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Why Greece And Turkey Are Fighting Over Cyprus

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Text Comments (13231)
A Z (22 hours ago)
Biggest mistake the turks done was allowing the orthodox to continue in cyprus after winning the island in 1570+. The second mistake was not getting rid of eoka and enosis completely from the island in 1974. Of course uk , usa and europe being turk haters as usual ,refusing to read into past history . 500 years on and here we are ignorant stupid people questining Turkeys so called illegal occupation of north cyprus. Turkeys the legal owner of cyprus from 1570 and not 1974. In theory they should be owners of whole island and not some 20 -30 % .
L I G H T (22 hours ago)
whoa i see more nice comments than hate comments in this vid peace👏👏
Arzu Terzi (1 day ago)
Kibris Türktür nasıl cahilce isgalden bahsediyorsunuz kendinizi kandıriyor masturbasyon yapiyorsunuz haddinizi bilin
başgan (1 day ago)
Alex DeSouza (3 days ago)
1071 - Battle of Malazgirt 🇹🇷🏆 1116 - Battle of Bolvadin 🇹🇷🏆 1176 - Battle of Miryokefalon🇹🇷🏆 1302 - Battle of Koyunhisar 🇹🇷🏆 1453 - İSTANBUL'UN FETHİ 🇹🇷🏆 .. And modern times... 1897 - Tesely 🇹🇷🏆 1921 - Sakarya 🇹🇷🏆 1974 - Kıbrıs 🇹🇷🏆.....
Ümit Şanlı (3 days ago)
What about Enosis and Eoka, tell them true
Julie Wright (4 days ago)
Unsinkable area for war base, so Turkey is right about struggle of Cyprus, I believe ;maybe we should question British bases in the island👈
Anes Marselev (4 days ago)
English and Grece are ocupatians hels but Turkey is humanity development
Saad Ali (4 days ago)
Cyprus is Turkey. Support from Pakistan 🇵🇰❤ 🇹🇷
Saad Ali (4 days ago)
british made Cyprus, Kashmir and Palestine issues.
turan bagatur (5 days ago)
Greeks don’t wake the sleeping giant ...Turkey will make Istanbul even larger ..!
Sohail Khan (5 days ago)
🇵🇰 Pakistan stands with Turkey🇹🇷 & Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus. In fact Pakistan had recognized TRNC before but withdrew it's recognition after UN resolution 541 and Pakistan was the only UNSC member which voted against this resolution. Turkish Cypriots deserve a country of their own or annexation by Turkish Republic.
Khan Jan (6 days ago)
cyprus is turkish.. be... near to turkye
Efe Can Tezel (6 days ago)
Yunanlılar Avrupalı göt abileri olmasa bi sik yapamazlar adamları 500 sene yönettik hiç bir bok olmadı sonra bu piçleri ingilizler kışkırttı bağımsızlık ilan ettiler amına koduğumun yunanı batıyordu kriz yaşadılar gene avrupalı göt abileri kurtardı ulan şu türkle bi adam gibi savaşın
Utku Şimşek (6 days ago)
Comments are full of ''Invading barbaric Turks'' again... Cyprus is divided because of the bullying Greeks had done to Turks who were living there before the division, please remember that before react.
Andy Zhao (6 days ago)
Cyprus is greek.
Greek Cypriots were torturing Turkish Cypriots before the war. So Turkey Republic helped them for get them out their suffer. There is no bad thing on that, remember the France, British invasions to AFRICA if you want to blame someone.
