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The Easiest Forex STRATEGY! You must watch! 🙄

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Rob Dee (4 months ago)
Anybody who knows anything, knows this guy's the real deal!
Abhi Crisslee (11 days ago)
+Pokrovski Novel can you teach me?
Abra Cadabra (12 days ago)
The most annoying.
Avay Kumar (17 days ago)
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Yikes Man (4 hours ago)
Bro you are absolutely fluid.
Mark Phelan (5 hours ago)
For the best trading tips and assistance on Forex trading i strongly recommend Mr Manuel Cleveland. The best of the best.
Faith O'Neil (3 hours ago)
+Mark Phelan Mr Manuel is indeed one of the best, i just confirmed it myself, he's an advanced trader with great eyes for winnings, i just received my first profit which is $9,000 in just two weeks, i don't about anyone else but he's for me the ultimate trader.
Mark Phelan (4 hours ago)
+Christy John yes he doe's, and his strategy is top class, i got to know about him from an old friend of mine, who has really earned a lot from Mr Manuel's great works, he's really impressive.
Christy John (4 hours ago)
does he manage account?
kayla molly (9 hours ago)
His extraordinary openness to his clients is the best. I was so lucky following my trade with his portfolio assistant I am happy earning more..
kayla molly (9 hours ago)
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d peters (1 day ago)
ok i think i understand you way better than having to deal with jaytakesprofits channel. i got annoying after a while.
JOHN NELSON (1 day ago)
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Mario Cee (2 days ago)
Yes i am new to trading. Please help me.
Liam Jayson (1 day ago)
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Umar Draz (2 days ago)
Very nice sir but my platform is olymp trade your video is very good
FRANS MADIBA (3 days ago)
Thanks admin
peter howe (4 days ago)
If all of these 'experts' are so good, why are they not earning a mill per year... And if they could, why would they spend their day making bullshit videos...... I also analyse the crap out of past charts and dream about how much my strategy could have made on that day, but it's not so easy in real time forward direction.!! The fact that he his making this video, tells you that he didn't make it...
Omar Thomas (5 days ago)
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fiesto11 (5 days ago)
Am not sure how come it got so many likes... it's full of non-sense
Gnasty88 (6 days ago)
Coming into this video I wasn’t sure there was much value for me but that quickly changed as I learned something. Thank you
Goncalo Marques (9 days ago)
Useful information thanks
Faith Tekena (10 days ago)
Please what broker should I start with
George Connor (4 days ago)
Make sure you confirm from me George before using any platform
MBIBI JOEL (9 days ago)
Expert Option is the best
Emmanuel Manyokole (10 days ago)
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Vonn Harris (10 days ago)
Is there a such thing as a W pattern?
Ndumiso Ntshangase (10 days ago)
yes there is i took a trading course a legit one not forex though CFD
Tai-shaun Seibeb (10 days ago)
Do you do one on one?
Carl Reynolds (8 days ago)
Theodore Colton (11 days ago)
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Luna Isaac (11 days ago)
Woah I want in on this also ...
Kim Smith (12 days ago)
Thanks for your expertise on this, trying to learn everything I can about video marketing.
Jibon Ali (13 days ago)
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Roozbeh Farhadi (21 days ago)
Bullshit and bullshit and bullshit and more bullshit...
Paul Brown (22 days ago)
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anita miller (22 days ago)
He is simply the answer to investors prayers keep the good work up Hafeez the world needs more of you.
audu nurudeen (22 days ago)
Hafeezis really a genius. I trust him alone. he Helped my family a whole lot and brought me out from a very harsh financial condition. all thanks to him
audu nurudeen (22 days ago)
All praise and thanks to Mr Hafeez Ullah for his amazing strategies. He made a turnaround for me in my trade. Am here to thank Mr Hafeezfor his strategy becasue He is the source of my $5,000 weekly withdrawal
anita miller (22 days ago)
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storeletronico (23 days ago)
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jessica megan (23 days ago)
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Ziyad Mohammed (24 days ago)
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Natural Guy (19 days ago)
does it work all the time?
Bernardo Mejia (24 days ago)
mystic poetry (24 days ago)
we don`t know forex is a spiritual subject. It`s carry only holy heart.
vicky patil (25 days ago)
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IFrench Dose (26 days ago)
Taye diggs trade foreign currency? 😂😂
galandrius (27 days ago)
Is there a video that would tell me where do I start? This seems overwhelming
kayemen415 (21 days ago)
i'm sure if you subscribe, you'l find beginner videos. I'm gonna do that coz we need to master the basics first.
