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New US Sanctions on Russia and Iran Raise Tensions, May Backfire

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The US has imposed a new round of sanctions on Russia over the Skripal poisoning in Britain, despite the absence to date of evidence. This follows the reimposition of Iran sanctions following Trump’s withdrawal from the Iran nuclear deal. The sanctions will further bleed the targeted countries, but could they backfire? We speak to journalist and best-selling author Max Blumenthal. Visit https://therealnews.com for more stories and help support our work by donating at https://therealnews.com/donate.
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erik je (7 days ago)
how funny would it be if china and russia just give a hand full of nukes to iran ?
Nick Filopoulos (25 days ago)
Every time the criminals impose new sanctions the Russian must keep arming the Iran with The best they have to teach the the war criminals a very good lesson.
Marek Trochan (30 days ago)
sunctions = financial terrorism
Gary Swanson (30 days ago)
Trump's to hard on the Russians, Trump's not hard enough on the Russians. WTF do you people want.
Mihail Pavlov (1 month ago)
Just put in browser search - operation Beluga
Ju Bu (1 month ago)
Usa should just pull their f'n head in and let the world be.stop making war, shut the f up about russia and start fixing your own god damn country. Good day to all.
alp D (1 month ago)
Great conversation, I enjoyed listening Max Blumenthal. He put it together just perfect!! I think.
Berg Djelderian (1 month ago)
The Us and Israel cannot understand that their policy to antagonize Iran and Russia is not going to work. they do not see the shift in global alliances against them, and the weakening of their power to affect the world. the deeper they sink in their policy, the more failures they will reap. This is the turning point in the balance of power shifting against the USA-Israel.
John Pembroke (1 month ago)
It wont, but news will lie anyway
Michael Julien (1 month ago)
These US sanctions WILL BACKFIRE BIG TIME. IT'S OVER FOR THE UNITED STATES. OVER! The US Congress and the Pentagon knows that fact!
John Galt (1 month ago)
The US president's moves are very tightly controlled by the deep state. Even Trump must have realized that by now.
Greg Kelly (1 month ago)
Propoganda channel. Beware. The 2 most despotic nations on earth outside N. Korea.
Sherri Stewart (1 month ago)
Mr. Blumenthal eloquently and succinctly delineates this situation. The whole thing is an outrageous! I'm appalled at this neanderthal mindset we are hearing from our government! The media, too! Russia is NOT our enemy! Time to WAKE UP! Even trump seems to be getting behind these sanctions. Clearly it's the Deep State/Shadow Gov't that is TERRIFIED of Trump and Putin discovering that they are really on the same page. when these two Lions get together they will make the world better. AND the evil heads are gonna roll!! and they know it!
grim reaper (1 month ago)
Comply or get sanctioned MFs
James Kelman (1 month ago)
The real enemies of the U S people is the U S government! When 43% of congress holds dual citizenship with Israel, no one serves two masters.
chickendinner2012 (1 month ago)
Great coverage!
Julberry Juan (1 month ago)
The will of bolsheviks obviously inside America, these jews creates or allows fake news everyday for control lie
The forces of evil want to destroy the world
Zockopa (1 month ago)
I wonder when finaly the russians openly admit what the US/UK is doing to them: war. Since decades they try to undermine the development and prosperity of the russian people with nearly any means available to them except a shooting war. Obviously the russians cant believe a single word that comes out of the mouth of a anglosaxon official and their "allies" are pressured to do likewise. They brake treaties,lie trough their teeth,blackmail if possible and even assassinate people. Im certain the Kremlin knows all this very well,but constrains itself to behave civilised in the face of this permanent and long lasting machiavellian onslaught.
When the Lord wants to punish, he deprives man of reason.
Интегратор (1 month ago)
Если бы это мы отравили Скрипалей мы бы не использовали русские ядовитые вещества! Мы же не так тупые! Чистая кливета для оправдания никчемных санкций!
Sam Baxter (1 month ago)
Looks like war to me, good bye before 2024
Trotsky or Bust (1 month ago)
G Love (1 month ago)
This crazy delusional man is a Russian supporter. He don't know what he is talking about. Just theories!
Nathan Neiman (1 month ago)
I'm not surprised. US is doing everything in order to start a nuclear war.
juma mnumbwa (1 month ago)
When you fight you'll stay at the same side,
John Roberts (1 month ago)
The USA seems to be using too much stick and not enough carrot in it's dealings with Russia. And it seems to be tending in the same direction with China too. Perhaps they'll sanction India before long.
Craig Childers (1 month ago)
Most important topic to be discussing. I appreciate your insight and depth.
jim (1 month ago)
Theresa May is a horrible human being. Anyone who thinks the world would be better off run by women must be an evil corrupted woman herself
TheSommersonnenwende (1 month ago)
The United War and Terrorstates of America and Great Britain are the two most disgusting nations on earth.
Donald Ganley (1 month ago)
TheSommersonnenwende Yes, but who is actually in charge?
Amethyst7 (1 month ago)
6.44 this man is a Democrat?!! To a European he sounds like a nazi. If this man Steve Cohen wants to tar and feather an entire nation or turn the world against a foreign people that he has chosen as a scapegoat, then America will find itself alone. The rest of the world wants nothing to do with this lynch mob mentality. It's time we learned from the mistakes of the past, NOT go on repeating them for ever more.