Iridanos (8 days ago)
Cyprus ( Kypros / Κύπρος ) from kyein (κυείν) + proorizo (προορίζω). = Greek for "Destines birth". The names "Cyprus" and "Cypriot" describe the ability of the Greek Goddess Aphrodite. One of the main deities of the Greek Pantheon. Her religion was created on the island by Cypriots. The city of Pafos is considered her birthplace. Ancient Greek Cypriots were also calling the Goddess, "Anassa", which means "queen" in ancient Greek. Homer in his poems Iliad and Odyssey calls Aphrodite, Cypriot. The poems before Iliad and Odyssey are called "Cypriot Poems" and describe the facts that took place before the Trojan war, when Aphrodite offered that magical fruit to Paris in order to seduce Helena. The Cypriot Poems were probably written by Homer or by his son-in-law Stasinos, a Greek Cypriot poet. Moreover all the cities of Cyprus were founded by ancient Greeks according to ancient historians and this was proven by modern archaeologists from Sweden and Britain nowadays. Turks first arrived in Cyprus in the 1570's CE when they invaded brutally with the Ottoman Empire in cities that never belonged to the Turkish culture. Cyprus is a huge part of the Hellenic civilisation!
shake karim (8 days ago)
What was the reason behind turkey came to cyprus in the first place
Brian Gerald (9 days ago)
anti-Man (perverted romans & babylonians) stole turkey from GREECE, mafiosi wanted even more in the 70s! GIVE IT BACK anti-Man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Muhammad SohaiL (9 days ago)
Soon all Cyprus is under turkey..
Sammy Deol (10 days ago)
Yeah thanks for answering the question
PIONEER (11 days ago)
K.K.T.C FOREVER..........HA HA
Maria the historian (11 days ago)
Progress? How about ending Muslim invasion?
xrx0R 9 (13 days ago)
God bless the Great British!
PIONEER (14 days ago)
They were fighting because of your mum?
Alp Arslan TURK (14 days ago)
Lol 1453 and 1923 ! Greece is Ottoman empire. Not national a state. 😎
estonia lover (15 days ago)
Grecce listen to germany pay debts or turkey kill you and we swimming than you
CYprus is greek!North Cyprus is greek!Turkey doewnt exist!
Efe Delibas (15 days ago)
it was subsequently occupied by several major powers, including the empires of the Assyrians, Egyptians and Persians, from whom the island was seized in 333 BC by Alexander the Great. Subsequent rule by Ptolemaic Egypt, the Classical and Eastern Roman Empire, Arab caliphates for a short period, the French Lusignan dynasty and the Venetians, was followed by over three centuries of Ottoman rule between 1571 and 1878 (de jure until 1914). It's not only Greek.
cyprus mafia1312 (16 days ago)
Pezevek asixtir faousa Mongoli
More views then the Cypriot population
Erdinc Yedikat (17 days ago)
Love and respect to all my Greek friends and brothers, life is too short to hate, we have more in common than our differences. Cyprus should be united, with Turks and Greeks living side by side in peace. Love from Turkey.
Emrecan çakır (17 days ago)
As a Turk i can say the turkish invasion right because of the some radical nationalist greek attacks. But anyway, the island should belong it it's own people and both of turkey and greece should leave them alone. We made a true decision by protecting our people but it should not take so long time to reunite the island and recreate the peace
Flavius Belisarius (19 days ago)
Cyprus is greek Population is 80% ethnic and liguistically. Enossis where that 80% greek majority voted to join greece with 95% for it. It was only a betrayal that led to it not joining greece
zgcbsj zhrmghgws (19 days ago)
Turkey wants to invade the surrounding countries bit by bit, and god bless Greece.
Kyriakos Ioannou (19 days ago)
That's nit real all Cyprus is Greek . They get her but we are gonna git her back
Secular Turk (20 days ago)
We should understand ourselves and face our true history.We must tolerate our cultures.And if there is a faliure we must restore it.
galactic reform (20 days ago)
The geneticists proved that the cypriots are one race as whole. there is nothing as greek cypriot or turkish cypriot. Those people have always been dominated by the powerful empires invaded this strategically important island through the ages. They were hellenized during the byzantium time and then one part of the island turkified during the ottoman era. And then they fighted. So stupid.
Persian Immortal (20 days ago)
Cyprus is Greek! Support from IRAN! ❤🇮🇷🇬🇷
Cengizhan Bayram (21 days ago)
Well greeks you must know turkey is stronger than all of the balkans
European Metalhead (20 days ago)
Then, answer one question: why your precious turkish army can't defeat kurdish guerrilla?
