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How to create a Facebook business page - step by step instructions

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Learn how to create a Facebook business page with this step by step instructions. In this video, you will learn how to: - Setup a Facebook business page, - Design your page, - Add a call to action to your page - Add a description - Add a link to your page - Create your own Facebook vanity URL
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Text Comments (689)
Kaustav Paul (2 hours ago)
Hi, I have mistakely removed myself as admin, How Can I add this? Do you have any email ID for further communication? Please let me know.
Ranking Academy (45 minutes ago)
Then you'll need the owner to recreate the admin account for you
Kaustav Paul (55 minutes ago)
+Ranking Academy no I used to manage from the account, but while adding me, I have removed the existing admin
Ranking Academy (1 hour ago)
So you're not the owner of the page?
Maria Turrubiartes (12 hours ago)
Thank you.
Ranking Academy (9 hours ago)
My pleasure
Michelle Cargill (1 day ago)
I want to delete my business page and build a new one. Will i be able to use the same name?
Ranking Academy (1 day ago)
No. Amend the existing one instead of deleting it, especially if it's the same name
Elizabeth Buttigieg (1 day ago)
Hi Luc, thank you for the easy to follow instructions, especially for newbies like me! I have created my personal page (which I prefer not to use) but also a business page I do want to publish. I understand I need at least 25 likes for a vanity url. How do I accomplish this? Thanks Lisa
Ranking Academy (1 day ago)
Publish your business page and share it with your friends first and ask them to like it. Works generally fairly well
butterfly holidays (2 days ago)
Hi Luc - nice video.......I have not registered my page as local page because I offer accommodation to tourist visiting my place, so how can I promote my services?
butterfly holidays (1 day ago)
+Ranking Academy thanks
Ranking Academy (2 days ago)
Hi there. You should definitely register your page as a business page otherwise it is unlikely anyone will find you. If you want to promote your business on Facebook i would suggest you look into paying advertising. The other thing you can do is promote your business on Instagram and start posting some good quality imagery which you can geo localize. Anyone looking in your area could find out about you. If you are not familiar with Instagram i recommend you watch my video : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Op-sKPePo2o&t=1238s
Malcolm Dastur (2 days ago)
Hi, supposing I don't have a website, can I still create a business page?
Malcolm Dastur (2 days ago)
Thank you +Ranking Academy
Ranking Academy (2 days ago)
rvalle13 (4 days ago)
Clear and easy to follow information. I created my Facebook business page with no problem!Thank you!Roger Valle
Ranking Academy (4 days ago)
Many thanks Roger. Glad it worked out for you
sunny sim (5 days ago)
Nope, can't find this page so I'll have to try another way.
Ranking Academy (5 days ago)
Hmmm, that is very strange. Not sure what to suggest TBH
Shalini Sannasi (6 days ago)
upload the video for "How to convert facebook account to a facebook page"
Joanne Hatt (7 days ago)
Incredibly clear, easy to follow and content aimed at a novice, like myself. Thank you for this fab video. I have subscribed and will definitely check out your other videos.
Ranking Academy (7 days ago)
Many thanks for your kind comment Joanne and thanks for watching
Hafiz Shahid (8 days ago)
i make a page butt page not show when i searching the page an other face book account
Ranking Academy (6 days ago)
Have you tried searching for it again?
KRISHNA BORO (8 days ago)
Thank you sir
Ranking Academy (8 days ago)
My pleasure
J. SARK (9 days ago)
Excellent tutorial video on how to create an FB business page. Your communication and outline is very straight forward and easy to understand. Thank you!
Ranking Academy (8 days ago)
Many thanks J Sark
K S (9 days ago)
Great training video thank you so much. I have a question...how do I make it so my business page is the primary page that visitors come to? When I go to other pages from my business page it always brings people back to my personal page.
