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Stunning Pygmy Sunfish

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Elassoma okeefenokee- Pygmy Sunfish Adult size: Male 3.4cm/1.3"; Female 2.5cm/1" pH range 6-8 Temperature (for maintenance) 72-86 Diet: micropredator, does best with live foods Breeding: Egg scatterer- plants or mops are best Paper on Elassoma: http://www.nanfa.org/articles/elassoma.shtml Fan mail can be sent to: PO box 146 Manchester PA 17345 Buy me a coffee: http://msjinkzd.com/about_msjinkzd/support-our-site/ Instagram @msjinkzd Website and stocklist: http://msjinkzd.com/stocklist/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/msjinkzd/
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Rachel O'Leary (9 months ago)
I think these guys are obscenely beautiful! What do you think? Buy me a coffee: http://msjinkzd.com/about_msjinkzd/support-our-site/ Fan mail can be sent to: PO box 146 Manchester PA 17345 Instagram @msjinkzd Website and stocklist: http://msjinkzd.com/stocklist/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/msjinkzd/
Connudatus (9 months ago)
All right, you've convinced me! :] Just bought 8 of these little guys. I have a good setup for them, and I'm even considering keeping a few in my pond. I'm fortunate enough to live in the same USDA hardiness zone as the Okefenokee Swamp. So outdoor breeding is something I might consider.
Betta Blue (9 months ago)
Rachel O'leary ..I love the spangling down the body of the male. Very beautiful!
Gun_Klub (9 months ago)
Rachel, thanks to your species spotlight I have added white cloud and cherry barb to my tank they are beautiful fish and are a perfect fit for my tank!
Norman Graafsma (9 months ago)
These tiny bass are awesome. Years ago I had some Elassoma evergladei and really loved them. These are really cool fish with interesting behavior which deserves a tank of their own. I hope the ick on the female wil be gone asap.
Jackson Smith (2 months ago)
I've had one of these wild caught in a tank for ages and thought it was a baby sunfish of some kind for the longest
Long Island Fish Guy (9 months ago)
I need one!
00corin00 (9 months ago)
I believe the female has ich. 😔
Rachel O'Leary (9 months ago)
Microbubbles. Gone by the end
Rebekah Jones (9 months ago)
I'm loving these native fish spotlights, and am hoping you'll feature jordanella floridae (American Flagfish) someday. You look sad or tired here, or maybe in pain. :-( Hugs - I'll buy you a coffee.
Rachel O'Leary (9 months ago)
Well rested just constant pain. Not much longer!
leodan2828 (9 months ago)
Do they have ick?
Rachel O'Leary (9 months ago)
nope, microbubbles from adding them to the holding container- by the end, they are not there anymore
have always loved these guys. Def on the list to own at some point
Kamil Olczak (9 months ago)
Temp 21-30 wow big difference, Good for outside then, thank you for showing us some more native/not seen yet in the hobby fish. Cheers
Mikael Löw (9 months ago)
Hi Rachel thats a really cool looking pigmy sunfish they looking great love their colour looks amazing! How did your surgery go my friend? I will hold my thumbs for you Rachel! Have a great Easter!! You looking great by the way. Take care and keep up the Good work thumbs up from me Mikael! Have you tried Red Scarlett Endlers I breeding them in Sweden?
ScienceGal Aquatics (9 months ago)
That’s an awesome little fish, never knew about them. Wow 😲 thank you for the video
COOPER'S CICHILDS (9 months ago)
Excellent Spot light
Noel Velasquez (9 months ago)
H.C. Aqua (9 months ago)
I’ve been wanting these for awhile now.
Chris I (9 months ago)
Is there a list of native North American fish that can fit in a 15 gallon tank?
A Gamer's Wife (9 months ago)
Amazing little fish to spotlight. Thanks for sharing and can't wait to see the baby fry. :)
Johnny Nguyen (9 months ago)
Please adopt me.
Rachel O'Leary (9 months ago)
ha, my kids may warn you that I am extremely strict and have lots of chores
Karen Ruiz (9 months ago)
They are So Beautiful!!
eric j (9 months ago)
Cool fish im in ga can i find them locally that would be neat. Not wanting to keep them specifically though. Thanks for sharing friend have an amazing day.
