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Ruby Programming Language - Full Course

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Learn the Ruby programming language in this full course / tutorial. The course is designed for new programmers, and will introduce common programming topics using the ruby language. ⭐️Course Contents ⭐️ ⌨️ 1. (0:00) Introduction ⌨️ 2. (1:24) Windows Installation ⌨️ 3. (4:45) Mac Installation ⌨️ 4. (6:38) Hello World / Setup ⌨️ 5. (12:01) Drawing a Shape ⌨️ 6. (18:17) Variables ⌨️ 7. (28:32) Data Types ⌨️ 8. (33:13) Working With Strings ⌨️ 9. (44:03) Math & Numbers ⌨️ 10. (53:54) Getting User Input ⌨️ 11. (1:01:09) Building a Calculator ⌨️ 12. (1:08:15) Building a Mad Libs Game ⌨️ 13. (1:12:45) Arrays ⌨️ 14. (1:21:31) Hashes ⌨️ 15. (1:27:42) Methods ⌨️ 16. (1:35:28) Return Statement ⌨️ 17. (1:40:26) If Statements ⌨️ 18. (1:52:24) If Statements (continued) ⌨️ 19. (1:59:11) Building a Better Calculator ⌨️ 20. (2:07:19) Case Expressions ⌨️ 21. (2:16:07) While Loops ⌨️ 22. (2:22:36) Building a Guessing Game ⌨️ 23. (2:35:29) For Loops ⌨️ 24. (2:40:01) Exponent Method ⌨️ 25. (2:44:45) Comments ⌨️ 26. (2:49:23) Reading Files ⌨️ 27. (2:57:55) Writing Files ⌨️ 28. (3:06:34) Handling Errors ⌨️ 29. (3:14:29) Classes & Objects ⌨️ 30. (3:24:13) Initialize Method ⌨️ 31. (3:31:47) Object Methods ⌨️ 32. (3:37:11) Building a Quiz ⌨️ 33. (3:46:21) Inheritance ⌨️ 34. (3:53:50) Modules ⌨️ 35. (3:59:06) Interactive Ruby (irb) Course developed by Mike Dane. Check out his YouTube channel for more great programming courses: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCvmINlrza7JHB1zkIOuXEbw 🐦Follow Mike on Twitter: https://twitter.com/mike_dane 🔗The Giraffe Academy website: http://www.giraffeacademy.com/ -- Learn to code for free and get a developer job: https://www.freecodecamp.com Read hundreds of articles on programming: https://medium.freecodecamp.com And subscribe for new videos on technology every day: https://youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=freecodecamp
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Text Comments (310)
Mike Dane (9 months ago)
Hey everyone! Thanks for watching my course Follow me on twitter at https://twitter.com/mike_dane
Pritha Majumder (1 month ago)
Please make a java course by Mike in 1 full video
Agt.BADASS (2 months ago)
Mike Dane About to watch❣ Just beware that people are getting banned off of TWiTTER for helping others with "Learning to Code"😂😢 You can blame Buzzfeed journalists and Twitter's lack of consistency for that...
abdul basit (3 months ago)
Thank you million times for the course!
Erijon Hasi (3 months ago)
mike please do that django or flask python courses we all gona love them. Have the best
Adil professional (3 days ago)
thank you you are my hero
Fawad Hassan (21 hours ago)
where from uh
Captain 9 (3 days ago)
Can you use the command puts phrase.include?acadamy as an if else statement?
IraqiNoob (5 days ago)
I love the office reference
Rachel Medina (6 days ago)
Anyone know why the gets function would not be working in atom ? I'm up to min 51 in video and I can't figure out how to troubleshoot this
Troy Valdez (6 days ago)
My guessing game goes on an infinite loop even though i tried your code. I think the problem is my ruby version, mine is ruby 2.6.3p62
Dr. Fondlecrotch (12 days ago)
This white boy a bad motherfucker..
Burak İbrahim Ünal (12 days ago)
Thanks...It was fast and useful training...
Anthony Gulliford (15 days ago)
You helped me get a job as a self taught/schooling coder
The Zone (16 days ago)
out of curiosity are you able to make trainer programs with ruby? for games not multiplayer ones i mean single player ones.
Valkurie (18 days ago)
Thanks for the video, it was very interesting and easy to understand!
johnnie gilkerson (18 days ago)
on windows10 my view screen for atom-runner is very small, how do I make it larger?
