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Samsung Galaxy S5 Hard Reset/Remove Passcode

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this will wipe your device of all data.
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zylokun (17 days ago)
so best buy has something that says "is the lock/master reset code clear" is that this..?
Tata Hanna (1 month ago)
Thank you so much
Thanks ,it is working!!!
kai pickering (5 months ago)
thank you so much thought i had no phone
Dong-Hee Lee (6 months ago)
tried it now stuck with open logo
Just Derrick (7 months ago)
Thank You!!!! My dang email would not let me do this, but you helped me do this!!!😎😀😎😀😎📲📱
Kriselle Macahis (7 months ago)
will hard reset also removes the pin code for safe/vault folder?
CP100 (7 months ago)
Thanks! I found a galaxy s5 dropped on the street and I took it home lol. The screen was cracked but the phone fully worked! (Display and everything else). But it was locked so I couldn't to go settings and reset it. It will be my backup phone.
It’s your Nan 123 (8 months ago)
Thank you
The Brown Martian (8 months ago)
How can I reset using ext SD card
juicyfruit 321 (8 months ago)
it tells me to write my samsung id OKAY PLEASE SOMEONE HELP I BROKE MY P H O N E
kevin crissen (1 year ago)
Yay thanks this really helped me out
Joe Mc'Laughlin (1 year ago)
doesn't work
beYOUtiful Bee (1 year ago)
Thank you so much! 💖
sharihill70 (1 year ago)
Katherine Pinks (1 year ago)
Diane pinks
Katherine Pinks (1 year ago)
JOGO (1 year ago)
Fantastic tutorial thanks. Would this allow me to unlock the phone at the same time ? If not do you have a video on unlocking one. I have a Samsung galaxy s5 from boost mobile , along with the code , but do not know how to go thru the process of unlocking it . Thanks again for any help..
Emmalina Te Rangi (1 year ago)
a friend Hard-Reset My S5😣😣😣 Can u please help me get EVERYTHING back 😢😢 Photos/Videos/Music/Apps/Service
Ian Benne (6 months ago)
Sorry once it's done EVERYTHING is gone.
jehegen L (1 year ago)
wow this actually worked!!!
Aj Capwell (1 year ago)
when u take out the sd card could u but it back in and ever thing well be the same except the password
Tamana Mshmoody (1 year ago)
Cecilio Cano (1 year ago)
Thank you so much ! This helped me alot
Kiran Tulsie (1 year ago)
what if it says the mdm doesnt allow?? help needed urgently
Jose Novales (1 year ago)
Stuck on Verizon screen 🤔
slashclutter (1 year ago)
Jose Novales I was able to get off that screen by removing the battery and reinstalling it. Good luck Jose
Louie Schadt (1 year ago)
mine is staying on the circle logo and then my phone gets hot. I bought phone off someone and he didn't fully reset it. Idk what to do. please help
Louie Schadt (1 year ago)
Sucks. Not sure if the phone is any good now.. let me know if u figure it out bud
Josue Gomez (1 year ago)
Louie Schadt mines doing the same
Vector Valdez (1 year ago)
Thanks very helpful
Superssjeevee (1 year ago)
he said a few weeks 😅 ya i might as well kill my self fucking auto correct
Jermy Hernandez (1 year ago)
thanks it really work
henry rojas (1 year ago)
please help
henry rojas (1 year ago)
great video but i have a question it doesn't let me get bypassed the Samsung account thing bc i forgot my password
NO^DICKHILL (2 years ago)
Thanks man!! Really appreciated, since I couldn't reset my phone in the menu because my Samsung account password was 16 characters and it only allowed me to type 15.
cuppykakes28 (2 years ago)
does this reset allow me to use a different simple card?
Real stuff (2 years ago)
trhanks alot
Heck Mann (2 years ago)
Thanks man, helped a lot. 10/10 -IGN
Eno Beano (2 years ago)
thank you
Flex (2 years ago)
Dude u are awesome
Bob C (2 years ago)
Great video, nice job. Don't hold your phone sideways. It makes it hard to read. Thanks, keep up the good work.
Hunrock12 (2 years ago)
thank you dude
Nick Romick (2 years ago)
awesome! worked like a charm!