Ranking Academy (8 days ago)
Wehn posting a comment make sure you choose your business page option . Just above the write comment box next to the share option there is a little arrow pointing down. Click on it. You should have the option to choose your business page from there. Select it. Then you will see the avatar change indicating you are now commenting from your business page
K S (9 days ago)
+Ranking Academy Thank you for getting back so fast!.It does not allow me to leave messages from the business page. Is there a way to choice which page I writing a comment from. Example If I am on an clients page and I write a comment it is leaving the comment from my personal page, not the business page I created off of my personal page. Only when I am on another business page does it give me an option to pick which page to comment from.
Ranking Academy (9 days ago)
Thanks Kathy. I am not totally sure i understand. What do you mean it brings people back to your personal page? Is it when you click on the left hand side navigation?
Frank Hardy (11 days ago)
I created a personal face book page and then used my face book page account to create a businesses page within my personal account page. Now I am trying to edit settings in the business page that is within my personal page and I don't know how to access the edit features for the page. What can I do? Will I have to start from the beginning and create a totally separate business page/account outside my personal page?
Ranking Academy (11 days ago)
Hi Frank If you've already created a business page you don't need to start from scratch as it should still be there. Once you're logged in to your personal Facebook account choose the Pages Option from the left-hand side menu (under explore). That should give you access to your existing pages. From there, click on your page then in the top right-hand side in the white ribbon there is an option called setting ( next to help) that is where you can start changing stuff
Joseph (12 days ago)
how do i set up a website to add to my profile ?
Ranking Academy (11 days ago)
Are you asking me how to create a website?
Cars Medd (12 days ago)
thanks Sir
Ranking Academy (12 days ago)
My pleasure
Collette Obrien (13 days ago)
Great video. Thank you for helping me create my business page
Ranking Academy (13 days ago)
My pleasure colette
Oswaldo Reyes (13 days ago)
Great video. I am definitely going to create my Facebook business page using your methods.
Ranking Academy (13 days ago)
Many thanks oswaldo
Pauline Thomas-Griffin (14 days ago)
Merge it to the new one
Ranking Academy (13 days ago)
See my previous answer
Pauline Thomas-Griffin (14 days ago)
If you have a business page already how do you redo your page to upscale your business to be more professional
Ranking Academy (13 days ago)
Simply optimise your existing page . Watch this and apply the tips: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NHTuIliedS8&t=8s
Tommy Cuilla (14 days ago)
excellent step by step.
Ranking Academy (14 days ago)
Many thanks tommy
Zeejah (16 days ago)
Does it sound good if u put my entire address or visiting card pic as a cover??
Ranking Academy (16 days ago)
No it doesn't zeejah
Dre Blacc (18 days ago)
I can not find the short description link?!
Dre Blacc (17 days ago)
+Ranking Academy Thanks I was in the wrong profile. But it's all for nothing because soon as I got good and ready to Publish Facebook locked me out asking for a picture. Just ridiculous what right does this site have to ask for our Id's and force photos in the name of security! I hope Illinois wins BIG in their lawsuit!
Ranking Academy (17 days ago)
Go to the "about" section of your page (you should see the link in the menu on the left hand side) Then click on the "edit page info" Link that is at right about the story component. From there you should see the description field
mahmoud allam (20 days ago)
nice explanation > Goooood Joooooooob maaaaan
Ranking Academy (20 days ago)
Thank you
Emmanuel Adiele (23 days ago)
Hi, That's a very great video. Please did you get to know the actual pixel size of both the profile picture and that of the cover page
Ranking Academy (21 days ago)
Thanks emmanuel.The ideal size for your cover photo is 820 pixels wide by 462 pixels . the ideal Facebook profile photo size is 360 x 360 pixels.
Michael Binggeli (24 days ago)
Hi. Thanks for the great video. How can i make the page multilingual?
Ranking Academy (21 days ago)
Do you need to make a page for a specific country in a specific language or have the ability to post in different languages on your page?