Garry H (1 month ago)
Mr Reza (1 month ago)
It is time to finally recognize that East JERUSALEM are the capital of Palestine. Russia please send iran S400 and SU57. Or maybe they already have it :)
Im Haughtiness (1 month ago)
I think everything is so obvious and we really should all know and understand what's really going on, but nobody ever asks the big question. The question of Why? We all know we're being lied to but nobody thinks to ask why we're being lied to? Well, I think I can answer why, the biggest clue is before us every day, and that's. ''For all Western governments and media to be following the same scripted lies (unprecedented in history) we must know it's leading to something huge!'' The US has known for many years their economy had to collapse and they've planned for it. They've been printing more and more dollars while increasing their military budget yearly, even with the collapse of the USSR the US continued to build more military and gain more military bases across the world. The US has had a plan for many years that if they can gain full world military dominance they can then introduce/force a single world currency (What this is ALL about) ...The effect as such would see the US overnight become completely debt free (explains the enormous military overspending and explains their willingness to allow China to purchase so many US bonds) and would see them achieve full global military control as well as full global financial control (a very nice achievement many might argue) In other words for those people that don't know. That effectively means 'American Tyranny' and that's no different from Nazi tyranny. The US dollar Is the world 'reserve currency' and Is currently used by most other countries to purchase their oil/gas/energy etc, meaning that billions if not trillions of dollars are kept by countries for their energy purchasing, what that allowed the US to do Is print more and more dollars without showing the true rate of Inflation that would normally arise from such massive currency printing, but because so much of the US currency sits In vaults all over the world to purchase countries energy, It would never find its way into the actual US economy meaning the US could hold their level of Inflation right down from what It really should be. The huge problem we're now seeing, is countries like Russia, China, Iran, lots of Europe and many more now will sell/buy their energy In different currencies, not just the US dollar, meaning that each country who now trades in other currencies, will start to dump the dollars they held replacing them with the currency they're going to use. The problem for the US Is when those billions if not trillions of dollars start to filter back into the US economy (as is now happening) the Inflation will explode as It can't be hidden anymore. It would see the likes of a loaf of bread skyrocket to over $200 and would bankrupt the United States overnight. This is exactly why we're seeing this attempt to drag Russia Into a war, because after the collapse of the USSR the USA helped to dismantle Russias military, they helped to sell off Russian resources in corrupted Illegal auctions while keeping the country in a state of pandemonium with their bribes to Yeltsin believing they'd managed to neutralise Russia as any potential threat, they didn't believe Russia could become a threat to them again and they can't force a single currency with the likes of Russia and her nuclear threat saying get lost. They nearly had it done with the collapse of the USSR...What a bonus that was, it meant they could do it without war!! But they messed that right up because they took their eye off one man - Putin. The United States REALLY believed they had finished off Russia after the collapse of the USSR to the point Russia could never be a threat to them again, they helped keep Russia in a state of pandemonium through Yeltsin's reign believing they had sealed Russia's fate to the toilet. When Putin came to power the US could not work him out, but when they invaded Iraq and Putin (craftily as It bought him time) did not veto them they believed they had Russia under their control and Putin was just a pushover like Yeltsin. (history will see Putin's tactic of not vetoing the Iraq invasion as genius as it really fooled the US to not bother to look at Russia as any sort of threat and that really damaged their plans) Because while the US was invading countries all over the world with no one to stop them, Putin was quietly building Russia an extremely effective military defence and upgraded all Russian weaponry to a level able to hold its own If not beat any nation on the planet. The US blind to this, carried on as they used NATO to murder Gadaffi, as they kept Iraq destabilised by transferring known terrorist commanders into Iraq from Guantanamo Bay in the hundreds to help keep it in chaos over the next decade... They then set their sights on Syria, and were preparing for a ground invasion as with Iraq when all of a sudden Putin vetoed that action! That stunned the US, stopped them in their tracks and they then took a close look at Russia again. When the US understood how they misread Putin they then set out to demonise him in the West and globally the propaganda has got so bad and so ridiculous it's like they've given up trying to hide the fact they're lying. But it left the US unable to use ground troops in Syria. This is when we saw the US and the EU start in Ukraine, we saw the US CIA and their neo-nazi recruited thugs start the marches and protests in Ukraine. America, if you all remember were all upbeat about Yanukovich winning the Presidency because he had shown an interest in joining the EU, It was only when he decided to go to Russia and ask for a loan, and stated he was trying to work on a closer relationship with Russia, did all this really kick off, then these CIA-led thugs murdered people, started murdering random people at will, they bombed Kiev while claiming Yanukovich was a thief a tyrant and Putin's puppet (yet they said none of this when he showed an interest in the EU, all these accusations only started after he asked Russia for support) they forced Yanukovich to flee to Russia in fear of his life They then got the parliament to impeach him/Yanukovich (who were obviously under threat to do so, as the vote came back 300+ to zero) The West who have caused all the trouble in Ukraine (knowingly and purposely, as Victoria Nuland's phone call revealed to the world) blame Russia and In effect Illegally Issue sanctions against Russia for something they have not been able to prove or even attempted to prove as In reality It's just a financial tool used many times by the US and its vassals but It shows Russia how far they're prepared to go to force war. In Syria the US decided to use proxy's in the form of terrorists, they recruited, trained, armed, paid and then sent these terrorists into Syria to murder people, everyday normal people, working people, people just like you or I, they murdered people in the streets, they took over towns and cities through Syria by murder and butchery. I remember seeing them stood on street corners dressed in black standing around burnt out cars with their rifles at their sides, there were bodies of naked raped women and their children just lying murdered on the side of the roads. They were the Free Syria Army, only at that time nobody knew they were recruited, trained, armed and very well paid by the US, we only found that out after Russia went Into Syria three years after. This is ALL about America's attempt at global military and financial dominance. And with this Insane EU/NATO stance, It seems that If the US collapses then so does the Euro and maybe the Pound. Things have dramatically changed and changed to such an extent It sees us becoming exactly what we fought two wars to prevent. That's the bottom line of what we're really facing. Putin knows all he needs Is time, he must avoid getting into a war with the US but never lay down to them he knows sooner rather than later It's all got to start to collapse, so he'll try to avoid war and let them crumble (After all Russia had to start again, they did not cause a war, they just collapsed) but the US know that's what he's doing, so we see them provoke and provoke Russia, they've non-stop encroached further and further towards Russia's borders using NATO's ridiculous excuse of protecting the Baltic's from Russian aggression. Putin knows exactly what the US wants and has always known this was coming, everything he's done shows this very clearly. If not for his wisdom the US would have already provoked WW3. If any of this had happened at any other time In history you can be positive the former USSR would have fired nuclear weapons at the US already, and with every damn right to do so. We've witnessed Putin three times clearly warn them to stop this nonsense and the US have purposely Ignored him every time. Because the US doesn't want compromise, they don't want talks, they don't want peace, they must have War to remove Russia's nuclear threat or collapse! This Is the truth no one wants to admit! You only need to remember ... For all Western governments and media to be following the same scripted lies (unprecedented in history) you simply must know the reason is huge! ...It Is! Now you've just read this, just think about it, you'll soon know I'm right because you'll now understand everything you see the USA say and do, In fact, after reading this you can go back and look at everything that has happened, things that at the time really didn't make any sense and you'll now understand all of it. It becomes very clear exactly what the USA and the West are really doing, you'll now also know WHY they're doing it. And you'll then realise the USA will never stop because they can't or they're bankrupted to the point of complete collapse. So many don't want to believe it because of what it really means so they deny it, only they should think and remember by denying it they're basically waiting for War. And they're denying what's actually staring them straight in the face!
