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Billion Dollar Day - a 1986 documentary about currency (forex) speculative trading

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Santana Binacci (1 month ago)
these guys might as well go to Vegas they dont even use charts!!
Ilya Uglov (1 month ago)
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Deivison Silva (1 month ago)
touch screens ? lol
88 18 (2 months ago)
yawn. who gives a fuck !
Grow Limitless (4 months ago)
They smoke like trains
Samuel Westall (5 months ago)
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1x1x1x1 d (6 months ago)
“He’s up there with the gamblers”, “Ronnie is an addict”
neymarjr wasserball (6 months ago)
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dt1111able (7 months ago)
Can't believe the London dealer was smoking like that at his desk! And that it was legal and acceptable in those days!
Joseph Joseph (9 months ago)
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Antwain Bishop (9 months ago)
so we all going to sit here and act like he didnt just say one thousand million dollars. lool
MasterSequence (1 month ago)
Antwain Bishop it was just a fancy way of saying a billion. It's forex after all
monkeymayhem1977 (9 months ago)
"Richard Hill, ... a new breed of man" what a load of male macho british bullshit. "Ex Haaaarvard Man, Brad Westerfield" ... can we get any more poofy and pompous?
Haani Sodhi (9 months ago)
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I agree (9 months ago)
People were blue in those days
Cameron Clark (9 months ago)
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Erik Breaman (1 year ago)
No offense but if you're not just doing things like secured bonds you might as well be in a casino in vegas.. I've seen "the best" analysts and traders just lose their arses before..
RobinHoodAZ (1 year ago)
I wonder how many pacs of cigs they go through per hour. I'm surprised the camera could see through the air.
Aaron Christianson (1 year ago)
Did the intro say $1000 million dollars??? Damn brits can't do anything right
Poopy Joe (9 months ago)
Except give these traders the means to trade by inventing the television and telephone you fucking muppet!
Kafilkafish (1 year ago)
I watch these to help me go to sleep
Coringa Vinte (1 year ago)
i wish i could have a today's computer and trade with it back then, a simple moving average cross would never miss a trade
Rick Wong (1 year ago)
Are they still trading FX?
Cyrus Butcher (1 year ago)
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Mr#1 (1 year ago)
touch screens in the 80's??? No way! lol
Those black women should have studied what they were cleaning, and taught thier sons.
Get rid of those distractions. just date them ego maniacs.
Ali Ali (1 year ago)
Man the 80s, what a time to be alive!
Harrison E. Anderson (1 year ago)
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Man, the pen-flipping skills of the guy at 8:50 lol
Fabrizio Riva (1 year ago)
أفلاك الأفكار I notice that too, jeje pretty amazing
Vinayak Patankar (1 year ago)
i work for a prop trading firm..we do this every second..intraminute trading...its highly speculative and huge money...but huge risk too...
Brad Thompson (1 year ago)
Love the trading pagers, couldn't even enter an order on them. LMAO
Samuel Westall (1 year ago)
1986 ..Back when life was harder but less snakes & liars about
zsdg15 (1 year ago)
These "professionals" are amateurs! DAY TRADING does not work long term. That guy traded 20 MILLION to make 10 Pips!! Ridiculous! I am a retail Forex trader and i do way better than these crazy speculators.
Grow Limitless (4 months ago)
Mr Sentiment (9 months ago)
They don't use leverage and this are the banks, the ones who move the forex market. And they have vital pieces of information that you don't have. Don't compare them to retail traders.
sean (1 year ago)
now I can do what these guys did with my cell phone an 1000x leverage.
MasterSequence (1 month ago)
Lol at the binary option scammers in here right now. There's a reason real brokerage firms don't trade that shit kids.
marti nebiu (1 year ago)
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Nur Erwan (2 years ago)
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HIM Solar Gate (2 years ago)
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K . G. Zeus (1 year ago)
You want to learn how to trade well. Open up a damn Physics book.