Ben Furstenau (25 days ago)
Good afternoon Luc, Thank you for your tutorials about setting up small business accounts. Mine is slightly different, therefore I have a few questions. As a traveler and hobby photographer, I have taken some great photos and written stories to them. Since the beginning of this year, I started a travel blog on Wordpress with the help of a good friend. A very good friend of mine wants to use those photos for creative art such as canvas, posters, coasters, T-shirts and so on. I am happy for her to do so, but technically have nothing to do with the production and sales side of it, I just want to connect it with my travelblog. She has set up a business name, without a URL just yet. We are at the very beginning of this enterprise. We both have a private Facebook page. As the photos are in my Facebook account, I would use my Facebook page as a business account. Is the private account separated to the business account? Would I need to set up a portfolio of my photos for potential customers to chose from? We would also need a portfolio of created products. Can I set up a photo portfolio on the page? Do I need to logo those photos so no one can steal them without my consent? Is there an option to combine my travel blog URL with her business name on the very same page? The IT world is an alien world to the both of us and that’s where we’re stuck at the moment. Any other ideas or suggestions would be gratefully appreciated. Regards, Ben
Ranking Academy (25 days ago)
Hi Ben There's a lot there. First well done for taking the steps towards entrepreneurship. There are many ways to skin a cat but here is how I would do it I would set up a website which is where i'd sale the products and use Facebook as a platform to advertise your products and drive traffic/visitors back to the website where people can purchase whatever you're selling. You can create a facebook business page that will be called like your website. Your facebook page is always tied in with a personal account so which personal account you use is up to you. You can also use your travel blog to promote your products which can be purchased on the website. Since you are dealing with pictures i would also investigate other ways to promote your images, Pinterest and Instagram seem like good options. In a nutshell, your website will be your main shop and every channel is pointing to your shop. Make sure your brand is consistent on every platform you use, Logo, colours, tagline etc... To protect your images from being downloaded just use a watermark on them. Hope this helps Luc
Udhay Jayaraj (25 days ago)
Good presentation. I liked it
Muneef Shammas (25 days ago)
Thanks alot it was very helpful
Elite Marketing (28 days ago)
hello i love the video. thanks. i was wondering can you create a page that is connected to a market affiliate? i made a landing page and was wondering if i can promote product with this method.
Ranking Academy (28 days ago)
Elite Marketing just tried again and it’s still bouncing
Phillip Boshoff (1 month ago)
Do I have to unpublished my page before I edit my business page? If I do unpublished will I loose my current followers/likes?
Ranking Academy (1 month ago)
You do not have to unpublish your page to make amendments. You shouldn't lose your followers if you unpublish
Uchunor Ken (1 month ago)
Ranking Academy (1 month ago)
Uchunor Ken ??
Tom Thomas (1 month ago)
As an employee, I do not want to use my personal Facebook account to create my employers Facebook page. Do you have any suggestions?
Ranking Academy (1 month ago)
Create a generic personal account that anyone from your company will be able to use even after you leave the company then create a business page on the back of it. Depending on the size of your company you might want to investigate facebook manager
Nick Douglas (1 month ago)
Great tutorial. Thank so much.
Ranking Academy (1 month ago)
Thanks Nick
D influenzer (1 month ago)
Gud information sir
Ranking Academy (1 month ago)
ayushi sharma (1 month ago)
Can you please me how to share facebook page with friends
Ranking Academy (1 month ago)
1) Go to your Page and click Community in the left column.2) In the right column you should see a box that says "invite your friends to like your page"3) you can either search for the friends you want to invite or click on the button that says "see all friends" the tick the radio button for the friends you want to invite ( this is faster by the way)
maggie couper (1 month ago)
Great Presentation answered all the Questions I was thinking about, with a nice easy to understand step by step map of how to get there.
Ranking Academy (1 month ago)
Thanks Maggie
akshitha pvt ltd (1 month ago)
sir how to find that business page which will be created once login again please replay me .
