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8 Most Incredible Archaeological Discoveries Recently Made

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8 most incredible archaeological discoveries recently made. We take a look at these amazing archaeological discoveries that have recently been made. Every year, more and more incredible breakthroughs about the history of the human race are uncovered. These incredible findings are often overlooked by mainstream scientific articles however and it is not until decades later that the researchers responsible get the credit they deserve. In order to bring these incredible discoveries to light, here at unexplained mysteries, we will be going over 8 amazing recent archaeological discoveries. Thank you for watching! Thank you to CO.AG for the background music!
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Text Comments (434)
Ales Mendozaroman (12 hours ago)
Over half of finds are thrue arciologist hearing of things on the market and they go arrest them force them to disclose there find
Sgt. Hoagie (20 hours ago)
7:41 You NEVER finished what you were gonna say!
Troy Brown (1 day ago)
Interesting. thanks
steve miller (1 day ago)
I like your content but three ads in ten minutes is just taking the piss.
Eric Buchanan (1 day ago)
As long as Saudi Arabia is Islamic/monarchy, it will be a tourist no go
Tony B (1 day ago)
So apparently reptiles are always growing, most small but some can get decent size like about a dog size and we know they are older because they are bigger. And preflood days on earth everything lived much longer so the Bible tells us and earth had more oxygen which again makes things bigger. Are dinosaurs just really old reptiles maybe? The Bible refers to dinosaurs as dragons. The word dinosaur wasn't invented till sometime in the 1800's. Food for thought?
1 wordhere 1wordthere (2 days ago)
I call B's on the the miners and the dinosaur story. I take it that they were drilling. Come on man you leaving out a lot. It was an oil company I suppose as it was implied. I never seen a drill for oil that big.
Elle Sunshine (2 days ago)
Excellent 😍👍👍👍
Zappa 750 (3 days ago)
Outstanding fossil.
B G (6 days ago)
looks like a medieval dragon
T Griffin (6 days ago)
I noticed this narrator said "peninshula" instead of "peninsula" in this video, and "capshule" instead of "capsule" in another. What local dialect is this? Is this a new fad in Britain?
Ceil Constante (7 days ago)
The focilized dinasour looks exactly like dragons were portrayed in art from the past.
forestsoceansmusic (8 days ago)
Mostly a very good video. The discovery of the Canaanite skeletons vindicates the Palestinians' original occupancy and claim to the land. (The original Israelites carried out a bloody murderous invasion just like the 1948 ones did.)
Wayne (8 days ago)
Why is your video so quiet?
Zombie Fool (8 days ago)
The embarrassing errors and claims without details or citations aside, this video is great. 😒
Sebastian Francis (8 days ago)
did I miss when he said how old the human skeletons in Morocco were? ;o
Thomas Lycke (8 days ago)
Love your vids, but bad audio.
what the hell goes on in the mind of these people? that goddamm music in the background makes it almost impossible to hear the person talking - STOP PLAYING MUSIC IN DOCUMENTARIES - IT'S IMMENSELY STUPID!
rob spence (9 days ago)
The structures is Saudi Arabia seen by satellites looks likes maybe they are hinting to a door entrance
Vivette s (10 days ago)
Aboriginal people have been in Australia for over 50 000 years, according to artefacts and rock paintings.They must have developed to achieve this stage, so they must have existed for much longer than that
MrFizzgig2 (10 days ago)
https://nyti.ms/2sTrcTN Oldest Fossils of Homo Sapiens Found in Morocco, Altering History of Our Species
MrFizzgig2 (10 days ago)
played table tennis
Darren Bauer (11 days ago)
There were female skeletons found in Saudi Arabia, but the religious police beat them for not wearing enough clothing and they were destroyed. ..