Secret Wealth Project (18 days ago)
The best coding course/teacher I've seen in my life... you're a natural, well done!
johnnie gilkerson (20 days ago)
to run the file in windows it is alt-r, not control-r, not everybody uses a Mac.
Tarun Kolla (20 days ago)
Im watching this at x2 speed and its still slow.
Tarun Kolla (20 days ago)
chili24137 i was coding on a diff screen in parallel
chili24137 (20 days ago)
If you plan on just watching, and not in some way messing around with code as you go it's unlikely you will learn efficiently or remember anything important.
Penta (20 days ago)
Just finished the course! You're a great teacher and it was easy to follow!
​@Penta Ok, no problem. Specifically, you can try to read what happens when you include a module in the global scope. What class it gets mixed in in this case, and why its methods become accessible "in the console".
Penta (12 days ago)
@Андрей Девиетов Oh ok, thanks for pointing it out, ill look it up myself on the internet then.
@Penta He is totally wrong about modules. They don't work the way he described it. This is completely misleading and giving false idea about them.
Penta (12 days ago)
@Андрей Девиетов Well, it helped me, so I think it's good course. Everyone has their own opinion
Riven God (20 days ago)
Aren't we basically learning Python?
Patrick Youssef (1 month ago)
The moment you realize he's making reference to "The Office" by naming his objects and filling his arrays with Kevin, Karen, Oscar, Jim, and Pam
Lovrenc Cink (1 month ago)
My atom-runner isn't working and sending me Uncaught Error: kill EINVAL. Anyone knows how to solve this?
Agt.BADASS (1 month ago)
Lovrenc Cink Your welcome❣ I'll check out some videos to see what you can do for additional help.
Lovrenc Cink (1 month ago)
@Agt.BADASS Thank you.
Agt.BADASS (1 month ago)
Lovrenc Cink I don't know. Although I'll look into it❣
khushboo srivastava (1 month ago)
Hi, Ruby vdo was awesome. Please try n upload video on chef as well. Thanks
Fawad Hassan (21 hours ago)
do you work on ror
Jacqueline Sanchez (1 month ago)
hey guy i have a question, im a little new to these things and was wondering why you cant just do this on the ruby control panel? like cant we do all of these things using ruby why would we use atom as the middle man, just curious and again a beginner sage on my mastery of code.
Gurvinder Singh (1 month ago)
issues while installing packages
Akshay Maldhure (1 month ago)
Excellent tutorial! Thank you.
it is good to have in the title of the video that this is for very beginners...
ThatGameDev_RBLX (1 month ago)
I found this video some how when looking for pen testing tools because it's a field that I want to get into. After I watched this it got me really interested in actually learning Ruby, so thank you!
R. J. Steens (1 month ago)
HELP! Cant install platformio-ide-terminal. Gives me an error message that requires me to download Python and Visual Studio. I did both but I still get the error. Can someone save me? Edit: After 7 hours of faffing I fixed the issue!
Christian O'Rourke (1 month ago)
Thanks man, really enjoyed this course!
Sujan Kasaraneni (1 month ago)
Ruby does not run on my laptop. It has 4 go ram 1 tb disk space intel core i3 1.7 GHz processor. It say that the version of ruby is not compatible with windows 10 1890 version and mine does not have the supported hardware to install windows 1903 the latest windows 10 version
Taras Oliynyk (1 month ago)
Thanks, Mike for a great tutorial ! Ruby seems to be an elegant language. Freecodecamp, I want to thank you all again for the great content :)
Urrzah (1 month ago)
Ruby is such a majestic language. 😍 Much better than stupid python 🐍🤮👎🗑
FANTOM x JAGGER (8 hours ago)
Ruby also works with Chef Automation. You can automate thousands of servers at once with Ruby.
Noman Malik (2 months ago)
This tutorial is really cool, Sir thank you so much and God bless you☺
Fawad Hassan (21 hours ago)
where from uh
Graeme Woller (2 months ago)
Thanks very much for the full course! I haven't had an opportunity to try out much of the stuff in it yet, but I've had the full 4 hour thing playing back while I tinker away at some home reno and I can't wait to have a good chance to play with all the ideas.
Rosi Volgarin (2 months ago)
Exactly what I was looking for! Thank you very much.
Anibal Linares (2 months ago)
you can place subtitle to the video
Eduardo Medina (2 months ago)
I miss the steps to install Ruby on Linux.
Enos Vazquez (2 months ago)
I just wanted to watch like 10 minutes .... 2 hours later, i was like man, I need to sub. These are amazing examples!!!! Great way to explain a lot of these concepts.