Amy Schaffer (2 years ago)
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spudnic88 (1 year ago)
I this guy can teach how to become rich, why does he not just use this info to make his own fortune? Fuck off!
Evelyn Hammel (2 years ago)
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DontTestTheX (2 years ago)
24:00mins...Steve Coogan?
Anal Cavity (2 years ago)
Oh my God, this video is frightening! And this carry on is acceptable? My prediction GFC after GFC after GFC after GFC.......
Brickstun Ram (2 years ago)
The Londoners eye bags look like they ache he needs a week to sleep and put an ice pack on his head. Such is the life of the dealer though
Grow Limitless (4 months ago)
leejoliver (2 years ago)
Did William get it Wong?
Brickstun Ram (2 years ago)
hpopov (2 years ago)
LOL 16:52 commies gambling on FX!
hpopov (2 years ago)
Stuff they are doing is not legal anymore
Grow Limitless (4 months ago)
manipulating the markets I suppose but I dont see why that's illegal
James S (2 years ago)
+hpopov like what?
chist-j G (2 years ago)
How can you live like that ? their lifestyles are so fast paced
MasterSequence (1 month ago)
It's not for the weak
Brandon Zeman (1 year ago)
I love it.
Idontunderstandchess (2 years ago)
How can you live any other way? Live would be sooo boring
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Baghuul (2 years ago)
Fuck you scammer
Mark Hill (2 years ago)
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Mary Skinner (1 year ago)
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Muhammad nasser (1 year ago)
i like your dedication brother keep it up :)
Baghuul (2 years ago)
Fuck you scammer
mrzipdisk (2 years ago)
They add nothing to society. Don't give me that liquidity bullshit answer. Supply and demand works without pure speculators.
Aadhish Pathare (2 years ago)
+Brickstun Ram. ohh... I'm sorry myself too. Anyways, wish u the best. Good luck.
Brickstun Ram (2 years ago)
+Aadhish Pathare bud I was replying to mrzipdisk! I'm a forex trader myself,very profitable one at that haha I'm 110% on your side my fault if it seemed like I was replying to you
Aadhish Pathare (2 years ago)
+Brickstun Ram even in broader terms, with the absense of speculators, the so called "hot money" will vanish off from the financial system squeezing off liquidity out of d markets and thus putting tremendous pressure on a country's capital account. And this may have dire consequences at the macroeconomic level. Without speculation, how do you then prove the viability of stock markets and its existence? But yes, I do strongly advocate speculation with high leverage as being a curse for the financial markets. like Buffet's once said "Derivatives are weapons of of Mass destruction". So yes, speculation cushioned by leverage is bad any given day. But don't blame speculators for this.......rather blame degenerates like Allen Greenspan. Btw, it ain't best to call out someone on the Internet a loser without any premises. It's kind of childish. Anyways, I hope you are mature enough to discuss economics with and I do hope that your view on speculation changes hereafter. Bye.
Brickstun Ram (2 years ago)
So what? And you contribute so much right? Sounds like you are salty because you aren't claiming your piece of the pie. But I guess that's only the negative attitude you get from being a loser
Aadhish Pathare (2 years ago)
With the absence of speculators, how will hedgers mitigate their risk? Market, at one time can function without hedgers and arbitrageurs, but never without speculators. And Btw, if market functioned, soley on the demand supply premises, then ders a huge risk factor of price exploitation, meaning one big entity driving d price of an underlying with its massive positon size. But on d flipside, speculators rather plays a crucial role in price discovery decimating d possibility of price exploitation. Furthermore, as far as its contribution to d society is concerned, governments earns chunks of money every day via various transactional costs & taxes being levied on trading. I hope this changes ur perspective.
Rick Williams (2 years ago)
Someone mentioned algorithms'......could someone please answer this question? If insider trading is illegal because someone receives inside information that can be used to their advantage before the public receives this information.....then how can algorithm's and high frequency trading be legal if some are getting information that most of the public cant get until its too late?
