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Ashwani Gujral CNBC EXPOSED 🔥🔥🔥🔥

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PEACE YouTube channel link - https://goo.gl/G9c6iL Channel Playlist - https://goo.gl/fRup5w Suggestions, Comments are welcomed...... Disc:- This video content & discussed in this is according to best of my knowledge and understanding. views expressed in video are my personal views & thoughts, I don't have any intentions to blame or question anybody in this video. all I am doing is expressing my views thoughts as a free person of the country. if any body is offended kindly let me know, please forgive & apology. Maintain peace and happiness :-) PEACE Do what you like :) BINDASS Like Share Comment Subscribe Check other videos on the channel as well :) Twitter: - https://twitter.com/ishaanmeet Instagram: - https://www.instagram.com/19ishaan Facebook: - https://www.facebook.com/ishaanmeet YouTube: - https://www.youtube.com/ishaanmeet
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Text Comments (881)
Meet Ishaan (2 months ago)
*If I'd only followed CNBC's advice, I'd have a million dollars today. Provided I'd started with a hundred million dollars* . - Jon Stewart
Santosh Shukla (27 days ago)
+Meet Ishaan good
Santosh Shukla (27 days ago)
+Bimalendu Saha dear sir truth should b revealed
Santosh Shukla (27 days ago)
Is bande ka chehra bujha. Bujha rahta hai. Chehra dekhte hi negative thoughts aane lagte Hain Mai iske aate hi channel badal details Hoon ya oof karke computer screen dekhta hun. Ye ??????? 10--5 minute me hi bhaag let's hai
Meet Ishaan (1 month ago)
can u share the details pls.- [email protected]
Sanket Rekhade (1 month ago)
Meet Ishaan mai tumhari baat se bilkul agree hu sab chutiya bana ke paise loot lete h kunal saraogi ko bhi expose kro usne mera paisa khaya h class ke naam par wo bhi chor h
Dhaval Ganeshji (4 hours ago)
Golmal he bhai
Vivek Kumar (5 hours ago)
Investment ki salaah to koi bhi share market mein dhang sse kaam Karne wala de sakta Hai profit ya loss ki responsible to retail investor he Hai Inka Kya jayega
Bombay Theme (12 hours ago)
Good ideasss share krte rhe
ajeeth 79 (15 hours ago)
nothing wrong ..its consolidated monthly balance sheet..it shows average of montly trading..some days he might have booked 100 points profit sometimes a loss of 50 points...i guess the net profit would be atleast 60 percent of gross..taking stt and other tax into consideration..i guess profit would be around 1.4 to 1.5 crore
Meet Ishaan (9 hours ago)
How he can be wrong... -He only promotes Trading and that too without actually telling facts.. - he trade on huge volumes and promotes greed - he misleads before his programs with his profit figs so that he can get more clients. - he got this platform to dump his trades - he can come anytime especially in volitility and he still trades - this is called spamming - this is called fraud.. But obviously it's legal in India.. Ashwani is very right... Very true.. Only blame to retail investors..
ajeeth 79 (9 hours ago)
+Meet Ishaan Ashwin is not wrong..its bad money managment that people do that makes them to loose money
Meet Ishaan (10 hours ago)
Who said anything is wrong!
Sanjay Kumar (17 hours ago)
Bhai pahli bar real bole ho you r my best friend I most like ye sale jitne bhi program aate hai call dete hai chor hai sirf exit call dete hai
Sanjay Kumar (17 hours ago)
Bhai bahut accha ye sale sirf retailers ko fasate hai jitne bhi inke program hai dump and pump theory par hai
Sachin Verma (1 day ago)
Bhi nice video expose Shailendra Sinh BHUJ GUJRAT golden theory he is also big fraud fooling innocent people Darshan Tech fault fraud
I have no brief for anyone. But numerically one can trade through the month and end with the 10-15 point difference that you shared But it is also very interesting to note that this 10-15 point is consistent which makes one lean towards your caution..... Form your own opinion about trading. Warren Buffett's opinion that stock markets transfer money from impatient to patient is the final law....
pushppal arora (3 days ago)
eye opner video
Debabrata Sen (4 days ago)
E lok haramkhor he
i am 54812 (4 days ago)
keep exposing.
Anant Bhandari (4 days ago)
Both AG n Gabba. Jhoot bholte hein.
