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Study In Canada,Get Benefit Of Scholarship For Canada,Top Universities

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How To Apply For Scholarship For Universities Of Canada Top Universities For Going Abroad Or Get More Information About Regarding Jobs Please Click On This Link https://www.youtube.com/playlist… And If You Want To Contact For Any Your Query You Can Easily Click On This Link And You Can Reach Us https://computersikho8.blogspot.com/ And If You Want All New Videos Which I Upload Daily You Can Subscribe Channel By Click On This Link https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCADCI5aVQethuKNMw-hP2Tw Please Follow Facebook Page Also Click On This https://www.facebook.com/Learn-Computer-1670367223252137/?ref=bookmarks
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Text Comments (23)
Arshad Jamal (29 days ago)
I am a nios student sir can I apply for these scholarship
Arshad Jamal (27 days ago)
Walekumasaalam sir can you tell me how much percentage us required in NIOS board to get these scholarship
Learn computer (28 days ago)
assalwalekm arshad g yes sure
S A R GAM (3 months ago)
i wanna study bsc in food science and nutrition in british colombia....Can i apply for it...Please give me you whats app no ,,or u can contact me ...email....... [email protected]
Learn computer (3 months ago)
yes tl me have u all dcmnts or nt
sabrinajerin khan (3 months ago)
I want to apply for PhD in marketing...how can I apply and what will be the study and living cost besides scholarship
Musa Khan (3 months ago)
After filling the form what's the next step?
Learn computer (3 months ago)
assalwalekm musa g u have to face interview
Musa Khan (3 months ago)
After filling the form what's the next step?
Learn computer (3 months ago)
after u hv to get interview
Hanny Salisu (4 months ago)
Thanks pls help me with ur contact. and pls is there any scholarship available for international students in Canada now pls answer
Learn computer (4 months ago)
Hanny g okey 00966537640353
A Goerdin (9 months ago)
i am a medical student wants a transfer to Canada, with fully funded scholarship from canadian government for tuitionfee, travelingfee, accommodation, books, cateringcosts, etc. Vancouver?
Sayyed Ahatesham (10 months ago)
salaam brother I liked ur video very much, can u please tell me about the overall expense of living and studying in Canada
Learn computer (10 months ago)
assalwalekm sayyed g sure ask me what u want to know about stdy program i have video on this topic
Raju G (11 months ago)
Thanks for making such a brilliant information videos like that... i have a little question and confusion also.Please help me ? I have done my matriculation on 2009 and after 4 year gap i had take admission into intermediate and done into 2016.Now i am studding in B.A with 2nd semester. Question is.... i eligible for my further undergraduate degree in Canada or not? my visa rejected or not? please answer me?
Abdiwali Wali (11 months ago)
where is your website my pro
Abdiwali Wali (11 months ago)
wa allekumsalam call me plz 252616436594
Abdiwali Wali (1 year ago)
I need this scholarship
Learn computer (11 months ago)
assalwwalekm abdi g okey send ur detail to me on my email id
iWonPopular Tv (1 year ago)
visit my page and see a free schlorship scheme for people wanting to study in cyprus
Rao Liaqat (1 year ago)
salam brother thanks very nice and good job I see now your video scholarship in Canada about b of c university thanks
Learn computer (1 year ago)
+Rao Liaqat walekmasaalm rao g welcome so did u apply or not

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