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Internal Auditing: A Career for Today, A Career for Tomorrow

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Learn more about the internal audit profession from chief audit executives around the world. The video can be viewed in English, Spanish, and French.
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GQMS Certifications (1 month ago)
Internal Auditor is the person who are been assigned the task of identifying the Gaps , internal to a systems, who not only inspects the systems rather identify the right Gaps
biswas gurung (1 year ago)
how many years of internal auditor experience is enough to gain knowledge?? please reply me
The Proud Sun Bro. (3 months ago)
biswas gurung IA is an entry level career
Neeraj Chhibber (1 year ago)
Very well put up documentary on internal audit process internal auditing is a global profession and IIA is world leader in Internal auditing.
Romeo Fancuvilla (1 year ago)
A perpetual issues especially for Business niche processes development...
dravenhellebore (1 year ago)
Awesome thanks
Zabihullah Hajizada (1 year ago)
very helpefull
Joshua Flores (2 years ago)

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