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Discover where to buy in Cyprus with Melissa Porter
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Mak Mak (5 days ago)
Idiot asking a Scottish person if he misses England. I live in Scotland and we don't like England anyway . Stupid
Otto Booth (1 month ago)
I love Cyprus , when my marriage ended I spent my Christmas for the 1st time in Cyprus From a small Uk village , as a man in my 40s alone I was warmly welcomed and it gave me time to heal , even learned a little of the language , and I helped save a mans life , I will go back this year , the people I met was lovely thank you .x
George Evangel (2 months ago)
Never any mention on who started all the trouble on Cyprus-The British who armed and trained the Turkish Cypriots to cause this division
Angelo Philippopoulos (2 months ago)
You see what joining Europe did to Cyprus.....kill it
Devang Kamdar (2 months ago)
how old is this video and how relevant today?
hell r (3 months ago)
i want gf
Ian Hamilton (3 months ago)
Ummmm, she asked a Scottish bloke what he misses about England.........
rockabye baby (4 months ago)
RJ Adams (4 months ago)
Please back this territory to their owners
RJ Adams (4 months ago)
How can 6ou buy and sale a occupied territory? This a insult for humanity lived here many this people was killed by barbaric act.
VidFreak2006 (4 months ago)
3:51 Epic surname
Pajtim Pachuku (5 months ago)
British colony til 1960 Before that it was 450 years ottoman teritory before that bizanynum If ottoman used power like roman Today all cyprus will.talk Turkish and Balkan and center europe too
A Joe (6 months ago)
Yay my boi Paul unicorn lives hear
Marios G (6 months ago)
There is no such thing as a turkish repuplic of northen cyprus. Its turkish ocuppied Northen Cyprus.
NekoInk13 (7 months ago)
Sharing for a friend! Bring on Cyprus 2018! https://www.justgiving.com/crowdfunding/cyprusboundlorna
Anton Prest (7 months ago)
Why the hell do you mention Cyprus pounds??Cyprus has been in the Eurozone for 14 years now!!HOW BLOODY MISLEADING
Prashant Sharma (7 months ago)
I am Diploma electrical engineer my like work &work visa process
Liz Muk (8 months ago)
TO ALL: watch out when interacting with Cypriots - there is nothing behind their will to help you but a strong and greedy intention to rip you off. Better speak to your people (I mean the same nationality) to find out the rules of the game. Cypriots basically target for only one thing - cheat today and run away with your money. What will happen tomorrow, none of them cares, and this is all over the Greek part of the island... Sad!
macumuzahn (8 months ago)
Buy nothing, absolutely nothing from the north, do not go there on holiday and do not buy property. Nobody but Turkey recognises the north and over 2000 people are still missing since the invasion of 1974.
Enthusiastic (3 months ago)
Someone actually told my mum the same thing!
intertainment videos (8 months ago)
Hi Cyprus I miss you it's Beautiful speaking to English language My name is gaggu From Malaysia Thank you
Catherine H. (10 months ago)
P.S. Fuck you Brits👊😠😡
Catherine H. (10 months ago)
Turkey needs to be punished for their sins, crimes and genocides against the Christians and Greeks since the tragic fall of Constantinople in 1453. The Greek Christians became slaves under the 500 year old Ottoman Bastard Empire (many Greek boys were taken from their families to become Jannisaries or serve the Turkish army and Greek girls were kidnapped, raped or sent to Sultan's hareem at Topkapi Palace), suffered the Pontic Genocide, were literally butchered inside their churches for refusing to convert to Islam (this happened everywhere in the Ottoman Empire), lost Smyrna due to Fire and the Young Turks, and suffered the division of Cyprus. TURKS MUST PAY ALREADY DAMMIT BY ADMITTING THEIR HEINOUS CRIMES. EVERYTHING THEY HAVE TAKEN WAS DONE ILLEGALLY. THESE JIHAD TURKS ARE THE PRODUCT OF RAPED WOMEN OF UNCIVILIZED BRUTAL MONGOLIAN CONQUERORS. A MELTING POT OF DIFFERENT RACES THROUGH RAPE, FORCE AND COERCION. WHAT IS THE PURPOSE OF THESE BARBARIC CRIMINALLY- INSANE LOCUSTS LIVING AMONG US ON THIS EARTH?
Geoffrey Watson (15 days ago)
Utter propaganda!!!
