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Top 10 Least Valuable Currencies in the World

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#AllTop10s Watch on Dailymotion: http://www.dailymotion.com/AllTop10s Like on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/AllT10s Follow on TSU: http://www.tsu.co/AllTop10s World's Top 10 Least Valuable Currencies in the World Other Titles: - 10 Least Valuable Currencies in the World. - Top 10 Low Value Currencies. - Top 10 Less Valuable Currencies in the World Source: Wikipedia, Telegraph and others. **Note** - Currency exchange rates can be fluctuate. - This list only based on exchange of "United States Dollar" to listed Currencies in the video. - Some other currencies are also least valuable except the countries listed in the video. In the Video (Ranks): 10 - KES = Kenyan Shilling. 9 - PKR = Pakistani Rupee. 8 - JPY = Japanese Yen. 7 - HUF = Hungarian Forint. 6 - CLP = Chilean Peso. 5 - KRW = South Korean Won. 4 - TZS = Tanzanian Shilling. 3 - COP = Colombian Peso. 2 - IDR = Indonesian Rupiah. 1 - VND = Vietnamese Dong. Watch Top 10 Most Valuable Currencies in the World: https://youtu.be/Bs0whD-ayUk
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Text Comments (826)
Legit Hunter (1 hour ago)
my country's money is least vaulable... (hungary)
kiera ang (1 day ago)
Some of us lndonesians u know . Indonesia is a cheap coutry but our countries currency is not worthless
FarizGaming GD (2 days ago)
The thumbnail is my currency
Gumball Watterson (3 days ago)
TRY? 1 USD:6.01 TRY
You forgot Zimbabwe. 100 Usd = 100 trillion there
Good thing the Phillipine Peso isn't mentioned
Zabivaka (11 days ago)
Indonesian rupiah is the best currency in A.S.E.A.N number 3!!
Zabivaka (11 days ago)
WTF!!!!! don't say about rupiah!!
착한 모모야 (12 days ago)
The person who made this video only compared the numbers on the bills. This is a very stupid way to compare money’s value. (And not how any experts do it) if you want real answers, I suggest you look elsewhere.
Ram sevak singh (12 days ago)
T3zlaGM (13 days ago)
Short..straight & simple!! i liked that video :D
Fukin invain Sg (16 days ago)
Soon no 2 will replace no 1.. sit back and relax
oko to (16 days ago)
You forgot Mongolian tugrik. 2450==1 usd
Judeprasad Asanka (18 days ago)
1 usd= 44,220 Iranian riyal
lata khanal (18 days ago)
Nepali money compared to USA is $1=100rs
Heinz Guderian (19 days ago)
Lol indonesia😂😂 so much fun😂😂😂😂 stupid dumb poor currency in this list. Lol
luuke luketer (19 days ago)
try Iran.............
hans daren (20 days ago)
Go hell rupiah 😒
Ze Atheist (21 days ago)
Was expecting Zimbabwe
hpwhite (21 days ago)
what about the Iranian rial?
Michael Angel (18 days ago)
Yeah... Japan and South Korea has weak currency and very poor.
Our Ghana cedi is even better than Japanese Yen. 1 yen = 0.05
mae ahsal (23 days ago)
He DidNot Put Some Country Include My country
Ak Highpin (23 days ago)
Idk Why But Ringgit Is Only Money That Is Waterproof . Indonesia Maybe Cheap But The Cost To Survive There Was Big . Luckily My Family Have 1M Rupiah To Live There But That Is Not Enough . Luckily We Live In Our Village.
Emolgames (23 days ago)
Man in Japan 1 yen is like 1 cent, you are comparing other thing
Mohammad Adeeb (24 days ago)
rupees 500 mean 2 dollar
Joms The Jom Theff (24 days ago)
Germany 1920
Vlad Acsinte (24 days ago)
Hungarian money is quite strong. 400 forints should translate into 4,00
Fernando Pavón (25 days ago)
Wtf... I never thought that Japanese money was so worthless compared to USD 😱
Gi (25 days ago)
1 USD = 360 Naira
Exlo (26 days ago)
What about bolivars? 1usd = 215 000
Wasay Hassan (26 days ago)
From Pakistan my own personal message to you and your following up fucker
Jose Palermo (26 days ago)
Venezuela original Bolivar now 2800000000= 1usd
Orhan Çadırcı (27 days ago)
I hope u know that the 0's (numbers) do NOT mean that the money is less valuable... For example, Hungary dont have another unit like cent so instead, there are two more zeros.
AltcoinMan (27 days ago)
XRP (Ripple) is the best world coin
Centauri A Gaming (27 days ago)
I don't mean to ask this, but which one of those currencies can be easily counterfeited? For educational purposes of course
Theodor Lager (27 days ago)
Just clicked the vid guessing venezuela is 1
And what about algerian money
Broken neck (28 days ago)
Why you didn't count "ALL"?
Jonas (28 days ago)
Where was the lebanese poind one dollar is 1.515 lbp
Gd And More (28 days ago)
You forgot the bolívares and the money of iran
jikan shin (29 days ago)
Very bad you are dumb you do not know that Japan and South Korea are more hi tech and they come in top ten economy currency do not matter in development more than only 20%
Holiday Pup (29 days ago)
Hmmm…(Polish złoty) -> 1 USD = 3,90 PLN…hmmm Edit: i’m Polish hahahaha
a.v.c tv (29 days ago)
Lol why is the colombian peso there this comparing the number noy the value
Angry Guy (30 days ago)
Yen skips the decimal; ¥100 is $1 to them. Why is the Canadian dollar not on this list?