Ranking Academy (1 month ago)
once you have logged in, on the top blue bar, there is an arrow pointing down on the right-hand side. Click on it and you should see your page
Hasan A. (1 month ago)
Thank you, well organized and to the point tutorial. I wish you could do similar tutorial (step by step) on facebook conversion/purchase ad.
Ranking Academy (1 month ago)
Thanks Hassan. A tutorial on Facebook ads is part of my list
can a friend or family member make a page for me?
+Ranking Academy good day, thanks for the quick response. I also have another question does it link back to your account or tell your friends when you make a page or is that a manual thing you have to do yourself
Ranking Academy (1 month ago)
yes if you give them rights
Dodoi Coh (1 month ago)
Hi John! First time to see your video and it was very amazing! One question. Can I create multiple Facebook page with one Facebook account? I must have to do it since I am selling a variety of products depending of line of business. Your answer is greatly appreciated. Thank you!
Dodoi Coh (1 month ago)
+Ranking Academy Hi Luc, I wonder how to handle refund and cancellations to customers. I mean, not all customers who placed their orders will continue the purchase thought they paid for it, and wants to cancel the purchase and demand for a refund. Another is: what if the product I'm selling is suddenly out of stock and customers demand for a refund? How should I handle this?
Ranking Academy (1 month ago)
My pleasure and welcome to the community
Dodoi Coh (1 month ago)
+Ranking Academy Thank you so much for your reply, Luc. And I do apologize if I call you John. Don't know where I got the name lol. Thank you for sharing your knowledge to the world and more power to you. I'm your new subscriber. 🙂
Ranking Academy (1 month ago)
Hi Dodoi. Thanks for your feedback ( by the way my name is luc, not john :-))) Yes you can create multiple pages with one facebook account
Mingo Hdz (1 month ago)
I like it
Ranking Academy (1 month ago)
Samuel Ajayi (1 month ago)
Hi! Thank you for the tutorials. Please, How do I have more than person as an administrator to my Facebook business page?
Ranking Academy (1 month ago)
Hi samuel Just watch this https://youtu.be/d0qfd15Pdlc
Rachel Richard (1 month ago)
Hello. May I have a question? I have a facebook page, but I found that the information of “about the page” which viewed by smartphone is different with what I can see by PC. I think I wrote an introduction when I created my FB page back then, but this introduction can only be seen when using the facebook app. This content (introduction) is hidden from “about the page” when I use PC. I want to delete or edit the extra information which can be seen on the facebook app, but there is no any way I can delete or edit it. May you kindly tell me how can I delete the content which I can not view on my PC? Thank you so much!
Rachel Richard (1 month ago)
Ranking Academy Thank you so much for your quick response. I tried to edit the about section, but the content which I can see on app does not appear on the desktop, so i cannot edit or delete it... anyway, thank you so much!
Ranking Academy (1 month ago)
There shouldn't be any difference between your PC and the app. The description that shows on your app comes from your page. On your desktop go to the about section then scoll down the page to the More info area. This is where you can update what you see on the app.
vd marame (1 month ago)
Thank you
Ranking Academy (1 month ago)
Thanks for watching
adesoye muritala (1 month ago)
This is a great work indeed!!!
Ranking Academy (1 month ago)
Kris Blanchette (1 month ago)
I have a page that is doing well. Its a little over 2000 followers and is growing by about 100 followers per day. I wish to change the name as it is almost the exact name as another page that has very similar content. How likely is this to hurt my page or slow its growth?
vasantha perera (1 month ago)
should i pay money to open a facebook business page ?
