less profit each sale so their products would seem cheaper than other sellers' products for the long term so that when they have a much bigger customer base they can charge more profit per sale when they are way ahead on the market.
Kelly Fischer (7 days ago)
Intriguing... Tell me more about this Jeff Bee-zoss guy and his company Amizun.
BGP500 (8 days ago)
Amazon? Really, Amazon? You are insane!
Oliver Taylor (8 days ago)
I'm surprised and not surprised by Amazon as they seem to under cut all other retailers on prices for something, and there are many reports on how bad working conditions are and the way they treat staff.
alicia bryant (8 days ago)
Comander Lucky (9 days ago)
Aannnddd Spotify went bankrupt
A T (9 days ago)
Amazonnnnn going bankrupt .. r u fucking high!!!!
Luke Gibson (9 days ago)
There's a very big difference between going bankrupt and being in negative cash flow to avoid paying corporate tax.
joebadniss (10 days ago)
darthspeaks (10 days ago)
I sincerely hope that Walmart goes under. That place is one of the most pandering, destructive elements in any small town.
dial2tom (10 days ago)
That's bullshit, remove Amazon from this list
Nestor Jr. Abalos (10 days ago)
Care of Richard Hammond😂
Viscera Trocar (10 days ago)
A few of these sound like they're on a downswing. That isn't the same as approaching bankruptcy. Amazon isn't going anywhere. Sorry.
AMT CH (10 days ago)
I hate root car insurance
Ham Sandwich (10 days ago)
I think Vine Labs is going bankrupt because nobody posts vines anymore.
Albert Landau (10 days ago)
I hope Barnes & Nobles docent go out of business because I love that feeling of browsing and skimming thru books, Witch online book shopping just can't compare Also I know this is weird but the new book smell just gets me into a good book reading mood.
Alejandro Laplana (11 days ago)
This did not age well lol
Filip MT (12 days ago)
How the frack are they *secretly* going bankrupt if you're making a frackin' video on them on Youtube?
Kavik 28 (12 days ago)
Amazon is not going anywhere....
mseven1 (12 days ago)
Many of the companies were able to over inflate their value by selling a small amount of shares for a low price. For example if you were to sell 1% of your company to someone for $10,000 your company would be worth $1 million. This would attract more investors who will pay for the losses until another company like Microsoft or Google pay a ridiculous amount for it.
18magicMARKer (12 days ago)
Lol great analysis...amazon lol
WZTwiggs (13 days ago)
HUUUUUUUUGE misread on Amazon's future.
Giuseppe Salerno (13 days ago)
Uber is just an app!! They are ripping off drivers . customers. And investors. They spend money like drunken Salors 😩😵
Vic Susinetti (13 days ago)
Click bait full of inaccuracies.
911 Solutions (15 days ago)
this list is so wrong. lol.
Paul Bauman (15 days ago)
Started Boycotting Amazon since the protest in NY
arranmc182 (15 days ago)
have to say I trust what's advertised on Twitter much more than anything that is on Facebook
Char L (15 days ago)
Where's toys r us?
Jakiiki T (15 days ago)
Amazon also provides Cloud Computing Services which are top of the line. The top cloud provided is Microsoft but Amazon is not too far behind. The cloud providers IBM,Google, Oracle and Alibaba are far behind in Revenue
best videos (16 days ago)
amazon lol you very idiot
necromancer (16 days ago)
Amazon prime subscription fee for new users is 10$ for new users , but 25$ for others. So I think it's going to make benefit in future.
nomdeguerre (16 days ago)
Recommendation: Sell online, ship with existing shippers, use online catalogs, mail out free samples. In other words: Emulate Amazon.
gamos (16 days ago)
How can you say amazon is going to be bankrupt ? are you crazy ?
Yoothana Kanja (16 days ago)
Amazon is the biggest scandal soon to hit the financial world. With large sales figure, the net income is only a meager 4% of sales revenue and this only after many investors earlier complained about Amazon being such large company with no profits. If you compare Amazon with other hi-tech internet companies, their net income to sales ratio is more like 25% to 40%. On top of this, you can see numerous and serious Amazon employee abuses being reported in Youtube video clips. There is someone big propping up this stock and the high valuation of the AMZN stock seems quite unjustified.
Soundrive Show (16 days ago)
In-nivotive? Whatever dude. No need to go Sean Connery Ad-versery on us.
Emiel333 Official (17 days ago)
There are a lot more companies you can include in this list. Look at the videogamesindustry. The landscape is changing for a while and there is only one (!!!) company that sees how it went within the coming decade. The rest will be left in dust if they don't adapt. Also the mobile phone videogames market is 3 times bigger then the console market (Microsoft, Sony, Nintendo and soon Google) Furthermore smartphones are peaking in terms of capability. There will be a huge change in how we embrace new technology to communicate and socially interact with other people.
Trinity Lea (17 days ago)
I hope Amazon recovers
Jorn Navarre (16 days ago)
Amazon deserves to die, they're just an online WalMart with employees on food stamps.
Mr Sausage (17 days ago)
so how jeff benoz the richer man alive ?