bonitaroache73 (1 month ago)
The current Conventional Wisdom opens the door to unintended consequences if the drumbeat and Military buildup against Russia continues, leading Vladimir Putin to decide that his Country is threatened and backed into a corner, it wouldn't hesitate use Nuclear Weapons. The Russia conspiracy is more dangerous than the random depiction of Foreign Nationals in negative terms that's long bedeviled American Politics. Apart from the Progressive antipathy towards Putin personally, there's a virulent strain of anti-Russian sentiment among Conservatives in Congress, exemplified by the likes of Lindsey Graham who said  “2017 is going to be a year of kicking Russia in the ass in Congress.” Many in the National Security State convinced themselves that Russia is a major threat against the United States not because it's a Nuclear Armed Power that can strike the United States. That appreciation should constitute good reason to work hard to maintain Relations rather than not, it's seemingly ignored. The new belief that Moscow is “interfering” in Syria and Ukraine, and it's a Friend of Iran. That perception derives from the consensus view among Liberals and Conservatives that the US Sphere of Influence encompasses the World Community as well as the conceit that Washington should serve to “protect” anyone, at any time, by anyone else, providing a convenient pretext for Military exercises euphemistically “Peace Missions.” Having a powerful Enemy keeps the Pipeline of Money flowing from the US Treasury, the American Taxpayer's Wallets, the American Taxpayer's Bank Accounts 🏦 into the pockets and Bank Accounts of Beneficiaries of the Military Industrial Congressional Complex. Government Officials are sincere in loathing of Moscow. That thinking is popular among Americans. Involvement by Moscow in the Middle East and Eastern Europe is undeniable, calling it a Threat against US Interests is preposterous as Russia’s troublemaking is limited. It has exactly one overseas Military Facility in Syria, while the United States has over 800. Its Economy and Military Budget are a fraction compared to the United States. The inconvenient Truth that no one wants to hear, It's the United States Government and the US Military who are guilty of interfering globally and destabilizing Regions including the Middle East, Central America, Latin America, and now Africa, not Moscow or the Kremlin. It's been said that when it came to killing, "The United States  wasn't so innocent", that's a gross understatement. Ironically, A reset with Russia is one thing that United States could've gotten right however, the Political Indentured Servants embrace the usual soundbites. Other Moscow trashing comes because Corporate Warmongers always need a Dragon to Slay or Monster to Kill, they've never found a War for Oil, War of Aggression, War of Attrition, or Armament Sale they didn't like nor support for their Corporate paymasters demands. Sanctions are a blatant Act of War and a complete embarrassment to a Country who has the audacity to lecture Others about Human Rights and the Rule of Law. I never would've thought it'd be this easy to Fool Americans, ask Saudi Arabia and Israel😃...
frank spencer (1 month ago)
It's the American people themselves that are today's problem far more so than even their very own criminal government, their own country is now the enemy of the entire world and civilization itself and all these Americans support it. In 2015 Russia exposed the USA for supporting terrorists and that forced the USA to admit to the WHOLE WORLD they were involved in the recruitment - Training - Arming - Supporting - Protecting - Paying - Use of brutal terrorists (sorry I forgot, Americans like the term moderate rebels my mistake). The American people have knowingly ignored their governments admitted use of brutal terrorists and disgustingly we've not seen a single American protest their government over this admitted criminal terrorism. Why are the American people not outraged at what they all know their government is doing in Syria? Don't the American people care? Why do we see Americans praising their country? Have I missed something? When did the American people become Nazi's? I know for sure that If my country's government had admitted what the US government has this country would come to a standstill so many would be out protesting against it. As would all other countries! Why not the American people? Tell me, what would the people of any other country in the world do if their government had admitted the recruitment - Training - Arming - Supporting - Protecting - Paying - and use of brutal terrorists (Americans like the term moderate head chopping rebels)like your government did? Would they all cheer their leader/government like you Americans do? Would they all try to blame any other country like you Americans do? Would they all sit and watch the terrorism, the murder, the head chopping, the human slave markets If they all knew like the Americans do, that their country was responsible for the recruitment - Training - Arming - Supporting - Protecting - Paying - Use of brutal terrorists? What do you American people think every country on earth would do if their government had admitted what yours has? The last society we saw like that was Nazi Germany 35-45 and that's the only time in history the people have done what you all are today. Yet you're so up your own asses you can't see it!! The Nazi was just like that. Every society who've heard about, seen themselves, or had it admitted to them what their own country's Government, King, Queen, Tsar, Emperor etc were doing wrong, whether it be murdering at home or abroad have always protested against it and demanded it stops or even at the very least protested If only to show their own disgust if nothing else! And they've always done it at any cost, no matter what, because innocent people were being murdered by their own country's wrongdoing, it's what all good people have always done all through history, It's what good people have always done because it had to be done, and it was the right thing to do. Apart from once, Nazi Germany.
