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UK Youth Suicide & Social Care Failures

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Report into failures of the UK social services in helping young people who suffer from depression, unemployment and other personel problems- particularly those who have attempted suicide.
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Caring Mind (3 years ago)
Horrendous situation for any young person to find themselves in.  A parents nightmare on how their children will be without adequate mental health support in a system struggling to keep up with demands of society.
Khannea Sun Tzu (3 years ago)
The fucking simple fact of living in 2014 has stopped arousing a healthy sense of anger and moral outrage. I am seriously pissed off at stuff like this. I demand solutions, I demand actions and policies and I want fucking elected politicians to do their job and collect the required taxes to address this kind of insanity. If they don't and the world gets more and more symptomatically sick, they must be held accountable, potentially with their own lives. There are still treason laws in the UK last time I checked. Maybe it's time to start executing some politicians for this crime.

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