Eric Payne (9 months ago)
I bought some chili rasbora from you about a year ago and I was wondering if you ever had any success with breeding them and I was wondering if there was such a thing as a long fin chili rasbora because one of them has fins about 3x the size as the others. Hopefully you will see this comment and reply. Thank you!
Ursus sapien (9 months ago)
I'm a little jealous of you folks Stateside. In Canada, we can't keep native species. Love your videos.
Bazzboda (9 months ago)
Luckily this is not true, we can not transport wild caught native species that were caught in Canada without a license. However if the fish was caught in the states, or bred in either country it is legal, it just might be a good idea to keep the receipt. http://laws-lois.justice.gc.ca/eng/regulations/C.R.C.,_c._296/page-25.html#h-126
Woodsman Whitesmith (9 months ago)
as usual , excellent video
April Wood Art and Pets (9 months ago)
Yay I'm glad you showed these guys. I have been enjoying mine profusely and can't wait for them to grow to maturity.
Mad Fish Diva (9 months ago)
Beautiful little fish
Roberto Abarca (9 months ago)
Wow new camera again? I really wish I had never skipped on picking these up when I had the chance! :/
Rachel O'Leary (9 months ago)
same camera :)
Savanna The Aqua Llama (9 months ago)
Please don't take this the wrong way Rachael, but are you okay? Opening intro you look so tired... Is the surgery preparation just taking it's toll? I only ask because I care ❣️💖 This was a great spotlight. I got some gold least Killifish after your spotlight on the regular variety. They're amazing fish! I couldn't believe how small the full grown males are. It's one thing to read it or see it in a video, it's another to have them in front of you in your tank! Now I'm just waiting for my fry to start dropping. I love them, the gold iridescence is so lovely! You inspire me so much. I hope your surgery goes well and heals quickly so you can get a running start at your fish room again. Lots of love to you! 💕
Savanna The Aqua Llama (9 months ago)
I have bilateral Trigeminal Neuralgia and a gentle breeze and light touch is enough to set up horrible pain episodes in my face so I steer clear of cold weather and have found all sorts off creative ways to help with warmth and pain.
Savanna The Aqua Llama (9 months ago)
Rachel O'leary, I'm so sorry. Do you have thermacare packs to wear? They adhere to your joints and keep them toasty. Hot water bottles and socks full of rice to microwave are good stationary, in the house options. It's been getting so cold here that even with two heaters rated way beyond my main tank size, the temp drop at night has been enough to make my Corys spawn three days in a row. And we have central heating! What you need to do is curl up by a fireplace and relax. The only pleasant thing for me about the cold is that we get to have nice fires in our living room. Beyond that, winter can take it's stuff and GO now. LOL. It went from 60 degrees and sunny to 23 and snowing. I'm very displeased, I had a glimmer of hope there for a few days. As it is in Oregon we forget what the sun looks like sometimes 😂
Rachel O'Leary (9 months ago)
it snowed AGAIN today. I am over it, it increases my pain exponentially and makes walking way more difficult
Savanna The Aqua Llama (9 months ago)
Rachel O'leary, oh man, tell me about it. It's supposed to be warming up here and yet it dipped to below freezing and there was snow, after a fairly mild winter. Cold goes straight to the arthritis in my knee and shoulder, I really detest cold weather. I wish I could make it go away for you, but sadly that is not in my repertoire of talents lol
Rachel O'Leary (9 months ago)
can you have a talk with mother nature and the snow? it is really not helping, lol
BoJo Ford (9 months ago)
Could you keep a solo one in a 2.5 gallon?
Rachel O'Leary (9 months ago)
Yes or a pair
viaJLA views (9 months ago)
I be happy for you to only do spotlights while you're recovering from surgery. They're so helpful and informative!
dentednj (9 months ago)
If you're breeding them this summer I'd love to buy a few from you at summer's end or in the Fall. Whenever you think they're grown a bit and ready to travel. I should just come visit with some other folks from the NJAGC. (We'll bring gifts!) and pick up the fish then.