Semisi Kinikini (11 days ago)
Stories with no proof = Lies
Music Lover (11 days ago)
Obviously, the Greek warrior in the tomb, buried with gold and gems, never heard the saying, "You can't take it with you."  I didn't see a dino print.  I just saw an artificial outline and lightening of the color within the outline.  Is that added to the photo after it was taken, or is it a thin layer of sheer material laid out on the ground over the print?  In either case, the way they have outlined the print to define where it is seems arbitrary.  Look at the underlying shape and texture of the ground there.  Now compare it to the ground around it.  I need more convincing.  If you stomp in wet mud, the resulting print will not match the shape and size of your foot, anyway.
John Goodrich (11 days ago)
Atomically modern humans? I would have thought they were anatomically modern.
Brutus Judas (11 days ago)
#9 the evidence presented in Creating Christ by James Valliant and Warren Fahy.
Agaric (11 days ago)
The bones were most likely.....?
Amanda Shelton (11 days ago)
Another great video. Thank you. I love the no fluff stuff. This is real knowledge. I can't wait until they find the missing mummies in Egypt. I am a big fan of the Egyptians and the Dinosaurs. 😁🤗
ILL-EAGLE RIDERZ (11 days ago)
Do you read a script? Because i caught atleast 4 miss spoken words like 'showerly' instead of surely etc just saying you may want to proof read it. Top video tho ☆☆☆
Monopoliz ___ (11 days ago)
jay bomb (11 days ago)
The earth is around 4.5 billion years old. So it is possible that humans have been here a really really long time. And we'll probably never know just how long. But as we are a curious lot, someone will always be digging a hole!!!!
Ravenous B (11 days ago)
Most likely what!?!
Ricardo Cosson (11 days ago)
archeology and paleontology are separate sciences. you cannot carbon date fossils.
terry gunderson (11 days ago)
This is as goofy as those "In search of" movies. Something might have happened. some time! Well it could have!! The Bible is not history... It's fiction. There was no Capt, Noah!!
Aftersex Highfives (12 days ago)
Why isn't there more rot on teeth? They didn't have tooth brushes and fluoride, presumably? But I never notice cavities on ancient skulls/teeth. Less/no sugar consumption? Fruit was a regular part of many diets... Something I think about randomly. The ones in the French catacombs mostly seem to be missing their teeth, so could guess they were rotten and fell out/the good ones harvested and sold?
Aftersex Highfives (11 days ago)
+Zach Chang but they should get some decay during life? That's what I'm talking about. I don't see any.
Zach Chang (12 days ago)
Cavities are the result of the waste produced by a bacteria that comsume acidic food residue left on your teeth after eating when you die you stop putting new food in your mouth once the bacteria consume that food residue they leave
Jodonho (12 days ago)
Archeology is the study of man's past. Paleontology is the study of Nature's past.
Zach Chang (12 days ago)
No archaeology is the study of past people's garbage
Wyatt Earp (12 days ago)
Did I just see that?
Wyatt Earp (12 days ago)
Nobody knows more of this new information except Unexplained Mysteries and we would much prefer to believe Unexplained Mysteries on U-Tube then the people who actually were instrumental in the development of these original stories since Unexplained mysteries profits off of these stories popularity on U-Tube right?
Ravenous B (11 days ago)
james ohara (12 days ago)
This animal didn't just die and then was slowly covered over by fine deposits, the very fact that its last meal was still in its throat testifies that its death was swift and catastrophic, some sort of flash freezing occurred here.
Imca vdB (12 days ago)
Although all of it is super interesting and I'd like to learn more of it... I cannot help but thinking of all the people who can be fed and/or saved, if only those funds would be used for those who need it.
infamous4141 (12 days ago)
Fake discoveries on fake news = maybe
cabron1984 (12 days ago)
the bones were most likely? most likely what? you didn't finish the sentence. how old are the damn bones?
David Sheriff (12 days ago)
Carbon dating is at best a guess...
