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Scientists Made A Stunning New Discovery About the Immune System

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How does the brain interact with your immune system? Scientists might finally have the answer! Read More: Missing link found between brain, immune system; major disease implications http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2015/06/150601122445.htm "In a stunning discovery that overturns decades of textbook teaching, researchers have determined that the brain is directly connected to the immune system by vessels previously thought not to exist." Researchers Find Textbook-Altering Link Between Brain, Immune System https://news.virginia.edu/content/researchers-find-textbook-altering-link-between-brain-immune-system "After noticing vessel-like patterns in the distribution of immune cells on his slides, he tested for lymphatic vessels and there they were. The impossible existed." ____________________ DNews is dedicated to satisfying your curiosity and to bringing you mind-bending stories & perspectives you won't find anywhere else! New videos twice daily. Watch More DNews on TestTube http://testtube.com/dnews Subscribe now! http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=dnewschannel DNews on Twitter http://twitter.com/dnews Trace Dominguez on Twitter https://twitter.com/tracedominguez Julia Wilde on Twitter https://twitter.com/julia_sci DNews on Facebook https://facebook.com/DiscoveryNews DNews on Google+ http://gplus.to/dnews Discovery News http://discoverynews.com Download the TestTube App: http://testu.be/1ndmmMq
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Text Comments (480)
Doug G (1 month ago)
Must....find ..young BLOOD
Just Me (3 months ago)
sow wath is the trigar to make the body helt againe!!!!
Asif Khan (4 months ago)
would love to marry this girl
Dabrowa Debowa (5 months ago)
Why, you smart English speaking jerk, are blab-ling so fast. People across the world are coming here and is hard for us to understand. Why are you so egoistic? Slow down!
Khalid Waseem (5 months ago)
MAKS6665 (9 months ago)
Young blood helps rejuvenate life, Dracula and vampires have known that for ages 😂😂😂
solid (9 months ago)
if this is true can you learn too fight cancer?
Timothy Bucky (10 months ago)
brain ca is cured by check point inhibit only with microbial gut.
Leah Selman (10 months ago)
I don’t think it’s a new discovery at all. The Swill Lords want people consuming they’re cheap brain-damaging Beverages. Even with this new information, not one mention of the link between mental illness & refined sugar. Those vessels don’t just Exit the brain, they also carry fluid into the brain. Booze & Coffee contributes to the gender-confused population parading under the AIDS banner, the mormons figured that out a while ago
blind squirrel (1 year ago)
"The Simpsons" predicted the young blood transfusion part when they did it with Mr. Burns and Bart.
Neo Statham (1 year ago)
*DX voice* owh udidnt kno0w?//ofc lol it was so logical.. the matrix. control ur self, will power ,, manipulate reality.. OF COURSE THE BRAIN IS CONNECTED TO THE IMMUNE SYSTEM, so manyt hings change based on how u just think, even though it has its limits.. and barely anyone has telekinesis if any1 other than maybe feeling some water in a dessert with aving some iron rods.. but moving heavy objects like rocks.. harder
Neo Statham (1 year ago)
Nirvana One (1 year ago)
Aspirin the heart drug is known to help with Schizophrenia and depression because it decreases inflammation in the brain.
Osmosis Jones (1 year ago)
why isn't my movie so popular then if your own white blood cells are watching
Marco Debart (1 year ago)
I Made A STUNNING New Discovery !!! Crystall is a beauty
Tymoor Hyder (1 year ago)
Crystal is beautiful
Matt Bruce (1 year ago)
Hmmm, so the brain and immune system are connected? Who would have guessed?
gokul balagopal (1 year ago)
It means we can control over immune system using over brain
teens break (1 year ago)
I dont understand shit you say, "scientists have discovered something that will abolish pass discoverys" and we, who dont know whatfuck it is that youre talkin have to have faith in that trash and if youre wrong about this discovery too you might as well not even give anything to us.
Larry Duncan (1 year ago)
I find it disturbing that this video only has roughly 5,000 likes ...