Ranking Academy (1 month ago)
Absolutely NOT! Create it yourself, it's free
Hayong channel. (1 month ago)
Thank you sir thats really helpful
Hayong channel. (1 month ago)
I want to create tourism page which is located in our village. But still confused
Ranking Academy (1 month ago)
Cecil D'Souza (1 month ago)
Just perfect. Professionally structured and presented in a way that is visually timed and easy to understand. And most of all, the presenter is confident of his knowledge and subject matter. What better way to keep an audience engaged?. Thank you very much for your effort.
Ranking Academy (1 month ago)
Thank you so much cecil for such positive feedback
Derrick Mloyi (1 month ago)
nice video
Ranking Academy (1 month ago)
Thank you derrick
Arturo Pugliese (1 month ago)
Hi Luc, I love the video series! I have a question for you: When posting something most business pages I see don't feature the poster's name under the business name. How can I change that in my settings so that my name doesn't show up when I post something on my business page? I would like to keep my business and personal pages separate. Thanks!
Exenerate (1 month ago)
Ranking Academy When you create the page, will it be visible for your friends so that they can see that you are the one who created it, and will they recieve a notification when the page is created?
Ranking Academy (1 month ago)
Your business and personal pages are two different things. If you post from your business page your personal name will not show, just the name of your business
Pedro Hernandez (1 month ago)
Ranking Academy (1 month ago)
Andy Ali (1 month ago)
Most helpful.
Ranking Academy (1 month ago)
Magdalena Luchter (1 month ago)
Very nice, clear tutorial :)
Ranking Academy (1 month ago)
Thanks magdalena
Aloe Herbs For Life (1 month ago)
Very informative. Can you create more than one button?
Ranking Academy (1 month ago)
Technically you can only add one button. You can also add a messenger button so visitors can message you directly which could be considered as a second button
Muhammed Rashid (1 month ago)
It's so helpful 😊😊
Ranking Academy (1 month ago)
Thanks Muhammad
SMTex View (1 month ago)
nice and nice
Ranking Academy (1 month ago)
Many thanks
D'Andrea Atkinson (1 month ago)
Brilliant video many thanks :-)
Ranking Academy (1 month ago)
Thanks for watching
arun t ayyamkulathu (1 month ago)
i need help from you how to do digital makertking
Tara Guidry (2 months ago)
My cover photo appears cut on when my page is pulled up on a phone is there a way to fix this issue.
Ranking Academy (1 month ago)
Not sure why to be honest as it should resize for your phone format
Sites4sight Multimedia (2 months ago)
Do you have to have an accent to make youtube videos?
Sites4sight Multimedia (1 month ago)
I made a page but I cant add my email or website name? any idea why? +Ranking Academy
Ranking Academy (1 month ago)
Yes, it gives you an additional 100 subs a day ;-)
Water Filter (2 months ago)
Ranking Academy (2 months ago)
Rob McCray (2 months ago)
Great training on setting up a business page
Ranking Academy (2 months ago)
Thanks robert
Judith Hill (2 months ago)
Very helpful, straight forward and easy to follow. Thanks :)
Ranking Academy (2 months ago)
Thanks Judy
Astrid Saunders (2 months ago)
Thank you your video was so easy to understand and the visual aid so clear. Loved the step by step guide. Great tutorial will recommend to others
Ranking Academy (2 months ago)
Thanks astrid. I really appreciate your feedback and I'm glad you enjoyed the video
Holistic-Healing UK (2 months ago)
I created the username straight away, before the page is even published. The rules must have changed since this vid was made
Holistic-Healing UK (2 months ago)
The canva pic at 180px was too small for fb
Nicolas Anatrella (2 months ago)
Anybody know how to get a page to have a pop up type of notification or something that could say "Hi, how can we help you?" or "We are closed at the moment but will get back to you." The kind of thing you would see on a website that has the pop ups where an operator or someone is "available to chat"
namma shubham (2 months ago)
greeting from india your video was great , learnt a lot from your video sir please upload more videos sir, it helps students like us a lot
Ranking Academy (2 months ago)
Thanks namma. Really appreciate your feedback. Currently working on my latest video which should be publsihed next week so keep watching ;-)
Fahad Ibrahim (2 months ago)
Just start don't say many things
Ranking Academy (2 months ago)
Ellen Patterson (2 months ago)
How do I create a business facebook page that my existing friends can't see. I am not sharing about my business with most of my friends you see.