bonitaroache73 (1 month ago)
There’s one gigantic thing wrong with American Interference... It’s plain Illegal, Immoral, Criminal, Unconstitutional, and unconscionable... How do we know and understand this?! Because no one in Iraq, the Persian Gulf, Afghanistan, or anywhere else was or is trying to take away our Rights and Freedoms, It’s really that simple. One cannot be said to be protecting our Rights and Freedoms over there if no one over there is trying to take them to begin with. What about the Hundreds of Thousands of which US Soldiers have killed?! None of them were trying to take away our Rights and Freedoms. This is what all too many of the utterly dimwitted American Electorate especially some of the American Soldiers are incapable of comprehending; It's been US Troops who have been the Invaders, Aggressors, Interlopers, and Occupiers in Sovereign Countries who NEVER aggressed nor threatened the United States. It's the Citizenry who've been the Defenders. It's they who've been killed defending THEIR Countries, THEIR Territory, THEIR Families, and THEIR Homes and Businesses from US Aggression. None of those Citizenry over there has ever tried to take away the Rights and Freedoms of the American Citizenry. YOUR own American Government has incrementally done that succinctly enough... What about the September 11th 2001 Terrorist Attacks?! RETALIATION. They're retaliating for the US Military Bombing Campaigns of Hundreds of Thousands of Iraqis including Children (who probably didn't realize they were Iraqis) in the Persian Gulf, later the US Sanctions on the Iraqi Civilians. Terrorist Threat retaliation against the United States is the main unintended consequences of what US Soldiers have done to Foreign Nationals ever since the end of the Cold War, when the US Government lost its big Official Enemy, the Soviet Union (i.e., Russia), the one that the Military (CIA and NSA) used to justify expanding Budgets since the end of WWII. Beginning with the Persian Gulf Interference against Saddam Hussein,(a former US Empire Partner and Ally) US Troops dutifully following Orders, initiated a killing Spree that ultimately manifested itself with the ongoing Terrorist Threat retaliation within OUR own Borders. It's what the American Military facilitated in THEIR Sovereign Territory, that we now have a perpetual Phony “War on Terrorism.” The enflamed Anti-American Terrorist Threats have been used to justify Ongoing, Perpetual Aggression against Citizenry in Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Libya, now Africa, undoubtedly later Latin America. Their idea is that it’s necessary to Kill and Maim those so called "Terrorists" "over there before they retaliate over here". Never mind the constant "Collateral Damage" of Civilians that produces the "Terrorists" within OUR Borders to begin with, then used to justify the continuous "Collateral Damage" of Civilians in THEIR Sovereign Countries. In other words, a System of Perpetual killing for Perpetual Security... All done by American Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, and Marines, the same ones we thank for their “Service.” Let’s not misunderstand all the things the American Government has to do to and I quote “keep us safe” from the Threats that US Military are producing through their actions in Sovereign Territories. The American Government wields the Legal Authority to Arrest us, Indefinitely Detain, or Assassinate, all without Due Process of Law. That’s the Power that Totalitarian Regimes wield against their Citizenship. The United States Government through the Military has indirectly destroyed our Freedom within OUR Borders. I'd be remiss if I failed to mention the out-of-control Federal Spending and Debt cesspools as far as the eye can see, Impoverished Communities which pay for what the Military does beyond our Borders, sustaining Military Bases around the World, constant Bombings, Shootings, Assassinations, Torture, and Incarceration Civilians in Sovereign Countries. American Imperialism does not come cheap. The Government has a $20+ Trillion Dollar Debt cesspool all indirectly owed by the American Taxpayers. Before anyone writes to say that I shouldn’t be attacking the Troops as some would attempt to do, I’m actually not attacking anyone. I’m simply telling the crying awakening Reality and speaking an inconvenient Truth that the Bombastic Simpletons on Capitol Hill aren't going to dare tell anyone. Conspiracy Theories?! I think not, Ask Chalmers Johnson, Smedley Butler, and Thomas Pape... The harsh Reality and the undisputed Truth are that the Government (using the US Military as its Proxy) is the biggest threat to our Country, Freedoms, and Liberties. No wonder our Ancestors enacted the Bill of Rights.. No wonder they were so fiercely opposed to Empire.. Foreign Interference.. Permanent Military Establishments.. A National Police Force.. Secretive Agencies.. Anyone getting the picture?! The American Government played the American Citizenry and the Military Personnel like a Fiddle. They think of the American Electorate as nothing more than "Indentured Servants" and "Collateral Damage". They view the American Citizenry as little more than "Sources of Revenue", "Annoying Afterthoughts", and "Irrelevant Footnotes in History". I honestly have to ask any thoughtful American who's honest with themselves; If the Horror of Vietnam, the Vietnam Style War in Iraq, The Graveyard of Empires of Afghanistan, the boneheaded debacle in Libya, "Too Big to Fail Banks", Redacted 28 Pages of the 9/11 Congressional Commission Report, the grotesque 2008 Financial Bailout to their Corporate paymasters were not enough for the American Citizenry, What the Hell is?!
shushan shushan (1 month ago)
When, when will America the great washed up harlot fall?
