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Hamlet by William Shakespeare | Summary & Analysis

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Professor Regina Buccola, Chair of Humanities at Roosevelt University, provides an in-depth summary and analysis of William Shakespeare's play Hamlet. Download the free study guide and infographic for William Shakespeare's play Hamlet here: https://www.coursehero.com/lit/Hamlet/ Explore Course Hero’s collection of free literature study guides, Q&A pairs, and infographics here: https://www.coursehero.com/lit/ About Course Hero: Course Hero helps empower students and educators to succeed! We’re fueled by a passionate community of students and educators who share their course-specific knowledge and resources to help others learn. Learn more at http://www.coursehero.com. Master Your Classes™ with Course Hero! Get the latest updates: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/coursehero Twitter: https://twitter.com/coursehero
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LOL gamer (28 days ago)
These short videos are the best way to understand Hamlet. Thank you for being here and making such useful videos. THANK YOU! :)
Stefi Cobo (1 month ago)
Omg this is amazing!!! Also we need the name of the song!😍
Gajanan Gadge (3 months ago)
very nice
Kane W. Holder (5 months ago)
This music is wonderful, too. Where is it from? It sounds like great study music.
Aleyna Akay (6 months ago)
appreciate with your clear speech and the video. Analysis were awesome. thank you!

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