Touhid Shaikh (7 days ago)
Superb Research very Good Boss
Sukdebdas620 (7 days ago)
cnbc and ashwani gujral both are chutiya,,,,
sanjay sahoo (7 days ago)
intraday chutia he Koi vi mat kara yer 99% Logo ka pasa jata he lakin kavi nahi ata
Parth Patel Sander (7 days ago)
Sahi hai
deepak khanna (7 days ago)
I like
Sheshagiri Pai (7 days ago)
His books are good. Nothing else. Writing book and Live trading are two completely different things
Ranveer Singh Yadav (9 days ago)
Sahi baat hai ye dhokha de raha hai
URV (10 days ago)
maderchod CNBC vale uski ma ka bhosda
Ganesh Dasari (11 days ago)
Great bro
Arth (11 days ago)
DARSHAN TECH ,is most fraud guy.he tell that to join his course n daily get 2k profit. But he just give 4 BAKWAS stratagy in the name of course. He claimed that 1 guy bought new car after taking his SO CALLED COURSE. fraud n liar .daily he post false screen shot .dont join his course freinds dont waste your money after this fraudsters..
Meet Ishaan (4 days ago)
Wt course? Which course.. taking about what? Eleborate pls
Saravanan D (4 days ago)
+Meet Ishaan do you finished his course
Meet Ishaan (4 days ago)
Saravanan D (4 days ago)
8870396968 call
Jigar Shah (11 days ago)
https://youtu.be/zX0ZooOeT6U Look at this video. This man has really good research on ashwini gujaral..how he claimed false profits
Biggest fake trader , he change his loss in profit through HTML page and doing biggest marketing by posting huge profit screenshot in twitter to catch new baby for seminar.
Rahul Wagh (12 days ago)
Income tax alag 😂😂
stock market 2 channel (13 days ago)
Sk Motwani (13 days ago)
Ek dam sahi bro
harikishan hora (14 days ago)
Ye log public ko barbad kar rah h
hari krishna (15 days ago)
please tell In english
Meet Ishaan (14 days ago)
Bank nifty k 6 points to zerodha me total charges hai, and income tax alag se.
ashok kumar (17 days ago)
nice video! but it's really possible to get others port folio details!
George Koshy (17 days ago)
nicemon george joseph (19 days ago)
good view bro
Aditya Jha (19 days ago)
Numer to sahi se padh lo yaat
Meet Ishaan (19 days ago)
No no dear.... I must HV not don't mistake.. I know... U r correct... It's positive ... Don't worry... 👍 I appreciate ur feedback..
Aditya Jha (19 days ago)
+Meet Ishaan I never meant to say that. I think the way I wrote was not correct. Enjoy
Meet Ishaan (19 days ago)
Greeb bnda Hu yr, itni bdi bdi fig padi Ni kbhi , to galti ho gyi.. maffi de do
chinna reddy (20 days ago)
Waste fellow. he gives all bakwas calls very carelessly. dont follow him. I dont know why CNBC TV people are entertaining him in their channel.
You are doing good job by exposing the systematic fooling the public by so-called experts. Please continue your hard task.
BALAJI HUJARE (21 days ago)
Do taklu cnbc pe logo ko chy***a banate hai pehchano do takloooo.... Kon
Suresh Polali (22 days ago)
Why single out AG? . Recently Moodys down graded PNB and on that day PNB rose 6%. This is common by great foreign institutional investors. It is common practice to spread news about NIFTY 15000 when they want to sell . This is capital market MANUPULATION is name of the game.
Suresh Polali (22 days ago)
India has 125 crores people. They will get Bakra at least for next 10 years.. It is best to switch off TV and see only Charts
VIVEKV INFOTECH (23 days ago)
Meet Ishaan (23 days ago)
Prabhu , I meant that I did correct it on screen
VIVEKV INFOTECH (23 days ago)
20 hajar nahi 2 lakh hai bhai quantity dhang se dekho aur 40 hajar nahi 4 lakh hai quantity
Meet Ishaan (23 days ago)
Screen b dekh lo Prabhu
vishal sinha (23 days ago)
Sahi bola bhai
sheik syed sulaiman (26 days ago)
Admin superb analyse. And No.1 bench** Gural..
Santosh Shukla (27 days ago)
Dear bro For purchasing 2 lac bank nifty it is 5000 lot . Margin required for 5000 lot is 5000x 60000 = 300000000=thirty crore. Is it possible? Plz see. He is ???!?
