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10 Ways Living Creatures Have Evolved in Modern Times

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Text Comments (579)
Jason Bush (10 days ago)
This is survival of the fittest not evolution
שת בנ־אברהם (13 days ago)
As a creationist, none of these are remotely surprising. Creationists don't say that species are frozen in time. Rather, we say that there is a lot of adaptive flexibility within an animal kind, but no transition from one kind to another. In other words, different sizes, fur coats, reproductive habits, etc., are to be expected, but they will never change a dog into a cat.
tremer 2009 (15 days ago)
Thanks TopTenz.☺ "An equivalent. Example might be a human born without fingers." You're a sick man...Aren't You, Simon?😀
FargoneMyth (22 days ago)
Michael Striker (25 days ago)
Hoorah! Bacterium eating the modern world! First, PET. Next? (Nothing could go wrong!)
Angela Reed-Maddox (1 month ago)
The microbes that eat the plastic that's amazing and it's great I know we probably won't see any significant advancement in that particular research area in my lifetime but gosh I hope that they really put everything they have into that because plastic is destroying our planet and if they are going to be future generations of us they're going to need some place to live.
EloquentTroll (1 month ago)
Yeah, we should be funding the plastic eating bacteria research more. My only concern with them is what kind of waste products does plastic metabolism have?
EloquentTroll (1 month ago)
+Crystal M that's also scary, starting an arms race between plastic manufacturers and waste management seems like a dangerous game.
Crystal M (1 month ago)
EloquentTroll - I think the scare there is if they ‘get out’ of those areas. With everything to do with electronics having major plastic components...... It would force companies to actually come up with something stronger and resistant to bacteria.
kris wilkinson (1 month ago)
elephants with tusks have an advantage over elephants without them. if we can stop hunting elephants all together, they'll quickly come back
Catfoodbob (1 month ago)
Oh noes, just can see plastic melting visually as the plastic eating bacteria devour it
Capn' Pants (1 month ago)
It seems that Simon's French is getting better. Not that I can speak it but it seems he is more confident is saying names and places in French.
Tom Sanders (2 months ago)
Truly fascinating
Damaged262 (2 months ago)
They are not pronounced anolees, they are pronounced anole with a silent e. Nobody has ever referred to them as anolees unless in error. Sorry Simon.
Niya Clark (2 months ago)
I like this zen music in the background.
John Law (2 months ago)
Worked on that French annunciation didn't ya ? Lol
Monica Heisz (3 months ago)
Update: Colorado man fights off mountain lion by strangling it. 😳🐯
Voltaic Fire (3 months ago)
Wouldn't the elephant example be of selective breeding rather than evolution? Not that I'm really complaining.
Silent Witness (3 months ago)
Evolution is The Way, The Truth, and the Light!
Hans-Georg Lundahl (3 months ago)
There are no examples of increased morphological complexity. Many celled eucaryotes have a minimum of four cell types. Man has lots more. Obviously, there can be no such thing as a celltype "gradually" diverging from another one. Either the changing cell type is still same as unchanging one, or it isn't. Considering the number of animals and plants under human observation not even a failed tentative of new cell type observed ....?
U wot m8? (3 months ago)
the elephant tusk thing isn't evolution. It's essentially just eugenics.
Jacob Taylor (3 months ago)
The evidence for how evolution has changed in modern times would be more appealing if there were observations that could be seen from a macro scale rather than a micro scale. The host does point out that it does take a lot of time to see how things change from a macro scale but I don’t think he’s providing anything too impressive if he’s only talking about evolution on a micro scale. To give an example of micro evolution, let’s look at it from a human perspective. Micro evolution would look be someone who does physical labor and as a result becomes bigger and stronger because of it. Where a human who doesn’t do physical labor lack the muscle and size to complete such tasks. Macro evolution, on the contrary, would be a human growing wings to fly or gills to swim. At the end of the day that is the question at hand, did a plant turn into a fish, did a fish turn into a land animal? These videos do show how organism change, but not how they’d eventually turn into new species. Sure a plant can become hardier, a fish can become smaller, and a bacteria can become more resistant but I’m more interested in an example of a plant becoming a fish, a fish becoming a mammal, and a bacteria becoming a plant. Show evidence of that and I will be impressed.
Harry Kalos (3 months ago)
Um actually there are cases of rapid evolution....like years
kate baxter (3 months ago)
I am glad the elephants are getting rid of their tusks. Now if we can just get rid of rhino tusks.
Flash Frozen (3 months ago)
Most of these are making me very upset. Because it's proof that humans are destroying the planet and it's inhabitants 😤
Trung Nguyen (3 months ago)
thank you for the information.
Leham Mackay (4 months ago)
Just curious... Not trying to start a fight. Wouldn't the examples in this video be examples of natural selection? Is natural selection just evolution? This is super interesting haha
Cristine Splinis (4 months ago)
The one about the anoles is really cool, because I live in central Florida, and have had this exact conversation at least half a dozen times just in the last few years. Also, I don’t know when exactly they came to the area, curly-tail lizards were brought in at some point, they eat the anoles, both green and brown, so they’re not only coming to visit and overstaying their welcome, but they’re eating our residents!
acepilot1 (4 months ago)
If we kill off anything with a trait, that species will only survive if they lack the trait for which they were killed... I.e. elephants and tusks
NuclearGrizzly (4 months ago)
Women are attracted to taller men. Men are getting taller. BOOM
Drcthru (4 months ago)
Please stop using Lemarkian logic. Evolution is random. It does not respond to environmental pressure. Mutations which have a survival advantage survive and may become dominant. Most of your examples are natural(or unnatural)selection by existing variants.
