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The Courage to Change | Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

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If our nation is going to change, so must we. Queens and the Bronx: Vote for Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez on November 6th. Find out more at https://ocasio2018.com. We don't need to wait a hundred years for Medicare-for-all, tuition-free public college, a federal jobs guarantee or criminal justice reform. We can do it now, and we can do it without corporate money. Join our movement by donating what you can: https://ocasio2018.com/donate. More info: https://ocasio2018.com Donate: https://ocasio2018.com/donate Volunteer: https://ocasio2018.com/volunteer Find us on social: Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/Ocasio2018 FB: https://www.facebook.com/Ocasio2018 Twitter: https://twitter.com/@Ocasio2018
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dmitriy40 (4 hours ago)
Run that train, ghetto trash! 😂😅🤣 💩💩💩💩💩💩💩
murph murph (5 hours ago)
Good lord this woman is dumb
Lex Lexington (6 hours ago)
Oh yeah run that train on the progressive agenda!!
Stuart Bailey (7 hours ago)
[mari]— girl groups (9 hours ago)
Alexander Aronov (10 hours ago)
R U N T H E T R A I N 2020
hobbes0022 (18 hours ago)
I love this ad, it gives me the chills.
Lavalambtron (21 hours ago)
There’s a perfect way to terminate her damaging career she should get pregnant.
Rick Barnadas (2 hours ago)
How the fuck would that end her career? Plenty of female politicians have children. Is that the best you've got. All you Trumptardians are doing is making her more powerful within the Democratic party by talking about a junior congresswoman so much. What other junior congressperson has ever garnered so much talk? Keep at it please because you all of you are only helping her. Her Twitter following is above 2 million and climbing. Obviously she is resonating with a lot of American citizens whether you like her politics or not. Thats what scares the shit out of all of you. Please keep her in the news headlines LMAO!
TexasAPG (1 day ago)
I think her brain doesnt work. Not surprising.
Fed Up Veteran (1 day ago)
This bitch is clueless
Wutaii1 Nostalgia (2 days ago)
Hello. Just remember that we are all one family....that means all people and races. Period
Yes and you are a dumbass!
Rhys Healey (2 days ago)
This woman is amazing.
juan maya (2 days ago)
Wowow .yes🙌💪watching her moves from Cali. Shes amazing!
maria fernandez (2 days ago)
i wish bernie had her balls
Bike Maurice (4 days ago)
Puerto Rico 🇵🇷 South Bronx Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez 🌳
Crabby Productions (4 days ago)
I had to leave the USA back in August 2018 because I just couldn't keep up. Working 18 hour days to barely support myself, my family and ailing mother. God forbid if my 2004 jeep liberty broke down or if I came down with the flu. The fear of my kids getting shot at school or at a concert or at the mall or at church. The tears I held back because my kid was being bullied for being Latino and shorter than the other kids. I now live in Europe. Life is different here. Healthcare is free for everyone. FREE! Food is incredibly cheap. My kid hasn't come home saying he's been picked on because of his last name, stature or even the fact of being American. I'm not saying it's perfect here. They have their issues, too. But I don't have to work 18 hour days anymore. On the weekends, I can actually afford taking the family to a near by town full of castles and history and literally eating a banquet. I am actually planning a family vacation to Paris, Rome, Madrid and London. Thoughts like that never even popped into my mind while I was living in America. Trips to Europe were for the rich. Plus who has the time to see 4 European cities? Well, I have a month vacation after my first year of working. I was born and raised in New York. I lived in Florida for 20 years. I love my country. And it broke my heart 2 weeks ago when I asked my son if he preferred living here or in the States, he said here. He's 11 years old. I wish Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez had appeared in the spotlight 10 years ago. But she's here now. The people in America need her and people like her. I ran out of hope and I am getting older and more tired. I feel safer here. I can have dinner with my family every night and check my son's homework. Alexandria is right. Life in the USA isn't great for the working class. Every day that goes by just gets more difficult to endure. I'm 53 years old and I don't want to be a burden for my son when I get old. And the sensation of time creeping up quickly while living and working in the USA is noticeable when standing in front of the mirror. Now time has seemed to slow down. I can sleep late on a Sunday. Ironically, I'm not thinking about bills all the time anymore. I don't know if I'll go back to live in the USA. But l can tell the American person who is reading this right now. Ms. Ocasio-Cortez is right. I live in a country where they have applied many of the things that she says and proposes. Life is better. Much better. God bless you all, chose your leaders wisely. She's worth it. I'll vote for her from here.
A british aristocrat (4 days ago)
I suppose it worked?
