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How to Trade NFP | High Impact Forex News | Non- farm payroll

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Enroll free in Top Trader Rookie Course to learn more: http://bit.ly/Motivfxtrader --------------- NFP is the most popular Fundamental News Release in Forex. It washes many traders out of the market when it hits, but is there an edge to trading NFP profitably? I discuss how you can make money trading Non-Farm-Payroll here & what the news release is in general Many traders think that technical analysis is the best way to trade forex, but I like to use technical analysis as a tool to help me refine my entries into the market. What gives me my directional bias, is the fundamentals that drive the underlying economies. This information gives you highly probably market moves, all that is necessary for an understanding of the fundamentals is refining the entry with technicals. I discuss here why Fundamental trading is The best way to know where markets are to go. High Impact - Balance sheet: https://youtu.be/wACOpeI-AZ4 *This video is for non farm payroll | NFP trading strategy High Impact| | Most Profitable Forex Trading Strategy | Forex News | Fundamental Analysis | CPI | inflation | price action | fundamental analysis | learn to trade | Euro | Interest rates | interest rates | balance sheets | central bank | Trading news | Forex factory | forex strategies | North Korea View my social profiles on the world wide web here :) IG: http://bit.ly/instaklev FB: http://bit.ly/fbmotivfx Email: [email protected] Site: www.motivfx.com
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Text Comments (67)
David Weller (18 days ago)
Good speaking voice. My first video from your series. Will check out a few more.
Pat Rashwill (1 month ago)
*John Barron always says The moving average indicator is the best indicator to use as it reflects current price in relation to the average price.*
Jessica Honorat (1 month ago)
What program do you use to look at charts from years agos
Top Traders (1 month ago)
think or swim
Nqubeko Mtshali (2 months ago)
I can i have your contact details Here is mine 0712194917
Top Traders (1 month ago)
Jithesh George (2 months ago)
SaiLinGongMa (2 months ago)
it's so much more interesting to hear black people talk about trade of finance. good job bro!!! we love you
Top Traders (2 months ago)
lol, thanks so much !!
Mark Manning (2 months ago)
seems to me that trading on the NFP day is the worst thing to do, volatility is through the roof
Top Traders (2 months ago)
I dont disagree, it s a very challenging market event to capitalize off of.
Ravi Ahuja (3 months ago)
Rj Fdo. (3 months ago)
Thanx bro. never seen a informative video on NFP.
Top Traders (2 months ago)
NP man!
What if i could give you news events signals, which you must trade 40 seconds before actual news, would you pay me for that? i am not professional but i never missed one news event [email protected]
Hunk Harry (2 months ago)
Will you help me in this?
mateu mathews (2 months ago)
Yes I can pay you
Angelo R (4 months ago)
Very informative video bro 🤯🔥
Top Traders (4 months ago)
I really appreciate that man!
JmansFragments (5 months ago)
you know alot brotha good analysis
Top Traders (4 months ago)
Thanks alot buddy!
JmansFragments (5 months ago)
BreuckelensFinest (5 months ago)
Fuck NFP! You're NLP is even more incredible in your video! LMAO
Top Traders (5 months ago)
What the hell is NLP ?
Bruce U (5 months ago)
dont turn me gay bro
Bongie Msibi (3 months ago)
MidnightZ7 lmao😂
Mike Wah (6 months ago)
If you are a trader you should be alert about markets news. Fxnewinfo.com is there to help you. They are publishing most recent market news and analysis. You may be got something extra from this link. http://www.fxallnews.com/category/latest-news/index.html
chaison badajos (6 months ago)
17:13 " surpassing the predictions.... and yet you still have weakness......selloff EUR/USD ....." hello, you're trading EUR/USD which means yes, the US dollar will go higher, and the Euro will decline, exactly where the market went. You are trading the inverse of the pair because it's EUR/USD not USD/EUR, and you are going by the US economic news/results, which will benefit or penalize the quote currency, in this case the US dollar.
ALL-IN-ONE (6 months ago)
please next time zoom the charts
Mike W (7 months ago)
Oh no! Dang! I was loving the video but then this commercial started to spool up. My internet comes through a straw and spooling is a big problem. Thumbs up for the presentation but thumbs down for the video.
OB TC (7 months ago)
Your not at a night club, button your shirt, act like a professional.
