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How to Trade Small Account in 2019 | Forex Trading

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Discover how you can grow a small account in Forex Trading even if you have zero trading experience. **SUBSCRIBE TO RAYNER'S YOUTUBE CHANNEL NOW** https://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=tradingwithrayner If you want more actionable Forex trading tips and strategies, go to https://www.tradingwithrayner.com Check Out These Top Trending Playlist and Videos: #1. Trading Strategies That Work: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DC-ghSmJy9s&list=PLT6_Bt_TKitKDFdvmvnuerv8T6zG5qW3h #2. Support and Resistance Secrets: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PuboYnBc0t8 #3. The Ultimate Candlestick Pattern Trading Course: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C3KRwfj9F8Q #4: Technical Analysis Secrets: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rNI166nMAFw #5 MACD Indicator Secrets: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eob4wv2v--k #forextrading #smallaccount #fx
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Rayner Teo (2 months ago)
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Anthony Larios (13 days ago)
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Umaimatu Musah (16 days ago)
Njabulo Ginindza (4 days ago)
I don't how I got hold of you. please send me your details mate
M .GAMING (2 days ago)
Hi are you interested in Forex ?
Tommy Gambino (8 days ago)
This is one of the best broker ever contain min lots minimum deposit is $5 and same day withdrawal follow the the link to sign up https://www.exness.com/a/uv3l0v7a
CHAZE BUTLER (15 days ago)
This was good info for beginners my friend
Eslie Basson (19 days ago)
What broker could be used? Iqoptions?
AG WORLD TV (23 days ago)
Hi there, If you have been looking for a reliable and honest broker, look no further. I have been trading with ICmarkets for a while now and I am extremely happy with their service. In addition to very competitive trading conditions, their customer support is available 24/5. http://www.icmarkets.com/?camp=37923 Follow the link or copy and paste it into the address bar of your browser, then press the Enter key. You will be redirected to the account opening form. Good luck.
SportsHUB (25 days ago)
Rayner what are some good brokers in your opinion? Keep up the great videos!
Cory Walker (29 days ago)
Use trasing as a second hustle dont quit ur job thinking u gonna get rich quick
Carlton Andlerfall (1 month ago)
Hey can you do a walk through of a live trade on a demo account
Berabang-BULL (1 month ago)
Hey Rayner, nice job! I would like to ask for recommendations on the best broker with a good track in terms of deposits and withdrawals. Thanks!
Allan Abad (1 month ago)
David Badillo (1 month ago)
7:56 "... adding more fuel to the fire it's gonna go... K-BAM! BOOM!" LOL! I love it!
_DrScout_ (1 month ago)
Love the intro boss very much energy I like it!
Gator Baby The Soldier (1 month ago)
awesome job in breakin basics down
Sunny Beaches (1 month ago)
Can you please tell me top 3 brokers for beginners thanks?
Allan Abad (1 month ago)
CatalystGamer (1 month ago)
I started with $100 and got very lucky. I wasn’t bothered about losing the $100 it was just for me to learn with I took a massive risk using high lot sizes and made 6k in 3 months using the same strategy. If my strategy did not go to plan I wouldn’t lose much only like $5 and I still use that method today my account is at 15k and I make weekly withdrawals been trading just over a year now and I am 18 lol I even started with my older brothers ID that’s how much I wanted to trade
Miss Dee (1 month ago)
Hey that is inspiring.am a beginner.who is your broker?
Lefa Tshenye (1 month ago)
20 years 😂😂😂😂
You (1 month ago)
What kind of results could I realistically expect to see with £2000 and 6 months to play with?
Dillon Bult (1 month ago)
Hey Hey, What's up my friend!
Rayner Teo (1 month ago)
Hey hey!
xtallyx1 (2 months ago)
anyone know a broker that is regulated that accepts US citizens and has leverage over 1000:1 ?  Very hard to find!
