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The Islamic Finance Show - Episode 1 'What is Islamic Finance?'

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Episode 1: What is Islamic Finance? A journey to unravel a financial system that's over 1000 years old. The first episode of this new show asks, invites Islamic finance expert Faisal Karbani to discuss: what is Islamic finance? The Islamic Finance Show airs Wednesdays at 9:30 pm, only on Islam Channel.
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Text Comments (10)
DIESELMO2NV (9 months ago)
Islamic finance is more expensive then the regular banks
baker johnny (10 months ago)
Assalamu alikum wr, thank you so much for Clarifying these sensitive issues we need videos like this to keep our heads above the water in the western society !!!
CA Rahul Srivastava (1 year ago)
Can a non muslim learn Islamic Finance
Revival (1 year ago)
Yes bro...here is another lecture https://youtu.be/CpurdrJwMLY
Rashed Miah (1 year ago)
Is forex trading haram
Kaab Dhalin-yaro (1 year ago)
MaShaAllah thank you for starting an interesting platform, am very eager to learn about this subject. Thank you again.
Akib Nawaz (1 year ago)
Fair play Sohail!
Ghouri M Ahmed (1 year ago)
بدلة زرقاء هو رجل جميل
Maryam Tahiri (1 year ago)
Great first episode brother
Safa Ibrahim (1 year ago)
mashAllah this is amazing!

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