Roberto Pineda (4 days ago)
Congratulations! Never give up! Thank you for your work. You have a knack for explaining situations clearly and concisely. Please keep posting explanations and keep ascending in your political career. Make is so that if they try to silence you, more would rise in your place. I don't consider you an extremist or a corrupt politician. Please don't become one. If you remain incorruptible, your supporters will always outnumber your opposition. Thanks again!
Alex B (4 days ago)
All of you people are listening to this person who has no clue what she's doing and who doesn't know anything about history and the economy. Her reforms are purely socialist and the same reforms have been proven time and time again to fail and leave countries in ruins and the same ia going to happen to the US is she tries it here
curtis jones (3 days ago)
Alex B-I agree that she may have a lot of socialist ideas but the idea is to push her toward a more socaiist /capitalist economy. Full socailism has never worked in any country and this is what she needs to understand. The average poor and working family is being pushed out especially in places like New York, this is why someone like her is needed
A british aristocrat (4 days ago)
Daryl A (5 days ago)
Terry Oesch (5 days ago)
Sense she wants open borders she should go to Sweden and injoy the rape
Alistair Bowen-Davies (5 days ago)
I am not even American, and this made me cry for the future I hope Americans can have.
Teri Kay (5 days ago)
You set the movement for women back 25 years.
joe 90 (5 days ago)
I would date her.i like dumb women she's cute
Nick Stay (5 days ago)
All talk no action she makes people feel good with her feel good policies like healthcare for all school for all with no idea how to pay for it she’s irresponsible seducing the masses with her free stuff policies there’s no such thing as a free lunch and when you hit reality you will see and you’ll end up like all socialist countries broke and wondering how you got there
curtis jones (3 days ago)
Nick Stay-When i was in school they had free lunch programs and the families needed them . What is sad is that in 2019 people still need this program. Something is very wrong with our economy when families have to depend on a program to pay for lunch. We need her to fight for the poor but also we need her to help families become less dependent on the government. Someone has to be a voice for the poor as we move ahead toward a more capitalistic society. I agree with you socialist countries go broke , look at what is happening in Venezuela.
Mandy Last (6 days ago)
We want you to run for President now!!
Cynthia Paschen (6 days ago)
congratulations on your win! Best wishes from Iowa.
Ron C (6 days ago)
This dumb bitch....
jessejauregui (6 days ago)
Ron C yourself? I would agree with that
Timothy Love (7 days ago)
Are you trying to make people that come from a poor Community feel like they are not supposed to be in government? And if you are an educator, have you ever educated anyone about Hitler's socialism? you use a dark tongue saying "we need a champion" and vote for you, as if you can be a champion making a fool of yourself in the media. Won't it be those poor people paying for those freebies you're talking about? All you are doing is looking for a new way to text the poor. As if you are the first one saying that you come to help the poor, coming up with ideas that just end up taxing the poor. We don't want your freebies. Because we don't want you to tax the job makers away from the United States and into China. I heard you talk about your 70% tax, and then afterwards you talked about fairness. Doesn't that mean it will trickle down & 70% of the income of the poor will be taken as well, for "fairness" sake? will you move it up to 100% and make Americans full-time slaves? Your tactic is an old tactic. You should have come up with something new. But saying things like foreigners are more Americans than Americans tells me that you don't have the brains to come up with something new. You picked the wrong time in history to become a nazi socialist. if I get free healthcare, does that mean I can become a hardcore drug addict and daredevil and you won't mind paying for my constant medical needs? Do you push free health care so that people will act foolishly with their body? Are you trained in Hitler's socialism and Stalin's communism? And you don't mind free schooling especially when you know it won't actually be free, but I don't hear you talking about teaching the law to the young in public schools to keep them out of prisons. You are old school in a new world. And why is it that you don't mind adding foreign criminals to the criminals already in the United States? And I hear you Democrats talk about gun violence, and how you all want to save lives, but you don't mind the murderers coming through the Border, with the decent. You don't mind adding murderers to this country. I noticed that you Democrats are always using a black tongue against the not-so-bright. Isn't it wrong for a teacher to use one's ignorance against them? Becy people are entering the United States illegally, those that have come in Legally are looked at as if they are illegals. Why would you want to help that horrible feeling, and with adding murderers to the United States?¡
MrBavarian5150 (7 days ago)
Viva Socialism!!!! IMPEACH TRUMP!!!! SHARIA LAW!!!
MrBavarian5150 (7 days ago)
Proof mental illness is real....