Rasim kaya (1 year ago)
once in class at high school teacher said white blood cells don't carry blood and oxygen then I said why not black blood cells racist bruh
Nirvana One (1 year ago)
Crystal is a cutie 😘 Been diagnosed with a brain disorder at 18 yrs old. I know for sure immune function is closely connected to my brain.DHEA and Pregnenolone help when I take it.
Pepins Spot (1 year ago)
There might still be hope for me! By the time I am an elderly they might have at least an effective treatment for Alzheimer !!!
I Ramirez (1 year ago)
ground breaking news, scientists find out how average they are just like everyone else, they dont know squat, btw you can heal yourself faster just by thinking it! I knew this lilke ten years ago. dumbass scientists.
Raks da champ (1 year ago)
So the wim hoff method actually can work.
Alessio M. (1 year ago)
Soon we can have immortal mice...........................
Grant Short (2 years ago)
Looking for some Quantum physics
LongWayDown (2 years ago)
My mother has Autoimmune related Hashimotos Vasulitus Encephalopathy due to Hashimotos Thyroiditis , which lead to a Stage 3 Carcinoma of her Thyroid and later removal. She is Currently being Treated with Cytoxan, but she is still experiencing the severe yet mysterious symptoms of her Disease and I am almost certain after seeing this video her disease is related to this some how, as my Grandfather Also has a form of Early Onset Alzheimer's.I'm so Scared about losing my Mom, she has already had a Stroke, and she goes though so SO much pain with her Illness. She is currently a patient at the Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville Florida, Would anyone know if the Researchers at The University of West Virginia would somehow maybe be interested in my Mothers case?
terry ferguson (2 years ago)
Science is laergely wrapped up in Eastern Mysticism and Magic.ALL the technology is coming from the fallen angels and demons.Read the Book Of Enoch.Audio version on youtube.See Trey Smith`s video on the Nephilim.See the video Routing Demons.See the video Deliverance from autism by Brother Carlos.Every single disorder is a demonic spirit.Healthcare is part of the sorcery of Babylon.Many Drs,scientists are witches and warlocks.Many in the pulpits,and in every aspect of society.
Alex (2 years ago)
Is this person new?
GrassHopper (2 years ago)
2:44 different chick, why?
Ashmeed Mohammed (2 years ago)
i listened to every word, and watched every frame. nice
Jayson T (2 years ago)
Smart chicks are hot.
Vitabrick Snailslime (2 years ago)
Well the "young blood" thing is hardly new. Foetal calf serum has long been an essential ingredient for cell culture, presumably for the growth factors it contains. I believe the relationship between the sense of positivity, or well being if you prefer, and resistance to maladies has also been long noted. What remains missing is the causal relationship.
Gf (2 years ago)
whales have always been known to have young blood transfusions, why do you think they stay senile into 80's while other 80s drip drool
Mr. Munch (2 years ago)
didn't hear the discovery part. Did i I miss it?
morningstar3188 (2 years ago)
I know they don't have anatomy and physiology figured out. they tell you things like hair loss are genetic for Christ sake.
TTime685 (2 years ago)
That vampires might become real!
Jon Jacoby (2 years ago)
why are stupid people commenting here? This is smart people stuff. Science doesn't get immune systems and this is a very feeble step in the right direction to understanding how the immune system functions in conjunction to the skin, brain , heart, lungs, platlets, hemocites, white blood cells but doesn't come close to recognizing the acivity of them bones creating platlets that charge changing to release oxygen and capture carbon dioxide releases a hyper charge that energizes the air above the skin and acts as an external force field deflecting radiation as it surrounds us in a protective bubble of plasma aka aura. The hyper charge sites are well documented in acupuncture. doctor today are far too specialized and focused on their specific practice to grasp the concept that all bodily functions act in harmony as an immune function.
Michael Ron Revecho (2 years ago)
Yeah, we already know that and we know that trex are always angry because they cant reach their penises.
Taz (2 years ago)
hey Dnews pleas do a video over how the earth is spherical and not a plain .
