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Cultivating your trading advantage

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https://www.robothousetrading.com/welcome - General Info If you're looking to become a successful trader, you need some kind of advantage. What that is for you, will depend on your unique circumstances, abilities and experiences. With that said however, one very powerful characteristic which you could cultivate, is that of discipline. Discipline can serve you when start trades, when you close them, as you manage them... and it can keep you out of positions you shouldn't even be in. Some good stuff on timing and decision making: https://www.amazon.com/When-Scientific-Secrets-Perfect-Timing/dp/0735210624 https://scopeblog.stanford.edu/2011/12/29/a-conversation-about-the-science-of-willpower/
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Roman Anglin (1 month ago)
John love your channel! I’m an aspiring EA user like you. How do you handle getting more historical data for backtesting? My broker just changed my server and I lost all that data... any advice on finding adequate data for backtesting?
foley001 (1 month ago)
Off topic, just out of curiosity; is that white object next to your tv a subwoofer or a microwave?
Robot House of Forex (1 month ago)
Those are studio monitors (speakers). :)
maximosh (1 month ago)
I have to get up in the morning to turn the computer on and start Metatrader  and make sure the robots working.. They work harder than I do :D
Sean Mo. (1 month ago)
John, what's your email address; need to consult with you about an amazing EA that I would like to improve. Thanks Sean
Walktheline (1 month ago)
What suggestions do you have for someone with zero experience?
Roman Anglin (1 month ago)
Walktheline buy Kevin Davey’s book. Pricey but will Really enlighten you on the realm of EA’s. If you can stomach his story and still want to do this, then that was really the best place to start

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