AJ Silver (7 days ago)
Good Gawd what a "3 chambers of govt" moron. This is what you get when you add the self-esteem movement to affirmative action - the crowning achievement of the American educational system! A moronic minority who´s been shoved through the system on social promotions and fraudulently inflated grades while being coddled the entire time into thinking she´s some kind of freakin' genius.
Jane Yue (7 days ago)
Get ready to live like Venezuelans under her leadership!
Meosos (7 days ago)
She has the looks, but thats it.
Jazs and ari (8 days ago)
She seems like an intelligent person, but her proposals are not so intelligent. Raising taxes to have free education and free health care sounds wonderful in a country with a low level of immigration, not in the USA, a country composed by empty pockets immigrants. Whatever benefits are destined for the citizens of the country end up in the hands of the freeloader aliens who come to drain the government resources to support their countries.
Sgt.Morra (8 days ago)
Fuck Commies
Miles Christi (8 days ago)
Another lying deceitful politician. She uses a fake name and grew up in a wealthy area and went to the best schools. Too bad she was unable to learn anything.
Open World (8 days ago)
Does anyone know the title of the music used in this video?
Open World (8 days ago)
As a citizen from Belgium (Europe), I see this video by coincidence because it's part of the 'year in review video' of our national tv channel. I don't really know anything about her political views but man, this video is amazing! It gave me goosebumps after 5 seconds. The way it's edited is great and I don't think anyone can deny that this video gives hope, a certain feeling that someone does care about the 'normal people'. But again, I don't know anything about her accomplishments, I'm not republican, neither am I a democrat, I'm just amazed by this video
Scott White (8 days ago)
She’s amazing. I’m Australian and I love what she stands for. The world needs America to lead in this direction. And the rest will follow this political agenda.
bklynguy27 (9 days ago)
I am glad she won. I hope she lives up to her promises.
Jonelle85 (9 days ago)
Adelcio Vargas (9 days ago)
Ocasio-Cortez for president of the USA.
Tzielo Lopez (9 days ago)
This is inspiring!
JustGoogleIt (9 days ago)
it's a damn shame she is retarded as fuck.
jacques Andlauer (9 days ago)
Hugs from Switzerland !
historiachibcha1 (9 days ago)
She is clueless.. commy lover.. if she is not a commy, she should speak about the crimes in Venezuela and Cuba.... shame on you Ocasio.
JR R (9 days ago)
Cristi K. (9 days ago)
Communism at its finest.. oh wait nvm she prefers Democratic Socialist.. why is everyone so brainwashed with this propaganda.. vote for the good of America and not identity politics.. all these Latin American countries flee bc of socialist policies and then want the very thing they were fleeing from to be here in America.. omg please just open your eyes... take the time and research everything.. and stop with all that tax on the 1% it wouldn't work and its just greediness and a form of stealing..
Breakfast Club (9 days ago)
She lived where immigrants can come to the United States and screw like rabbits and have 14 children so they can live off of government subsidy's even though they work a job. You would think that parents would know when to stop having kids because they cant afford to feed them, or do they know they can rape the system and take hard working peoples money through taxing them? Sandy Cortez Doesnt even know what real work is. All she has ever done is went to school and trained on free money.
Makeup Lover (9 days ago)
You are none of these things!!! But you ARE a liar!!! You are an entitled little rich girl who plays the victim! You are a radical who has no way to make your free world work!!!
Jay Camacho (10 days ago)
Congratulations 🎈🍾🎉🎊 I’m soo happy that someone decent actually won
TigerLiLLy ThatOneGirl (10 days ago)
I just had two minutes straight of happy chills =D Great job Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez!! Git 'em Tiga
The Was Bunny (10 days ago)
💙💙💙💙💙 Yeah you know me...I'm down with the AOC. 💙💙💙💙💙
S Short (10 days ago)
How did this ignorant crayon eater win? The other guy must have really sucked.
TheViperFan (10 days ago)
❤❤❤ AOC ❤❤❤
Mikes Edits & Trailers (11 days ago)
Does anyone know what song this is
claudio teixeira (11 days ago)
Congrats! The world needs more people like you. Greetings from (a sad) Brazil.
Jane Yue (7 days ago)
O que? Você tem o Bolsonaro! E ele é o melhor! Eu quero o Bolsonaro pra presidente nos EUA!
Kano71 (11 days ago)
I would have voted for you just cause you’re hot.... bonus is that you are intelligent , compassionate , and a human, and I get to watch your pretty face on tv rather than those crusty old red necks . Win - win.
MsKsmith1234 (11 days ago)
Really good
IVAN (11 days ago)
Esta bellísima Alexandria 😍😍😍
Maurizio Ionico (11 days ago)
congratulazioni, dall'Italia. Brava!