MIlan Josifoski (1 month ago)
Russia and Iran should tell those Anglosaxons criminals from America to go and fu ck them self’s
Cutting Edge (1 month ago)
We see people, lots of people, hating the British for her Empire? So why do people do that? We must ask why anyone would do that, as that's the only way you'll be able to understand why they do that? It's known as jealousy, this is the truth. I mean I can prove it's the truth, by merely asking anyone who wants to run down British history to name anything, just one single thing, that your own country has done for this world? What makes you proud of your country? Just one thing isn't too much to ask, is it? Good, then let's hear all about this friendly and kind country with an awesome history? I bet that nearly every one of your countries have history's no better than Britains? In fact, many, if not all have history's far worse! How easily I can say that, right? Yes, because It's true, if not, let's hear about these wonderful countries that make you feel you've got a right to judge another country today? Others like Britain, that has not only done more good in this world than any other country, but is the one country that you all owe a great deal too for being allowed your own opinion today, and that's the truth. Do you notice how I can say that to everyone who may read this? I don't even need to know where you're from to say it because the facts are, that no matter what country you may come from you owe Great Britain so much. Plus you could probably join all your countries together and you'd still be nowhere near achieving what good Britain already has in this world. That's how sad and pathetic people really are, it's hilarious. People wanting to hate the one country in the world that has achieved so much more in this world and done so much more good for this world than any other is simple-minded stupidity and outright ignorance being honest. It's what you'd expect to hear from Jealous children. Britain was not butchering country after country like we see the USA doing today, killing millions and millions, 40 million innocent civilians since WW2. The genocide of the Native American that saw them slaughter over 150 million, the chemical weapons used against women and children in Vietnam, the mass murders of North Koreans a far back as 1946, long before the North retaliated, the use of terrorists to destroy Libya and Syria brutally murdering millions, plus the million evaporated with a nuclear bomb twice! The USA has one of the most murderous histories on earth and they've only been around 240 years! Russia has butchered and murdered 100s of millions, and most unbelievably of mostly their own people! They were also the Nazi ally and committed almost as many, if not actually more murders than Nazi German. Germany themselves have a murderous history far worse than the British. China has slaughtered literally hundreds of millions as has Japan. Trying to compare the British with those murderous countries is simply pathetic, ridiculous, and simply uneducated. When you look at the enormous size of the British Empire and when you look at it over a time from the start that was the 1500's and when you look at every other European country of the time and how they all lived in those days, the British Empire was far from brutal. Sure we did some bad things, even brutal things, we certainly were not angels but very few in reality when you look at it over the time of 500 - 700 years and I'm not trying to excuse anything bad we did but compared to the good and great we did it merely dissolves into a tiny portion of time. And nothing worse than every other European country of the times. It was the best and greatest most influential Empire in history. Without this little Island Great Britain, so many from many corners of the world would not be here today. Our Influence, Inventions, medicines, discoveries, and Ingenuity are what brought this world together. Great Britain, without a doubt, has the most incredible fascinating modern history of any country on the planet. When Britain gave up it's Empire did Britain fight to keep it? No, not at all, Britain actually made sure each country had a capable government in place before leaving each country, we helped them, we did not attack and kill them, Hong Kong was the last part of our Empire, and once again, we simply gave it back to China. Still to this day, no country has come anywhere near achieving what Britain has already achieved In this world. No country has given the world anywhere near what Great Britain has. No country has made anywhere near such important discoveries in this world as Great Britain, Britain is responsible for nearly every one of the top 20 discoveries in this world. No country has given the world all the Sciences we take for granted today, all from Great Britain. Science itself Is Indeed British. Sir Isaac Newton, the father of physics, and considered to be the father of all Sciences by Science itself. Robert Boyle the father of Chemistry. William Gilbert the father of Electricity and Magnetism. Adam Sedgwick the father of Modern Geology Charles Babbage the father of the Computer Michale Faraday the genius that discovered Electromagnetic Induction. John Dalton discovered the Atom and the Modern Atomic Theory. John Thomson discovery of the Electron. Charles Darwin with the Origin of Species, etc etc. No country has given the world medicines that are responsible for billions of people living today (7.5 billion people on the planet) Alexander Fleming changed the world of Medicine. His Invention ''Penisilin'' is said to be responsible for saving the lives of well over 3.5 billion people to date. British medical achievements started all we know today. No country comes anywhere near inventing things we all use every day than Great Britain, no country comes close! Invented the Jet engine, T.V., Telephone, Train, Penicillin, Computer, Hovercraft, Vertical Take Off Landing aircraft, LCD, Tanks, the World Wide Web... look at the history of each of these, a person from the UK lay at the heart of the device. I could keep going... Britain Is responsible for an astonishing 54% of all worldly Inventions. No country has stood up and fought to prevent the world from falling into dark ages of tyranny like Great Britain has So many times Great Britain saved Europe throughout history not only WW2 but many times before, with the defeat of Napoleon being just one. Great Britain with Prussian support defeated Napoleon, he defeated everyone else. Who stood up alone to the Nazi might? Not anyone else! No, only Britain. Most other countries folded like playing cards or refused to participate in what was a World War as Hitler had made his intention of world dominance known in 36, hence world War, but no one else wanted to stand up for their own people, their own country's, no, most either cowered away, got attacked and easily defeated, or sided with the Nazi! But as you want to hate, tell us, what has your country ever offered this world or when has it stood up to save the people of this world from tyranny? What good has your country done for this world? Well? Exactly. But you want to hate Britain? for what?
Cutting Edge (1 month ago)
Plus you can't associate the British/American rebel with Great Britain, the king removed their right to be of British heritage after they rebelled he banished them from these lands forever.
Cutting Edge (1 month ago)
Anglo-Saxons? I think you'll find they got done in 1066...LMFAO
Libby Arndt (1 month ago)
Thank you Aaron and Max. Please continue to be truth tellers in this Dark Age.
