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Microsoft Outlook Email App for Android

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Here is the Microsoft Outlook Preview Email App for Android devices. This app recently released for free. It works great on phones and tablets. I show most of the features of the email app in this video. I hope you guys like the video. Download Microsoft Outlook Preview Email App here: http://goo.gl/h27Qcz
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Wonderwoman Mazza (1 month ago)
Why can't I print an email? Outlook?
LookAtMe (4 months ago)
How do i sign out from the mobile app ?
Dale Yakin (4 months ago)
You are simply showing us what anyone can see by playing with the app. We need instruction - I'm trying to setup my workmail on the Outlook app, but the form requires email (easy), password (easy), then domain/username. I assume "domain" is the field that is making my effort fail. I thought it was simply the info that comes after "@" in my email address.
Shubham Mittal (5 months ago)
Hello, I saw your video and you have explained it very well. But can you tell me how to take print of any mail from mobile.
William Yaremchuk (5 months ago)
Hey I want to know how to set this up not a add on how wonderful it is and lots of dribble on how the cool pictures are. Looks likea 13 year teenager did this.
Niraj Gala (8 months ago)
Is there an option to change the font on this app. ?
slip (11 months ago)
How the hell do send a new email???
Don White Jr. (10 months ago)
Don White Jr. (10 months ago)
slip please
Moto arzan (1 year ago)
Threading is a dealbreaker here. Sure it will indicate with a number how many emails are in the thread but you can not expand it to show the first few lines of each email and jump into or delete those individual ones. When you open it becomes one long continuous email.
Biju Shil (1 year ago)
Technical guruji (1 year ago)
Amal Rahman (1 year ago)
How to set reminder for sent mails by using android outlook
Matthew CJ (1 year ago)
can anybody tell, how i can scroll between mails?
bnhamilton (1 year ago)
Marc, how do i delete all the emails in my Inbox at one time?
Ritesh Jha (1 year ago)
Mate I forgotten the password of folder privacy ? How to get back again? I can't open document which I have downloaded. It always asked me a password , help me
Sky Summery (1 year ago)
What about the archived files how can i find them...plz help??
Tamala McIver (1 year ago)
How do you filter the email by sender?
Bria James (1 year ago)
How do you forward a email?
Andy Leigh (1 year ago)
Same problem. I just lost 30 minutes talking to Microsoft support - basically going around in circles until the line mysteriously dropped. It seemed a simple query but I might as well have been speaking Martian.
Retropaganda (1 year ago)
I wish I could give this app a try but connecting to my Exchange account requires the phone to grant administrator rights to the Outlook app. This is something I cannot allow since it basically lets the app wipe out all data on my phone. This app is of no much use for me on other accounts since it does not synchronise with standard contacts and calendars.
Elna-Mari Keevey (1 year ago)
How to activate received and read on my tablet
James Walker (1 year ago)
Never did see out to Print!
subra santhanam (1 year ago)
I like the app it is cool
Hudadada two9 (2 years ago)
how to reply to email?
Boydie George (2 years ago)
why does this app remove my emails content...how do I fix it please?
responsibleparty (2 years ago)
Never before has there been such crap software available for us (excluding Windows 8 and Edge).
eli Brito (2 years ago)
Mildred Molina (2 years ago)
I'm coming across he problem that my email and calendar are not syncing onto my phone. Any ideas as to why?
Nad Ragaw (2 years ago)
sorry, but yet another reviewer that talks way way to fast. I had to quit watching one minute into it. I'll spend the next 7 minutes finding out what I want to know elswhere
Joe West (2 months ago)
I will second that comment he speaks as all we already know the app inside out and the words are merely to waste a few minutes could not follow comfortably
Armaan Khan (2 years ago)
how do we change the outlook password
Different (1 year ago)
Armaan Khan This, can't fucking do it
Best music HQ flac (2 years ago)
Henry G (2 years ago)
How do we print from this app?
Sign In Support (2 years ago)
Great job March, Good material.