Francis Foguy (11 days ago)
Lã e Neve (11 days ago)
Viva Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez
BastaPsywar (11 days ago)
Rubbish FBInc
ennis89 89 (11 days ago)
Poor family? Oh give me a break. Thia girl grow up in a wealthy home
Suzanna (12 days ago)
oZo61 (12 days ago)
No, communist. It will not change the way you want. This is a representative republic. Not a socialist wasteland. Go to Venezuela and see what happens when your beloved policies are brought to fruition. Your teachers let you down. And you will let down your constituency. God bless the USA, and God save the USA from you and those like you.
richard thayer (13 days ago)
james starkey (13 days ago)
I just wonder what will you do for native Americans
james starkey (13 days ago)
BorsicksChannel (13 days ago)
About as smart as a wet bag of rocks
BorsicksChannel (13 days ago)
Commies suck. Regressive leftists are destroying our Republic
Tako San (14 days ago)
Good motives. Bad solutions.
very, VERY cringey with big BIG LIES 6.9/11 VOTE TRUMP 2020
AnaVVify AnaV Vify (14 days ago)
Congrats! Interesting woman, Nice commercial and a better book, muy recomendable: http://www.elcorteingles.es/ebooks/tagus-9788417505974-dialogos-entre-un-politico-y-una-ciudadana-ebook/
Manufacturing Partners (14 days ago)
I don't know who is dummer her or the people that fall for this fraud. Her biggest fans are the GOP because this liberal media darling is the gift that keeps giving. Independents see right through her. Lefty dummies, not so much.
Maxwell McCullough (8 days ago)
The irony in your overtly wrong comment is that you can't figure out how to spell "dumber" correctly. Nice try, though.
MacG2011 V (15 days ago)
Yes!! So happy you were elected. You have the right ideas for positive change and a better, more just & equal future for us all. God bless and stay strong. 👍
Lotario Vergamota (15 days ago)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4fsRlt2Q0zo Alejandra what do you have to say about this? What a fucking fraud you are. And also a nut job you are the hwole pack
MrSILVERADO53 (16 days ago)
Did you learn to pay rent yet?
Brad Smith (17 days ago)
Your zip code determines your destiny? No. Nothing stops you from getting on a bus out of town. You can go to a more prosperous place. This is classic ethnic defeatism. It's why they create ghettos and keep it ghetto. They act like a 30 minutes bus ride out of town is impossible. It's a ridiculous crutch and excuse for failure. When whites came to this country we slept in the woods. Almost no provisions and righting off cold, hunger and native tribes. No hand outs. Yet we conquered this whole land. Built roads and infrastructure from coast to coast. But these ethnic folks think when your born on a certain street you are destined to stay there your whole life like tribes people who never crossed the river. Then again these ethnic people really havent crossed that river. Or ocean. They stay put. In their slum. They would have nothing without us yet now attack us like we owe them something. We created a true free market system where if you are born with a SSN you can get a job and bank account. You can freely travel zip code to zip code. Ethnic defeatism. It's got to stop. No more excuses. I am not sorry for what my ancestors did. You should be sorry for what your ancestors did not do.
Brad Smith (11 days ago)
+CSpan1993 FYI. When whites used slaves it was a period of history where it was common. Natives in Canada had their own slaves from other tribes. Blacks rounded up their own and sold them to Britain. The Islamic world was using African slavery until the 1980s and a Saudi princess was just caught with a captive Kenyan women just 4 years ago in California. But you wouldnt dare criticize the most prolific and brutal of all the users of slaves because arabs and Islam are in your little victim tribe.
Brad Smith (11 days ago)
+CSpan1993 So once you have the land u immediately have the wealth? Technology and abundance comes from just the land? So why didnt the natives do it and sail to Britain? Easy to built wealth because we had some dirt and freezing cold climate that many of us froze to death while hunting. Sometimes our wife and kids were dead when we returned. That was easy? Well if land is all you need Africa has lots. Why didnt they built an empire and sail around the globe? Your story is getting thin. You can only point to a small regional injustice against blacks for a small period of time. Then you claim ownership of every and MANY European accomplishment and empire
Brad Smith (11 days ago)
+CSpan1993 How did we get to Africa? Did the Africans build all of our technology and ships before we knew what an African even was? Your a moron. Go ahead take credit for a small period of history. We had empires before that and empires after slavery.
CSpan1993 (11 days ago)
Brad Smith its easy to build wealth when you steal land from natives. Not to mention the Canadian multinational corporations that exploit workers in the third world, etc. Try again sweetie.