Vasily Sidorenko (1 month ago)
Thanks for doing this, the search for truth isn't easy and many aren't willing to see what the other side says in these conflicts its good to remember people of another country are equal individuals deserving our respect.
xhinder (1 month ago)
A R (1 month ago)
It's very simple, Russia stands in the way of PNAC's imperialistic ambitions in the M.E. so they want to weaken Russia, and China in the long run. What they're actually doing is isolating the US from the rest of the world community. Not even the E.U. will find sanity in the neocon , zionist plans.
ettekamba6969 (1 month ago)
Trump paying homage to the pyramids of illuminati.nonsense triangle show.Maybe he is suffering from the triangular hands or fingers signals.
Zozodo Lewin (1 month ago)
Good to see you max
Dou Gen (1 month ago)
Very interesting! Thank you. TRNN should also interview Sen. Rand Paul in the near future. Apparently Paul's influence is restraining Trump from taking any military action against Iran or Russia. See the Politico article entitled, "Trump connects with Rand ‘at gut level.’" Paul's domestic agenda is not at all helpful, but on foreign policy he is often the most progressive member the Senate, even more progressive than Bernie Sanders, who is afflicted with evidence-free Russophobia. Progressives and progressive media should look beyond party labels and support Paul, since Paul is effectively driving a wedge between Trump and the neocon advisors who have been forced on Trump by his donors. Paul seems to be the only voice of sanity reaching the president.
cristscott (1 month ago)
This is why other countries are tired of dealing with America. Every country needs to hold fast to the persecutions from America. An move in a direction away from America. AMERICA needs time to repair it's government. There is vast and deep deception and corruption in our white House right now. They will need several years to change these conditions.
tony torres (1 month ago)
Henry Kissinger is a war crimminal..
tony torres (1 month ago)
A freak in congress..wants war looks like a demon..
tony torres (1 month ago)
Pres. Eisenhower warned us about the congressional war machine..
Firko Kafi (1 month ago)
Most of the Americans are intellectual and a few people are idiots like Arabs. I do not understand how most of the Americans accept the unjust activities of USA in the Middle east. USA created Al-Qaeda and also recently ISIS through the most idiot nation Saudi Arabia, but there is no mass protests on the American streets nor any change in the government. Is it true that most of the Americans are idiots and a few are intellectuals?
tony torres (1 month ago)
Russia is an economical powerhouse..e.u. deals with them and don't use exchange rates for business...its all for show and the collapsing u.s. dollar..
goli880 (1 month ago)
a jewish rabbi told me they want crimea because in case they were kicked out of Palestine or Israel they need to go to crimea and live in their origin land ukrain or khazar
Benjamin Karazi (1 month ago)
Sheepoles still do not get these two clowns games with the mass. How about you!!!?
VibeX MaTxeMa (1 month ago)
Usa days are numbered. Its bulshit what usa doing
Miranda Elaine (1 month ago)
The last president who genuinely wanted a better relationship with Russia was Kennedy. Y'all know what happened to him.
Jamila Malluf (1 month ago)
NATO was created to keep Russia in place ,,,, the wall went down...NATO floundered between small wars...  with the wall down how did  NATO continue to justify it's existence? Oh.. the war on Terror yeah... 17 years … Well we have lost in Afghanistan, IRAQ, Libya -China checked the USA on North Korea  and while taking IRAN down will satisfy the kingdoms  Russia and Turkey will be hurt so American can forget IRAN that bluffing is all for Israel , unless the psychopaths are complete idiots... so now that the war on Terror is over, how does NATO continue to justify its existence?  and having recently spent 720,000,000 on its new building and are begging for 200 million morehttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EG2rfZtg6dY  (shouldn't we be spending billions on American housing that works like the NATO building?  )  they absolutely need Russia to be the bad guy again. so they can exist and its a bonanza for the weapons industries on Wall Street and  the Crimaltons I mean the Clintons...  hey every body looskest thou over there... no body is talking about what is going on with the foundation...  hmm.. I wonder how many homeless people could have eaten on what it cost for the NEW NATO building and I wonder  how much money tax payer money  went to moving the NATO Start https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fQeQrT1FrxQ
Sharon Sirvio (1 month ago)
Real News? F U! rump expelled only 60. You lie!!!
Comrade (1 month ago)
RT posted the so called "proof" of the poisoning, look it up. It was a powerpoint about how the novichok gas worked, was a total joke. So all the countries that agreed with UK are perfectly aware of what they were doing, they all know Russia has nothing to do with it. Unlike the U.S. and UK who are really big fans of chemical warfare, russia unlike they got rid of their chemical stockpiles. Lets not forget they are responsible for every death in Iraq, syria, libya, afghanistan, these are the people who caused the shit storm we see today. I think jimmy dore covered this information a lot better, much more informed, you guys are only touching the tip of the iceberg about the level of bull shit they are trying to convince people with.
Richard Llewellyn (1 month ago)
We know that Skripal was involved with MI5 in manufacturing the fake Russian Trump Dossier and was silenced by MI5. This whole Skripal affair stinks of a UK inside job to distract from their involvment in an American regime change operation between Hillary Clinton the FBI and MI5.
Dennis Haney (1 month ago)
Nice spin job, however, let the audience also know the first defensive move by Russia was to suggest why would they take this risk knowing the British facility which could identify the poison was so close to the attack. Yes there is proof that only the Russians would have had the resource and motive to pull this heinous act off. Additionally, any hybrid economic offensive move is an appropriate response to the many indiscretions Russia has propagated broadly in the world today.
David Pointer (1 month ago)
Putin Pansy: UK explained their case to the US and NATO, the many NATO and EU nations choose to expel Russian diplomats. The US just acted by imposing additional sanctions. There is no use trying to prove anything to Russia, as MH-17 has amply demonstrated.
