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Asking & Giving directions in English - English Vocabulary Lesson (ESL)

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Asking & Giving directions in English? - English Vocabulary Lesson (ESL) In this lesson, Niharika teaches you how to give directions correctly when you are approached by strangers. The quickest/easiest way is : To keep it simple and crisp, you could start by saying 'the quickest/easiest way is to...' Common verbs : 1. Go (left, right, straight, down, up, through) Examples : go left, go straight, go down the hill/slope, go up the hill/slope, go through the tunnel. 2. Take road name : you can also take the road name/number Examples : Take road 1, take the Avenue road. 3. Turn (right/left) : You can say 'turn right/left' if the person is driving as he would need to turn his steering wheel in a particular direction. 4. Stay on + the road name + distance/time Example : You turn left and stay on Avenue road for 5 kms/ ten minutes. There are other things you can mention while giving directions to people. Use transition words : as they make it easier for the people to find their way through. After that : you take road 1. Then : turn right. Next : you will see a bakery shop. When you get to : the bakery, you go down the hill. Finally : And finally, you will reach the new mall. Landmarks : are important/popular/well known buildings, cinemas, restaurants etc. Examples : You will the City hospital on your left. (the hospital is well known in that area) Across the Cookies and Morebakery . (the bakery is popular in that area) Warnings : It is important to give warnings to people while giving directions. This would help them to know what they have deal with own their way to their destination. Examples : It's a on way lane. It's a very busy road. There might be road repairs. Remember, make yourself clear, repeat if you need to so that he knows how to get there without being confused. What if you don't know the correct directions ? There are times you may not know how to give people directions because you are new in the city/area, or you haven't heard of the place that he wants to reach. Don't be rude by shrugging your shoulders and walking away. You could always say : I'm sorry. I'm not from here so I don't know my way around. I'm afraid. I can't help you.
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Victor Velesvilla (9 days ago)
Antonio Mattozzi (10 days ago)
Thank you VM Harika !
dan tran (19 days ago)
thanhks !
Rafaël Bulkens (1 month ago)
on 9:50 you hear a gsm
Rafaël Bulkens (1 month ago)
im your best subscriber
Marialetizia Giannuzzi (1 month ago)
Real world (1 month ago)
Too many adds😴😥😫😓😓😓
Hemantha de silva (1 month ago)
No negative comments at all.The lesson is marvelously designed.Thank you Angel Niharika...!!!!!!!
secret superstar (1 month ago)
ankit wadhwa (1 month ago)
If this video had some pictures to explain the directions I would have really liked it. As there are other videos that are available which are way too easy to understand for a ESL student that shows these across, go straight ahead sort of words that we use for directions with pictures.
Chan Kharin (1 month ago)
C Velu (2 months ago)
Thank you to direct us to ask for a right direction by your direct tips.
Praveen Kumar (2 months ago)
can u explain the use "Down" while giving directions in american slang, they are using like go down the building, down the street, etc
م م (2 months ago)
iove you’ six grias
Ahmed Shez (3 months ago)
Oh please Niharika don’t go to night clubs., I don’t wanna see you get spoiled., please b where u re, and continue what you’re doing. We don’t wanna miss your sessions...
Sarath Kumar Natarajan (3 months ago)
Hello Niharica... I have seen most of your teaching videos.. Really your way of teaching is so good as well as it's very helpful to learn as easily.. Thanks
Thanks so much
LorettaPB (3 months ago)
I was "wanting" to go!!! That is not English. The verb "want" can never be in the gerund form!!!!!!!
Stuart Cooper (3 months ago)
This is not accurate and there are also some spoken grammatical mistakes in her explanation. Seems like anybody can become a teacher of English these days.
Hm Jayarathna (3 months ago)
Your direction lesson is best.
Clash With Avvy (3 months ago)
Ok google get me the directions to night club 🤤
Solar Puddle (4 months ago)
8:01 isn't that wrong to say ''across mcdonalds''?,I think you should use opposite or across from,but not across?.Does anyone know how it has to be used?
julio120 (4 months ago)
This was right up my street. Cheers!