Solonas Kypros (22 days ago)
the right wing fought with the right wing and they blamed the left wing and used them as scape goats so coup happened they after declared their self heroes because if they faced reality they had to commit suicide turkish invasion actually saved the leftists from executions we are all animals after all and survival instinct is always first before justice cyprus is not greek or turkish just because greeks educated us like they did with the rest of the world means nothing
Anime Memes (22 days ago)
Cyprus is Turkish, Support from MACEDONIA...
Anime Memes (8 days ago)
HAHAHHA, I do not know who the vulture is...
Therese (8 days ago)
"Macedonia." You're nothing but culture vultures.
Turkey invaded Cyprus in 1974 and now is occupying half of its territory and people are still debating about who is to blame.Never before a country has killed so many innocent violating all legal rules and yet introduces themselves as peacekeepers...never before the world community has behaved so leniently to invaders and in fact encourages them to continue their military missions.
olympiacos grl (23 days ago)
Cyprus is Greek!🇬🇷
James Matts (24 days ago)
1974 Greece: CYPRUS IS GREEK HELLAS Turkey: uhm no sweetie Cyprus is Cyprus. Greece: stages a coup, replaces the president with a pro right Greek Greece loving president. Who have killed 12 people in Nicosia. 5 days later Turkey: nah fam this was not the deal. It aint gonna work out like that. *sends troops and saves Turkish Cypriots of Junta’s and Greek nationalist and other Greek influence. Greeks: BARBARIANSSSS! lmao yall asking for it honesthly. Greetings from the US.
We are neither Greek nor Turkish. We are nobodys to own. We are an independent state
Iridanos (11 days ago)
Politically yes. But culturally Cyprus is a Greek island with long and rich ancient Greek culture. We speak Greek for thousands of years and it should be respected as in other countries! Καλως όρισες στο νησί της Αφροδίτης Μαρία μου! O Πολιτισμός μας είναι ότι πιο σημαντικό έχουμε. Μην τον διαφθείρεις ! Χωρίς τον Πολιτισμό της η Κύπρος είναι απλά μια ανωνυμη έρημος. Απλά χώμα...
Ja Whisper (25 days ago)
Türkiye yalnız kalmış yine yorumlardan belli Hindistan Libya ve Mısır bile yunanistanı destekliyor
PIONEER (26 days ago)
OwO OwO (26 days ago)
Cyprus is its own country, not Turkish not Greek
Shining Spark (27 days ago)
Cyprus is GREEK.
godzilla _ (27 days ago)
Cyprus is only cypriots. No Turkey No Greek. United Cyprus... 🇨🇾☮
>be Greece in 2029 >invades turkey >invades Cyprus >kills the kababs >does fortnite dance like a boss
GökTürk Mapper (28 days ago)
*Cyprus is Turkey*
osman alkin (28 days ago)
Şerefsizler annan planından neden bahsetmedin. Annan planini kabul etmediği halde neden avrupa birligine alindiginida anlatsana
f f (29 days ago)
Our President now is a total Dickhead
Rashid Ibrahim (30 days ago)
Kosovo is Albania 🇦🇱 Cyprus is Turkey 🇹🇷
Thanasis Sideris (29 days ago)
The joke of the day
Alpcan Ural (1 month ago)
All these tension between turkey and greek hommies must go! Aye neigbours!
Ugur Tutar (1 month ago)
He is anti Muslim and Turk. He simply lies. Western propaganda.
lara c (1 month ago)
As a Turk I hate 95% of the Ottoman history. Historically, not only Cyprus but also Turkey doesn't belong to Turks at all and we can't forever assume that we've never killed people and made invasions, and everyone tried to invade us.
lara c (11 days ago)
Iridanos I have never agreed more, I personally am against what we're doing to Cyprus. The fact that both the countries are doing nothing but convincing citizens to be enemies instead of fixing affairs is the worst part to me.
