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Interest and Islamic Banking - Bilal Philips

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Text Comments (26)
Mohammad Shahriar (4 months ago)
Though there is no islam in human,in society, in country or in even in continents! Then what is Islamic banking?
Mohammad Shahriar (4 months ago)
If there was no banking issues in islam then why so called Islamic banking?
ماجد عزازي (2 years ago)
Ishmam Mohammad (2 years ago)
Islamic Banking is expanding in massive ways but it is still device people. It also contribute to create inflation and making value of the currency less or low.Islamic banking must be conducted with Islamic money and that is dinar and Dirham .
rafiqa11 (4 years ago)
but if there is no prober islamic bank, what  are we suppose to do?  this is where coming together and having a think tank to discuss and have a solution.  masha allah
truthseeker (4 years ago)
Bankers are soulless and I will pray and ask Allah s.w.t. to free all the muslims who are traped by banks and pay huge amount of interest to them and also help Islamic banking grow
Fahrudin Duratovic (5 years ago)
I live by the sea and have a pier that goes 70 meters out to sea ,so would it be a good idea for me to get rid of interest money by throwing it (coins) far into the sea, so no one can go near it, or to get hold of it
Joan Ferreira (5 years ago)
Thank you for your explanation, being a non Muslim this was a very good explanation. Thank you again!
mustafa ali (5 years ago)
Yes brother it is impermissible, UNLESS it is ACTUALLY an islamic bank which means the only way you can get a gain through the bank is 1. the bank invests in a halal/permissible business and gets you profits because your money was a part of their investment 2. you share profit and loss...which means your original amount of money has no guarantee to remain the same...if bank invests in a halal business and loss occurs you will share it as well...this is the basic principle...and Allah knows best
Ottoman Warrior (5 years ago)
Can one of the brothers clear me up on this question, i currently have a sum in a bank account with no interest gain, even tho i am not in debt and im the one gaining if i chose to reciieve interest this is still haram right?
Hamad Ali (6 years ago)
Sharia law barbaric? More like western laws and banking are barbaric leaving something out in the cold
Saqib Ali (6 years ago)
So ironic how this video was posted 2 years before the World Recession & how he is hitting all those points of the problems today
waanhtarnee (6 years ago)
"Islamic Banking is a part of the future World Economics... Islam is not limited... how can a system of Islam from 1400 years ago be the answer to the current problems???" by Dr Bilal Philips... So Islam is the answer at the bottom line and Islam has the answer, ma sha Allah
malekmasry (7 years ago)
@showtime302 Al hamdillah there are more Islamic products being offered in the US. I currently work for an Islamic Investment bank in VA. Im not sure what type of bank your looking for exactly, however if u need assistance with investing your 401k or retirement plan with a halal product i can try helping you or guiding you to what your looking for
TThompson (7 years ago)
Interest is what is causing america to die. The eye is closed and covered with bone. What does islam teach about the pineal gland and its effect on our spiritual growth? I think that if a man's eye were open again, there would be no desire to violate each other as we do. Its too bad our american bankers didnt follow these simple laws that can only benifit all of man and mankind. Thank you for this service to the world.
irfand4 (7 years ago)
Islamic banking helps the individual instead of milking them - well said.
Amir Ripon (7 years ago)
ASalam Alakum ! reality and the truth the Sharia law is the only banking system which has successfully proved is self for almost 1,400 years . It wont cost you your marriage or house or children’s education or ultimately homeless like what the IMF and the private company called the Federal Reserve
arnold shwarzneggar (7 years ago)
Allahu Akbar !....Islam Is The Truth
irfand4 (7 years ago)
The Black Hole of Calcutta was the description of a prison where Europeans were put and not of the city. Nice lecture but a more detail lecture would be better.
tothemax01 (8 years ago)
How can a person buy a house without a loan?
77moessa (8 years ago)
@geisterbahn1 Well said friend. i am too against interest. Because interest is to make money from other peoples misery. Did you know that back in the early 11-12 century england it was the jews that migrated from israel that started this wicked business. at that time the kings of england forbade it and said that any one (mainly the jews) who was caught doing this they should be executed. if only people would research into how bad in dealing with interest is. peace.
geisterbahn1 (8 years ago)
im not a muslim but im against interest on a human level. Interest creates poverty and steals the need of the person.The jews are to blame .
Check Mate (8 years ago)
When the poor are permanently poor, and the rich, permanently rich, that is oppression! All around the world today that economic oppression exists, and is constantly increasing, - the poor grow poorer and the rich, richer. Riba is the cause. A predatory global elite, centered in the West, but also present around the world, is constantly sucking the wealth of mankind and impoverishing the masses through riba.
M Wani (8 years ago)
Allah bless u Dr Bilal...
M Wani (8 years ago)
give Islam a chance to serve the mankind. It will address all your issues.
SHUURIE (11 years ago)

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