Kings Kings (2 months ago)
Boss please with example What is the different between targeting audience and interest? A person who sells men's clothes on Facebook page, what should be his interest and target audience???
Ranking Academy (2 months ago)
Interest is another way to refine your target. In your example, you could choose to target men aged between 25 to 45 (demographics) and who like fashion (interest)
JazzSize (2 months ago)
Crystal clear. Listen up. Follow the instructions and you will be up and running with a business page.
Ranking Academy (2 months ago)
Thanks Jazz
D Hawk (2 months ago)
This is a very well done video. It's concise, well organized, and is very helpful! Thanks!!
Ranking Academy (2 months ago)
Thank you so much for your great feedback D Hawk. I Really appreciate it
Raymond Zavala (2 months ago)
Thank you this was a great video! what program do you use to share your screen? any suggestions?
Ranking Academy (2 months ago)
Thanks Raymond. Glad you liked it. I use a software called camtasia
Kris Buddawax81 (2 months ago)
Hi I have several products that I want to promote on facebook. Do I need to create a business Facebook page for each of them? as they are quite different and in different markets. Any comments would be appreciated. They come under the same brand, but each one as I said is quite unique. Thanks
Litsa Petraki (2 months ago)
Thank you for this! Very helpful for complete beginners like me. I have one question: Before I can create my vanity URL can I send my page to my friends to like it whilst the page is unpublished? Thank you
Ranking Academy (2 months ago)
Many thanks for your feedback. In answer to your question, no, you'll need to publish your page.
Jonathan Diazbarriga (2 months ago)
I created an admin personal profile to create a business page, but Facebook is now to upload a photo of myself, what should i do? i do not want to upload a photo of myself.
Jonathan Diazbarriga (2 months ago)
The photo they want me to update is for the personal profile. I don't want to upload an image of my face to this profile as I already have my own personal profile. The one i created was so that i can create a business page.
Ranking Academy (2 months ago)
This sounds very strange. You should however be able to change the image yourself
Amin Osman (2 months ago)
Ranking Academy (2 months ago)
My pleasure
Lourdes Carmona (3 months ago)
Thank you for your training video , It was very helpful. I was able to create my Facebook business page.
Ranking Academy (3 months ago)
Many thanks Lourdes. I'm happy to hear it was helpful to you.
Pamela LeMaster (3 months ago)
Good Morning, when I tried to creat a business page it wouldn't let me...........because I had one?? but I didn't call it a business page when I set it up?? so now what?? If I have someone I want to help me manage the page I dont want them having access to my personal page.
Ranking Academy (3 months ago)
Hi Pamela. You can create multiple business pages if you want to so I am not sure why you are unable to create one. Once created you can give access to it to anyone you want. You DO NOT want to give access to your personal Facebook account to anyone.
Yukozuna chong (3 months ago)
awesome keep it up : )
Ranking Academy (3 months ago)
Many thanks Yukozuna
Derek Coster (3 months ago)
Very easy to follow, thanks..
Ranking Academy (3 months ago)
Thanks Derek
Red Ball (3 months ago)
Thanks. Great job!
Ranking Academy (3 months ago)
Thanks red ball
Andrea Delgado (3 months ago)
Please let me say how great your video tutorials are. I am not a very savvy person about this subject but you made it so easy for me to create a business page for my husband. Thank you greatly.
Andrea Delgado (2 months ago)
Hello there, I have a question. I already verified my page and I want to create my vanity URL but I need those 25 likes. On my business page, there is an "invite friends to like your page" section. In order to invite friends to my business page, do I first need to invite or have friends in my regular facebook page? Thanks!