Glaskruset (12 days ago)
Why would they first need to piece it all together before announcing it? anyone realistic knows they most likely wont be able to piece a whole lot together, except calling all the buildings they find "temples", cause its ALWAYS that
Tony Jah (12 days ago)
Carbone dating is pretty inaccurate due to a lot of external factors. It should always be taken with a grain of salt.
Sheeple Slayer (1 day ago)
Mmm... salt. 😋
Aidan Magill (12 days ago)
Who the hell says that humans have only been around for 50,000 years? I've never heard that and I've certainly never come across a reputable scientist making such a claim. You tend to see a figure circa 250,000 given.
stephen blessed (12 days ago)
#8 Not even going to mention the ancient ping- pong paddle?
Patrik Lindholm (12 days ago)
Overlooked by mainstream science probably because they're not discoveries yet worth any consideration among peers. In time they will, but only depending on their historically educating value. Biblical history isn't automatically dismissed, but can't be taken into account without ruling out every other more probable naturalistic answer.
Jesse J-Henri (12 days ago)
How old were those human bones? You get cut out before you say it.
John Shiels (12 days ago)
Enjoyable item, better than some of this American spurious bullshit churned out daily 🙏
Here Now (13 days ago)
7:52 - "Carbon dating on the fossils found that the bones were most likely" ........... Most Likely what ? Or is this another Unexplained Mystery ? ? ?
m mcc (13 days ago)
this is a good video, but I wish you would have used the actual picture of what was from the video
Jeffrey Evans (13 days ago)
another video of a few pictures ...zzzZZZZZZZ
SameSoup (13 days ago)
How can you know the 13th cave had more to offer? Sounds to me like someone wants funding, and nothing else.
Dan Jordon (13 days ago)
Did u say in oc-Toblerone lol and all jokes aside I'm not gonna be watching these long videos any more to many ads for such a short video guys 3 in 10 mins is silly still better than the 6 it normally is I suppose but still shit lol
Ladar is a game changer
harry walker (13 days ago)
theres a vid on the history of the new zealand mouris,& there ancestors & the people there before them,red head giants,& 4.5' people.they came from europe.to the world.by.. gabi plumm.its not just nz,its our worlds history,how we got to be what we are now.
harry walker (13 days ago)
you must be religious or something,only half truths.boring.
AT THE CORE (13 days ago)
Sentient human-beings as we know them today have only been around for about fifty thousand years. White people have only been around for about ten to twelve thousand years.
Goldie O (13 days ago)
What is that picture you're showing while discussing the findings from a wealthy bronze age warrior? didn't look like anything you mentioned so I was left wondering what it was and where is the pics of what they did find? Telling a story with unrelated pictures is a sure way to confuse people.
David Lineberry (13 days ago)
What about the pyramids off the west coast of cuba....
harry walker (13 days ago)
& china,& america,& australia,& THE REST OF THE WORLD.!!
Falcon Feathers (13 days ago)
??? 7:50=8 Morocco bones that made up early atomically modern humans. Carbon dating on the fossils found that the bones were most like..ly and it ends without giving the most likely age.
razzorbladz (13 days ago)
palaeontology and archaeology are 2 different things!
Jennie Kelly (13 days ago)
I wonder how many more archaeological findings that prove the Bible is correct, will it take before science finally figures out that what is in the Bible is true and accurate???......
Jennie Kelly (12 days ago)
+Richard Hall I did mention "archaeological" findings. I didn't mention anything about religion
Richard Hall (13 days ago)
Several. The archaeological findings support the purely historical statements in the Bible. None have supported the religious statements.
The Godless (13 days ago)
The moment this became biblical again i was gone….
Sarah Marie (13 days ago)
Finally! A well done video with new content (new to me anyway). There's no fluff and fillers, no annoying music and no annoying voices. Where have you been all my internet life? LOL Anyway, new subscriber here. I enjoyed the video very much and felt like I actually learned something new and exciting. Keep 'em coming please. And thank you!!!
Aftersex Highfives (12 days ago)
+JRake32 oh fuck off you priss.