FRANK FRANKLIN (1 month ago)
Dennis you wrote: "Yes there is proof that only the Russians would have had the resource and motive to pull this heinous act off." please enlighten me with your proof, and as far as heinous acts goes no nation comes close to America and Israel.
David Pointer (1 month ago)
Dennis you have been a naughty boy and stated the obvious...Stephen F Cohen is going pronounce you a threat to national security. (I'm already on the list)
raymond mailloux (1 month ago)
The Dems are so stupid & crazy !
raymond mailloux (1 month ago)
Were is the ' proof ' ?
raymond mailloux (1 month ago)
Russia --- Russia ... thats not fair !
caligirl (1 month ago)
Thank you Max Blumenthal for all you do!
Israel freedom
hermenutic (1 month ago)
We'll see if sanctioning Russia and harming their economy seems to have as it's reason the desire to propel Russia to make allegiances in the middle east which lead to a war in support of the bottom line of the American weapon making industry. I have a feeling the weapons makers need more profits and a major war would fill the bill. There are only political reasons for doing this and in the U.S. political reasoning is intrinsically associated with corporate profits.
Charlie Can (1 month ago)
hermenutic keep an eye on Lockheed Martin share price, you will see it go up when a war is coming.
artbiz (1 month ago)
It is done by the one who did it to Yessir Arafat
kamran kam (1 month ago)
No surprises there, USA is untrustworthy and rogue so why the surprise?
Marilyn Verick (1 month ago)
Aaron Matte is my favorite host on The Real News..
Lisa Proff (1 month ago)
You idiots better wake up.....fast. you arent smarter than those who KNOW ....who said the sanctions he leveled were BAD. Geez, your bias against the US government is extremely obvious...no matter hiw many books you have on your bookshelve.
Lisa Proff (1 month ago)
Smh...they had to meet in secret to stave off conspiracies of collusion? Really. Theyre dumb, but not that dumb.
Toof Toof (1 month ago)
I wonder what the end game is??
Toof Toof (1 month ago)
Myles Hagar but don’t you think that that’s what empires do?? Until the weight of it all just causes the state to collapse
Myles Hagar (1 month ago)
Eternal threat of war to excuse an obscene waste of resources by the Pentagon which is impoverishing the U.S.
Tiberit (1 month ago)
"Draconian" is a US term in this context.
delosombres (1 month ago)
USA is done, a complete moral bankrupcy...
hollyh1969 (1 month ago)
Stupid. Russia needs to be spoken with, not messed with...
Did they even think about timing their actions? Holy shit, they are applying sanctions on two major oil producers, one being a nuclear power that can enable the other to become one and also China is being heavily pressured with tariffs and the EU. How they think this will turn up in their favor?
frank spencer (1 month ago)
It's commonly known as watching the collapse of an Empire, only it never really got to Empire status, just military bases and brutal murderers from US criminals who abused the world. It's OVER!
RD Patterson (1 month ago)
Such BS. Both England and the US are terrorist states.
Xtremedia01 (1 month ago)
When was the fucking last time the AMERICAN PEOPLE were in charge if the American gov't?? This would eventually lead to war. Americans should be grateful Putin is a cool and collective president.
MamaMysteriouspgh (1 month ago)
I can see russia and china teaming up against the usa.... the world is sick of us and our arrogance and hypocrisy!!
John Roberts (1 month ago)
I'm so grateful that there's commentary like this available. Thank you!
Kronos Transmission (1 month ago)
A policeman, Nick Bailey was declared fit after just a few days when he came into contact with this toxin which supposedly kills on the spot. Why were police in space suits telling passers by to use baby wipes on their specs and so on? Why was this nerve agent found on a door handle several weeks after the incident with periods of rainfall and snowfall? Why did an independent certified Swiss lab discover a narcotic BZ and a strain of uncontacted pure Novichok in the sample? None of this adds up and the mainstream press are complicit because we now know they've been served a D-notice according to Ch4 anchor, Alex Thompson regarding the Steele-Pablo Miller-Skripal connection. http://www.collective-evolution.com/2018/04/23/staged-chemical-weapons-attack-in-syria-why-we-need-critical-thinking/
Scott Ross (1 month ago)
Isn't it every bit as likely that Porton Down is the source of the (curiously mostly non-lethal) nerve agent? But Russia is the convenient new cure-all for the Henny Pennies of the world: If the sky is falling, Putin did it. The little game Hillary Clinton and her team concocted the day after the 2016 election to excuse her failures is very, VERY dangerous. And everyone seems to want to play now.
David Cruz (1 month ago)
America is a shining city upon a hill. "As Ronald Reagan emphasized, America is a shining city upon a hill whose beacon light guides freedom-loving people everywhere.".........What Happened?????
Brian Booker (1 month ago)
This is all a con, if anyone thinks Trump has good intentions I feel sorry for them. Trump is a petty crook and he's using economic war to extort money. Wilbur R. and Carl I. are two of the many puppet masters controlling Trump and I'm sure Turkey and LNG are playing a role in this particular con.
E Walker (1 month ago)
Have been suspicious that more has been bitten of than can be chewed and they are looking for ways to save face while doing some retreating. We cannot handle the vast cost and debt of the military budget, privatization of public systems, mass surveillance, mass incarceration and making the world hate us. Felt the letter to Mr. Assange was a way out of the current McCarthyism against Russia. His testimony could put it to rest. It is a constant reminder of the failures of the democratic party in the 2016 election. Here it is mentioned how it is even preventing the agenda of the deep state to divide Russia and China. The two countries two could not control hat post WWII and during the cold war were China and Russia (USSR). Still cannot.
landlogger (1 month ago)
Charlie :/ (1 month ago)
*Zionist* 'theREALnews' makes a video about *Zionist* u.s and *zionist* owned trump and how apparently they are in conflict with *zionist* Russia and *zionist* owned Putin! Ofc ofc sure sure whatever you say........
landlogger (1 month ago)
It doesn't get any clearer than this. A group of people, with no conscience and therefore no shame, no empathy, no emotion, no love, hold the reins of power on planet earth. They do not distinguish between Afghani, Iraqi, European, African or American. We are all fodder for their demented psychopathic agenda. It's time to wake up, because it's coming to your doorstep.
