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Lesson 34 Learn English - The Phone Call - Indefinite articles

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In this lesson you will hear the phone call between Sophie and Janet. With this listening you will get an pre-intermediate level of English (A2-B1) thanks to Languages247. This video is ideal for people who want to get an pre-intermediate level of English. You'll be able to improve your communication skills in any dialogue. By listening to these videos you will learn to understand the speech and the pronunciation of words. Prepare official English exams with these listenings and get your level certificates. Did you like this video? Click like! Do you want see more videos like this? Then don't forget to subscribe to my channel! All my videos are available: - in High Definition - with subtitles in Spanish More free material at: https://www.languages247.com/ Follow Languages247 on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/languages247/ Lesson 34: The phone call Dialogue: Sophie is stuck in a traffic jam when her phone rings. Sophie: “Hello?” Janet: “Hello, may I speak to Sophie?” Sophie: “Sophie speaking, who is this?” Janet: “This is Janet, your landlady. Do you have a moment to discuss a few issues regarding the flat?” Sophie: “Of course, Janet! What are the issues?” Janet: “Well, first and foremost, I have received a complaint from one of your neighbours about loud music being played in your flat at night and I cannot tolerate that. You signed a contract that clearly states that the noise level has to be kept to a minimum after 10 o’clock in the evening. I truly hope this is not an issue for you?” Sophie: “No, of course not! I must give you an apology for that. I had a couple of friends over and they repeatedly turned the volume up even after I told them not to. It won’t happen again” Janet: “I hope so, Sophie. The second issue is also another complaint. The neighbours have complained about a smell coming from your flat – the smell of cat litter or something similar? Can you explain that?” Sophie: “Oh no… Well, the truth is that the other week I found an adorable and absolutely charming kitten on the street. He was alone and looked underfed so I decided to take him back to the flat with me. It was love at first sight, Janet! He has been living in the flat since then and he is such a charmer, you would love him! I must have forgotten to clean the litter box or something. So sorry! I hope that it’s not a problem” Janet: “Sophie, it IS a problem. Once again, I must remind you that you signed a contract. The contract states that NO PETS are allowed inside the flat or on the premises. I am violently allergic to all fur animals and a cat could kill me. If you do not get rid of the cat, I will have to get rid of you. I am sorry about this, Sophie, but you did sign a contract and you have to follow the conditions. I do not want to have an argument with you” Sophie: “I can’t believe this! Janet, please, you are breaking my heart. I never saw that clause, and I had no idea. Janet: “That is a load of nonsense, Sophie. It is not my responsibility to make sure you read every single letter. Find someone who is willing to look after the cat or put it back on the street” Sophie: “Fine. I will try to find someone. It won’t be an easy task” Janet: “Well, you have to if you want to remain in the flat. I will be coming over tomorrow and it’s better for the cat to be gone by then. NO EXCUSES. Goodbye, Sophie”
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