Kenji Patterson (27 days ago)
When you were explaining the "Range-Bound Strategy" you said something about the JPN was in an extremely tight range up until they started a "QE Program". What exactly is a "QE Program"?
Kenji Patterson (24 days ago)
@Arthur Herbert Appreciate it
Arthur Herbert (24 days ago)
Kenji Patterson it’s called Quantitive Easing - It’s used by a governments monetary policy which in short aims to boost economic growth. I would google it if you want to find out more information but a more understandable explanation is that the central bank prints money to buy bonds from financial institutions which reduce interest rates. This leads to businesses and people borrowing more money so they spend more money to create jobs which boosts the economy. Hope this helps
Micheal Wambold (27 days ago)
Mr Patrick Brown is the most amazing trader I've come across and I am glad he handles my trading.
Jason Cole (27 days ago)
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Gregory Michael (27 days ago)
now i understand what it takes to win in trading ,Patrick Brown is good
Kenneth Bruce (27 days ago)
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Abshir Xeyle (27 days ago)
Oh is not easy to get money Really i want to start but i m be carefully
Bernard Rodrigo (28 days ago)
Great insight on forex, Earning with Jim moretti has opened my eyes to easy trade scheme and benefits.
Ahmad Rajpoot (23 days ago)
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Mazhar Ajesh (28 days ago)
Can you explain this insight with jim? i am interested please bernard
Kate Glooms (29 days ago)
You've got to understand its no game of luck. To earn profits trading you need professional assistance.
Mary Willow (10 days ago)
Really impressive skills from Alec’s he’s the best
Cynthia Davies (19 days ago)
Good man. I'm most grateful
Brian Christopher (25 days ago)
!!! I came across his profile just on a recommendation like this few months ago. All I can say it I am happy I met him
Theodore Gates (29 days ago)
Strategy no2. Counter trend. It's intrigues me. Never heard of it.
This dude sucks at the way he explain things. Show live proof!
+Top Traders Ahhhh, really though?!!!Lmao. Trading is emotional and complicated. So when you're trying to understand explanation without the person being there to physically ask questions, you have to guess what you fully don't understand. I'm 50/50 with my trading i want to be at 70 so excuse my fustration and the live proof I was talking about was saying show on a live account or chart photos and not a marker or chalk board.I have watched more of your videos and visited your profile. Sometimes you are difficult to follow and understand my friend. Adam Khoo is a pro at it but he cators to the Asian population. I came to your channel because I seen A Young Black Entreprenuer who is having success. So you are motivation but can demotivate when you talk and move as fast as you do.
Top Traders (29 days ago)
awwww, sorry you feel that way fella... watch other videos, i do !
Jibon Ali (1 month ago)
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Pedro Santos Lima (1 month ago)
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Yun Hsieh (1 month ago)
Thank you for recommending him to us.
Yun Hsieh (1 month ago)
I was able to make profits from his free trading signals daily. Mr Vladimir is a different man. he is so generous.
Zaynap Chichigov (1 month ago)
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Pedro Santos Lima (1 month ago)
Lydia Ria Yes it’s free . Make sure to contact him in a polite manners.
Lydia Ria (1 month ago)
@pedro santo lima Is the forex trading signals free ?
Melz Redrum (1 month ago)
Hey dude..can you make M/W strategy.
Melz Redrum (1 month ago)
Heya..do you know Im requesting it ? Bcoz you explanations are so clear. Straight to the point and you pointed the facts out the silly mistakes we sometimes make.
Mike Darnavski (1 month ago)
contact bernice
Forex Mastermind (1 month ago)
Cool video! Personally on breakout trades I like to wait for an immediate retest
Donald Thami Ngcezulla (1 month ago)
So no one is going to mention how GORGEOUS this man is?! This guy can easily qualify as the most beautiful man I’ve ever seen 😍😍 Hands down. Jesus, take this gay spirit away from me 😭
Occio (27 days ago)
Donald Thami Ngcezulla gtfo
Milaad Rohi (1 month ago)
Okay, I pose this question to all Forex Trading gurus/mentors/teachers, if their system is profitable then why are they willing to share it? And their response is generally, they want to share the wealth of knowledge and life is not all about making money, so they claim that they are philanthropists ! Even my own teacher's claim was this when I signed up for my program, which poses the question? Why? then charge people for the programs and courses offered? Which begs the question, what is the reason for people so keen on reaching out and charging you money to earn money if they have the method down path themselves? Imagine, you discovered a strategy whether using technical or fundamental analysis that earned you 15% a month, you would be so busy multiplying your capital that sharing your secret with others would be the last thing on your mind.