Cyprus Our Island (11 months ago)
To save money buy a plot of land & then build a house.
harmeet singh (1 year ago)
CAny body need any information about Cyprus contact mno+35796544320
a tribute to Yeah, Sure (2 months ago)
Never trust an Indian. They will rip you off.
R.RAMKUMAR ram (9 months ago)
harmeet singh can u pls contact me
*9$/2$C.e?nt#3. (1 year ago)
7:24 white racist bastard high on cholesterol - IRISH PIG
*9$/2$C.e?nt#3. (1 year ago)
edris mohammed (1 year ago)
I LOVE CYPRUS I COME FROM CYPRUS but I needed to come in Netherland.......:( for 5 YEARS :""( I live now 2 years in Netherland IT'S ALWAYS RAINING........:""( en I need to stay for 3 more years................................:""""(
Tobias Stern (1 year ago)
Turkis-Cyprus is very nice! I would like to buy an apartment.
Stuart Humphreys (1 year ago)
I lived in famagusta in 1957 BT. (before tourism ) when you could have fig tree bay to yourself. 1 hotel in the whole of the waterfront . I collected coke and kian orange bottles and got 5 piastas each for them . but it's much better now isn't it. yeh right.
SuperiorSushiGamer226 (1 year ago)
Cyprus is like north korea and south korea
Enthusiastic (3 months ago)
Wrong, it's like Just Cause 3. Not North Korea and south korea because the turks invaded the island because they are dicks.
kadir mihrace (1 year ago)
Chef PeePee North Korea isolated theirselves, but Turkish. Republic of Northern Cyprus is isolated from the Un and the rest of the world illegally. Neither North nor South Cypriots are not as rich as Koreans. Turkish soldiers were with South Korea like Greece with NATO indeed. It is a comparison between apple and grape.
HeyGuysHave121 (1 year ago)
8:49 Wrong question, he wont miss anything from England, because he is Scottish lol
ZEUS Apolo (1 year ago)
I have property in Larnaca but live in the U.S.A. who can I ask to sell this legit.
Philip Feghaly (1 year ago)
and why are you selling it ?
Philip Feghaly (1 year ago)
im traveling there in 2 weeks and looking to buy a small house .. tell me more .. links , gps location , images .. & most imp do u have title deed for it ?
Lali Laliko (1 year ago)
northen side does not belong to Turkey it is occupied... how can you spread such a misleading information
osman sahin (7 days ago)
fuck off you bitch
Orhann Yakarr (1 month ago)
no ! all the cyrpus belong to Turkey by rights check this out https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/British_Cyprus
TTTupload (1 month ago)
nice. greek cypriots cannot kill Turkish cypriots anymore.
Catherine H. (10 months ago)
Lali Laliko illegally occupied as usual. Fucking Turks.
Gerald Roy Panter (1 year ago)
what year was this documentary made based on uk law he doesn't know what he is on about no law its all rubbish
Manoj Bisht (1 year ago)
i am an Indian but my ancestor came from cyprus and japan few hundreds yeas ago may be....i just found that in my DNA test....Its so interesting to see the country m related to may be indirect way hahaha...all north India is mix of indo-european race called Aryan...!
George Evangel (21 days ago)
Alexander the Great conquered that area the from Greece,the Middle East Egypt to India and beyond into Afghanistan when his men got tired of fighting and wanted to go home He spread the Greek langauge and culture. His men got ,weary of fighting and by the time when they reached Afghanistan They wanted home When he died rule fell his four generals Greek remained the language and he left settlers and founded 20 cities and named after himself Greek was the language for hundresds of years even under the Romans Greek was still spoken and wealthy Romans sent their children to the Greek part the empire to be educated at learning centers at Athens,Rhodes Ephesus Alexandria He left settlers everywhere.Even today the Indian languge still has some Greeks words ,so I wouldn't doubt your ancestors were had some Greek blood in them
Mike Santis (1 year ago)
It is called, OCCUPIED NORTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Tommy Arnold (1 year ago)
You just asked a Scottish man if he misses anything about England?
גל שיין (1 year ago)
Tommy Arnold even a 500% non Brit like me found that question to be funny....
Barry Rush (1 year ago)
The north side is far superior and better value.
George Evangel (20 days ago)
Sure all stolen from Greeks by Turkish army and given to TCs,they didn't count on embargoes though Now borth lives on handouts from mather Turkey.
Hyriem (1 year ago)
Shabba Ranks (1 year ago)
except for all the smelly turks that live there. northern cyprus used to be greek and south cyprus was turkish but then vile turkroach sub humans forced greeks off the north side of the island. vile beast.
