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Hong Kong & Singapore - Global Financial Ambitions (CNBC)

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© CNBC All Rights Reserved CNBC Straight Talk here http://www.cnbc.com/id/38002204 CNBC's Emily Chan presents on Hong Kong and Singapore. These regularly top rankings doing business even outdoing their western peers going head-to-head in the likes of banking, IPOs and attracting top talent.
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J Lo (8 days ago)
If markets between the top 5-6 ASEAN economies will work together and be fully connected, then the title of a global financial centre will be more/ fully realized. It may act as a gateway to the region by investors instead of getting to each economies one by one. On the other hand Singapore's economic growth is limited because of its size, proof of it is happening now while others are growing the upwards of 5% in the region but of course they still performed well compared to other developed nations.
Chelo Figueroa (2 years ago)
it's what I want for my little island.
HK FREE POWER (2 years ago)
Hong Kong has more free environment that Singapore especially in political . but Singapore is family Li control the country .
Ben yun (1 month ago)
That's all what you know !
Sunny Sunny (1 year ago)
HK FREE POWER : Not after 1/7/2017. So sad.
Wong wan chung (2 years ago)
Singapore IS AN INDEPENDENT Nation since August 9th 1965 and had Celebrated the 50th Anniversary of Independence with Singapore Military SAF defending Singapore and like Hong Kong are both Surrounded by Bigger Nations like Hong Kong is Surrounded by China, Vietnam, Philippines and Taiwan, Singapore surrounded by Malaysia and Indonesia both Muslim Nations and Singapore IS A Multi-racial and Religious since Independence and the Dominance of the PAP Government led by then Late PM Lee Kwan Yew.
Jeremy WCK (2 years ago)
Singapore edged past Hong Kong as the world’s No. 3 financial center, according to a survey by London-based research firm Z/Yen Group. The Southeast Asian city-state ranks behind London and New York, and two points ahead of Hong Kong on the Global Financial Centres Index, published April 6 on the firm’s website. The index, which has a scale of 1,000 points, is based on surveys of 2,520 financial-services professionals, according to the press release. The ranking reflects key competitive areas including business environment, financial sector development and infrastructure of the 86 hubs around the world covered by the survey.
KillaMan Shank-One (1 year ago)
Hong Kong back in third place as of September 2017 and actually its Banking & Insurance output (main pillars of finance) has always dwarfed Singapore's
RalphHeiHei (1 year ago)
And Hong Kong is placed on the third place in 2017...
gmshadowtraders (2 years ago)
+Jeremy WCK Very interesting! Thanks!
Clarissa Gafoor (2 years ago)
you can't compare Hong Kong to Singapore, one is a city, one is a country. like comparing new York to France,,,just silly
Billy The-Kid (1 year ago)
Donavon For your info, a City State can be considered a Country too. Definition of a country is not by it's size but it's degree of autonomy.
Billy The-Kid (1 year ago)
gmshadowtraders Unfortunately, there's No more REAL one country two system. Communist China went back on it's words.
Sunny Sunny (1 year ago)
One Country two System? Not after 1/7/2017. So sad.
Zhao Wei (2 years ago)
Many still consider Singapore as a city state, not a country. It is just too small.
gmshadowtraders (2 years ago)
+Clarissa Gafoor Well they each have their own national currencies, the Hong Kong Dollar and the Singapore Dollar. It's true that Hong Kong is now a part of China, but they are still officially "One country, two systems". Please research the topic before posting next time.
Unisisgroup Marketing (3 years ago)
That's the point

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