JRake32 (12 days ago)
The accent and enunciation needs work. Too much street.
titmusspaultpaul5 (14 days ago)
On number 3 you said "cabon dating made the bones more likely "..... more likley what?
I hate when the adds come on and they are blasting scared the living sh.t out of me lol.
BlackSmith (14 days ago)
In Finland, there is a place called Wolf Cave. It might go back 130,000 years.
Duketown trader (14 days ago)
those Cananites gave validity to the bible? Lol, yes, that yahweh was a psychotic serial killer. A total nutjob, in charge of some desperate, escaped slaves to steal their promised land. And this is not Sam Harris talking but the holy book itself, which also condones the killing of children.
Duketown trader (12 days ago)
+Zach Chang profets aren't trustworthy by definition although some of them understood you can't steal wisdom.
Zach Chang (12 days ago)
There is some non religious B's in the Bible I have a feeling the book of job was written by someone critical of deism as a whole and hidden as if it weren't a critique
pearlwhitebuffalo (14 days ago)
I would like my credit sooner then later. An atmospheric blueprint discovered in the clouds of a chaotic recurring and overlapping measurable mass/volume displacement of the debris that emptied the oceans upon the earth causing the great flood. SEE amature forensic video (Human Intervention 2018) on you tube thx
jamster o (14 days ago)
Wat dessert
S C R (15 days ago)
Number 2 about the Canaanites is the best, it proves the Bible is God's word and Truth, Amen.
S C R (12 days ago)
​+harry walker thank you for your comment, All the main religions "Do Not Go Back To The Sumerian Religion Or The hindu Religion : All peoples go back to Noah and his 3 sons from the Bible, Noah taught his children well and lived by God's commandments even before they were written down, so he would have known them and therefor passed them onto his family, which became : All Ancient peoples and cultures of the world. “Before The written language Was” things were passed down in History, beliefs and cultural knowledge "ORALLY" from one generation to another. Just because Babylonians and Assyrians/Sumerians/Hindus, were some of the first peoples to write down these History’s and beliefs; with their own biased slant attached to it, to accommodate their pagan gods; does not mean that all History stated with them; “”It Just Means; They Wrote It Down First, That's All It Means”” : Take for example the flood story of Noah; you will find is in over 70 different cultures around the world; This is because the world wide flood event really did happen and Noah’s descendant’s passed down this true oral History; one to another, as did they on many other such histories that the Bible tells us about, If you want truth that go to the word of God; the Bible/Torah. May God bless all who seek Truth, Amen.
harry walker (13 days ago)
wake up,!!.the bible is a copy of a copy of a copy.its only there to control people,the ten commandment have been world wide for 500.000 yrs,the sumerians were tought them by our,invaders,grandfathers,as the american indians call them.GET OUT OF YOUR PROTECTIVE SHELL..why is there mention of giants & flying machines in the bible,& references to things hidden in certain paragraphs.the only''religion''story,that tells the truth is hindu,they dont hide things.
There are rectangular shapes only seen from sky in California. The place is mysteriously called Paradise.
Rob Burgess (15 days ago)
#8 looks like a ping-pong paddle
Raschel Santis (15 days ago)
racist clowns. if it didn't come out of Darwin or Jesus's mouth it ain't real. anyone familiar with vedic philosophy laughs at you
TheWachbaer (13 days ago)
racist? realy? ^^
andy carsten (16 days ago)
4:48 valley of the kings is under water since the 70ies.. (assuan sea)
MrKingdavy (16 days ago)
Man on earth for at least 100,000 years hardly if we had been on earth that long we would have destroyed the earth by now!!!
harry walker (13 days ago)
we been here a LOT longer than that try 500.000.they fudge dates for the mainstream.not real history.there was nuclear wars here,BEFORE,we knew what uranium was.NOT,by humans.what do you think ''fire & brimstone ''is.??.pillers of salt ect.sodem & gamorah were nuked.becouse we were tought the ten commandment but didnt follow them,its not a religious thing,just rules to live by.its world wide,not just christian ect.
david perkins (16 days ago)
...yeah right, and the next Dead Sea Scroll they find will have Mary's shopping list with the baby Jesus's nappies on it ...GREAT VID UM, top boy
...most likely...?
