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The Engagement Day of Mary and Frederik: 08. 10. 2003

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In the next year, 2014, Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary of Denmark (Kronprins Frederik og Kronprinsesse Mary) to celebrate their tenth wedding anniversary. I celebrate already now :) My fansite about Mary: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Daily-News-about-Crown-Princess-Mary-of-Denmark/467134383319517?ref=hl
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Spasoje Kulasevic (6 days ago)
milan varga (18 days ago)
takúto prácu aj pracovný deň celý týždeň by som neodmietol ani ja. nádherný pracovný deň
Angela Cristina Oliveira (4 months ago)
Thank you, for posting. This pictures are precious...the engagement of the future King and Queen of Denmark.
sica h (4 months ago)
Lovely couple with a gorgeous family. Crown princess Mary and Crown prince Frederick are the real fairytale
Nilofarjan1 (8 months ago)
Nilofarjan1 (8 months ago)
Leona Campbell (1 year ago)
What's the song
Nancy Campbell Gibson (1 year ago)
What song is playing? I know it's not Darude Sandstorm.
Nancy Campbell Gibson (1 year ago)
Leona Campbell Thanks!
Leona Campbell (1 year ago)
Nancy Campbell Gibson A thousand years Christina Perri
Sylvia wieluc (1 year ago)
They make such a lovely, beautiful couple. I hope their happiness has endured now that they're married.
Yolanda Espinosa (1 year ago)
en español el video
apfelprincess45 (1 year ago)
Thanks for posting, haven't seen some of these pics before.
idiotka tylko by chciała w luksusie mieszkać szmata jedna !!
Louise Restall (2 years ago)
...they're classy.
Tanya maxwell-stewart (2 years ago)
an altogether lovely royal family. the British royals could learn  a lot from them.
Ahmed Refaat (2 years ago)
Namiq Qarashov (4 months ago)
Ahmed Refaat 🌷🌸🌹🌺🌻🌼🌼🌸🌹🌷🌻🌺🌂☁⛅
FunwithMary (2 years ago)
I adore her so much and it is hard to believe that we have so much in common
apfelprincess45 (1 year ago)
Yet you don't elaborate on what that might be?
Christine Lawrence (2 years ago)
What a truly beautiful romance … the real "stuff" of fairytales awwww
sutita streeter (2 years ago)
What a lovely couples so incredible congratulation from usa

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