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Great Habits of Successful Traders - Hindi Part 1

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I am outlining the 7 Habits of Successful Traders, there can be many, but I these are some of the qualities that runs through almost all of the successful traders and is a common denominator. Just see to it that you too imbibe them and implement them in your trading style, and I am sure you will be one step closer to success in trading. In this video I am explaining about the first 2 habits and soon, I will come up with videos explaining the remaining 5 habits. Hope this helps, all the very best. Edward Ji,
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Raj Kumar (4 days ago)
Greatly said.Fanatically truth.This is final word to become a successful trader.
Good information for beginners
kavita (4 days ago)
Hello sir kya aap mujhe batayenge mt4 me yadi hum khud fund transfernahi kar pa rahe hai to broker through kar sakte kya
For You (5 days ago)
Good job....
Rupam Dalal (16 days ago)
Kitne tak ka loss jhela he aap ne
Tech Bhuchal (19 days ago)
sir ji i am big fan of u ,,, but sir jab baat hum jaise beginners ki hai to hum to sir jab tak loss ko nahi dekhenge hame vo chij ka mallom nahi hota hgai isliye log alag alag type ke indicators and frames ki taraf bhagte hai ,,, ki koi to frame ya indicator hame suit kar jaaye ,,,,
Deepak Vishwakarma (19 days ago)
Sir can you name the indicator which are simple to understand with high accuracy?
jyoti2k10 (21 days ago)
what about the upstox account opened with you. Any proceed Sir ?
Dinesh Pandav (28 days ago)
Thank u sir for great information.....
Vinod Kumar (1 month ago)
aapse behtar koi nahi samjha sakta hai sir ji
Santosh Prajapati (1 month ago)
arif memon (1 month ago)
100 parsant
Joydeb Das (1 month ago)
pranam sir khoob valo laglo
Ahsan Habib (1 month ago)
How to choose the field??? should i go to eur/usd or gold or oil? how to decide
Ahsan Habib (1 month ago)
Respect from Bangladesh
Elvin George (1 month ago)
Sir indian currency pairs ke alava dusre currency me trade karna ho to konsa system use karna chahiye? Mera broker to sirf indian pairs me trade karne deta hai..
Shounak Usgaokar (1 month ago)
which app to use.....
dipak thkaur (1 month ago)
Very true. Totally agree with you Edward ji.
JAVED SHEIKH (1 month ago)
bht mushkil he sir wait krnaa.......
jahangir amil (1 month ago)
Hello Sir I am from pakistan bsss yeh khna tha k aap mahaan ho... kia samjhate ho yar ap dil nh krta video forword krne ka.. dil se samjhate ho yar ap.. behtreeen god bless u
Jack O Neal (1 month ago)
Trade na lena bhi trade hai,, wah wah.. Gusse se nahi..Pyaar se dar lagta hai...lol
Shashi Singh (1 month ago)
Aap ka Training session attend karna hai . Procedures batayen please
Shashi Singh (1 month ago)
Nice info 👌
Javed Patel (1 month ago)
Great Habit & Great Video
Very good Bhai jan You are great
shyam k (2 months ago)
Awesome thanks
Divine Music (2 months ago)
music sea (2 months ago)
thanx sir aapki vjh se muje pta chla mai kya glti kr reha hu
Vipul Dhanani (2 months ago)
Great word edwardji
SRS SRS (2 months ago)
Bigeners hu sir bhut kush seekhna hai aap se love you
Aman Gupta (2 months ago)
Ram Odedara (3 months ago)
Best sir...
Sunil Jadhav (3 months ago)
Thank you sir
Ajinkya Motarwar (3 months ago)
Bhari re bhau👍👍👍🙏🙏🙏🙏 Bhot accha kam kar rhe ho Thank you so much
ramesh sharma FB (3 months ago)
Mohammed Vishal (3 months ago)
I am watching your videos from starting. Voice is very clear, explaining way is very simple & easily understandable. Thank you Sir.