Adriene pr (2 years ago)
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Amy E. Knight (2 years ago)
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Amy E. Knight (2 years ago)
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Janes Sk (2 years ago)
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mrzipdisk (2 years ago)
+TerryAfrica Sounds like you have real world experience. As someone who is interested in markets, but for the most part an outsider, it seems that HFT algos do give hefty advantages to firms with faster internet connections and who are co-located with the exchange. In that situation HFT get access to price changes and other information as well as volume faster, even milliseconds faster which can increase their advantage for reasons having more to do with limited access to high speed connections. While a free market would probably evaporate most of this advantage it seems like some firms still get access sooner to relevant information which seems antithetical to the concept of no insider information.
GOBBELDYGOOK (3 years ago)
You don't get programs like this any more
Tri Dang (3 years ago)
two words - Quantiative Easing
Lakeesha Loughlin (3 years ago)
+Tri Dang I think ANDY LANK TOOL is better than this.
Brenski83 (3 years ago)
30 years ago today.
E- 73 (3 years ago)
Looks like it was yesterday,people young and full of energy- are they still alive?Jehovah-how short our life is.
Danilo Ninkovic (3 years ago)
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MrWhosaywat (3 years ago)
im 18 and im really interested in currency trading. like, dedicated. i just need someone to teach me. i will try my best even though no ones teaching me.
MasterSequence (1 month ago)
crackawooody well the kid is 16 on a demo/sim account. I don't think he can pull 20 G's out of his ass at his age lol.
Jim Cornette (2 months ago)
Step 1: be Jewish
Bryan Wheelock (2 years ago)
+Jmd fvr Also because he's a speculator.
Jmd fvr (2 years ago)
+crackawooody you my friend have an ego... the market will eventually destroy you!!
Bryan Wheelock (2 years ago)
+MrWhosaywat Learned how to trade yet?
Larry Valdez (3 years ago)
I love how these just spark up a ciggarete in the office like its no big deal haha things were different back then
phrenzy1 (3 years ago)
You still can in parts of China. My friend is a smoker and said the weirdest thing about china was strolling through a department store smoking. Completely surreal.
Pharaoh on LFS (3 years ago)
I almost envy that for some reason used to smoke myself and watching him just casually (but still nerve rackingly) lights up a fresh smoke right there makes me wanna light one up too haha
miguel thecreditor (3 years ago)
these guys dont use indicators or anything? they just go on a hunch or news which is always manipulated and many times wrong 
Aadhish Pathare (2 years ago)
+Baghuul true. Even the most sophisticated tools & algos have cost big banks in millions. Take Deutsche Bank for instance. Technical analysis is just a big gimmick I guess. I call it sophisticated gambling.
Baghuul (2 years ago)
Only dumbasses use indicators. Give me a bare candle stick chart, and I will draw up exactly where the RSI, stochastics, MACD, EMA, Bollinger bands ect.. lines and bands will be. Indicators are calculations based past events. Trading news and trading price action are no better or worse, it depends on your personality.
Scrooge Mcduck (3 years ago)
thats called event trading..all those "indicators" on the charts are mostly just noise..also the markets were a bit simpler back then.
Steve Veasey (3 years ago)
I didn't realise they had touchscreen technology in 1986, how come it took so long to implement in 'modern' technology?
James S (2 years ago)
sorry big guy
James S (2 years ago)
+Baghuul pretty sure I said that a year ago ;)
Baghuul (2 years ago)
A billionaire named Thomas petterfy who was the father of electronic trading invented a small box with touch screen features which traders used back in the 80s.
James S (2 years ago)
+Steve Veasey Thomas Peterffy it came back to me, formed Interactive brokers
James S (2 years ago)
+Steve Veasey yeah, I saw a documentary about some MONSTER trader in the options pit, who has since set up some CFD company, can't remember his name. But it was filmed in the 1980s and when most options guys were uisng fingers and thumbs to add up, he had this tablet with touch screen which wasn't far off todays Ipads, I was quite flabbergasted ... I mean obviously processing power wouldn't compete, but the external technology was immense
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t rex (3 years ago)
This was risky.