Halla Thor (5 months ago)
there they go with that racist shit tryna make a brother act like a professional lol.. did he tell u he wanted to be identified as a professional?.. u clown
Mason Newton (6 months ago)
You’re using the wrong “your” how’s that for unprofessional? Fucking idiot
T.O. Productions (6 months ago)
OB TC hahahah it’s YouTube home boy don’t at his channel
Ryan Perkins (8 months ago)
Excellent explanation of NFP
TimPipsDaily (8 months ago)
Nicely produced video
Janica Lehlohonolo (9 months ago)
yeah bra.. am really enjoying your lessons. i will like to watch you trading live. bcos i dont know witch time frame must i use when trading news
Mathew Emmel (9 months ago)
Had it be that i knew or come in contact with Mr Frank Robert for the past years of trading i would have gone far beyond where i am now in the Stock trade and Forex/Binary Option, his strategy works like miracle and his ways of trading is extraordinary frabjous, just adhering to his order and instructions on his strategy not laboring myself any more and winning my capital back with 60k dollar monthly, truly he is a fabulous Broker with winning strategy for every trader.
Mathew Emmel (9 months ago)
You can ask him for help through email: [email protected]
JaviAirForces (11 months ago)
Wow He described me with the engineer working at ymca lol
JaviAirForces (10 months ago)
I have a degree in engineering from silicone valley and I’m working at ymca
Kate Harwood (11 months ago)
I can earn up to 500% per month in Forex Trading. Just email me for more information [email protected](dot)com
Michael (11 months ago)
good job black man we  need more of us involved in finance
Veronica Williams (9 days ago)
Best Forex software online: HootForex.club
Sayian God (11 months ago)
Nice video. .
Mahmood Ali (11 months ago)
Is there any way to calculate your TP point from this NFP if it is better then expected ?
Inbox PowerMTA (11 months ago)
We worked on 5 trash decompilers last year to create a better one - Download it here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6RNxI6A24y0
Thatoyaone Bogopa (1 year ago)
Thanks for the vid man; that's inspiring.
Roger Blackwell (1 year ago)
Economic divergence? No such thing. Don't invent terms to suit your message. If you devastate your account with nfp your risk management is poor.
Jessica Honorat (1 month ago)
Nicholas (2 months ago)
shut up
Craig Joseph (3 months ago)
T.O. Productions (6 months ago)
Justin Savage (1 year ago)
Average hourly earnings has an effect on NFP also I've heard. They can add jobs and be a huge beat but if they are crappy jobs..low earnings we might not see a big move
Edgar Tigranyan (1 year ago)
Good video Brother. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I think you deserve more likes and views. Keep it up!
Rueben Amakye (1 year ago)
NFP coming in at 120K
The Kash Register (1 year ago)
Dope video! Thanks For The Info Dude "Thumbs Up"
Linda Butler (1 year ago)
Hi People, do not place your money in Boss Capital. I put my money there and I didn't like there service and decided to withdraw my funds and its has been 3 months and I still haven't receive my fund from them. They don't even have a customer service that you can actually talk too. I would never support a company that treat its customer in this manner. But when Mr Parker managed my account, i was able to withdraw and make more profit,thanks man
Reb MCMG (4 months ago)
yea imarket live is a sales company not teaching people to trade at all..boss capital is one of thew worst under iml
Mason Newton (6 months ago)
Hey Linda Work on your fucking grammar please!
Jay G (8 months ago)
I like, Kou Success Lee FX and it's possible to trade currencies in a regular TD Ameritrade trading account from what I hear. I haven't opened an account anywhere, yet.
Bruno Rodrigues (1 year ago)
NFP at 110k. Nice job Cleveland.
funnybunnygreen (1 year ago)
Thanks so much for your analysis
Edwin Kasonga (1 year ago)
nfp at 75k
Matthew Jimenez (1 year ago)
Definitely it'll be a sell off on EU I'm already short on this pair after nfp comes out it should smash my TP. Dollar strength for sure!
Kavon Hill (1 year ago)
you called it..
Kevin K Adj (1 year ago)
Cleveland please whats your name on Instagram. you messaged me some time back encouraging me  but cant find that message any more. and I dint know you had a channel  then. I love your fundamentals ( your approach on how you explain stiff)
DxAnti (1 year ago)
NFP numbers will be greater and it will be a sell of due to not just NFP but market structure on EURUSD ,to most likely the 1.500 key level

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