Maurice Cobbs (2 months ago)
I really need to learn this from the ground up I know I can b great
Maurice Cobbs (10 days ago)
Definitely bro thanks for responding
Sari Fadel (2 months ago)
@Maurice Cobbs definitely bro i"ve been student with the company 3 weeks ago. This is legit my chance. If u want bro I could hook u up with my mentor. IG @w_faith1 or +1 650-307-9051
Maurice Cobbs (2 months ago)
> need information
Maurice Cobbs (2 months ago)
Please help me
Sari Fadel (2 months ago)
Instgram @w_faith1
Maurice Cobbs (2 months ago)
Who do I contact specifically
Torrent Mine (2 months ago)
Nathan Wright is a Successful Forex trader, who has great experience in emerging market currencies, investment origination and financial strategy.
Febi Nandia (2 months ago)
Can you make video how to scalping?
Maurice Cobbs (2 months ago)
I want to learn
Maurice Cobbs (2 months ago)
How can u help me bro
Pedro Santos Lima (1 month ago)
Add +1 613 519 6054 on WhatsApp to start trading with his 99% Signals and support .
Maurice Cobbs (2 months ago)
What lady Ilda
ilda menconi (2 months ago)
contact this lady for support, she has the best trading network right now.
ilda menconi (2 months ago)
sStark Empire (2 months ago)
$500 for small account ...god damn am thinking of $100
Smith Aitufe (6 days ago)
+maynard garren Hi, I am interested
Sam Bliz (11 days ago)
started trading offshore when i was at work but i only see nothing but alerts ever since i was referred to Patrick Brown contact via <[email protected]>
Jay Twix (18 days ago)
+Laghari Khet its hard to grow $100 or $500 without using 1mini lot and up and if you use 1mini lot and above your taking high risk of chopping your account in half or even blowing up once you go through losing streaks
jxn141 (22 days ago)
Many brokers have cent accounts where you can trade from 1 cent per pip. Do a search on cent account brokers.
Junito Punto Comm (1 month ago)
sStark Empire Don’t listen to these ppl...They are scammers !!
HipAizen (2 months ago)
Use platform that allow you to check every details on your trade. im not talking about mt4. do your research:)
Trade n Profit (2 months ago)
Uly G (2 months ago)
What brokers are good for us clients ?
Trade n Profit (1 month ago)
please whatsapp me +923002369095
Faridl Hakim (1 month ago)
You can call me. 085200881632
Trade n Profit (2 months ago)
Tinker Tanner (2 months ago)
I dont see how thinking in terms of R as being applicable in Forex due to leverage. Lets say you dont leverage and you fund a mini lot at full equity, theres NO WAY you will realize a large R. If you were to leverage 50x you be around $200 margin which still would require 200 pips to equal 1R. Unless you mean risk as a stop loss? Then I understand. Can you clarify?
HabitatSeekers (2 months ago)
Bro, as for forex, do you trade during daytime of Singapore hours or do you stay awake in the middle of the night and follow the US market. Which is more effective?
Forex Life (2 months ago)
HabitatSeekers in Singapore its around 9pm for the US trading time to open
MajorBob (2 months ago)
He probably trades day time, he is a position trader so he just cares about the long term move so the moment you trade don't matter so much
Trade n Profit (2 months ago)
Jude Ontoyin (2 months ago)
I really appreciate this video.....i'm so grateful
Siew Kow Mah (2 months ago)
Thanks Rayner. Learnt a new tip. Adding funds regularly when you are consistently profitable. The other thing is position sizing in a standard account can achieve similar purpose in choosing either micro or mini accounts
TwoStarII (2 months ago)
how do you know that you are trading mini or micro, is it determined by the lot size you choose before entering a trade? so if i have enough funds in my account i can trade micro for 1 pair and mini for another by just choosing a different lot size for each trade?
pawan sapkota (2 months ago)
+TwoStarII You can consider “leverage” as a loan which your broker is making you in exchange of a small sum (what you will be funding your account with) of money. The leverage depends on the broker, and then on your account’s settings. Example of leverage 100:1 Assume that you open an account with $10,000 dollars. This means that for every dollar that you put into your account, you can trade $100 worth of pips. With 10,000 dollars you would be capable of trading lots woth $100,000. In the case of 100:1, for each dollar that you have in your account, you can virtually buy 100 dollars worth of a lot. 200:1 For each dollar you have in your account, you can buy 200 dollars worth of a lot And so on.