Владимир (3 years ago)
When I saw this movie, I though "How they traded in past?". At present we have graphics, may buy or sell any instrument haven't which... They are pioneers of modern trading. Respect to them. This short movie, very very like movie "Dealers", my favorite – watch how don't have.
Valeria Baruzzo (3 years ago)
Thank you
Valeria Baruzzo (3 years ago)
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Adam Sanchez (3 years ago)
Respect to Richard.  Very humble despite his position.
i am forex trader and absolutley loved this
crispin cris (3 years ago)
amazing pen trick 8:53
Toma Lipa (1 month ago)
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Gravity (4 years ago)
" the sting has worked " :-) 
C M C (4 years ago)
when was this made? last century?
Magno (4 years ago)
+Carlos Custodio that's what's cool about it
R8x (4 years ago)
Yes, actually it was made in the last century. Hint: Read the title once again!
C M C (4 years ago)
all this equipment is ancient :)
Jonathan Black (4 years ago)
These guys have a lot of courage to be able to trade millions of dollars in value when there only making like 40,000 a year in salary . I think its fairly safe to say these guys all have a pair of brass  balls.
MasterSequence (1 month ago)
Well the Chinese guy was killing it with his 3% spiffs. Dude made $20k in like an hour lol. The rest of em got dealt a shitty hand. Although most bankers today don't make as much as everybody thinks and the hours they work are crazy. The ones in London can barely afford too rent a place in the city and either have to have roommates or live outside the city somewhere. Depends on what they do.
E- 73 (3 years ago)
+Jonathan Black They didn't have shoulders back then
E- 73 (3 years ago)
+Jonathan Black They didn't have shoulders back then
Milton Waddams (4 years ago)
+Nicholas Evans Why are they scum though? Back then, the losses weren't socialized like they are now.
Nicholas Evans (4 years ago)
your tripping dude. infiltr80r is right. Its not their money! These people are scum!
wezix (4 years ago)
Who knew smurfs did FX
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Aben R. (4 years ago)
These guys are old school 
MQL4 Code Base (4 years ago)
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P. Mid (4 years ago)
why thankyou. Hope you had a wonderful holiday!
timmytimmyo (4 years ago)
such a great video - every aspiring forex trader or any trader for that matter should watch this!
t rex (3 years ago)
This is ancient stuff .If you trade like this now you will get eaten alive.
Peter wilson (4 years ago)
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Avidcomp (4 years ago)
Smoking while you work...great! That's what went wrong, all those poor stressed dealers, stood outside in the cold for a quick puff, taking their finger off the pulse. Back at their desk still half thinking about the next smokey drag. Bring back smoking and fix the economy :)
Diana Baron (4 years ago)
Really nice video. Anyone else here trading with GDMFX? Is it really legit? Sorry but i'm a newbie.
Tim Tanasov (4 years ago)
Is that a touch screen monitor in 1986????
Tyler Ferrer (4 years ago)
I also trade with GDMFX for a year now and yeah i love their low spreads.What currency pair do you trade rrayne and how long you have been there?
Raymond Cajigal (4 years ago)
great vid pete!Im new at trading and i'm currently with GDMFX.Has anyone here also trade with them?their spread starts from 0.1 pips.
OakhillSailor (4 years ago)
I wonder what came of these guys. Are there any updates to these guys?
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AvaTrade (5 years ago)
me too :-)
AvaTrade (5 years ago)
i second that. that was a great vid on forex trading. important that traders watch it.
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ganesh patel (5 years ago)
Is that guy in Britain driving one of the world's first texters?
Louis Smith (5 years ago)
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feri felisa (5 years ago)
awak malu ker... hahahah

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