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Building Ninja's Fortnite Gaming Setup!

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Text Comments (12505)
Aidan Birch (10 hours ago)
i have the new prodigy G213 keyboard and g300s mouse from logitech
Red Styr (12 hours ago)
Nwo u can ban people for stream sniping
Frensis (13 hours ago)
Мне бы таковой, А не точто у меня, хуйня с мусорки. ⁣    😠 ✊👕⁣👊    👖   👟👟
I am wiki (15 hours ago)
I play fortnite but ninja sucks lol
SouLis GR (16 hours ago)
Table diameter pls?
Tadpole Gaming (19 hours ago)
Do this video again but with his current room/setup
DarenGamerHQ RBLX (21 hours ago)
To be honest I have the worst setup ever
DansySansy (22 hours ago)
Who's the better Fortnite streamer? Like: Tfue Reply: Ninja Oof I chose Tfue yay
ZooM_ Yeezy (23 hours ago)
Do tfue setup , he bought a new pc , keyboard , mouse and a mousepad
0ut1aaw (1 day ago)
Oh yeah yeah
King Leart (1 day ago)
I wish i had it 😢😔
ramo (1 day ago)
The desk in this video?
ToxicFlight (1 day ago)
at 4:43 look at the time on the pc
Horacio Soltero (1 day ago)
Can you build ME a setup?
David Dethart (1 day ago)
But can it run Minecraft?
Dr_Strike (1 day ago)
🔥 I’m $ubbing yo everyone who $ubs to me 🔥 (Notifications on) 😉
Ahmed (1 day ago)
Doesn't ninja use the finalmouse?
Cool! Hello!
Bullet Proof (2 days ago)
Bld nzxt is shit i made a 2 times better pc at the money they recomend
Keanu Bannan (2 days ago)
How much it cost
Dragon YT (2 days ago)
Make a video on thronos
Unknow (2 days ago)
6:27 LMAO
Ponckenzy (3 days ago)
2:30 lmaooooo
Ranvir (3 days ago)
FBI: delete this video now hoe
Olè Olè (4 days ago)
NightBot (4 days ago)
Good video as always! Willy du 🤯 🤓 🤣
When a noob buys a gaming PC andere slill sucks
Crash from youtube (4 days ago)
Of the start i noticed that he had a GeForce graphic card while an amd gives more features for the setup
Dragyn Fyng (5 days ago)
I am utterly disappointed and disgusted that there isn't an Ali A case available.
Ejesh Shakya (6 days ago)
Worst gaming setup review......wtf
Dark lord (7 days ago)
why anti-aliasing off ??
ayush Rajpoot (7 days ago)
And what about PUBG?
ayush Rajpoot (7 days ago)
I walk on 00.001 fps
Donavan Kelso (7 days ago)
That isn't ninja pc set up , that's not even the mouse or keyboard he uses..
Edsel Rey Tampos (7 days ago)
Correct me if I'm wrong, in that setup, he's using the Freesync version of AW monitor, right? He's using Nvidia VC. Just wondering why.
KAUÃ GAMES BR (8 days ago)
Kkkkkkk 2:20
Kslz Zxz (8 days ago)
Your wrong with the keyboard ninjas keyboard is a Corsair
Amen Ajmal (8 days ago)
Pewdiepie s better than ninja
Emarati Gamer (9 days ago)
Building a 5000$ setup , can’t play the game Nailed it !
Idk but I’m waaaaaayyy to broke for that
jonathanbyers (9 days ago)
PC looks amazing!
Hamodi Mehdi (9 days ago)
Little chinese
Dark Dammy (10 days ago)
Porn at the 10000 FPS xDD
Fireburnerz LTD (10 days ago)
Scatter Volt commented lol
Daddy Krampus (10 days ago)
That’s not Ninjas mouse 😂
D (10 days ago)
Ctrl Alt Del Your Life (10 days ago)
Butcan it run Big Chungus 6 (PC exclusive)?