TwoStarII (2 months ago)
+pawan sapkota one more question: I am trading on a demo micro lot (size = 0.01) with leverage 25:1 but my trade is moving as follows for each pipette: $0.01, $0.02, $0.03 etc.. but since I have leverage of 25:1 shoudn't it move like this $0.25, $0.50, $0.75 or am I missing something? To add onto this, I am in profit of 10 pips which is $1 but shoudn't I have $25 because of leverage?
pawan sapkota (2 months ago)
yes. u can choose different lot size on each trade.
Sergio Ramirez (2 months ago)
Drop a like for the : hey hey what’s up my friends ... 🤣
Mahdi Elghoul (1 month ago)
What every Forex trader needs is a Stable Forex Strategy and i have the best one for everyone it is called HootForex.club - A lot of traders have had their lives turned around for the better due to the reliability of the strategy i am certain a lot more can benefit from it as well.
StinkyBooty Life (2 months ago)
thank you so much for all that you do you really have o idea how helpful your videos are t so many people.
Rayner Teo (2 months ago)
My pleasure, StinkyBooty Life!
Jacquez Peake (2 months ago)
Hey is anyone forex trading right now and profiting from it ?
Sari Fadel (2 months ago)
Yep DM On iG @w_faith1
Friedrich Walter (2 months ago)
i want to thank you for making this video, it will really help. I hope by now you realized that forex risk management is KING. Without it, even the best trading strategy will not make you a consistently profitable trader.
Amahle zuma (2 months ago)
The best way to obhectify your trading is by keeping a journal of each trade, noting the reason for entry and exit and keeping score of how effective your system is. Credit must be given to Dennis Lugard for his exceptional work, i gain a lot from his mentorship program.
Friedrich Walter (2 months ago)
+kamal Ahmed kindly contact Dennis Lugard via whatsapp +1(281)715-7725 He will definitely help you.
kamal Ahmed (2 months ago)
+Friedrich Walter How can i get in touch with Dennis Lugard? i am a novice trader.
sarthak grover (2 months ago)
Never trade on a mobile guys.
jose sandoval (2 months ago)
sarthak grover why?
Elias Khater (2 months ago)
So what brocker do you trade with Rayner
Bright Edward (2 months ago)
Making money online is real, psiphonhackers.wordPress,com did a bank transfer of $15,000 to my account.
breakdcycle (2 months ago)
how about eToro is it okey broker?
pawan sapkota (2 months ago)
i recommend icmarkets for non US citizens.
Vihaan Anand (2 months ago)
Hello I'm a binary trading expert,i go about enlightening people on how to make it big in binary trading same time you can be rich online. This is not magic for there is no risk involved using the right strategy, with a minimum startup investment one can get a fixed huge profit daily/weekly,this investment program has saved lives world wide. Feel free to talk to me if you are interested- [email protected] . com
PHORK FoXxx (2 months ago)
20% a year . Isn’t it too little money that you can make
Cuong Truong (2 months ago)
It's not worth it to trade small account.
Haffis Maseiz (2 months ago)
thank you..i learnt alot.. anyway do you know how to use andrew pitch fork..
ilda menconi (2 months ago)
Andrew's Pitchfork is a technical indicator its underused in the currency markets, but it can help you isolate profitable opportunities but i know a trading manager who has the best way its been used.
Mirdha - (2 months ago)
too painful to watch after I lost 500 dollars. But I know, I gained experience to not to repeat the mistakes. Now my risk is 200 pips on 0.01 to 0.03 lots in micro account..
Adnan Khurshid (2 months ago)
can anybody adopt forex as a full time job for whole his life and become financially free?
Yan2 Yanyan (2 months ago)
+maynard garren contact me pls at this email.. [email protected]
Venedikt P Kozlov (2 months ago)
+ilda menconi I think your case is different but your trading management network has worked their butts off for you. how much do you pay the for such an effort?