John Clinton (1 month ago)
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Anukwu christian (9 days ago)
Scammers. One person with different fake accounts
Willet Simons (1 month ago)
Mr Moses Luis contact please!
Willet Simons (1 month ago)
I have seen much people talk about this same man, non of them have ever regretted trading with him. It's high time I give him a try
Daniel Williams (1 month ago)
Sincerely he's a credible trade expert with a profitable system
Daniel Williams (1 month ago)
With the system Mr Moses Luis uses I haven't seen any loses in my trade with him.
Pato Alex (1 month ago)
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Alpela Ekpela (1 month ago)
Thanks it really makes sense
Top Traders (1 month ago)
happy to hear that !
Crush Andrea (1 month ago)
Thanks for sharing this valuable information with us
Top Traders (1 month ago)
No problem!
Crush Andrea (1 month ago)
forex is really easy??
Fonch Z (1 month ago)
Tyrese Gibson Jr.
Top Traders (1 month ago)
In the flesh!
Waldek Rybak (2 months ago)
Rasheed Huggins (2 months ago)
HAHA you fucking homo. Wearring earrings
Top Traders (2 months ago)
Wait, you dont think I look cute?
rita deltiradero (2 months ago)
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artyserio (2 months ago)
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Gold Finger (2 months ago)
How cute are you?!!!!!!!!!! 🙂
DC youngfly (2 months ago)
I appreciate the free game man, I knew about your videos for sometime now but I am jus now deciding to subscribe so I hope that shows u how much I appreciate this.💪
Evan Casper (2 months ago)
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livin life (2 months ago)
This is koo and all but i wish they made a video on how to actually execute this stratergy
Top Traders (2 months ago)
We have that hombre !
Daniel P (2 months ago)
I haven’t seen this guy around before, but can tell he’s knows his stuff. Happy to be a new sub.
Top Traders (2 months ago)
Welcome Daniel! Much appreciated
Alkandros Sergios (2 months ago)
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Nkemtang Fietsop (2 months ago)
Excellent video
ALINKA TOY (2 months ago)
expert option has a sleek app and the whole thing is very user-friendly, perfect for those who just start with fx
Christian S. (2 months ago)
You've got a point by the choice of your video title: it's actually the easiest strategies that work best. Forget about all indicators. They are all lagging and are all just another mathematical description of the price. The only "indicators" that are not lagging are price and volume by themselves. I programmed dozens of algorithmic trading systems (so called expert advisors) for the Metatrader 5 and my conclusion is: nothing beats the most simple strategies that just use the price itself, e.g. horizontal support and resistance and trend channels (e.g. defined by regressions lines +/- standard deviations). There is no other "edge" and no holy grail. If you stick to the price, avoid "overtrading" and follow the basic money management rules (e.g. max. account risk per trade) it is not that difficult to have an edge. The real difficulty is earning more than you pay for commissions and spread. The bank always wins more than the trader. But still, it is possible to make some consistent gains.
Liam Jayson (2 months ago)
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Iyke Emma (2 months ago)
You are good teacher but to become a great teacher you need to reduce your speed,you talk so fast,if you can reduce your speed you will be very great teacher
Louis Dee (2 months ago)
Didn’t know Dave chapplle traded forex
Top Traders (2 months ago)
Well now you know!!! Now get the fuck off my couch....
Howard Mannik (2 months ago)
Can you also use this strategy for binary options? Is pocket Option a real broker, or just fake? Any idea? I also found a bonus code for pocket Option : POCKETOPTION - You will get a 50% Welcome Bonus when using it if I´m correct!
MaverickMentality (2 months ago)
Thank you thank you thank you. Subscribed
Top Traders (2 months ago)
Of Course!!
Mr 11 (3 months ago)
Do you only trade in forex or others? I’m a beginner and want to learn as much as I can in the trading business. Looking for some mentoring? Can you help me on that and how can I reach you?