Morne Terblanche (16 days ago)
It is funny how people can believe dating methods to be more ore less accurate. Based on assumptions how they calculate something's age. What a fuckup!!! Billions off years my ass!!!!!
Momma T (16 days ago)
https://www.atlasobscura.com/articles/oldest-homo-sapiens-fossils-jebel-irhoud-morocco The site is Jebel Irhoud (the cc typed out 'Rood') and the fossils dated to 300,000 yrs ago with the artifacts confirming the date. They're not 'totally' like modern humans there's still differences in the skull (explained in the link).
kingpest13 (16 days ago)
Most likely what?!? You're killing me smalls.
Sophie mack (16 days ago)
This man doesn't pronounce his words properly,only here & there but.....
Edward Anthony (16 days ago)
Very good but you've omitted the crushed gray ancient alien in Algeria that's under the middle of the giant fish tail in Africa via Google Earth.
Matthew Pruitt (16 days ago)
I dont believe the dinosaur fell in an ocean it prolly was drowned in noahs flood and its prolly more like 6 or 7 thousand years old but hey i wasnt there
Brent Anderson (16 days ago)
I like your closing statements. You called "us" a community. I think we are.
Vsure79 (16 days ago)
I really enjoyed this video!
Shelby 1 (16 days ago)
It’s so bogus when they say how old a fossilized bone or footprint is , they carbon test the rocks that’s found with the bones or footprint. That doesn’t make the objects known age a major flaw in archeology and yet they pass it off as fact and truth.
hgadug kjhah (16 days ago)
Ok then...my Question: WTF was this?
Janine Garverick (16 days ago)
It looks like a Dragon ! 🐉
Leah Sullivan (16 days ago)
Electric petrification per theries of electrc universe. Check it out
DomingosCJM (16 days ago)
This burial thing down in the sea preserving fossils must be challenged. Electric discharge could be a much better explanation to the preservation of this kind of animals.
eric t (16 days ago)
I know they were brilliant centuries ago, but placing scientific, and Saudi Arabia together now just seems weird.
Mariano Galarza (16 days ago)
ghayas ali (16 days ago)
#3 what did the carbon dating find out?
Monte Taylor (16 days ago)
The bones in #3 dated to roughly 300,000 years old https://www.nytimes.com/2017/06/07/science/human-fossils-morocco.html I think he knew what he was doing by not mentioning it and I commend him for it :)
Monte Taylor (16 days ago)
So, how old were the bones in #3???????
Barnie Stormer (16 days ago)
As Gervais said. There have been thousands of gods but only yours is real. The rest are silly made up nonsense but not yours, yours is real...
Maria Duymelinck (5 days ago)
Barnie Stormer every religion has just a very small piece of the BIG PUZZLE a puzzle of love and knowledge, ... and the only thruth is that nobody knows the great mystery, we have to wait until we see the light.
ashok kumar (6 days ago)
+Grayman by the looks of it you named yourself after an animated character, which means you the bigger nerd here. Nerd helping a nerd no facts just fat dude eating burritos and fattening up for Nerdtron.. Word of advice you not really sure about something make research on it. Don't just assume that you know everything. Hinduism was and will be the last religion on earth, it was here even before men created books or shall i call it fairy biblical. How's that sounds appropriate right or shall i call you man worshipers.
ashok kumar (6 days ago)
Wow, we got reference from Nerdtorical..
hidefhectic (7 days ago)
+arktheball What does any of this have to do with the evidence presented in the video?
Barnie Stormer (9 days ago)
+Sophia Perennis so gervais was right 1 god maybe but many many names and belief systems to suit the fat controllers of the time.

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