Venedikt P Kozlov (2 months ago)
+Big Ben Millionaire Trader Lol
Laishram Rama (2 months ago)
Thanks for this awesome advice. But pls do a video on how to read the sentiment of market. Thank q.
The Secret Mindset (2 months ago)
Good advice, mate! I started trading over 12 years ago and if I had to start over once again, this would be the correct way of trading with a small account. Keep up the good work!
Darkstreets56 (2 months ago)
Can u explain the R system a little better cause I have never had a profit increase from putting 5 dollars in a stock and making that much of a percentage back cause most stocks markets dont increase 1000% so the most u can calculate is like 1R from normal trading even if u blanket the amount of companies u buy stock from that would be the only way to get that 20r and still only comes to small profits please help me understand better
Bronwyn Thomson (2 months ago)
Your Videos are inspiring!
Rayner Teo (2 months ago)
Awesome to hear that, Bronwyn Thomson!
DUNCAN WOOD (2 months ago)
are you kidding me??!!! thats Adam Khoo you're lip syncing the Pro.. Wtf is wrong with you ????!!! not even acknowledging him.. wht wrong with you..smh
Michael Grant (2 months ago)
Hi Rayner, Thank you for your small account advice.i have started the process before finishing your article. Tops!!! Thank you Rayner.
Rayner Teo (2 months ago)
Awesome to hear that, Michael Grant!
Money agriculture (2 months ago)
Nice sir
Oggy77 G (2 months ago)
Firstly Rayner, thanks for a great video 🙏🏻 Adding fuel to your portfolio can be by reinvesting profits. If you make in average 3% profit/trade and if you reinvest it...your portfolio of 5000 $ will after approximately 55 trades increase to almost 22000$. You can do the math. I think that the best to do in the beginning is to focus on learning and developing trading skills.
Nahashon small (2 months ago)
Thank you, "My Frend" I am about to start trading with a live account, and I intend to start with a small investment of $300 dollars. I'll keep you posted on the progress.
+Mykites help me too. My Facebook name is Danielson Ekeh El-lino... I'm starting with less than $100 and I need guidelines on how to trade with a small account
Maximilian Price (2 months ago)
Nahashon small (2 months ago)
+Mykites here is my Instagram... instagram.com/nahashon_kyalo/
Mykites (2 months ago)
Nahashon small brother do you have an Instagram or Facebook I can text you from! YouTube is kinda hard to talk with !
Gwyn Morgan (2 months ago)
great practical advice Rayner. Are the "inputs calculation table template" available for download from you or somewhere else ?
Amitha dulna (2 months ago)
Luv uuuuu❤️
christian Daniel (2 months ago)
Thank you so much
Manfred Müller (2 months ago)
I trade for you. [email protected]
Nonkululeko Mpunzana (2 months ago)
I signed up with Fxpro my account at the moment has $200 my leverage is 1:500. just wondering if this is a good company and if $200 is enough for me to get started
Sari Fadel (2 months ago)
Yo bro, I think it's totally ok I've been student with the company about 3 weeks I could hook u up with my mentor to answer your question just to double check. IG @w_faith1 or +1 650-307-9051
VIV (2 months ago)
Can i start with 50 dollars?
Vihaan Anand (2 months ago)
Yes you can, I can also guide you through on trading forex step by step messenge me if interested at vihaana854 @ gmail . com
Mihail Antoniu Radu (2 months ago)
No, not adviseable. At least 500 or 1000 dollars or euros.(with a maximum leverage of 1:100 or 1:200) For best money management and to afford a string of losses in a row without getting attached and "fear mode" Practice at least 6 months on a demo account before risking your own money. Read the books of Mark Douglas's books on trading psychology and The Turtle Experiment with Richard Dennis.
Daniel Zeynalvand (2 months ago)
You can start with 10
Adnan Shah (2 months ago)
Yes you can....just find a good broker
juliemer316 (2 months ago)
where do we find good broker?
pawan sapkota (2 months ago)
Fred Lee (2 months ago)
XM https://bit.ly/2GOnrKs The best and most trusted forex broker for beginners
KOOZ KOOZ (2 months ago)
One simple way to trade a small account or any account is always use your stop loss to calculate your lot size. Determine your stop loss first then go a head and select your lot size.This way, you will always risk a specific amount of money but with different lot sizes.