Top Traders (3 months ago)
Forex and starting to do more in options. We do have an amazing mentorship program. Email us at [email protected]
Emma Baba (3 months ago)
Am just new here in forex trade.. How can I get started
Top Traders (3 months ago)
Message us at [email protected]
Nisha W (3 months ago)
Thank you;)
Top Traders (3 months ago)
No Problem Nisha!
Talelani Randobi (3 months ago)
Loud & Clear...Sir
Top Traders (3 months ago)
Thank you my man!!
Admilson Jesus Santos (3 months ago)
I am portugues
Top Traders (3 months ago)
lmao, then you must be awesome
Billion Brandon (3 months ago)
Thanks so much!! :D
Top Traders (3 months ago)
For sure!!!
Wavemaker (3 months ago)
You forgot another simple strategy. #5 Double top or double bottom. This is another very easy entry strategy.
Wavemaker (3 months ago)
Fair enough. There is indeed a range for this strategy.
Top Traders (3 months ago)
Then this would be a range bound strategy..... picking tops and bottoms
Wavemaker (3 months ago)
We are talking about the entry. Not the TP.
Top Traders (3 months ago)
+Wavemaker wait what? you dont need to calculate your target on a double Top??? Wow.....
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Rodrigo M (3 months ago)
Trandrás alguna forma de suptitular lo que dices? Tendrías demanda en toda America Latina. Y mi suscripción
SlaGa Husic (3 months ago)
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brasstringed (3 months ago)
At 4:32 what's an example of a higher risk/reward ratio for pullbacks?
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Richie Sacolic (3 months ago)
Too confusing too much info all at once fast talking it's obvious that your very smart but I couldn't even come close to keeping up with all that
Warrior Trading (3 months ago)
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Top Traders (3 months ago)
Sorry Richie!!
Vanessa Yanga (3 months ago)
Im actually a newbie and im still trying to find my way around trading,i just wanted to know if you offer lessons,mentorship or signals services?
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Onome Ineye (3 months ago)
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Top Traders (3 months ago)
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Arif Malik (3 months ago)
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Kevin Bailey (3 months ago)
Just subed mate great advice 👍
Mou San (3 months ago)
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thank you man. would you mind sharing your whatsup number. you have saved my trading
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Nixx Jerome the Edm Dj (3 months ago)
*STEPS ON OPENING BROKER ACCOUNT.* ✍✍✍ *Name of broker:* Templer. *Link for registration:* 👇👇 https://secure.templerfx.com/main?rid=125075 https://secure.templerfx.com/login/sign_up/125075 https://secure.templerfx.com/landing?rid=125075 *Features of broker:* 1. Instant withdrawals 2. Low spreads 3. Local methods of withdrawals ie Mpesa,Airtel money,Eazzy pay.( East Africa only) 4. Fast trade executions. 5. 24/7 customer service. 6. Many methods of transaction; ie Visa,Master card,Skrill,Bit Coin,Nettler, Mpesa,Airtel money,Eazzy pay. 7. Least deposit allowed $1(Recommended amount to start with: $50+) *STEPS:* 1. Register with the above link. 2. Upload ID card for verification. 3. Verify your phone number. 4. Fund your trading account with 100$ plus and get 100% bonus
Clinton Coleman (3 months ago)
Truth is strategy is key, if you don't have a winning strategy, it really gonna be difficult.
Remco laken (26 days ago)
+Gabriel Long trading central??
Remco laken (26 days ago)
+Justin Lowry yea ,but what is the low and what is the high?
Oliver North (1 month ago)
+Pokrovski Novel hi, i would love to contact you on what'sapp
ken bradford (3 months ago)
Become more financially successful with my technique and strategy in the stock market, this include trading in BINARY OPTION, FOREX TRADE and BIT COIN mining , with this steps and tutorial , you are sure to make more profit withing two weeks, you will understand more about how to use signals in the trading platform when to place trade so as to avoid loose and how to make profit with little amount of start up trade, you can start a trade with $500 and make $1,860 in five days your profit margin determines the amount of your start up trade you, so the higher the your trading deposits the higher your profit, do not fall victims in lucrative offer you can learn all this for free and with a trial account as well, contacts our WHATSAPP GROUP and learn how to trade for free + 1210 951 1306 email [email protected]

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