Meet Ishaan (27 days ago)
He is in this business & tv for many years...it's peanuts for him... + There are many free stuff/ honouring he gets ...so money is not a issue... What is being shown to us is nothing vs real thing.. Stay with channel ...soon one series will come... U'll know a lot more antibiotics dirty secrets but suit boots people
Utpal Raj (29 days ago)
2:38, samjh gaya bhai!! Chutiya bana raha hai dono(cnbc Aur Gujral)‼️‼️
OhSid! (29 days ago)
I'm basically repeating what another person commented. Your base hypothesis for this video is completely off. You are taking the average buying/selling prices and using that as a yardstick to calculate how many points he's earning on any given day. That is a totally incorrect process. Simple example:- On monday I buy X quantity at 25000 and sell it at 25200. I earned 200 points. On Wednesday I buy X quantity at 25200 and sell it at 25100. I lose 100 points. On Friday I buy X quantity at 25150 and sell at 25200. I earn 50 points. In total I earned 150 points in 2 profitable trades with an average of 75 points per profitable trade. Now as per your calculation, my average buying price would be roughly 25116 and my average selling price would be roughly 25166. So by this average I earn 50 points per trade. That is in stark contrast to the 75 points on average I ACTUALLY earned. A difference of a whopping 33%. And if you extrapolate this to a month's worth of trades where prices fluctuate all the time and some days are losses and some profit, this differential percentage may well widen by quite a margin. Make no mistake, his trading strategy is not for everyone. Not for me either. It's high risk/high reward. But it works for him. And he's also posted more screenshots which have detailed out all the charges and taxes. And despite all those charges, he still makes a whole lot of money compared to most people out there. His ROI% is mighty impressive. My point being, if you're going to criticise someone's trading strategy/system, atleast do it accurately with all the facts interpreted correctly :)
Meet Ishaan (29 days ago)
I didn't took any calculations.... These r not my calculations..........AG book.has this.... I just took the page and said what's written in that... His own stats say this Basically I want to tell all those who r blindfolded by lakh of rupees profits Intraday shown by him on Twitter + retail Investors who r greedy & go for glory instead of patience & regular small profits
GURU SHARAN (30 days ago)
aaj kal ek naya banda aaya hai saam tv pe bolta hai mis call karo hum 10 kadam aage aap ko le jayange unka naam mukund khanore hai sab ko free bol ke seminar me bulake 2 hr lecture de ke hath me 100 rs ka form pakda ke bolte hai training me 6000 rs dene hai cash denge to chalega cheq denge to 20% gst lega aur ye pakate hai ki life time call deneg jab traing shuru hogi to unke pas account banavaye kya majak banaya hai bhai unki pool khol do aap accha kaam karte ho
GURU SHARAN (30 days ago)
ap ne sahi batya hai bhai yaha 2007 me ek maha chutiya tambe naam ka chart expert aata tha usne to rain calce nitin fire ifci mic electronic jaise share ki maa chood di us us ko fir dobara waha kabhi nahi laya gya
GURU SHARAN (30 days ago)
sab chutiye hai cnbc ko dekhne wale q ki yaha bada chutya aata hai jo sab ko gumraha karta hai cnbc pe ek bada chutya chat room hai waha to sab se bade chutye log baithe hai jo din bhar chat pe marwate rahte hai
Bryn K (1 month ago)
Keep it up 👍
Shubodh Singh (1 month ago)
SEBI is the Most CORRUPT government body in India.
Niraj Sinha (1 month ago)
Pradip Modi (1 month ago)
Badia video
sumit pawar (1 month ago)
bhai tu ek pagal aadami ko to bhul hi gaya . prakash gaba .... 2 sec main chrat dekhke history bata dega ....
ulfat mulla (1 month ago)
Bikul Shai bola sir Apne .. Yeee chote biggner Ko ullu Banna rhe hai .. Mai chatun ke ap aise vedio bante rhate aur mere jaisa aur hum jaisa chote biggner trader ki help kare .. Hum inke bholee bhale batun Mai agar inke bolne wale stock buy nahi karingay . Salut your hardwork. Ulfat mulla ki traf se apko aur apki team Ko mera big big salut 😘🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻
ishan dutta (1 month ago)
What is net worth of Ashwini Gujral ? He never reveals that, I tried to google it but never found any data on that . People with his seniority in the market have become billionaires, multi-billionaires in few cases, so he should atleast become 100 millionaire. Isn't it ?
ishan dutta (1 month ago)
Hundreds of expert advisors come on these tv channels, but my philosophy is I only follow people who have created significant wealth(atleast 100m$) themselves.