Iridanos (11 days ago)
It's not only Ottomans. The politicians you have now are not so different. They are still threatening us both Cyprus and mainland Greece for absolutely no reason. And it's freaking annoying. It destroys our souls and creates more and more anger. We could make our countries so much better if we stop this stupidity and respect each others rights and cultures.
Hungária ! (1 month ago)
Cyprus is Turkey! From Hungary
Thanasis Sideris (29 days ago)
No it's not but transylvania is 100% romanian.
Hanane Ghazzany (1 month ago)
Am a from cyprusΑγαπώ πολλά την Κύπροκαι την Ελλάδα
Kawaii Desu (1 month ago)
THIS IS TURKEY *Kick Donald Plump* 😂
polat veznedar (1 month ago)
Ege Cavıldak güc (1 month ago)
Ege Cavıldak güc (1 month ago)
cyprus is for the cypriots
Thanasis Sideris (29 days ago)
And cypriots are greeks so for greeks
Japan and Philippines (1 month ago)
How powerful is the Overprouded Filipinos?
Karl Mengel (1 month ago)
Are you going to tell us about the genocides against the Turks?
Thanasis Sideris (29 days ago)
No you know why?Because unlike your greek genocides there wasn't ever a turkish genocide.
Günalp Bey (1 month ago)
Greek killed turkey people
Therese (8 days ago)
+Thanasis Sideris And Armenians.
Thanasis Sideris (29 days ago)
turks killed greek people
adem duman (1 month ago)
That video is completely one sided. You are telling that Turkish army invaded northern cyprus but didnt say why. Because Greeks started to kill Turkish Cypriots to take whole island. Turkish army joined the war to save its brothers. If you are stupid enough to think we should not join, you better go kys. In comments Greeks tells to much bravery quotes but they could not have enough courage to join the war against Turkey. You cant even work for country to make it out of crysis so you can fight? Do not make me laugh, Ancient Greeks may be a great warriors but nowadays are just trashes.
TurkErmen [ÖMU] (1 month ago)
The reason It was occupied was because Turkish people from Cyprus were treated like S**t
Thanasis Sideris (29 days ago)
Hahaha yes of course
Konstantinos Kosta (1 month ago)
Krotehsad (1 month ago)
Forgot to mention Greek Cypriots attempted an ethnic cleansing against Turkish Cypriots. They murdered men, women and children and buried them in mass graves by the thousands.
Thanasis Sideris (29 days ago)
Actually only a few turks were killed by greek dictatorship orders but turkey killed indeed thousands greek cypriots and still to this day occupies north cyprus.
Fonz augoustakis (1 month ago)
I wanted to find out about what happened in '64....not even mentioned in this video..!
CYPRUS IS CREEK 🔵⚪🔵⚪🔵🔵⚪🔵⚪🕇🕆🔘!!!!!
Yağız Kart (1 month ago)
my grandfather fought for turkey in the air force and left the operation as a veteran. when he later arrived home he told that "no other creature can harm its own kind worse than men." may he rest in peace...
sanjay a p p (1 month ago)
Cyprus belongs to Greeks.....support from India.
Freedom (1 month ago)
Cyprus is Turkey love from Pakistan Jammu & Kashmir
European Metalhead (18 days ago)
Kashimir is Indian .
Thanasis Sideris (29 days ago)
Cyprus is greek like pakistan is indian.
The Cyprus government is a fascist and racist
Rious (1 month ago)
Konstantinos Kosta (1 month ago)
Man I am Cypriot greek man
Konstantinos Kosta (1 month ago)
Okay man!!
Kem T. (1 month ago)
Konstantinos Kosta I’m a Cypriot I’m a Turkish man :)
Kappa (1 month ago)
1974 (colorized) Greece: Cyprus is Greek Turkish Republic: NO. Greece: Okay.