POGCHAMP/ \ DPS MAIN (10 days ago)
Why are u and ninja so stupid, you guys wanted to build a 10.000$ pc to play a worse version of Minecraft. That’s f*cking retarded
YT Ramzi_king (10 days ago)
Dude can you make my setup
FamilygamerTV 3547 (10 days ago)
Doremifasolatito Try spacing it
demir mermerci (11 days ago)
But now its final mouse 58 and k95 platinum with speed switches
Antexu (11 days ago)
Ciekawe ile on na tym kompie by miał fpsów w csi'e na średnich xD z 1000
iiDaRedzZ _ (11 days ago)
Wait how much does all that cost in total??
All the money in the world and he is not running dual 1080Ti in SLI? bs
HexaKill Master (11 days ago)
my pc fps in minecraft 26😭😢
Lone (12 days ago)
Ninja uses the k70 rapid fire
Louis Nicdao (12 days ago)
No The Core of ninja victory royale is him self
I want this PC
Blue eyes (13 days ago)
tå måch moni
Vinotoyo 24 (13 days ago)
Can you give me that I need pc
darkside slowmos (13 days ago)
i have a 1050 ti at a resolution of 1900 by 1000 and i get 190 frames per second anyone suspicious yet
Sean Carey (13 days ago)
Jesus, the host is really annoying. I just wanted to know the pc specs. He's not funny at all.
سايبر (13 days ago)
The moment when u spend thousands of dollars on pc but still a default
Teddern7 (13 days ago)
He user the Corsair k70 mechanical keyboard
jtlego1 (13 days ago)
Omar Alsuhaimi (13 days ago)
Lol a 12 year has everthing epic with his gaming setup you suck ninja and the kid has a channel
F You (13 days ago)
5:00 It's only got ALIENWARE written on it XD
aTranny_ (13 days ago)
But can it run at the same FPS of life?
Neck snapper (13 days ago)
you forgot the red bull mini fridge your not ninja
CJ Trapeur (14 days ago)
Not the keyboard he uses and not the mouse to anymore
LapisGoBlue (14 days ago)
6:28 💀💀💀
I am bread Donnie (14 days ago)
You had to put fortnite in the title didnt u
MPP Papi12354 (14 days ago)
1080ti boi try 2080ti
Dorian Kaminski (14 days ago)
You forgot the 500 more monitors
TSM OLYXMAN (14 days ago)
Simpletroll Gt (14 days ago)
It can’t run Minecraft tho
Alrienius TM (15 days ago)
Who’s ninja fortnite?
Ryan Keehn (15 days ago)
240 fps? Boi I got 15 fps, beat that
Banana Gamer (15 days ago)
Too overated
AnxiousTuber (16 days ago)
When you have a good gaming setup but you dont have wifi
Ching King Tyunf (17 days ago)
Can it run calculator?
Not_A Turtle (17 days ago)
The case it self cost like 400$
Xxcrz-snipesxX (17 days ago)
But can it run 8 Ball pool?
Leegit Memes (17 days ago)
I built a $700 conputer and it runs at 120 fps🤦🏻‍♂️
Why Is Life (17 days ago)
What?! Ninja sucks more than TFue, and I’m not saying he’s bad, just saying tfues better
Why Is Life (17 days ago)
Yo when you said hey at the start, it just sounded only in my left ear bud lol
Why Is Life (17 days ago)
And all the other times he said stuff lol
Why Is Life (17 days ago)
But really, can it run roblox?
Why Is Life (17 days ago)
KING RAZER11 (17 days ago)
I have that monitor, its so gud
Mr Roblox (17 days ago)
I Need An Upgrade
Devin Balkaran (17 days ago)
I have the same keyboard and mouse
Hdjekso (17 days ago)
The gaming chair is how ninja gets victory royale and you didn't showcase it? Shame.
CEMEX JAW (18 days ago)
It annoys me to watch these what do they do with them like hit me up and send me one man I need a better gaming pc /setup
Keimarr (18 days ago)
Ninja doesn't even use the highest settings.
beat alpha (18 days ago)
Can I have the PC setup
mukesh YAdav (18 days ago)
:(:) :(:)
sai krishna (18 days ago)
I really want an amazing pc legitamitly I hv the worst one Not even an pc (Laptop😭😯😅
Brody Neistat (18 days ago)
Zachary Manning (19 days ago)
That logic is ass. You're turning off shadows on fortnite on a 1080ti? Wtf you smoking lol
WiLd_ Lamma (19 days ago)
Ninjas setup still isn't as good as Wills.
Kabul_ Boys (19 days ago)

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