Brad Smith (11 days ago)
+CSpan1993 No my friend. But just for arguments sake I'll give you this. America was built 100% by slaves only. (Even though it was the genius white engineer telling him where to hold the beam while a white carpenter fastened it were talking general labor not blue print makers here bud) But let's say 100% of America was built by slaves. Explain the rest of the wealthy European countries that never used slaves. How did they get built? How did Britain become a super power long before we even reached Africa let alone brought humans back?
Apache Warrior (17 days ago)
Hell Yeah. Let the young people run the country, because of mother earth in trouble
556deltawolf (17 days ago)
Now let's address the big elephant in the room. Who the fuck is going to pay for all this "free stuff"? I agree corruption and power abuse in rampant in Washington but the solution to that in less government not more. Seriously her programs will cost us forty trillion dollars!!!! All the corporations in the world combined don't have that kind of money!
Ben A. (15 days ago)
Of course it's possible to finance that. It's called tax. Companies and citizens in the United States pay very low taxes compared to other western countries. And these countries dont spend forty trillion dollars on that .
Martin Terkatz (18 days ago)
AOC/Sanders 2020.
Martin Terkatz (19 days ago)
Love it! Go!
Richard Miletic (22 days ago)
Not a fan
Thomas Duke (24 days ago)
People LIKE her? The World is doomed.
Betty Alford (28 days ago)
Tony Mango (29 days ago)
I've never had a rich man do anything for me I've worked hard all my life you're coming into politics at its worst I've never seen it so bad as it is now I have faith in you I'm not from your town of your state but you must have did something right that's all these people these days want to contradict I think they have all the answers textbook answers not the real life accomplishments or but you did it you proved to the world a man they're not happy about that congresswoman I has a good ring to it.
Tony Mango (29 days ago)
You did it first step too long vigorous Journeys congratulation
Tony Mango (29 days ago)
Keep your head up keep your spirits High I keep on fighting you did it the people spoke the vote is in you're winner don't get caught up with these fools trying to discredit humiliate attack you go to work and do the best job possible good to see some new ideas from someone that is not a career politician it's not going to be easy because you did were lot of people on able to do because people were tired of the same old same old I don't agree with everything anybody says or does that's what makes us individuals but I wish you lots of luck and good fortune God bless you
Toto Burke (4 days ago)
Bitch she’s a dumbass commie, who would berate her?
C Cato (1 month ago)
Ocasio-Cortez is a gift ... to the Republicans. 😁
maurice williams (1 month ago)
Asha Bryant (1 month ago)
I just got finished crying because I've never seen a politician asking me for their vote who I actually identify with, wants the same things for society that I do, comes from a working-class background just like me, and is a young woman of color just like me. This spoke to me in such an honest way. She is inspiring and gives me hope for a better future. The importance of representation has never been more blatantly obvious (for me) than after viewing this. Thank you, Alexandria.
Ikke Oliver (1 month ago)
I thought architects had a pretty high salary, but I guess not? (Her dad was an architect according to Wikipedia.) Now I'm not saying that what she's saying in this video is wrong, although I think it's a little misleading to say "Everyday gets harder for working families like mine to get by." When har dad is literally an architect. Once again don't get me wrong, I think that she makes some good points in the video.
theshion005 (18 days ago)
I agree with you. I think she needed to figure out a better way to represent her background b/c she was not working class, she was middle class growing up.
Hello There (1 month ago)
The reason women like you should not run for office are quite simple: 1. you are privileged beyond belief (lived upstate, dad put you through BOSTON University). 2. You have the intelligence of a box of crackers. 3. You have a degree in economics from BOSTON UNIVERSITY yet proclaim socialism is best (even though it has failed every... single... time... in known history, including current day Venezuela. 4. You are NOT from the Bronx, people like you are what we call in-state-carpetbaggers, live in the rich area and say you are 'poor' when you never had to starve ONCE at dinner like we did growing up in the real city. 5. You did not even KNOW the 3 branches of federal government... Come on. 6. You are NOT a social democrat, you are a SOCIALIST. 7. The people in your district have no brains to have voted for a shill like yourself, consider that your greatest deception is your best accomplishment. 8. YOU ARE NOT JEWISH (stop saying it already). 9. You are not a real New Yorker, you are a privileged Hispanic from a upper class family. 10. You committed so many gaffes already and not even in office, I mean, threatening subpoena power over a meme? Grow some thick skin. HELL you are not even IN there yet... Grabbing my popcorn for this hilarious sh1tshow of AOC.

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