Thanasis Sideris (29 days ago)
2019-2023 Greece:We said cyprus is greek! turkey:Ok we're leaving. The end
Memester Mordècai (1 month ago)
See the British are responsible for soo many lives they should do something about their mistakes infact they haven’t even apologised
liloskiller TheOf (1 month ago)
ime pou tin kypro anyone
xx_Just_ Dilara_xx (1 month ago)
I’m a Turkish Cypriot but I just wish we could live together and not divided
xpek kek (1 month ago)
Turks wants to be united. But Greeks don't :/
xpek kek (29 days ago)
In 2004, %75 of the Greeks voted no while %64 of Turks were voting yes in Annan Plan Referendum.
Thanasis Sideris (29 days ago)
Actually greeks want to unite but turkey don't
Randall Bermudez (2 months ago)
Turkey should hand over northern cyprus to republic of cyprus.
Michael De Santa (2 months ago)
Thanasis Sideris (29 days ago)
A terrorist nation
jim doe (2 months ago)
Cyprus has to kick both religious leaders and connections with greece/turkey out of its country if it wants peace and unity
jim doe (2 months ago)
Stupid fake christianity Greek orthodox church and dumbass bully Turks with their fake muslim religion. Kick the greek Orthodox Church and Turkish government out of Cyprus
Thanasis Sideris (29 days ago)
Let me guess catholic?
Americans are hypocrites. It’s their fault that turkey invaded. They saw tension, but to their eyes it was profit from selling weapons.
We both identify as Cypriots, but it doesn’t mean that both sides are necessarily majority Cypriots (eg northern Cyprus , majority turks , minority Turkish Cypriots) (Cyprus side : majority Cypriots minority: maronites, Armenians )
sathya Vicky (2 months ago)
I support cyprus... Whole island belongs to cyprus.. Love from india💗
Somali Badassery (2 months ago)
The whole Cyprus should be under the rule of Turkey 🇹🇷. Because it’s Turkish territory
Thanasis Sideris (2 months ago)
Hahaha nice joke
דניאל משה (2 months ago)
Cyrpus isnt greek,and it isnt turkish,let them be independent 👾
Thanasis Sideris (2 months ago)
Except Cyprus is greek
Ruzanna Pogosyan (2 months ago)
Cyprus is Greek. Turks can do only genocides. That's it. All their history consists of genocides and wars. Western Turkey belongs to Greece, Eastern Turkey belonges to Armenia! And there are also some territories for kurds and assyrians. We all have to unit against the Mongoloturks!
S M (2 months ago)
We need one leader one language one europe one coin in EU. So europe will be great again with brother State of Israel
Jordan Stojceski (2 months ago)
I think the Greeks should give there land for a few reasons one Cyprus is more close to Turkey and two Turkey have a stronger military than Grecce
Therese (8 days ago)
+Hayatadissat34 All you Turks do is lie.
Hayatadissat34 (9 days ago)
+Thanasis Sideris Stop lying. We know exactly how the story ended. We know exactly who the real killers are. We know exactly how the greeks made a bloody massacre in 1963. We know exactly what happened in bloody christmas. We know exactly how EOKA and Nikol Samspon murdered children. There are photos. There are evidences. Children and women were murdered and your murderers celebrated the day as victorious. You are hypocrites, you are child murderer. We have never killed women and children. For 400 years greece was under Ottoman empire regime. We could easily delete your language from the world. If we wanted today nobody could speak Greek. Have we destroyed your culture, religion, tradition, history? Not us but you are the murderers. If you have a bit of humanity in you then look at the real facts about what the EOKA did in cyprus.
Thanasis Sideris (9 days ago)
+Hayatadissat34 Turks started killing actually first in 1915 then in 1922 and again in 1955 and 1963-64 as for the turks in cypriots only those who tried guerillas attacks like in Smyrna in 1922 would die not innocent civillians like the 4000 women and children you killed during the invasion.
Hayatadissat34 (9 days ago)
+Thanasis Sideris Who started killing people? How many people would you kill before the Turkish army could save its compatriots? the whole north cyprus?

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