SpikeMoney (2 years ago)
so I wonder since shingles travels on your spinal cords nervous system and can cause damage. I wonder if that's were they got there research. hopefully there's a cure, for this, and psoriasis is also linked with your nerves. I wonder if they will find a cure now
Jef B (2 years ago)
This host is LOVELY!
ACS Products Ltd (2 years ago)
I have AS which is an immune system disease, do you think this finding help cure this currently incurable disease? Thanks Andy
Neebin Makwah (2 years ago)
blah, blah, blah, science is wrong again. So what else is new? The paid for religion of science has been spouting bullshit for centuries. New discoveries are rarely found by academia or their research. A TRILLION dollars has been collected for cancer research, yet they still trot out their poisons and surgery first. So much for the advancement of science.
MARK MAHAN (2 years ago)
ok this not new. first the Asians like the Chinese, Korean, and Japanese. have know about this for thousands of years. while they did not have modern methods to see or detect this internal matters. they have known and been doing things like acupressure, acupuncture, deep muscle massage and dozens of other methods all geared to help the body help it's self. even the new wave of interest in yoga, is another prime example of this so called news and dicovery. Tia chi is all about this as well. the ancients of China had a detailed drawing of of this matter. we have all heard of Chi and other names for it in marital arts movies, right? well that is what the ancients knew about this supposed ground breaking news. not new! had they looked at what the ancients had know on this subject. they would not be so surprised. the douist monks of China, were one of the most sought after wise men in the ancient world for their knowledge of medical knowledge and much more. and they were only one of many in the ancient that had such knowledge.
Raymond Medicine Elk (2 years ago)
I think the part about young blood have rejuvenate effects has or will lead to old rich people becoming vampireristic if they are not already !
Feriin (2 years ago)
Here's hoping they finally realize that Vaccines only cause harm and is the main reason for the Autism Pandemic we are facing (as well as a shit load of auto-immune issues). Oh shit, nope. They still remain clueless about this.
Feriin (2 years ago)
me too - You poor brainwashed fool. You're either a paid shill, or an ignorant fool. Read and refute things from the Cochrane Library. You know a site that doesn't allow any research submitted to them from researchers who are paid by big pharma.
me too (2 years ago)
The only reason it's more common is because psychiatrists are better at identifying it and the parameters of autism have broadened. You act like it's some horrible disease.
adam stratton (2 years ago)
can this help in the fight against MS??
JnaArt (2 years ago)
Placebo effect was kinda evidence of brain nerve immune system connection.
RockStarAz (2 years ago)
Replacing your Old Blood with Young Blood is Vampire-ish . I bet rich old people been replacing their Blood for Years ! !
venkata kishore (2 years ago)
I hope it will make me super hero
Rubin Chavarria (2 years ago)
Time to bath and drink in my children
Stergios Aspros (2 years ago)
Missing DNews 🙁
Cabbage (2 years ago)
So... In conclusion we found that our immune system exists in the barrier between our brain and skull? ... You don't say... Although it has interesting and perhaps very viable medical possibilities.... I don't really see it as much of a scientific breakthrough so much as a strictly, and vague, medical one.
Gustavo Pineda (2 years ago)
Nitin Nigam (2 years ago)
D news, good to be back, i wished there was no channel named "Seeker" and that "D news" channel was back with its full authority,
JohnR2319881222 (2 years ago)
This actually follows the "Inflammation Theory" with mental disorders. It states that neurological inflammation restricts nutrient flow and rewires the brain into less optimal designs, causing everything from ADHD to Alzheimer's disease to Depression and Bipolar. Beware though, if you follow this theory to it's logical conclusions you will find yourself against most GMO foods, grain-fed livestock, rampant use of antibiotics, general use of all medications, and almost any use of vaccines. If you don't want to be against those things, don't research any of it.
Marco Polo (2 years ago)
Hell yeah science you're one badass mofo.
Kushal Mahant (2 years ago)
Indians Knows from thousands of year's that brain is controller of immune system.Read Ayurveda, in ancient times peoples lives easily hunders+ of years, and remain young for longer time as compere to New generation because the Knows this fact.
Question Mark (4 months ago)
Your a BAMS students?