Anibal Linares (2 months ago)
you can place subtitle to the video
Von Hoenhine (2 months ago)
Anyone else have issues with Platformio-ide-terminal? I can get my .rb files to work using Interactive Ruby just fine but when using the Atom terminal it is not able to find the file despite the correct directory path being entered. (I've triple checked the directory path) Any advice much appreciated! Google is only turning up solved threads for old update issues, none of which have made any difference.
YTDevs (2 months ago)
Wow that was a damn good tutorial, thanks for that!
Agt.BADASS (2 months ago)
New viewer BTW❣😎
Manish BC (2 months ago)
its alt+r in windows
Chris Jones (2 months ago)
Thank you brother. Dope video. Just when i wanted to give up on coding I found this video. Thank you sir. Salute !
Webb Trekker (2 months ago)
I have only watched the first 40 minutes of the video but find your explanations and style very understandable. I'm on LinuxMint and need to get Ruby downloaded to try this out. Thanks
F n F love (2 months ago)
Can you any please tell me which programing language is best to develop game and app
Will Rose (2 months ago)
You could always learn C# or Java and use Unity as a game engine since it is easy to learn and use! If you want tutorials on this just search 'Brackeys' into YouTube since they do amazing tutorials.
Budi Betrix (3 months ago)
Nowi realize, why when i was child i do not learn English
Channel Surfing (3 months ago)
Wow! I really love Ruby!
정광현 (3 months ago)
Good 루비
Blaze (3 months ago)
Don’t worry, after a while you get used to his hair. This isn’t a hate comment, but I’m just saying his hair makes it look like he has bits of green screen on the top of his head...
Moot (3 months ago)
You are amazing. God bless
Syahrul Azrai Mat Hasan (3 months ago)
Thank you so much!
glaz (3 months ago)
I've installed Ruby 2.6 and when I type print "Hello World" in atom, it says no symbol found, what should I do?
Imagine (3 months ago)
Restart atom.
hektor6766 (3 months ago)
I got a fail on my Platformio install, even though I have the environment path set & atom runner is working. npm WARN enoent ENOENT: no such file or directory, open 'C:\Users\xxxxx\AppData\Local\Temp\apm-install-dir-119231-27396-1f5f3b.uh3e2\package.json' User's App dir is where atom automatically installed. I did set a system env variable.
Ankit Vyas (3 months ago)
This guy is just amzing teacher
Shane (3 months ago)
Can anyone recommend next level video that covers topics like serverizing ruby: attaching and debugging to running processes, and getting stack traces best practices. Also can you generate crash dumps? I come from C++/C# and Java type languages. If i am going to create a server application with this i want to see outstanding diagnostic information and supportability. Looking for something along these lines. Also how about async programming.
abdul basit (3 months ago)
Is it late to start programming at 17.I have 0 experience.
freeCodeCamp.org (3 months ago)
It is not too late. https://medium.freecodecamp.org/stories-from-300-developers-who-got-their-first-tech-job-in-their-30s-40s-and-50s-64306eb6bb27
Kaushik Ghosh (3 months ago)
In my project show no sdk specified .What I do??
Ankit Vyas (3 months ago)
I m at 28.32
Matthew Vine (3 months ago)
@Mike Dane @freeCodeCamp.org The 10th time stamp is 1 minute off
majed HK (3 months ago)
*Very useful tutorial thanks.*
김용범영어TV (3 months ago)
Amazing tutorial. I learned Ruby in 5 days! Thanks TONS!
Miguel de los Ríos (4 months ago)
Incredible course.
Gatya (4 months ago)
Office Reference, nice!
awsyoos (4 months ago)
html isn't a programming language
Daniel Diaz (4 months ago)
Harvard wants to know your location***
HimKioo (4 months ago)
Extremely Helpful!
Jagd Stolz (4 months ago)
he has a talent to explain things pretty easy to understand. Very inuitive and nice video! I listened to the full 4h
Wilby The Lizard (4 months ago)
This is a Great Tutorial For beginners!!
Adore AM (4 months ago)
do windows users download atom too???
Tryck (4 months ago)
CRTL + R Just opens a search menu and says "No symbols found" ?
banana bus (4 months ago)
on windows or Linux use alt+r
Sara Brandão (4 months ago)
loving it!!!! very well explained ...
Mr Rud (4 months ago)
I''m trying to add a new file, but I get this error: EPERM: Operation not permitted. And idea?
