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How To Manage Your Sales Territory Effectively Part Two

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In this video you will, learn why companies define sales territories. Territory planning and management is a long-term endeavor. We are all different, we have to find what works best for you and build your planning tasks into your daily sales routine. Become an authority on your specific territory. You need to be knowledgeable about how the economy, politics, and technology impacts companies within your sales territory. When you analyze your territory, set realistic goals. Do this by analyzing last year's results and this year to date sales. Estimate the market potential. What is the source and type of customer you will put into your pipeline? Allocate the right amount of selling time by product and type of customer. Remember, knowledge is power! Consider the following important issues. What prevents you from taking the time to plan? What can you do to ensure that you plan properly? What successes have you had with planning? What are your best practices in territory planning? Consultative Selling Sales Training Video Series The Sales Coaching Institute www.salescoach.us
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