Gilberto Sánchez (4 months ago)
Hi Nahirica where are you from? i like the way you speak and explain
Abdul Aziz (4 months ago)
I learned a lot about directions , great teaching
Uttiya Pal (5 months ago)
You are really so sweet and I am impressed the way you talk.
Daniel (5 months ago)
To much "ok?"
Bharathi raja (5 months ago)
u r actions very good
AlmostSober (5 months ago)
This is great advice if you dont know what direction North is...
Er. Raghvendra (5 months ago)
Niharika, you are training us in a greatly
Carolina Lopez (5 months ago)
I [email protected]#$ turn when I walk
Gian Marco Soldo (5 months ago)
she mispronounces "thought" by saying "taught" she mispronounces "verb" by saying "werb". She is very sweet, and I am sorry to point these things out, yet it is simply not acceptable.
Gian Marco Soldo (5 months ago)
For example she misuses the 2nd conditional by saying "if someone would stop by and ask you for directions" She should be saying "if someone were to stop and ask for directions".
ankit wadhwa (1 month ago)
Yups she used “would”with dependent clause instead of main clause as per 2nd conditional.
Sameer Choubey (6 months ago)
niharika you are very polite as you said just dont nod your head and walk away. very nice attitude. 👍❤ kindly add a line in your videos that please share this video on fb & whatsapp.
I say the truth no lie (6 months ago)
the viedo this stupid no he says it in spanish some does not know
krishna singh (6 months ago)
itna mu kon chalata h bhai😂😆
Pawan Singh (6 months ago)
Totally bakwas ... U r idiot...
Pawan Singh (6 months ago)
Muh kyo itna bana rahi ho... Thoda achhe se v bologe toh achha hoga...
manoj tyagi (6 months ago)
Vocabulary 👎👎👎🤐🤐. so, improve.
i thank u. and i give u 👉🌺 u helpful manythanks
JK Gamer (6 months ago)
Turn is not intended only those who go to the car we can use also for walking
senbavalam raja (7 months ago)
thank you mam.
wqaar1 (7 months ago)
Please translate into English. "Toda sa raasta dy"... "Please aik side pa ho jae"
NARASINGA RAO BODDU (7 months ago)
Some one would ask you...what is the use would in this?
NARASINGA RAO BODDU (7 months ago)
You would say..what is the use of would in this? 2)
Mustapha Babangida (7 months ago)
Well done ma'am u are just superb
michel araujo (7 months ago)
Thanks a lot for your lesson , it was really helpful.
Doom Warior (8 months ago)
You speak to much dumb
anais rojas palacio (8 months ago)
bueno haber si entiendo algo
Gaurav Gupta (8 months ago)
Nice vedio
Bende Dinesh (8 months ago)
Thanks mam.
divya dinesan (8 months ago)
very interesting your English speaking and very stylishly language. thanks madam. this is very helpful my life.
ruby sinha (9 months ago)
Just loved your video. It is way too good😘
Amy Yang (9 months ago)
Good teaching! ~ appreciate you!
Rocking Man (10 months ago)
India main bat Karo tabhi sabko acha laga ga samjhpayaga
Akhtar Rab (10 months ago)
Can you please tell me when to use the structure like "is to be done" and "are to be built"? I mean what is the sense of these structures, Present or Future? Second, can you please tell me when "Who" can be used for non-human beings, I mean if it can be used before the word "Company", "Country" or "Manufacturer"? Can the word "Which" be used for human beings or living things, I mean which of the two boys? Is it correct to write? Kindly, teach me. I am from Pakistan.
Оля Я (10 months ago)
Thank you very much! i'm from Russia and it's the best video about giving directions for me. I understood your speach and knew new info simply and quickly!
Esverlin Borges (10 months ago)
Eres la mejor.