Ranking Academy (3 months ago)
Many thanks andrea. I'm glad you found this helpful. Thanks for watching
Ivanka B (3 months ago)
Hi Luc, how do I know that somebody else is not using the same business name online??? thanks
Ivanka B (3 months ago)
+Ranking Academy thank you so much for your speedy reply. I am impressed. My store name is the lucky pets but there is another one in New Zealand but I got no FBI warning or anything. Hopefully it will be all good. Have a great day
Ranking Academy (3 months ago)
A name is unique so it can't be used twice.
Sandhya Wadiwa (3 months ago)
How to change page name?
Jasim Ameen (3 months ago)
Hi and thanks for the post My question is can I create a business facebook account just with email which does not connect to facebook account? The second question that can I change my personal page not the profile to a business page?
Ranking Academy (3 months ago)
Hi Jasmin. You can only create a facebook business page with a personal Facebook account. You cannot change a personal page into a business one.
Vilas D (3 months ago)
Great video indeed...But my question is ..I don't hv the personal profile on FB .Will it be ok if I create the one but do not add or make freinds on my profile and then create a page/store to sell or promote the products.plz suggest.
Vilas D (3 months ago)
+Ranking Academy Thanks a lot
Ranking Academy (3 months ago)
Yes that's fine. Just create a personal page and set the restrictions so it's super tight then create your business page
Renee Gallagher (3 months ago)
How do you create a multiple pic for the cover fb page due to several things in business you do
Renee Gallagher (3 months ago)
I will tell you thank you. You made it EASY for me to set it up.explained it clear n slow enough to learn n take notes.
Ranking Academy (3 months ago)
I am not sure what you mean by multiple pics. If you are trying to display several things at once I would recommend you use a video
Jeannine Sandoval (3 months ago)
Thank you great reference .
Ranking Academy (3 months ago)
Thanks Jeannine
Fiaz Mahmood (3 months ago)
hi, i want add button for my whatsapp ,how can i do.thanks
Ranking Academy (3 months ago)
You need to create a whatspp business account first. Then when you boost a post you will have the option to choose a whatsapp button. Facebook will send you a verification code to confirm your account. For more info go there : https://www.socialmediaexaminer.com/how-to-create-a-facebook-ad-that-works-with-whatsapp-business/
MBM Reservations (3 months ago)
We had a guest leave a bad review on our page and when we go to reply to it, the reply doesn't show up. We even had the guest who wrote the review message us and say "I see you're replying to my review but I can't see it". This is very frustrating as they have tons of misinformation in their review. How do we fix this?
Ranking Academy (3 months ago)
This is a very strange one and unfortunately I do not know why this is happening. I suggest you reach out to the facebook support community https://www.facebook.com/help/community . Sorry I can't help any further.
Liz Bujaki (3 months ago)
Thanks for the great video on starting a business page on FB. I recently started a page but did not publish the page as the name of the business was still being confirmed. I recently went in to the made to make a change on the business name and it would not let me do it. Once this was denied, I then tried to create a new business page with the new name and again it will not allow me to do it. Any advice on how I can resolve this issue would be greatly appreciated.
Ranking Academy (3 months ago)
Hi Liz. It's very difficult for me to say what's happening here . Are you being given a reason why it won't let you use the name you want? What is the error message?
mohiuddin ahmed (3 months ago)
Ranking Academy (3 months ago)
Thanks ahmed
Arifuzzaman Arif (3 months ago)
Hi, Thanks a lot for this video.........
Ranking Academy (3 months ago)
Thanks for watching and posting a comment arif
mohiuddin ahmed (3 months ago)
Ranking Academy (3 months ago)
You're welcome
mohiuddin ahmed (3 months ago)
how many business page i can create in different name ?
Ranking Academy (3 months ago)
Hi Mohiuddin. As far as i know there is no limit

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