Melanie Ford (2 years ago)
Don't know why anyone gave this a thumbs down.. It was so easy :-)  Thankyou    Oxford Street Tech Oxford Street Tech
Zaher Mohammad (2 years ago)
DIL S (2 years ago)
darkmoon Kate (2 years ago)
Thank you it worked for me !!!!!!
David Seymour (2 years ago)
Thank you so much, God bless you
Cassandra Coffey (2 years ago)
It isn't working for. It just keeps turning in when I do it
cameron bice (2 years ago)
can you help when i try to factory reset i upsidedown saying select boot mode but afterthat it stays ??????please help
Brian Dobbyns (2 years ago)
didn't work for me unfortunately
Meagan Behan (2 years ago)
Would I have to re-activate my phone after rebooting it? I'm not paying 60 more dollars...
George Henry (2 years ago)
Does this hard reset unlock the phone so it can be used with any sim card?
Sasageyo sasageyo (2 years ago)
does this remove the password
Sasageyo sasageyo (2 years ago)
+iDarknessPvP  well my phone was outdated so I couldn't reset it
Isaac Velazquez (2 years ago)
hears! please if you can make a video more or explained materialized because the io is conjelo and nose como and takes a long Please
litchelle (2 years ago)
OMG this was so helpful, thank you!
Alvin Lac Nguyen (2 years ago)
thank you soo much!
Steve BONTRAGER (2 years ago)
Allstar Rondo (3 years ago)
mine didnt do that mine went to the part where you have to reactivate my phone or something like that
Queen NicNic (3 years ago)
thanks so much. it really worked for me.
Queen NicNic (3 years ago)
thanks so much. it really worked for me.
Albert Blakeney (3 years ago)
thank you sooo much !!!
Bruce Thomson (3 years ago)
Hi Oxford Street Tech. - Thank you so much for enabling me to reset my phone. A local shops had frowned morally about me buying used online (at about half their price). She gravely told me they'd have to send the phone away for up to ten days,. Another cell phone specialist shop guy seemed very doubtful, but would 'try' for $69. I declined, went home. - I found your video. Scrutinized it, wrote down the steps. Then in about five tense-but-glorious minutes had the thing beautifully clean reset. I will easily restore my contacts and files from my backups. - I realize this can help thieves, but I'm FAR more concerned about being able to restore my phone than I am about that. (I keep my phone in my wallet with a lanyard preventing it being lost or easily stolen.) - ALL mobile phones should have an excellent vid like this to help their owners. - Thanks again - you are SURE to get to heaven for this!  =) P.S. Maybe add an annotation to the video where you have to 'wait a few minutes' saying 'Don't be impatient, it DOES takes several minutes, so WAIT at least five minutes, for it to erase and reset, don't assume it's failed. Have a cup of tea or something. = )' - Kind regards, Bruce Thomson in New Zealand.
Bruce Thomson (3 years ago)
+DeadBat Thanks DeadBat, but that site has a rating of 2.5 out of 5, and a red cross-out for safety. - The thing about the Oxford Street tech video was that it felt more trustworthy, because you could simply watch and mimic what was done, rather than trusting long-winded written instructions on a dubious website. - I had browsed ages, seen all sorts of methods, been told some were scams. The shops in town were negative or expensive and complicated. This vid was less than four minutes, visually & cognitively easy to understand, I could stop at any moment to 'freeze' the situation to ensure I was doing it right. - And it worked perfectly.
Bobbie B (3 years ago)
Did not work it's stuck on Downloading do not turn off target screen
Wisam Butrus (3 years ago)
thank you
Whisper_Fan (3 years ago)
Perfect thank you so much!
adriana reyes (3 years ago)
Thank you soo much nice video btw (:
Becky Avalos (3 years ago)
Thanks 😘☺
Yasmin Saldivar (3 years ago)
Thanks 😄
Drewski (3 years ago)
thank you!
KeyAna Universe (3 years ago)
Thank you !!
MichelleMichelle1004 (3 years ago)
Thank you!!!!!!
Farah_ 2604 (3 years ago)
Thanks you good
Ali Sayyar (3 years ago)
When you are doing all this are you connected to wifi or not. Cause I can see you are not using wifi
Paul Raymond (3 years ago)
+Ali Sayyar Make sure you try unlockallandroids. com to get any android phone unlocked. Yes yes yes, i cant beleive it was that eay to unlockm my android !!