Gan Cheng Aik颜征益 (2 months ago)
Better take on broker that stp or ecn.. Because their direct take your trade to market.. Without dealing desk..you will never have conflict of interest with stp or ecn..
Gan Cheng Aik颜征益 (2 months ago)
Just tap top ecn and stp broker in Google will appear.. I using peperstone
Fathullah Niazi (2 months ago)
do u know any of these broker? thanks
Yu Feng Tan (2 months ago)
Thanks once again Rayner. I've been waiting for the Systematic TF to have a turnaround before adding money to my account. Hopefully that day comes soon!
Venedikt P Kozlov (2 months ago)
Systematic TF whats that? two months ago i taught i was ready to start trades on my account but unfortunately i loss all in less than an hour. how long have you been trading.
Ken Tee (2 months ago)
What's the best broker to trade small account?
Fred Lee (2 months ago)
XM https://bit.ly/2GOnrKs the best and most trusted forex broker
Oh Mar (2 months ago)
FBS is the best broker to trade small account that you can open cent account there
Black Swan (2 months ago)
Your advices are gold, bro.
Rayner Teo (2 months ago)
Thank you, Black Swan. I appreciate it!
Superwish Kumthornthip (2 months ago)
where is your video on market maker business model
Georges Saha (2 months ago)
This video resume well my strategy. Super Rayner your too strong.
John Tad (2 months ago)
Why do pros recommend starting balance around $1k just to do a 0.01 lot? This is like $3 a day if your good at trading. You can make more money by recycling goods.
KOOZ KOOZ (2 months ago)
A small account is meant to train your mind how to handle real losses. After which once you become consistent, you can increase your capital.
Augusta Yarteh (2 months ago)
Oh my God the time I need to hear this things great one.I feel is good to get broker.
CHANCHAL DAS (2 months ago)
I too have done same silly mistake once of taking sort instead long & paid the price.
lrlittlebean (2 months ago)
Thank you for the advice!
pmcllc (2 months ago)
"micro" and "nano" lots are good to fine tune your risk!!! But no many brokers offer them except for Oanda
Sam Williams (2 months ago)
Today $185 Deposits, $185 bonus and $1120 Profit. - HootForex.club I make this everyday trading forex.
Thom Patno (2 months ago)
Hi Rayner: What's your definition of a small, medium, large account? How much $$ ?
Pedro Santos Lima (1 month ago)
You can grow a small account on www.fxemarkets.bid platform copying your account officers trades daily for free .
Mykites (2 months ago)
Thom Patno a good start point would be 200$ and only leverage .10 - .15
6Ahmadinho9 (2 months ago)
Thank you Rayner for this videos, I recently started trading and was disappointed that It looks like making money that actually make a difference is just a dream. But maybe with a good plan it might be possible, if I lived 20 years of course :) I really learn from you everyday. If I ever made more than a thousand euro profit, I'll send you half of it!
Adnan Shah (2 months ago)
peter wong (2 months ago)
Thanks for the advise. Would you able to provide some of the example brokers that can offer micro/nano lots?
Karen Pascual (25 days ago)
Meta trader 4
Vihaan Anand (2 months ago)
Hello I'm a binary trading expert,i go about enlightening people on how to make it big in binary trading same time you can be rich online. This is not magic for there is no risk involved using the right strategy, with a minimum startup investment one can get a fixed huge profit daily/weekly,this investment program has saved lives world wide. Feel free to talk to me if you are interested- [email protected] . com
Fred Lee (2 months ago)
XM https://bit.ly/2GOnrKs The best and most trusted forex broker.
umar zaharadeen (2 months ago)
Rayner Teo (2 months ago)
Hey hey!
Israel Mamo (2 months ago)
but this is where leverage come in handy right?
Hussain Sahana (2 months ago)
hello my dear friends, Can anyone suggest me a broker?? & im from INDIA...