Meet Ishaan (1 month ago)
The thing is why v should have any issue with that.. D problem is the way they are showing everyone who is coming in the market..... No1 ( authorities) will take action...... Better retail Investors realize & start using own Brains.. Basically for me these Tv and so called experts r spamming & it's a scandal according to me
Sivaram Choudhry (1 month ago)
Ashwini gujaral ek number ka badmash hai. You should mute your TV when he gives the advice. He must be paying CNBC for showing him so that he can change or distract traders mind and earn more profit. Morally CNBC people Should putting the lines "PAID ADVERTISEMENT" .
Bhojraj Hajare (1 month ago)
Gujrat is fake man
Aslam Pasha (1 month ago)
Good video, I use to see his calls. This video is eye opener.
Rajesh Jain (1 month ago)
Tu pagal hai meet Ishan Koi AUR dhandha suru Kar... Nahi to budhPe mein taklif hogi
Meet Ishaan (1 month ago)
As I said, will definitely learn on your teachings ..thx for showing your care & being so productive
Rajesh Jain (1 month ago)
Meet Ishaan Don't play word games.. If you want to be successful ... Offer some work to society... Do something Ur own Kawwe ki Tarah YouTube par kawn kawn Karke Zindagi Nahi beetnewali. It's easy to raise fingers towards famous one. Tune APNI Zindagi mein koi innovative kaam Kiya hai kya?? Tujhe aata kya hai ?? Science maths arts ??? Any bhonkta reh ! AUR sun Zindagi mein bank nifty mein ek Baar trade Karna. Tuje Teri knowledge pe taras ayega.
Meet Ishaan (1 month ago)
Thanks for ur kind words. Also thanks for caring for me and my later life.... Will definitely try to Impliment ur suggestion if feel it's valid
Amit Sharma (1 month ago)
Very good video. I wish I could get to know this three years before. I lost 30 lac rupees in the market because of CNBC
Amit Sharma (1 month ago)
Meet Ishaan Yes, I forgot what went wrong and learned a good lesson. When the market can take your 30+ lacs, it can also reward you with 3 crores.
Meet Ishaan (1 month ago)
🙏 this comment is the soul reason for the video... I hope new people coming won't have to repeat this ..... ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️ ... & U must forget the past & move .. markets will always reward True heart & work
dilip sharma (1 month ago)
aajkal India mai haramkhori se paise kamana ka ek tareeka yahi ban gaya h , you tuber ban jao , kisi bade aadmi ko pakad k gaand maar lo uski , video banao aur apne likes bada k paise kamao
Meet Ishaan (1 month ago)
atleast i am the reason for your laugh... thanks :) keep laughing ..... enjoy
dilip sharma (1 month ago)
Meet Ishaan am also laughing at u , paisa kamane k liye kuch to karna hi padega na , to public ko chutiya banao bus ... bullshit
Meet Ishaan (1 month ago)
i can only laugh at your comment .... that's all :) enjoy your fake experience
dilip sharma (1 month ago)
Meet Ishaan u always will be wondered becoz nobody is here for u r bullshit , m not fan of gujral neither follow him , but I like the earnings way u r using , however am also market trader from last 15 years so dont u try to make people chutiya
Meet Ishaan (1 month ago)
Haha I wonder how well u think...keep it UP
Archana Pihulkar (1 month ago)
What about value pick section in CNBC awaaz Is that value pick that expert which recommend really valuable or fake call
Meet Ishaan (1 month ago)
It depends on many factors...point is weather we as retail Investors play with knowledge or just follow blindly what TV says.... Must learn before taking action
Danial patel (1 month ago)
Kindly make a video on Vachana Investments please protect from scammer ..He lies confidently . He is taking poor people money . May god bless you
Meet Ishaan (1 month ago)
I think retail Investors has to improve by themselves
Danial patel (1 month ago)
There is a trading carnival festival where traders meet all over the India.. in sort they gather all scammer .. only Dr velumani is true person but he is not a trader..I know these Rakesh doshi for trading psychology they run classes in Surat.. makes a fool I was the victom of these people..and they are lying so well with confidence please protect and share as much as you can ... I waste lakh of rupees behind those people.. My job saving ... May God Krishna protect us..