Kasidit Bualoeng (4 months ago)
Top notch Mike. Love your style, very clear explanation and easy to follow. You are a true teacher.
Matthias Tz (4 months ago)
Tryelson Marques (4 months ago)
It's a really good tutorial, all the explanations are clear and directly. Great teacher!!
Noruel Jay Villas (4 months ago)
hello guys, how can i run atom in linux? ctrl + r wont work for me. thankss.
Hen L (5 months ago)
It’s too simple!
krishna sagar (5 months ago)
This is by far the best tutorial to learn a programming language. Thank you so much Mike Dane. Keep rocking on!!
Zlatko Iliev (5 months ago)
If you are a linux user like me, you might find out that ctrl + R is not working, instead on linux you should use alt + R
Cutepoison2A (5 months ago)
Just thx you! amazing course
noob programmer (5 months ago)
Wrong explanation with phrase[0,3]
C King (5 months ago)
One question (hopefully it is not too stupid): How do I create an full software after I know programming in ruby as far as I need to? I search for a possibility, to get a real desktop software with this Windows UI, with buttons, and menues on top and so on. Is it possible to implement my ruby code into such graphical desktop software? Or is this just possible for some other languages? 'Cause I didn't find anything. Maybe I searched for the wrong keywords, but I don't know what I have to search for instead. I already searched for things like "ruby windows gui" and similiar. Hope you can help me
freeCodeCamp.org (5 months ago)
Ruby is not used much for graphical desktop software. You may consider checking out C++ or Java. Or better yet, learn full stack web development. That is where most of the programming jobs are. There is a free and ad-free curriculum at www.freecodecamp.org.
Amina Tamer El-Nasser (6 months ago)
I'm working on windows and whenever i click (CTRL + R ) a window pops up and says no symbols found even (ALT + R) do nothing at all Please Help.
Amina Tamer El-Nasser (4 months ago)
@kandysman86 yea , thank you :)
kandysman86 (4 months ago)
Did u figure it out?
Vannak Sok (6 months ago)
Learning as we still want to know... https://stude.co/398772/website-optimization https://stude.co/398772/beginners-r-programming-data-science-and-machine-learning https://stude.co/398772/r-programming-practical-data-science-and-modeling
Soso Neves (6 months ago)
very good video!!!
awesome ! thanks..
Rava Bat (6 months ago)
You make me a professional programmer on Ruby, bro))) Thank you so much! Your video is amazing!
ROBO XD (6 months ago)
Nikolas Walter (6 months ago)
I learnt more from this vid about type files, classes and algorhythms in general more then I did in 4 years of IT oriented high school, WHICH IS MOSTLY MY FAULT because I always played games there, but props to you because I actually didn't find your explanation boring and I was able to watch it all through. It's amazing how much I've just learned in 4 hours. Bless you
NoVa E1iT3 (6 months ago)
Can you do tutorials like python for ethical hacking and other languages for ethical hacking?
freeCodeCamp.org (6 months ago)
Have you seen this video yet? https://youtu.be/2_lswM1S264
Why So Black (6 months ago)
I have having trouble with the package i keep getting this "Error: spawn /usr/local/bin/docker ENOENT". Can anybody steer me into the right direct of solving this issue? I have a linux mint and parrot os.
Daniel Lindner (6 months ago)
is there a programm to run a code in any language?
ItzOSTime (6 months ago)
In the variables section, can't we use the replace tool (Ctrl+H)?
Mohammad Samiur (6 months ago)
thank you sir....i learn ruby....in my local institution there is no scope to learn ruby.....but now i learned ruby by your tutorial easy and best way.........i wrote from bangladesh
ePayMinds (6 months ago)
One of the best Complete Ruby Courses for Passionate Learners https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vJRyzhGDOvg
ForSAVAGE (6 months ago)
kaspersky detecting msys2 system update as a virus... false positive or real?
ForSAVAGE (6 months ago)
the downloading of this take fooorrrrreevvvvvvveeeeeeeerrrrrr-forever
shikudi hidarunowata (6 months ago)
10:09 wait so mike your real name is giraffe
Goodmen Billy (6 months ago)
Similar to python course
ItzOSTime (6 months ago)
SAME except that it's ruby
skeeveskeeve (6 months ago)
45 minutes in and this is my favorite ruby so far. NO FAT, NO FILLER, NO FLUFF, just what you need to know in a way that isn't going to annoy you.
Na (6 months ago)
Hey what path to add to the Environmental Variables to use ruby on Windows
star fight (7 months ago)
its too slow

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