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Sultanate Of Oman Vacation Travel Video Guide

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Travel video about destination Sultanate of Oman. The Sultanate Of Oman is a fabulous land full of surprises, a splendid example of original Arabia from the Straits Of Hormuz to the southern Dhofar. Up until the 1970’s the third largest country in the Arabian Peninsula was only accessible by various caravan routes. It has an abundance of mysterious desert towns and splendid palaces. Our journey begins on the northern coast of the Gulf Of Oman.The white city of Sohar is the historic harbour of the Islamic world and the ‘Gateway To China’. Sinbad the Sailor is said to have lived there in the 8th century and after he spent his father’s inheritance it is believed that he travelled to Baghdad to seek his fortune there. The city is still guarded by the white Sohar Fort, a mighty four storey building that dates back to the 14th century. The Nakhl Fortress is located on a rock at the foot of the mountain of the same name, Jebel Nakhl. Both walls and rock form a complete architectural whole. Nakhl is the home of the Ya´Aruba Tribe that came into power in 1624 and ruled over Oman for a hundred and twenty years. Until the 12th century Nizwa was the capital of the Desert State of Oman. Even today this oasis city and trading metropolis has lost none of its former importance and the former residential complex of the massive fortress is open to the public. The fortress once fulfilled an important role in protecting the country’s interior and now its lavish and well-restored rooms radiate tranquillity. The mighty Jabrin Fort is one of the most beautiful castles of its kind in the Sultanate of Oman, formerly the famous ‘Land Of Incense’. Its massive, towering and eye-catching pewter walls date back to the 17th century. Until the middle of the twentieth century Abri had the reputation of being a centre for highwaymen and robbers, favoured for its good strategic location. The booty that came from plundered caravans and the settlements of various tribes was sold at auction in the souk: adventure straight from the pages of an Arabian fairy-tale! The Sultanate Of Oman is a treasure trove of rarities. Its twelve thousand year old history is visible throughout the entire country and the beauty of the mysterious Arabian Peninsula is a truly captivating experience. -------------- Watch more travel videos ► https://goo.gl/MXPgSs Join us. Subscribe now! ► https://goo.gl/awdDrh Arcadia Television Live TV: https://www.arcadiatelevision.com Be our fan on Facebook ► http://goo.gl/0xmbQk Follow us on Twitter ► http://goo.gl/334ln5 -------------- Thanks for all your support, rating the video and leaving a comment is always appreciated! Please: respect each other in the comments. Expoza Travel is taking you on a journey to the earth's most beautiful and fascinating places. Get inspiration and essentials with our travel guide videos and documentaries for your next trip, holiday, vacation or simply enjoy and get tips about all the beauty in the world... It is yours to discover!
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Text Comments (25)
Bashir Hassan (7 months ago)
timotios ayele (8 months ago)
The most effective nation
Pushpa Sam (8 months ago)
Wonderful, Loving great peoples Good Lord God bless them abundantly in Jesus Christ name Amen 🙏☔️☔️
Eli Aviel (1 year ago)
Is there free entry to the country for all nationalities?
Suely Mellott (1 year ago)
It is interesting video showwing landscape. However, where are the people??? I did not see any tourists. I guess it is still a closed country to the outside world.
Usman Naqash (1 year ago)
آسلام عليكم ورحمة الله For OMAN Beautiful country with good landscapes & rich in geology. Calm and quiet people with friendly nature. I have been told many stories about Oman from my FREINDS who already worked in OMAN. Am a mechanical engineer currently in India إنشاء الله I will try my best to come & work here. May Allah help me.
Mita Ariyanti (1 year ago)
Salam oman im from indonesia..
Figy Museum (1 year ago)
Oman is my favorite Arab country. :-) Salam alejkum from the Czech Republic, Moravia. :-)
Figy Museum (1 year ago)
As tourism is concerned. Oman, Yemen, Jordan, that's true traditional Arabia. This is the future of heritage conservation. Emirates, Qatar, it is a modern kitsch. Ideal for Oman, which is not as poor as Yemen, it is to build a city like Dubai, with attractions that Dubai offers, shopping center, entertainment center, but to preserve the traditional oases, construction, repair it. Tourists would attend more than Emirates and Oman to the state treasury would bring more money. Oman should what Emirates have not, it's old. At the same time fucking had some enticements offered by Emirates, which would draw part of their tourists, who would not give Emirates traditional Arabia. Pity the poor is now Yemen, Sana'a, Shibam, this is beautiful. Yemen would be happy Arabia, if not poor, there was a war, if they had a stable government and income from tourism.
Figy Museum (1 year ago)
If I were Allah will give Oman as much oil as has Saudi Arabia, Iraq or Kuwait. More water than all the Gulf states combined. Plenty of fish in the sea, herds of camels, goats, sheep and best Arabian horses. Of Sultan Qaboos good health and long life, considered that improved the lives of the people that God had entrusted to his care.
Figy Museum (1 year ago)
My TOP favorite country, about: Spain, Portugal, Turkey, India, Thailand, Cuba, Czech Republic, Italy, France, Japan, Australia, Omán, Morocco, Tunisia, Azerbaiján, Hungary, central America, central Asia republic, Uzbekistán, Turkmenistán, southeast asia republic, for example, Vietnam, Malaisia, Indonesia, Brunei, the others Arab country, Emirates, Qatar, Bahrain, Jordan, Yemen. And the others my favorite country, Írán, Bhútán, China there, Israel is niece country and Greece.
Just Reuben (2 years ago)
salam oman from malaysia :)
guleet (1 year ago)
van jun salaam 💗
Khalil Shaha Shaha (2 years ago)
I love this country I m working this country
Faisal khan (2 years ago)
inshallallah  i travel this country
Unknown (2 years ago)
1.5 million !!! It is now more than 4 million ,btw i live there
Figy Museum (1 year ago)
Much of the rapid population growth. To ensure prosperity for the future, for oil, it is urgent to build tourism, services, industry and some subsistence farming. This problem will be over water. Arabia threatens immense heat. Ten years might be the Little Ice Age, a disaster for Europe, but because of global warming, may be being on the Arabian Peninsula, unbearable. It must be global cooperation. Otherwise perish Maldives, Tuvalu and other countries. Refugees from the Arabian Peninsula decimate Europe. Arabie need a hot climate.
Syed Ayan (3 years ago)
wery wery wery wery wery nice country beauty fulll
Manohar Lal Mordia (3 years ago)
verry verry nice & beautyful countery.
Itsaboutthewaterlife (3 years ago)
Good video: rather like it.
A H (3 years ago)
فيديو قديم من ١٥ ل٢٠ سنة
Marku k (3 years ago)
Osama bin Ladens love
Impari Safari (4 years ago)
it is truly such a beautiful country. i hope to visit it one day. Insha Allah!!
hassan shahid (4 years ago)
i love this country
Mutasim Alkazrooni (5 years ago)
this is my Country

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