Elliott Eiden (9 months ago)
I have been having a really hard time choosing what to stock in my 2 outdoor tubs, and this video made it even more difficult to decide. I'm going to see if I can get them locally if they are available I'm going for it. Although knowing CA they are probably illegal
dentednj (9 months ago)
I came soooo close to buying a small group from Florida. This is the video that made me adore them. It is Elassoma gilberti though, is that the same fish? https://youtu.be/864nMX2rB3w
itisjustmedude (9 months ago)
E. gilberti generally is only found in upper sections spring rivers in the panhandle of Florida. The nature of the habitat they are found in has made them evolve to be very sensitive to temperature and water quality. The other species are a bit hardier when it comes to aquarium life, especially the ones from lakes and swamps.
Rachel O'Leary (9 months ago)
same family of fish, but different species
Desert Bloom Bettas (9 months ago)
wow, they are so pretty!
boss bully boy (9 months ago)
Finally 😂 I keep Gilberti and just move the pairs from tank to tank every 3wks. and rotate out the females
I really enjoy your spotlights! Great footage and beautiful Sunfish!
Jabir Stockton (9 months ago)
Not about these Pygmy Sunfish but I’m for Virginia, is it legal to wade through streams to find native fish all over the USA?
itisjustmedude (9 months ago)
No, there are several states where it is illegal to keep native fish, Oregon for one. There are states that all you need to collect is a fishing license because of the 'live bait' rules. Do your research before you go collecting, and make sure you understand what type of equipment you are allowed to use.
Jabir Stockton (9 months ago)
Ashley DiSantis Tanks I’ll look for him.
Ashley DiSantis (9 months ago)
It's legal but I'm not sure about keeping them.. Catch and release for sure. The host for Extreme Philly fishing channel micro fishes all the local streams to see what variety he can find
boss bully boy (9 months ago)
Jabir Stockton not that ive found
Franziska Krämer (9 months ago)
Hi, They realy are cute but the first female has some spots on her that look like ich. Is that normal?
Franziska Krämer (9 months ago)
Thaks for the answer 😊 I'm glade they aren't sick (my betta just died so i'm a little paranoid) I love your fishroom 💜
Rachel O'Leary (9 months ago)
air bubbles from adding her to the little container- by the end of hte video they were gone ;)
FlipFlop FishFlake (9 months ago)
Man, I have been looking for these for ages! Stunning fish!
Sandra Stonemaplesfarms (9 months ago)
What substrate did you use in that tank? I bought some sandblasting medium that is recycled glass...Kinda sand and green..Very pretty and I rubbed it in my hands and did not get any cuts and cannot find any info on it?? Thank you as you have helped me so much and since everything is happy and breeding in my tank...I am giving a bunch of kids shrimp etc..So we can start another generation of fish lovers!!!
Dillon Gunn (9 months ago)
I love your videos, no matter the content. Itll be nice when the weather becomes warm so you can start breeding outside and be able to ship fish again. Good luck in 2018! And your recovery! <3 But i do have a question. Fungus on neon tetras?
varanidguy (9 months ago)
I love you and your videos and look forward to every single one of them! Thank you for your contributions to the hobby and community.
Jose Antonio Ortiz (9 months ago)
They don’t eat there eggs and fry. I am breeding them and leave the fry with the parents in the tank. I don’t know any who breed them with frozen food. 99% accept only live food. 10-12 degrees Celsius is not a problem in winter. Very good fish for ponds.
Rachel O'Leary (9 months ago)
mine are bone thug egg and fry destroyers unless the tank is so chocked with plants you cannot see the fish
Allyson_ Chains_Aquatics (9 months ago)
So cool! Love the species spotlight. 💕
Sebastian Puzon (9 months ago)
remind me of my dario darios
Jake Vargo (9 months ago)
Hi, Rachel I was wondering where you get a lot of your reading material and what you recommend. Even some of the more technical books would be nice to have.
a. (9 months ago)
Sadly these are so hard to get over here in the Netherlands, I have been wanting to get these for ages
The Dutch Aquarist (9 months ago)
Gaybo top! Ga eens wat meer research doen denk ik ;)
a. (9 months ago)
Ik heb zie hier nog nooit gezien en de LFS kan ze ook niet bestellen, als ik ooit een plek vind dat zeg ik het wel even
The Dutch Aquarist (9 months ago)
Gaybo i was already wondering if i would be able to get these in NL... they look pretty awesome ! If u ever find them... ;)

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