Ali Sayyar (3 years ago)
How come it doesn't work for me
Samuel Smith (3 years ago)
wow kool
alex larin (3 years ago)
Perfect tbh didn't waste my time thanks
4DoransOnLee (3 years ago)
Thank you so much for the vid<3
Maria Bashir (3 years ago)
Thanks for the vid...
Eder Pereira (3 years ago)
Nice all step work thanks for your video I do reset my phone without problem
Mercedes Nuñez (3 years ago)
It didn't work for me with my S5 G900V. Please help me. The cell phone was bought in USA from Verizon and I need to use it in a different country. Thanks.
Jelly Gabiola (3 years ago)
Make sure it's power off before doing hard reset bec. it wont work as I tried.
Eliza Smidt (3 years ago)
How come you people dont just goto samsunggeeks .us, seriously !. Dont goto unlockiphonefree its the copy !!
Edgar Nunez (3 years ago)
:o :(
Reyna Adame (3 years ago)
I didnt get the same image on my phone it gave me a different one
Reyna Adame (3 years ago)
How long does it take???
Jack Chandler (3 years ago)
Thanks that helped me alot
CBCTutor SRajkumar (3 years ago)
Thank you! It was a great help! 
kocka12345 (3 years ago)
This is video perfect ... (galaxy s5 black ) 
jay jay (3 years ago)
anitafinch (3 years ago)
Such a great help! Thank you so much 😉
Slavica Djukic (3 years ago)
Thank you man
kicke_760 (3 years ago)
will this erase my photos?
Vladiev (5 months ago)
wipes every data
Generic (1 year ago)
kiique100 yes
Amyree Holmes (3 years ago)
Thank you so much for making this!!!! I really needed this clip
faiza aleem (3 years ago)
thanks alot for helpping 
Victoria L (3 years ago)
So I'm an idiot and tried out the finger scanner, got it wrong, then completely forgot my gmail password since I don't use it often, and my phone sent me to lastly enter my alternate password.. I've tried everything I know and nothing works. If I take out my sim card & memory card, and do this, letting it re-set itself, can I shut it off after it re-sets itself and then put my sim & memory card back in,turn it back on and it should have most my things saved again or no? Thank you !
Lyndonkyle Lagpacan (3 years ago)
Thank you soooooo much! I really needed that!
Saja Abd Elhai (3 years ago)
is there any way that someone recovers ur photos or videos or msgs or all of what was on in the internal phone memory after a hard reset?  I'm considering selling my phone but I want to be that no one can recover my stuff..
Tim Cummings (3 years ago)
CAN ANYONE HELP ME??? I bought a Samsung Galaxy s5 had it two days and find out the dirty people i bought it off had stolen it it now comes up with the circle with the line through it where signal bars should be! Been told it is blocked is there any way to bypass this i spent good money on this and do not want to lose out!! PLEASE HELP
Rebecca J. Martin (3 years ago)
Unlock your android device using this website Works on all countries and all cariers *s5.FREE-smartphone-unlock*.*COM*
portucito7 (3 years ago)
Have you tried what the video says ? ^^^ This works with apple stuff so just give it a try with S5... Plug the phone to a computer (USB) Go to settings of device click on your phone and (I don't remember the option) so just go thru all of them, there should be one that says (locked) might be under password or something... Click it twice and type in (unlock) should work after that... Hahaha Next time you buy a phone... Take your sim card off of your current phone... Try to make a call... If the phone is stolen it won't let you do anything... If the call goes thru you're good... Also there is a site where you can check when a phone is reported stolen by typing in the phone's Code... I think its call IMA IMAI or some like that...
Norma Hines (3 years ago)
Good info!
Giselle Rosales (3 years ago)
IT actually worked Thank you
Nelson Reina (9 months ago)
Restablecer Ajustes
Assan Albasri علي (3 years ago)
LaChelle Reed (3 years ago)
Thanks for this.  Needed to wipe my old phone so I could return it.  Big Help!  Thanks
gabriel55574 (3 years ago)
this saved me from porn scam love you soooo much
capri30armon (3 years ago)
Thank you so much you saved me $15 which is not much but still helped me!!
Why when I do that steps on my cell it  doesn't work?

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