Balkishor Maurya (3 months ago)
wah ...bat me bhi kya bat hai
swarup singh (3 months ago)
100 percent agreed
Vivek Thakur (4 months ago)
Sir Maine apki market gurukul ki sb video dekha Hy jisme 7 habits of successful video me apne Syd 4 hi batya Hy or 3 batye please
Uday Karmakar (4 months ago)
you the best sir ..
Papu Barik (4 months ago)
Papu Barik (4 months ago)
love you Sir
Papu Barik (4 months ago)
you change my life
Roshan Sirohi (4 months ago)
I have seen your three inside pattern ...and then tried in the chart but it didn't worked at all after a down trend and I have applyed all your Case's but still it ... I have taken it's screen short also...now what should I do...
Tushar Padsumbiya (4 months ago)
awesome Must view once before start trading. I do everything for cause of loss
GOOD INDIA (4 months ago)
Sir forex Trading Ki news Kahaa se pata chalegee.
amandeep kaur (1 month ago)
Sandeep Kumar (4 months ago)
Hahaha.. Bilkul shi koi mujhe bhi ek screener bta de...
Muhammad Zeeshan (4 months ago)
Bhushan Bodkhe (5 months ago)
sir I loos 119000 in 2 month. I am new in trading. But now by seeing ur Videos. I took break for 1 month ... I watch almost ur all videos.Now freshly I want to start trading.. Suggest anything else ...
ASIF KHAN. (5 months ago)
Best VDO teaching sir.....!!👌
Ram Vinod (5 months ago)
Lovely sir/Dear sir Now particular vedio show really beats of heart to work flow blood in whole body as living depend it. thanks
Charles Bruce (5 months ago)
*I am trading with this software (Link Here >>> **https://plus.google.com/u/1/102135744004462700008/posts/7WRPBz3b8KV** ). Mind-blowing software. It truly rocked my trading capability and I am proud to use it. This week, I made a handsome profit, which to me is really awesome.*
vinod kumar (5 months ago)
Hello Edward, i am glad to inform I have identified myself after watching your YouTube videos. Here is my brief story - First time I got introduced to Gold trading in Indian Market in October 2012. Made decent money in first 4 days and later I have lost it all. After that I have been thinking on identifying my trade strategy for almost 5 years. I was very specific with my requirements. I am a full time IT employee and I wanted to be in market outside my working hours. I have been reading books, articles and trying out strategies until April 2018. Now I have my trading time frame defined, moving averages, oscillators, ATR, Bollinger bands to give me trade signals. This is helping me in controlling my emotions and dealing with my fears of loosing money in the market. I don’t make emotional decisions anymore. Thanks to all your videos. Regards Vinod Kumar
vinod kumar (5 months ago)
Just to make it more clear - off those 5 years I was actively watching market, play around with my entry/exit. It was more of a paper Trading. Not a penny invested in Market. Now I think just Gold nothing else.
Q (5 months ago)
मस्त समझाया भाई 👌😀
samaresh mukherjee (6 months ago)
What a nice speech sir, plz specially Commodity setup key barey met ek video banaye sir, Kiya Kiya indicator dekh Kar treding karna chahiye.
Shaikh Harry (6 months ago)
Sahi bat he sir, Jo insan loss krta he wahi zada tajarbe kar hota he..
pratibha chansoria (6 months ago)
which books , newspaper or important reading stuff, I should go through deeply to understand every nuance of share market and stock trading.plz guide.
md nawaz (6 months ago)
Bhai you are great✌✌✌✌✌
haris botany (6 months ago)
Nirmal neeraf (6 months ago)
Super man
ak yaseenalbani (6 months ago)
Very nice video
Pari-Tech & Finance (6 months ago)
awesome sir indore wale adviser bhut preshan krte h call krke 3 din free trial then service sb bkvas hota h but how they decide SL & TP & entry point
Reyaz Malik (6 months ago)
wow so great sir....