Christian Edwards (1 year ago)
Kushal Mahant All I understood was, can't speak proper English please send grammar Nazis my way.
me too (2 years ago)
Humans have never been able to live for hundreds of years. It's biologically impossible without advanced medicine or technology. Ayurveda is neither. You'll live a normal life span if you practice Ayurveda and will not live hundreds of years.
señor shaman (2 years ago)
maybe in a vague, generalized qualitative way; but there's no way they knew the exact mechanism or could learn how to manipulate this.
Stephen Mount (2 years ago)
I have MS from being made to take the flu shots in the Army and lost my career from it, talked to the Lead researcher, he was surprised that when I asked the MS Society about this they knew nothing, telling me that they, the MS Society, were the ones backing the research. I was not either. in 2007 the MS Society backed a trial of 10 men off Beta Seron for one year, ($5000.00 a month for 15 shots!), and put them on Testosterone and all 10 men after a year were markedly improved. You can keep your job safe with $5000.00 a month drugs, but testosterone is only $275.00 a mount, 30 days of it. It's all about the $$$$$$
ganesh subedi (2 years ago)
good this is a very intresting sciece
Benevolent Protector (3 years ago)
I'm reluctant to believe that scientists "just" discovered this connection because they've know about this for over 1000 years in China and India.  Holistic medicine in China and India have been successfully curing all kinds of deceases better then phamaceutical drugs, even cancer for years. The problem in the US is that ..if an Oncologist is found to have recommended holistic treatment for a cancer patient, the AMA takes their medical license.  All part of the medical industries control to treat deceases, rather then cure them so ..how can we believes what they say now?
a bassplayingleblanc (1 year ago)
me too actually, in 2015, $10 billion was spent on cancer drugs, and barely any of the donations to the pink ribbon foundation go to research. if a cure for cancer was made, there would be less money given to the pharmaceutical companies. so I doubt western medicine will ever have a cure for cancer. and if there was, they would charge a rediculous amount for that cure.
me too (2 years ago)
Holistic medicine does not work. If it works then it's not holistic. There's no cure for cancer and anyone who discovered would make millions which is why a bunch of money is being put into researching it. You can't just claim that they knew that because if they were miraculously curing diseases scientists would've studied it a long time ago. Alternative medicine is bogus and has no place in medicine.
Juju jujuria (3 years ago)
so much useless adjectives/jargon
J. Marie (3 years ago)
I hope this will lead to helping fix Lupus someday too!
Starscream2040 (3 years ago)
They have been wrong for centuries and now they back slap themselves
skepsys (3 years ago)
its interesting to see a science video and learn nothing scientific :|
skepsys (3 years ago)
i dont get it, what does she say, in english?...with so many likes, can someone translate what she said?...
MrMapleBar (2 years ago)
What? This is an English Channel, and lots of people who watch it speak English, and you didn't even say what language you speak so how are people suppose to translate it?
Robert Shipley (3 years ago)
What they have been calling false science all this time is actually true lol. Meaning that the power of the mind cannot heal one's self
Eowyn2012 (3 years ago)
You are very good in making tough topics easy to understand! :-) well done!!!
Sarah Sant (3 years ago)
DUDE, I HAVE THAT SWEATER. Yay, mass production! ^_^
Lee Hughes (3 years ago)
If they could find a cure for epilepsy that would make me happy...
Pastabilities (3 years ago)
Kinda feel like she has to defend science every other sentence. Like ok...... We get it...
Eric Halvor (3 years ago)
I have MS; I hope this leads to better understanding of MS and a real treatment to end the disease, not just slow it down. You can do a lot in a wheelchair, but I don't want one if I can help it.
Raggy (3 years ago)
When you study asthma, you notice a possible connection between the nervous system and the immune cells implicated. All of my professors knew of it, it's just no one seemed to design an experiment to actually verify it. An area to dig in! I have a hypothesis that all immune system disease have a NS component and that neurological disease including depression have immune component. I think it's all interrelated.