Meet Ishaan (1 month ago)
Will study about them soon.. Btw thanks
Yasmin Khan (1 month ago)
cnbc awaaz Reliance ka hai. to sab kucchh ssmazh jao.
Prashanth Kumar (1 month ago)
Even I lost most of my funds blindly believing CNBC advisor
Pushpa raj (1 month ago)
I follow him on Twitter!! He daily posts his profits !! Which looks genuine!! Correct me if I'm wrong!?
Meet Ishaan (1 month ago)
Wait for next part..... Coming soon
Rajesh Sharma (1 month ago)
In chutiyo ki wajah se Mai 1lac lose Mai hu always manipulate Kar dete hai data
Meet Ishaan (1 month ago)
Don't follow them blindly dear....
Rajesh Sharma (1 month ago)
U r my hero Sir don't say sorry to anyone you are 100% right i was also noticing this one more proof against CNBC Awaz . Aap khud note Kar sakte hai ye kal Ka khiladi dhikate hai 2 se 3 k bich inke sure Karne se 5 minute pehle hi stock 10 to 15% uper bhag jata h jabki wo stocks Pura din 1 % se Jada Nahi uth pate . Iska sidha matlab hai ki news pehle hi bahar aa jati hai. Pls notice it's a very major issue
Meet Ishaan (1 month ago)
🙏 thx ...... They do manipulate..... We as retail Investors should control our greed while trading
Monish Kapur (1 month ago)
Good work mate. Taklu aaj so nahi payega
Meet Ishaan (1 month ago)
😂😂 stay tuned.... 2nd part will come soon....
narasing rao (1 month ago)
Whats your personal review on his latest book and i am also planning to buy his book can you please tell me the index of the book ?
Meet Ishaan (1 month ago)
As per me, I'll buy a pure Technical chart book instead....
Shivram Sharma (1 month ago)
BANKNIFTY mein to baccha bhi 10 se 15 point kama leta Hai
Meet Ishaan (1 month ago)
Jis Bache ko ata ho ;)
Suhas Joshi (1 month ago)
Excellent nudity exposed,honestly I normally see CNBZ tips every day & their 85% tips are misguiding to new traders I also lost money in one of their short sell tip that too in Wopckhardt share bogus Chanel with one of the most bogus expert
asit chandra (1 month ago)
feku hai sale gujral
susshil sirnani (1 month ago)
Sir this book I am also reading and its lying with me at bed always. I was also surprised to see such figure or 500% roi in 1 year but u said in this video that its easier to make 10to 15 points on nifty means you are also trying to say that 500% roi is possible in a year by intraday trading? In his book in money management chapter he told risk reward ratio but at cnbc he always shows as if reward is less and risk of stop loss is more wide. It means to earn 5 rupees on a share stop loss is for 12 rupees. Anyways he just showed 500%. Is it possible?
Meet Ishaan (1 month ago)
Possibilities are endless. Issue is the greed....for me I will not over trade from the time I achieve my desired results...but many have desired results of making 500% ...that's d issue...
Neeraj PAndey (1 month ago)
kisi bhi expert ko kch nhi ata y public k paise k maa chod dete hai
Neeraj PAndey (1 month ago)
jhatu hai y
nilesh naik (1 month ago)
what afantastikexpose u find BOSS i have also observing him since 2008,but i never follow him.because his stockrecommendations r also so doutful.whenever i observe it 90% gone wrong or not profitable. i compared his calls withmy own research alls r much better thn him. so i havealso doubt about his calls since i observed.new comer must be aware of him. sukhani and others calls r much much better but SO CALLED NO1channel CNBC never giving priority to them ,only theyr giving priority to GUJRAL.
Rajendra Singh (1 month ago)
If 100 rupees upside than about 55 are charged as brokage and taxes. Now even if there is no change and I sell stock than I shall again pay Rs 55. So even after rise of 100 Rs I am in loss besides loss of interest. So only Ashhvni DD Ramdev and Jhunjhunu vala can earn . Honest invester is always looser.
Rajendra Singh (1 month ago)
You are totally correct. CNBC is false market booster and dalal of bogus companies and brokage houses.