MS Aneesh (17 days ago)
Twitter sucks 😂😂😂
Ganda Gandara (18 days ago)
7:05 what the heck's a "noughty"?
bvr bcd (18 days ago)
This video is dated! Amazon is now profitable and growing rapidly, soon to be the first 1 Trillion Dollar company!!!
Omega Control (18 days ago)
eff Amazon, hope they disappear.
Sean Oh (18 days ago)
Amazon is sold to India secretly that's why you are facing Indian staffs most of the time these days except for Seattle HQ
rudolf desadeleer (18 days ago)
you forgot Tesla.....the cash incinerator...
Mark Rotar (18 days ago)
Just because a company is losing money doesnt mean its going bankrupt dumbasses learn some economics.
trexx65 (20 days ago)
The way you pronounce AMAZON is going bankrupt.
self driving car........suicide ride.
pauljohn0001 (20 days ago)
Amazon tards why so upset? Lol
Taehwan Jeoung (20 days ago)
Is that true?
Blackberry is going out..what about iphone? Steve job is the brain of iphone but now hes gone...
P Dot (22 days ago)
Avon better put the products in stores 😂😂😂
Jose A. Ramirez Moya (22 days ago)
1 year later and this list needs a lot of fixing.
Anthony Dupies (23 days ago)
Another reason why twitter is failing is because it keeps banning conservatives from using their platform.
mrakun (23 days ago)
there should be a time limit for these stories. so outdated a year later
Sexualizing school girls HAHAHAHAHA.
Craig Butterfield (25 days ago)
Amazon 's products are very poor and cheap , products are broken most of the time from delivery !
Oliwooo (26 days ago)
Lol at the fact a Blackberry phone advert popped up right after he finished his Blackberry points haha!
Ben V (27 days ago)
Amazon ceo is now the richest man in the world which shows how inaccurate you list is. Down voted.
YarethzyT (27 days ago)
Please not Barnes and Noble!!
Oracai (28 days ago)
Amazon’s CEO is the most richest man in the world..
MDKAI (28 days ago)
If Amazon is truly not making enough money to operate, then they should either be bought out or completely restructure the company. Bezos is a rich asshole. Doing 5 minutes of research on him will tell you that, especially in 2018. He's also the richest man in the world right now. Take a fucking paycut, Bezos.. to at least pay your fucking workers better and to actually make a profit. These fucking spoiled business brats..
Oakley Maclean (28 days ago)
Wtf I just got a new blackberry phone ad at the end of the video
domsau2 (29 days ago)
Do not (only) integrate the subtitles in the video, please. Youtube has a special feature, for that, to improve translations, lip-sigh recognition and voice recognition. Thanks.
Sam Axe (29 days ago)
Amazon? Really?
Gaurav Gupta (29 days ago)
Amazon can't be going bankrupt! this guy should recheck his facts
Rushell reigns (30 days ago)
But Jeff is getting bigger and bigger everything he beat bill
jesus boi (30 days ago)
Lmao I forgot blackberry even existed.
Tarzaan (1 month ago)
I'm pretty sure the NFL is going bankrupt
susana lay (1 month ago)
I guess you need to do an update on this episode. amazon is growing and kicking ass its July 2018 and the behemoth has not stopped.!!!
Ed Cummings (1 month ago)
f uber used to work for them badddddd company
Arel I’m No Joke (1 month ago)
I don’t think I’m a zone is going anywhere they have over 50 or 60 million people on Amazon prime and I’m one of them they got the monthly subscription which I only paid $11.72 each month so they’re making money they’re not going anywhere
Jaime Fish (1 month ago)
why did they talk about amazon in 2000 and compare it for today's market was stupid.
Vinod Terry (1 month ago)
ShamsulPlayz (1 month ago)
I think Twitter should make make vine a thing again.
L D (1 month ago)
How can you invest in basically a low cost low profit company ? Easy to replicate ... although good revenue ..,, Twitter another app with no real product
Pinky the Brain (1 month ago)
it doesn't seems it knows business...  2 million views...
Ka Magloire (1 month ago)
These companies need fintech help. Particularly, Xrp.
karlwjm (1 month ago)
If Amazon was on the verge of bankruptcy, why did they recently build the largest, and most sophisticated Fulfillment Center in the world in Fresno, Ca.? Clickbait. Nothing but clickbait.
jahovia82 disdik (1 month ago)
Fckem all, im goin bankrupt from this climbing inflation, payin almost 5.00 for a fckin gallon of milk. Foh
Steven Gordon (1 month ago)
Yelp's problem? People who cannot and should not write reviews. Especially people who write them in text language. So speaks a former Yelp Elite.
Steven Gordon (1 month ago)
Twitter's real problem lives at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.
Maikel Warmerdam (1 month ago)
Another one: Blokker. Dutch retailer in household goods, not making profit in years. It's only still arround because of new funds from the owner (family owned company).
Line-ah Blue (1 month ago)
Amazon has lost money from the beginning - not anymore doe
Jeremiah Larkins (1 month ago)
I wish facebook would disappear.
jordan soulos (1 month ago)

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