Fred Lee (2 months ago)
XM https://bit.ly/2GOnrKs The best and most trusted forex broker
Andrew Le (2 months ago)
Awesome explanation
Rayner Teo (2 months ago)
Cheers Andrew Le!
Puddintame (2 months ago)
Rayner. What things would you suggest for people with small accounts who swing trade stocks?
Sand Man (2 months ago)
Can someone recommend a broker? I live in US.
Vihaan Anand (2 months ago)
Nadex is good
Bobby Luster (2 months ago)
i recommend you trade with [email protected]
Maicol (2 months ago)
Can you do the same video for normal stocks? I would like to know your point of view in trading with a small account for stocks.
Awesome Rayner, great idea. Love this video. Thanks
Rayner Teo (2 months ago)
Awesome to hear that, UGOCHUKWU EMEMANDU!
Danny Ong (2 months ago)
Hi Rayner, thanks for sharing. For small account which time frame will you recommend? I have been trying on 15 and 30 min but most trade going against me.
Forex Life (2 months ago)
Gabriel Attat binary is a scam bro
pawan sapkota (2 months ago)
just decrease your lot size . go for higher timeframes. lower timeframe is a heck.
Tinker Tanner (2 months ago)
Small pip movements happen in lower time frames. With micro lots it may be better to take a swing position to take advantage of more breathing room in order to realize a decent multitude of pip value movement as you will likely be around 0.10/pip. So as the other person said, analyze the 4hr charts, but I recommend the daily as well just for reference.
Gabriel Attat (2 months ago)
+Vihaan Anand hi thanks for sharing . How can I trade binary successfully?
Vihaan Anand (2 months ago)
Hello I'm a binary trading expert,i go about enlightening people on how to make it big in binary trading same time you can be rich online. This is not magic for there is no risk involved using the right strategy, with a minimum startup investment one can get a fixed huge profit daily/weekly,this investment program has saved lives world wide. Feel free to talk to me if you are interested- [email protected] . com
Seth Tan (2 months ago)
Impeccable timing, just what i need.
MPHO MULAUDZI (2 months ago)
where do i get that calclator you were using to calculate annual returns
Timo Gathiba (2 months ago)
MPHO MULAUDZI moneychimp.com/calculator
André Hoogendoorn (2 months ago)
Rayner, what are your thoughts about cents accounts. I believe that with that you can get used to big numbers and at the same time risk little money.
Keith Tan (2 months ago)
Does anyone have any idea what are the examples of brokers that offer Nano lots? Thanks in advance
Jim Brown (2 months ago)
+Kgotso Lepheana Not an issue if you are trading the higher time frames like 4hrs and higher.
D2R GOLDENCHILD (2 months ago)
Kgotso Lepheana (2 months ago)
+Jim Brown but the spreads are high on XM
Jim Brown (2 months ago)
fh Kwong (2 months ago)
Hi Rayner, thanks for sharing the information, and I am a big fan of you, and looping your videos those days, and I learned a lot from them. Thank you again for your sharing.
Rayner Teo (2 months ago)
Awesome to hear that, fh Kwong!
J channel (2 months ago)
When will your enrollment open again?
Sari Fadel (2 months ago)
I could hook u up with my mentor DM me at @w_faith1
Mykites (2 months ago)
J channel if you need mentorship lmk!
robinlook (2 months ago)
Great ideas. Thanks!
G M (3 months ago)
1) Find the right broker that offers micro lot trading 2) Add funds regularly too increase growth rate 3)Think in Terms of Risk and return 4) Profit from your mistakes
Warrior Homestead (3 months ago)
Always such good advice. My simulated trades have improved consistently enough that I will be shopping for brokers in a few months. I need to continue learning and refining my strategy. Gratitude.
Maitrayan Ghosh Roy (3 months ago)
*Add funds regularly*
Jayson Cabigon (2 months ago)
Adding funds regularly doesn't mean you profit more in a long term projection. It depends on how much is your lot size used and your winning trades. And also it does not compound itself. The example of 20% is when you also place 20% of your account and depends on you lot size too. I hope it made it clear.
Esujin Kuular (2 months ago)
Do brokers apply saving rates on our deposit? I didn't understand.

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