Vishal Agarwal (1 month ago)
bhai video acchi hai sab achii hai u r true, but utna qty trade who kar rahe hai unhee sellers bhi chaiyee, i am not for fan others i am always fan of mine, but just telling 4 lakh ya 2 lah qty trade mein he also need sellers also jo unka maal kharid sakee, utna qty karne mein bhi jigar chaiyee
Meet Ishaan (1 month ago)
Dear, that's d reason he trades in bank nifty.... No issues of volumes especially while exit..+ cnbc to hai hi.... Had he be doing in stocks he also know , operators will trap him ... + Jigar sab ke pass hota hai Jo stock market PE professional trade karte hai,.... Is situation Mai safety Jada hai because he is earning from multiples sides with risk at only one side... I hope u understand this..
SURESH D (1 month ago)
Great bro 20 points goes for charges only.... Then how he trade.... He has to explain...
Meet Ishaan (1 month ago)
He & cnbc won't.... That's d point..... They just r brainwashing & looting... Retail Investors, especially New 1 has to know all this also.. I hope some get this video useful
abhishek mishra (1 month ago)
Avg buy and sell price cannot be used to calculate the absolute points made. For example I trade 100 quantities and made only two trades in a month. Trade 1 Bought 100 at 27000 and sold at 27100. (100 points) Trade 2 Bought 100 at 26000 and sold at 25950.(-50 points) Here actual profit is 50 points while if you calculate it with avg buy price(26500) and avg sell price (26525) then it would come only 25.
Meet Ishaan (1 month ago)
Check it again..... Book page is on screen... What I calculated is different thing.. And that too as example... + My calculations is not that important... But message is.. Rest on once own judgement
abhishek mishra (1 month ago)
Book is showing data from zerodha trading platform, while you in your video calculating it in faulty manner.
Meet Ishaan (1 month ago)
This calculations is in his Book...they r not mine calculations...
Nawaz shaikh (1 month ago)
Nawaz shaikh (1 month ago)
i agre you
Nawaz shaikh (1 month ago)
sahi hai sir aapke baat
raj shah (1 month ago)
sebi kei chuitye logo sirf phokat mei salary chaiye.bhadve log
raj shah (1 month ago)
sebi haramkhor log will sleep/and wont do anything
raj shah (1 month ago)
420 hai chor
Anzer Uddin (1 month ago)
इनके cash की टिप्स के बारे मे भी कुछ बताए...
munish Kumar (1 month ago)
Maine ashwani gujral ki book read ki Hui hai mind of the successful trader ekdum bakwaas book hai.ye Banda logon ke dimaag ko trap karta hai.
bhavik zaveri (1 month ago)
Ashwani gujral is a chutiya. If you want to make money in trading always do opposite what he says
Deepak Korgaonkar (4 days ago)
He mainpulate the site and show the profit ... With the use of HTML coding
Ashwin Mistri (1 month ago)
CNBC is of Reliance clearly shows. Gujral is just a pawn of their channel.
Ashwin Mistri (1 month ago)
Jabardast open kar diya ye cheater ko
r (1 month ago)
are bhai tu 11 no. buying quantity ko 41 hajar q bol raha he vo 4 lac 10 hajar hai na..
Meet Ishaan (1 month ago)
Bde bde shehro mai choto choti galtia hoti rehti hai ;) Btw, screen PE correct kr dia tha :)
Vikash Rajak (1 month ago)
Sir, main Ashwini Gujral ki book, how to make money trading intraday kharidna chhata tha, but ab mujhe thoda doubt hai. Kya mujhe woh book kharidna chaiye???
Rakesh Nimbly (11 days ago)
+chetsss empire sure I'll
chetsss empire (12 days ago)
+Rakesh Nimbly please send PDF 7385295603...
Vikash Rajak (1 month ago)
Rakesh Nimbly, lo bhai send kar do
Vikash Rajak (1 month ago)
Rakesh Nimbly (1 month ago)
Vikash Rajak mereko WhatsApp krde bhai I'll send you d PDF
Vikash Rajak (1 month ago)
Book ka review dijiye, plzz
Meet Ishaan (1 month ago)
My personal vi3w is don't buy....
BABU SHANKER YADAV (1 month ago)
Yes sir u r right...getting 15-20 points per share isso easy if analysis done properly
Meet Ishaan (1 month ago)
Per share Intraday?.... Na na ...I m talking about BankNifty only here
SIKANDER SINGH (1 month ago)
Meet Ishaan (1 month ago)
Don't worry... One must only know about his own trades... If u r aware of that , it's enough .... 👍 Best of luck

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