James Smith (2 years ago)
This woman annoyed me to vomet
Catherine H. (10 months ago)
James Smith most brit cunts are annoying
MARIA JACKSON (2 years ago)
What is this? An episode of Location Location Location? You want the real Cyprus? Ask the locals. What it's like to live and work here. Real life. I've been here for quite a while. It's a lovely place, but, as with all places, has drawbacks. I hate these videos that gold plate everything.
MARIA JACKSON (2 years ago)
Σκασε εσύ ρε βλακα, και μαθε να γράφεις στα Ελληνικά, προτού να μας προσβάλεις με το αξιολυπητο σου το "Greeklish".
Gerald Roy Panter (2 years ago)
tell the truth about papos the attacks what happen there and the police do nothing
Tommy Arnold (1 year ago)
Can you please explain?
tatana tela (2 years ago)
Marycarl Goyo (2 years ago)
Wow.i love Cyprus.i.wsh.i canbe here someday
FAndres Gaming (2 years ago)
Pampos Pampou (1 month ago)
CYPRUS = CYPRUS . Also your mom' s vagina is mine .
Turkey is stupid disgusting and ugly kys
Catherine H. (10 months ago)
FAndres Gaming Piss off
Catherine H. (10 months ago)
John Peters I will remember that when I visit
Konstantinos Chrysostomou (10 months ago)
iam Greek was born here but sadly the north is much better
XA (1 year ago)
once upon a time 43 years ago i myself who lived there it was mate.
MrNicholas Christou (2 years ago)
What a misleading bullshit video booming market you must be joining!!!!
Henri van Rooyen (3 years ago)
Can't believe all the nonsense.........this is a travel minute not a political discourse !! ... idiots !
Beata L (3 years ago)
Misleading video name.You should call the video 'Living in Cyprus for Brits'
Henri van Rooyen (3 years ago)
+Beata Lee Great, that is exactly what I was looking for !!
carolynan (3 years ago)
The roads are lovely to drive on,and when i was there shops left goods out side at night when closed ,so it must be crime free or they don't have the need for many police anyway we felt safe there, its a Beautiful island and so much to see    breath taking scenery.
LitaMakotoKino (3 years ago)
This is wildly outdated. They use the Euro now
astrogreece (3 years ago)
Jack Jones (3 years ago)
+astrogreece Proof that 'your' normal is a maniac state
Jack Jones (3 years ago)
off is the second word
astrogreece (3 years ago)
+Jack Jones it ' s a pity you appear such an idiot and so ignorant - still in the middle ages jerk? - that you know nothing about history, the fact that cypriots irrespective of language or religion have always lived together in peace and friendship until jerks like yourself stepped in and fucked up everything. Things are getting back to normal idiot...
Jack Jones (3 years ago)
+astrogreece go there and soon Recognise that its a pity they never took over the whole island
Mustafa T. (3 years ago)
+Alex GreekGod are you idiot. You also sent me a wikipedia link ? Now I am sure you really have some mental problems.
Jim Cross (4 years ago)
Booming property market? come on tell the truth I have lived here for 14 years, it was booming in 2001/2/3 but not since, it is almost imposable to sell property now, try it and see... come at look at our forum "CyprusLiving"
rockabye baby (3 months ago)
Zak Pampallis (5 months ago)
Cross b
Helen Laz (2 years ago)
+Jim Cross yes, I agree. Overbuilt, unsold properties everywhere from Paphos to Famagusta. One must be extreremely careful when trying to relocate to Cyprus. Research thoroughly , make sure property owners have title deeds.
astrogreece (3 years ago)
+Jim Cross not a case of disagreeing with you but figures are there and you can trace them at the relevant department. There are unsold properties all over the world, and there are sales figures, and figures are NOT fake. whether you like it or not Cyprus is on the way out of austerity and enjoys the lowest tax regulations , low crime rate and above all a low cost of living. The only negative concern, annoying, is the fact that the island with almost open borders is a destination for immigrants not only from asia, africa and the mid east but mainly from ex soviet countries with total disrespect towards laws, rather uncivilised, not aware of laws and human respect, and the presence of more than 30% immigrants is very very unpleasant.
Jim Cross (3 years ago)
not a case of disagreeing with anyone, just telling as it really is, property market has gone, for how long? who knows but I can show you unfinished properties by the hundreds, and even more unsold properties, best not to tell lies to people who have maybe their life savings at stake, I love living here, but retired and own my own house, I know how it is here..bad regarding property.

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