Br41th (2 years ago)
Hi is it possible to send hyperlinks? I can't see any options for linking, thanks
Great job Marc, thanks for the Vid.
quincy jenkins (2 years ago)
how do I create group emails using the outlook mobile app
Mohammad Ahmed (2 years ago)
how can i get email notifications from different email addresses (yahoomail , gmail) in one email folder (shown in account)thanks .
Redstone Gameplay (3 years ago)
But how to you sign out or Log out? please help
EpsilonGX TX (2 years ago)
delete the app
Redstone Gameplay (3 years ago)
How please tell me, PLEASE?
Randomzz 963 (3 years ago)
Mr Marc this is suliman hi quick question I am trying to send an email how do you know it's sent.????? is there any way of finding out that it's sent...? I sent an email I went into the sent folder and the draft folder like wth????
Arash Nefas (3 years ago)
can i do pop3 on outlook android?
Carlos Rodriguez (3 years ago)
is there a way that I can have a separate notification for HI-Importance masages that is different from the reg email? the only app I know it does this a Touchdown. it lets me set up rules.
Mark Pickering (3 years ago)
I hate this new version. How do I download images from emails?
FW Ges. (3 years ago)
When will you be learning English?
Margrit Dyckert (2 years ago)
FW Ges. ťßý
+FW Ges. Stop being a racist troll, his English was fine. You're coming off like the loser American who hates on anybody unlike themselves. This is about tech, Just go away.
rsaathoff (3 years ago)
is app sucks! Lost control of my calendar and contacts. Show me where you can control the calendar. It does not exist. It broke all the connection to android calendar and contacts and ALL calendar items are gone. You MUST use the the outlook calendar as it will cont work with the consolidated android calendar. No options just absolute control by Microsoft.
Christopher Sommers (3 years ago)
June 2015. I moved from a LG G Pro Android phone to the new LG G4 and unfortunately the 2015 Outlook application demonstrated here is now my Outlook app. Yes, folks, it's still buggy. I would like to have the "old one" back. Six months after this MS release and Outlook for Android remains buggy.  I had it for a moment on my LG Pro and chose to revert back to the 2014 version.
send it (3 years ago)
Actually it was Acompli just rebranded to Outlook since MS bought that mail app...
Josh (3 years ago)
what phone is it?
h4x0rl33tee (3 years ago)
Will not work on android phone running 4.4 Kitkat will not send or receive emails ???
Flecha57 (3 years ago)
Slow down cowboy...  you're a geek, I'm not.  :((
Hey how are you? I was watching your video because i already downloaded the app, but i have some issues, the first and most important of that is, the app doesn't download all the mails that i have in my inbox. What should i do? I have 500 mails but the app just download the first 100 mails and also i was searching through the filters but the mail that i need, doesnt find it! please i need help. I wish you could read my message!.
vibra64 (3 years ago)
Way too many problems with this app. Do you know of a way to get the old outlook.com back? Thanks
rsaathoff (3 years ago)
+vibra64 The outlook.com is not available. I made the mistake of removing it. If you use multiple calendars you cannot use outlook on the android consolidated calendar. Outlook wants you to use their app ONLY for contacts and Calendar. It is a horrible move for Microsoft to maintain absolute control. Now I have to go two different calendars/apps...
+vibra64 there is one! But it depends of what kind of os is your mobile?
vibra64 (3 years ago)
Anyway to get the inbox to show more than just a months emails???
alejandra arias (3 years ago)
nice video .. but does not clarify the part of incoming emails because a person come together in one mode mail as conversation! including my post answers! Such as emails separated and are not they? help 
Pete George (3 years ago)
Not crazy about it.  Cant see week at a glance in calendar and cant enlarge emails for better reading.  Any thoughts?
qtyqty4 (3 years ago)
OneDrive free 15G++, is more than just about storage. Thanks for the video.
THEWAR 768 (3 years ago)
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adorelenore (8 months ago)
THEWAR 768 🐂🐄🐃🐃🐷🐖🐷🍡🐦🐦🐧🐦🐦🐦🐥🐢🐣🐓

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