Kamini Devi (10 months ago)
thanks mam for this video. Mam I have a one request if you are having any video on correct pronunciation. kindly send me please.
vov x (11 months ago)
Really ... thank youuuu soooo much teacher
provisions (11 months ago)
You explained the topic perfectly ... thank you so much
Nawal moutawakil (11 months ago)
okay are you a teacher ? if yes then we don't use SUbJECT with go right or go left
khadija Jabri kazi (11 months ago)
Very useful vocab, thank youu niharika
Melissa Situmorang (11 months ago)
Thank you Naharika. Very Helpful.
Abdul Khaleq Ahmadi (1 year ago)
Thank you very much, you are the best teache, I had anderstand very good, what you at this video teaching has!😚
Jatin55577 (1 year ago)
Explained very nicely
aashu k (1 year ago)
Are u american
jack_daniels (1 year ago)
... this lesson was brought to you by McDonald's. ;)
Ramazan Çam (1 year ago)
Why don't we use 'turn left/right' when we are walking ???
Shagun Sharma (1 year ago)
this is a very good topic to talk on.. GOOD ATTEMPT
UK (1 year ago)
learning from native speakers is much preferable , avoid this channel
basil sangma (1 year ago)
We turn left or right even when we're not driving..
Raj Kumar (1 year ago)
Mam were is ur Institute I want to join....pls tell me...this my no 8920172251
LaJAMaEnojada (1 year ago)
I love this teacher!
KIDANDI DANSALA (1 year ago)
You're very nice for you are giving all of your heart to learn many people. You're blessed!
Very good video! thanks!
Chidhambar Eswar (1 year ago)
Look at her [email protected]:41 about diagram. I like it.. Now I can guide anyone with this direction tips. Thanks Mam
M.munir Kakar (1 year ago)
hi you are very great teacher for me I'happy to have you however I want you teach every Grammer listen with definition on the board for us thanks capt. kakar
M.munir Kakar (1 year ago)
hello please teach with definition of every listen on the board thanks kakar from Afghanistan
rupesh Sahu (1 year ago)
God is created u to be English trainer..
badr banna (1 year ago)
Giving directions is a job..must get paid for it..😂😂😂
Samiallah Aimaq (1 year ago)
thanks for you your lesson very interesting
Shahroz Gill (1 year ago)
Thanks, because tomorrow i have English class about directions 😁
zulfikar zulfikar (1 year ago)
Fredie Pech (1 year ago)
also you can use make left make right
Nasreenawan Awan (1 year ago)
Mai KB au?translate this plz
umesh c tallikeri (1 year ago)
U r from bengalooru right
Meshaal for English. (1 year ago)
Shahan Pasad (1 year ago)
mam can i have your number
Ravi chalipurath (1 year ago)
Dear Niharika, your class was excellent.But is correct to say "opposite to post office"?Should we say opposite post office,instead?
B Bongarz (1 year ago)
Ali Emre Gören (1 year ago)
You are wonderful but I want to say something to you. Please do not slurp your mouth while you are talking. It's very annoying :(
7 Maxxx (1 year ago)
I hate the fucking ads jumped out 3 times within the first 7 minutes of this video.can you hear with this shit?
Reddi Sekhar (1 year ago)
it is very useful for us .thank u Niharika
Suhaib Abdirahman (1 year ago)
U have used the words :- okay 67Times, which is like 6 per minute any way Thanks for U lesson Teacher
Reem Farouk (1 year ago)
you are a great teacher
Ali Aliali (1 year ago)
Thanks for you
minakshi arya (1 year ago)
This video is so much good. It's very useful for me because I Often get confused when someone asks me the direction
omari abderrahim (1 year ago)
also, can we use (go straight a head -go past - go forehead - at the corner of - go straight - in the middle of ... )
NISHA CHAUHAN (1 year ago)
Mam your lessons are awesome but please be natural with your face expression.....It looks very awkward...🙄🙄😣
BD SHARMA (1 year ago)
NISHA CHAUHAN hhahahhahhhaah
Rimas - (1 year ago)
I am taking IELTS on 29/7 and I am studying this for maps listening Questions. Thank you so much

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