Surud Patel (1 month ago)
Americans need not be scared of the Nations of the World but should be of their Government, Intelligence Agencies, Corporate Media & Social Media Platforms, the Military Industrial Complex & their Justice System. Americans have allowed these Institutions to Proliferate their Personal Lives beyond a point of No Return to Normalcy of Human Existence.
Andy Ralph (1 month ago)
Russia may end up destroying the world because of stupid US actions against them
FRANK FRANKLIN (1 month ago)
No, sorry Andy, that's America and Israel's job.
Hank (1 month ago)
Faux News- The US also blamed Assad for the last gas attack and it was debunked by the doctors working there that day-but it did not stop a bombing. trump is a loose cannon or a puppet much like Obama.
shaun b (1 month ago)
Aaron and Max? Great show. Thanks for giving us actual news!
Grizzly (1 month ago)
Max, your work and insights are invaluable but the reality is that we all have to admit to too many unknowns here; in spite of your due diligence. So I believe you may be giving Chump far too much credit here for his hidden Helsinki pee tape swap. What we do know is that he is corrupt from cradle to grave, and that there is no way that was put on hold in Helsinki. No way in "Hellsinki." That leaves us with Occam's razor: I.e., self-serving nefarious "detente." Which only makes your work (and Mate's work) all the more important. Personally, I believe the news' emphasis should be placed on China. Why? Primarily for one reason. By doing so, "we the people" have the best chance to stay rational...more objective about what we read and hear. And, as a result, hopefully, collectively call out local and national leaders when they try to get us to run around with our hair on fire - ala that whack job Tennessee politician. So like Chump said during campaign: "Ch-eye-na! It's Ch-eye-na!" For they are surely the linch pin in all this - ultimately.
Joseph Ballin (1 month ago)
kelhawk1 (1 month ago)
Time Mover? ; ) First I've heard of PNAC, thank you! People seem to be really waking up fast!
Kronos Transmission (1 month ago)
kelhawk1 True. But those at the top aren't even American, look at PNAC, they're all Israeli
kelhawk1 (1 month ago)
It's obviously the Military Industrial Complex that profits from all these conflicts, yet some idiots always gotta show up to blame we the people. Right back at ya shit for the fan. Hope to see you on the way there.
Kronos Transmission (1 month ago)
Joseph Ballin It's not Americans to blame, it's a few elites at the top who have dual nationality or none.
Lisa Houserman (1 month ago)
Hi Joseph! Long time - Hope you are well
Adrian Chin (1 month ago)
America have rude awakening coming..when Russia shock them with a sudden nuclear attack they will regret all this shit.i guess these ungodly assholes in Congress the house and the state department haven’t being reading there bible else they would know what’s coming
Bee be Cee (1 month ago)
Iran wants a regime change in the US as they prefer not to deal with Trump's gangsterism.
Rob Vann (1 month ago)
Russia will send Iran more S-300 Triumph air defense missile systems..
If the US and Israel attack Iran, the third world war will begin. The whole thing is in Iranian oil, China buys Iranian oil paying for it in RMB. In the case of the seizure of Iran, the US will be able to dredge in the oil market, thereby hitting the Russian economy. In any case, Russia and China will not allow this.
Rob Vann (1 month ago)
These systems are deadly ..that's why Israel asked Russia not to supply them to Iran because the intention is for Israel and the US to attack Iran. The last thing Russia wants is to see the Middle East turn into total chaos.
TheSommersonnenwende (1 month ago)
And how would that help Russia?
acidpunx (1 month ago)
PLEASE PUTIN put on display to the world the portable chemical weapons lab made by the west for terrorists in Syria as this bullshit has gone too far and the west are not going to change Russia,we know in the UK it was a false flag instantly it happened,Sy Hersh said the word going around that it was MI6 and the russian mafia
J.L. Goodman (1 month ago)
By Theresa May's logic,if you get stabbed with a Samurai sword on the subway,it could only be the Japanese government behind it.
Marek Trochan (30 days ago)
J.L. Goodman and it will be ninja 007 from UK..
Min Maung Maung (1 month ago)
J.L. Goodman - Exactly, a very good example.
Franco Barone (1 month ago)
Agree, and if you get hit with a bagpipe on your head look nowhere else because the culprit can be only the Scottish government..
Tom da Silva (1 month ago)
Had to smile... Giggle, even...
vforvendetta60 (1 month ago)
J.L. Goodman Well said.
Ulf Meier-Schulze (1 month ago)
What if people sanction USA? If you buy from USA companies you support USA economy, means you support USA and the US made wars. Just saying here on YouTube Google.^^
José Dourado (1 month ago)
🇺🇸 Well done 🇺🇸 Russianstani TERRORIST federation deserves it
José Dourado (1 month ago)
+Julianna Oprea is crazy. Specially when she compares a war between USA and Japan with terrorism. Libya military resolution that RuSSia took part as well yo terrorism. Terrorism is RuSSian gulags, concentration camps filled with Ukrainians, holodomor, bombing of Syrian people in their own homes, Ukrainians, Georgians moldovans etc. Just a few there is much more
Julianna Oprea (1 month ago)
José Dourado USA is a Terrorist country who destroyed Lybia,Iraq ,dropped atom bomb on Hirosima and Nagasaki,interfere I 152 countries election......and more and more !! These are just few things about USA.

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