aayanraj (6 months ago)
sir 10th m sci com ki optn nae hotti u r wrg
faiseeali (6 months ago)
i am faisal from pakistan using octafx i have huge loss in forex butt after listen mr edwardji i have recover 45% in few days mostly mr edwardji ur rsi atr and divergon chapter is mind blowing great job really thanks mr edwardji
Yogendra Rawat (6 months ago)
One has to watch this video 100 times
shrikant pawar (7 months ago)
Sir, this is just third video of yours, I am seeing. I have become fan of your style of videos on trading
Afroz Ahmad (7 months ago)
Hi Sir need your mail id ,Love to know your advice to work on Forex from abroad ([email protected]
Varad Patil (7 months ago)
Nice, very true!!
Hansraj Rathore (7 months ago)
I like
vivek jadhav (7 months ago)
thank you.
Kiran kumar bk (7 months ago)
Great video....
vinay tanwar (7 months ago)
You r simply amazing
Kristin bradley (8 months ago)
Since my 14 years trading options and Forex i have never seen such a great and profiting Strategy like Mr WILLIAM DAVID, i never believed i could earn 13k Dollars weekly, i am grateful sir, keep on the good work, my fellow traders am not greedy, contact him via email ([email protected])
parkash kumar (8 months ago)
sir nmain humesha se loss karta aa rha hn main kia karo kuch samaj main nhi aa rha sir kuch btao
vishal240880 (8 months ago)
Is IQ Option is good broker.
kunwar bishan Singh (8 months ago)
very nice sir
mohammad bilal (8 months ago)
akshay dhende (8 months ago)
we are on same page ...lol
انا الله مع صابرين
Hamza Ali (3 months ago)
sayed muhammad ibrahim sherazi Beshak
Shobhit Mehta (8 months ago)
Soo nice & clear... Too good
Shobhit Mehta (8 months ago)
Good one... Nice open & clear speech...
rahul nilkanth (8 months ago)
thanks & wonderful
Herojit Yumnam (8 months ago)
Good advice . Thanks for your valuable advices.
Prem Raj Jakhar (9 months ago)
Thanks for sharing your thoughts.
Ranjan Roy lagapara (9 months ago)
Ap Mara ankh khul diya.thanks.
Shahul Khan (9 months ago)
Very nice viedos sir
Solo Traveller (9 months ago)
Sir main aapko guru manta hu..
Shantikumar singh (9 months ago)
Sir we miss you a lot . Now a day , no new vedio is not uploaded . Please reply me . You are the great teacher in our life .
suresh rajbahak (10 months ago)
Another good one!!
market_info (10 months ago)
Sir .. thank you. Hu Tamara videos joine sikhi rahiyo 6u. 1 divas tmne mali ne maru profit stetmants tmne aapis.
Safdar Bhutta (10 months ago)
Mashallah tabarakallah very nice. Sir g you are very nice man .I like very much. I cannot explain and I dot have words
akash bond (10 months ago)
Sir ji... I am not able to find 3rd part of "great habits of successful investors". please provide me link for it. and your videos and efforts are too good. salute sir ji.
Suprabhat Dey (10 months ago)
I love you
Suprabhat Dey (10 months ago)
Mera live hi badal diya sir
paalu84 (10 months ago)
brother, I agree with every word that you said but there are trading strategies available for those who cant have patient. arbitrage, jobbing etc. are some of trading strategies which is preferred by most of the prop trading companies and brokerage house in India.
Ratanji Technical (10 months ago)
Very good video. Sir zink ka kyahogamondeyko
The Hero (10 months ago)
Sir, Just love your videos. Mazaa aa jaata hai , itni kuch achhe se seekh ke. Itni websites pe nahin thokre kha rahaa tha mein , to understand all these things and terms , but still was often not getting satisfactory or clear answers.
The Hero (10 months ago)
Sir A big thank you to you again. Sir we as your students would be very grateful if you could do a video talking abt people who made money in this profession and how much they made . It would help us to believe that you can make money in this profession.

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