Lexyvil (3 years ago)
Very inspirational~
zcjxxx (3 years ago)
Scientists have found a link between my dick and yummy pussies hehehe. .:3
Edvard Johansson (3 years ago)
It says something about the mental health of a person contributing to their decline in health after some tragic incident such as loss. It may indicate why psychosomatic illnesses are actually even possible. We may also find some credence to the idea of positive thinking contributing to the more rapid recovery of a sick or was-terminal patient.
Chris Burns (3 years ago)
2:20 Ground baking discovery
Jack Kanoff, M.D. (3 years ago)
0:23 You mean prehistoric humans knew about this?
abrahamchapman (3 years ago)
It's the 21st century, how does science not know everything yet?
sreekumar anil (3 years ago)
Meditation -neuroplasticity, increased immunity....any relation with new discovery
Roger Flores (3 years ago)
me also, just dont know why my immune system increases suddenly for no reason, as DNews got Crystal to host, her slight & subtle movements are somewhat distracting, thus being beautifully annoying, she makes me want to forget everything at a heck of a moment, LOL
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MaryJane Tutorials (3 years ago)
well all the studies are missing philosophy and practical reasoning....I know that this BS. based on the studies in 1800's and lets not for get about Royal Riff and his work seeing the first virus in 1930's and establishing core resonant frequency for a ton of micro organisms , bacteria, viruses, and much more....seems like thats an old discovery ......the gilts lie on the candida albicans for most all dis ease....Consume Cannabis by mouth after decarboxylating it ...and you will answer to cancer with the human elite protector.
This has been discovered by the traditional Indian Ayurveda experts thousands of years ago, They knew that the human mind brain our mind can control our immune system, i have seen proof that those people had such kind of immune system developed with just the mind power and keeps out every kind of disease that's amazing. And they says we all can practice that can achieve those results with simple steps and change our daily life and the way we think and live. So this is not a new discovery at all. We should understand the human life and this can be achieved by YOGA and meditation and a FREE mind. Stay happy and live a simple life.
Frost Bite (3 years ago)
I fucking love it when science gets things wrong. I love it because when we get it wrong we toss out the old out-dated shit and it opens up even more doors for oppertunity and theories to excell the human race for a better and smarter tomorrow. I love it.
MrMapleBar (2 years ago)
Yep. Discovering planets awhile ago brought up trillions of things we need to learn about. Same with germs and other things.
TheInstantoverkill (3 years ago)
HOW TO BE A SCIENTIST 1 make up a theory 2 find a scrap of evidence that kind of makes sense to people that still still believe in          santa claus 3 start teaching it in schools 4 find out you was wrong 5 CONGRATULATIONS YOU JUST DID A SCIENCE
kelnology (3 years ago)
Omfg crystal you look like a guy!
Steve Mag (3 years ago)
Lori Batchelor (3 years ago)
When my brain was drained with venous angioplasty for CCSVI, the improvements in many of my symptoms attributed to Multiple Sclerosis sent my EDSS (disability scale) from 6.5 down to 4.  This meant an incredible improvement in my quality of life, thanks to Dr. Zamboni's hypothesis which has now been clarified by this amazing discovery!
moondoggie517 (3 years ago)
This is great
JoBeatz Beatbox (3 years ago)
am I the only one that thought of chakra because of the thumbnail?
ghostusmc (3 years ago)
Whats with the music in the background ? Trying to listen to you babe not the radio in the background.
Jay Newz Pro (3 years ago)
Did anyone understand a word she just said?
SoulAmvRE (3 years ago)
She is one mystery i have not been able to solve... sigh...life.
AzakaBlue (3 years ago)
One more step towards Immortality. Hope Dr De Gray seen this.
Nick Nick (3 years ago)
I'm in love
Ryan Smith (3 years ago)
Mmmmm ground baking.
Sergio Perez (3 years ago)
Sooo... will this explain the placebo effect? Like if we think we're sick, we actually get sick.
superque4 (3 years ago)
I hope they finally admit that we all have cancer cells in our bodies that are regularly killed by white blood cells every day, concede that restricted blood flow is a carcinogen and employ circularity enhancement as a cure to many routine cancer cases; forsaking the death train that now masquerades as cancer treatment. .

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