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Meet BigTime FinTech Guru (TM) Kin Wong!

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Jonathan Chang provides an update on the mobile app, recent media blast and launch, and introduces our newest team member, Kin Wong - ex Nomura Securities and Macquarie AI trading. [Thanks to Nauticus community member "Barry White" for the music. Check out his YouTube channel here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC050KKfidWwyd7vKZAJCnOg} Twitter- @nauticusen 99% off trading fees if you pay in NTS 100,000 NTS airdrop EACH WEEK. Register now: https://nauticus.exchange/ #blockchain #cryptocurrency #bitcoin
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Text Comments (2)
Christian Scholte (5 months ago)
Please do something about the sound quality in your next videos!
Juan Del Busto (5 months ago)
Can a transcript of the conversation please be made available. It is very hard to follow the conversation even with closed captions turned on.

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