Maribon (1 month ago)
And the dolar for us?
Golden GT (1 month ago)
Using Rupiah in a thumbnail just so you can attract those indos? Smart man..
Potatoe for president (1 month ago)
Venezuela 2018 : need a special ranking for this currency
Cool Kiasha (1 month ago)
And also Zimbabwe money is worse than all of them
Cool Kiasha (1 month ago)
Where is Iran? Iran should be number 3.
Rafia sarfraz (1 month ago)
Jakša (1 month ago)
Where is serbian dinar 1usd=112dinars
TheEnzyme (1 month ago)
Zim dollar?
Bence Gyors (1 month ago)
ytupid id
Willins N (1 month ago)
This is nt fair.. Myanmar money isn't included
Pocky (1 month ago)
Serbian dinar?
Akash Kaintura (1 month ago)
only JPY and SKW is developed nation currency
Emrehan Gökçay (1 month ago)
Please add turkish lira to this list 10 years later
Emrehan Gökçay (1 month ago)
If you guyz didn't know 1 USD equals to 4.70 turkish lira
Lonleyboi (1 month ago)
Zimbabwe dollars are worth less.
TAM TRAN (1 month ago)
Chinese money are worthless!
Sultan Kamysbayev (1 month ago)
Where is KZT? 342 KZT for 1 USD already
Exxelenen Setijadi (1 month ago)
Congrats, you have made a video that started a comment section war, i salute you.
purnima Giri (1 month ago)
Haha 1usd = 1 trillion Zimbabwean dollar
purnima Giri (1 month ago)
1 things miss 1USD = 106 nepali rupees
Can i borrow a dollar?
EC912 (1 month ago)
Lesson learned: more zeroes does not always mean poor economic condition.
I said Im happy. (1 month ago)
13000 rupiah = a full plate of food/rice + ice tea Our currency value isnt that bad:( you just compare the number:(
DeeZe SVK (1 month ago)
What about zimbabwe?
Makuin :v (1 month ago)
Donde estan los bolivares? A ver que yo los vea :v
crafty videos (1 month ago)
In my opinion Pakistan' s currency is very valuable not least valuable
Gerardo Baez (1 month ago)
What about the VEF? The Venezuela bolivarian bank note
Ali Goulding (1 month ago)
What about Iran? I thinks it’s 1 USD = 60000 IRR
Mher Saribekyan (1 month ago)
1usd = 485 Armenian dram!
Mayo ‘n’ Cheese (1 month ago)
WARNNG TO THOSE WHO ARE NOT AMERICAN : this is all money top 10 that is COMPARED to an AMERICAN DOLLAR 💵
nep nep (1 month ago)
hey i'm from indonesia
1 US is 13,500 i should know i live there
Jackie Jusa (1 month ago)
Kenyan money is alot what about Yemen
Cuban peso should be in position 0
Crispy Apple (1 month ago)
And I thought Indian rupees was inflated -_- (1$=64inr)
DESTROYER CORN (1 month ago)
So that basically means that we have to bring trucks of cash to buy vehicles
MadQrowチャネル (1 month ago)
why compare to dollar instead of cents? in japan we have 1000 yen bill and 1 yen coin in us you have 1 dollar bill and 1 cent coin i mean... comparisons may seem exaggerated or unaccurate if you are from another countrie
mnredbeard (1 month ago)
japanese yen is wath a lot of money now days ww2 money is wath a lot of money if you see my youtube it has a lot of yen money that is wath a lot of money
The Unicorn (1 month ago)
aquamarine (1 month ago)
You forgot Iranian rial 1usd = 42000
jack phillips (1 month ago)
Doesn't seem like you did your research properly, you left out a lot. For example Uzbekistan with 1usd to 7692uzs
SuperDangerousLevel (1 month ago)
As of july 2018: 1. Venezuela Bolívar Fuerte 1 USD = 80,000 Bs.F. 2. Iranian rial 1 usd = 62,000 IRR (roughly) 3.Vietnamese dong 1 usd = D 22,000 4. Indonesian Rupiah 1 USD = Rp 15000
Greg Guzman (1 month ago)
You guys forgot Lebanon.
Woah and i thought philippine money was bad 50 pesos = $1
Zaid Saleh (1 month ago)
Hey I'm going to the super market .... Hey can i have a water bottle Yea sure that's only 20000 vnd
Boran Apple (1 month ago)
5 seneye biz de burdayız
Adam Scott (1 month ago)
Sri lankan rupee is 185/USD
Lunar Grape (1 month ago)
Selling price of items in each country is different u cant just say that these money is least valuable.
Admiral Aladeen (1 month ago)
where is zimbabwe and Iran's currency
Emilio Pavon (1 month ago)
And I thought mexican money was going downhill... (but it's still bad)
János Dusinszki (1 month ago)
Olyan gyenge a forintunk,mint a Kormányunk.
Kadir Muedin (1 month ago)
Hey guys did you know that in (2018) from what year I'm watching is that the Albanian lek is more valuable than the Japanese yen.
Samir plays roblox (1 month ago)
_all in the pakistani repee_ 😎
Papito jugó al Doom (2 months ago)
Why the bolibar dosent Is un the list?
Galina Talíkina (2 months ago)
And the bielorussian ruble
Arman Ahmadzai (2 months ago)
Iran has the chapest currency 1=32000

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