Mystee Pulcine (4 months ago)
What does any of this have to do with religion?
Your Conscience (4 months ago)
1:30 french tourettes
kingpest13 (4 months ago)
That giving cows antibiotics so they put on weight faster thing is a VERY bad idea.
Boomken76 (4 months ago)
love the irony of the fishing part, laws get ignored but gmo fish farms wount get stocked in some stores to "preserve jobs".
Sonny Fellers (5 months ago)
Gee look at all the smarmy and trite comments from the lost among us ...
Colin Timp (5 months ago)
A "pew-ma" is a cougar in church
Sarah Thomas (6 months ago)
#4 the alpha male/female in a wolf pack can also be the smartest as opposed to the most aggressive.
chae gibson (6 months ago)
What happens if the plastic eating bacteria runs rampant and works against us?
Carl Rice (6 months ago)
ah-NO-lays? No, those little lizards are AN-olez.
for bed bugs what if you just make chlorine gas to kill then.
I am the liquor (6 months ago)
Evolution??? What is this wizardry???? 😂😂😂
Patrick O'Brien (6 months ago)
It's pronounced "A-nole" not "anolli"
female indian elephant have no tusks
Adam Hellerud (7 months ago)
Omg I hate bed bugs! I dint know they were real till I moved to Milwaukee from a small city. Then when I moved to Chicago I was attacked by them, I am scarred for life. 😣
sean mulhall (7 months ago)
these plastic eating genes might be interesting if added to a plasmodial slime mold!
antiisocial (7 months ago)
Faraday Cage (7 months ago)
Why is it so many feel evolution and religion are mutually exclusive?
Ben Mason (7 months ago)
It's not evolution idiot, it's adaptation. Evolution has never been empirically observed and is still a theory.
bruce wilcox (8 months ago)
Every one of these was an example of natural selection rather than evolution.
meremortal (8 months ago)
I thought "evolution" described what the "tree of life" represents, one species branching out into another. What is being described here stretches the term evolution to include the phenomenon where one species changes over time to better live in its environment. The animal does not turn into a different species. I just don't see this as evolution, only in the broadest, most imprecise application. Semantics...
Gordon Freeman (8 months ago)
Sorry folks, but evolution is a fact, your feelings towards it will never change that fact. Get an education and learn about how evolution works, then you will understand why it is extremely unlikely that your average youtuber will be able to poke any hole into the theory of evolution.
keiron wright (8 months ago)
The one that I have personally witnessed is birds regularly using public transport instead of flying id est pigeons and seagulls on the London tube who seem to know which stations they want to use and birds using ferries to get to their favourite fishing area
G Robinson (8 months ago)
Trump's USA would never have discovered that
Scott Webster (8 months ago)
Love the way Simon speaks- very clearly, not too fast, not too slow, uses lower or higher tones, pitch when needed. Also, love the sarcasm!
O4FUXACHE (9 months ago)
Plastic eating bacteria ? try watching a 70's British sci-fi series called Doomwatch . . . be careful what you wish for . . .
Tina Springer (9 months ago)
Any time now we'll have the geniuses in the comment section saying that's not evolution. Where's all the snakes giving birth to elephants?
antcowan (9 months ago)
the Plastic eating bacteria has been known about for over 40 years
Charlie Cross (9 months ago)
Most talk radio (right wing) terrifies me too
Ken Hudson (10 months ago)
So a brown owl shows up less against a snowy landscape than a grey one? Hey, could I interest the authors of that paper in purchasing a lovely bridge in a major US city?
jim ford (10 months ago)
Who told the "daisy like" plants that its lighter seed were not propagating? Perhaps they read the French paper in some cast off scientific journals and changed to favor the heavier seed. Creationist probably will now try to cancel the plants subscription to all scientific publications.
Amalokch (10 months ago)
For statistics please use the metric system
Cannons2Da LeftOfThem (10 months ago)
Splicing the genes of those plastic eating bacteria to a faster bacteria sounds like the back story to a zombie movie.
hugehappygrin (10 months ago)
One thing that has yet to be identified is the shared ancestor of bonobos and humans. Science says we have one, but doesn't say what it is.
Gale Memee of 6 (10 months ago)
It's kind of scary listening to him talking about scientists messing with bacteria when antibiotics are becoming less effective. Sound like a recipe for problems down the line. It was sad having to look at the dead elephant about to be eaten.
Eric M (2 months ago)
That's not how antibiotic resistance works
Vip3r011 Fo3niXZ (10 months ago)
the only one devolving is humans
Anton Ekermans (10 months ago)
Getting older (in one generation) is 'change over time' but is not evolution. Species changing to adapt to environmental changes or selection (over multiple generations) is adaptation but is called evolution. Just calling adaptation (which no one disagrees with!) "evolution" does not prove evolution in the many contexts it is used. 'All ravens are black, therefore everything non-black is not a raven' The issue is not science/religion but how certain people/mindsets can accept related but irrelevant evidence as absolute proof of an idealism.
Tristan M (11 months ago)
Evolution seems to have a very quantum like trait to it. maybe that's the wrong word. But it seems that somehow life knew to shrink the fish and mature earlier because of our standards. This shouldn't have happened at all.
Michael Sanches (11 months ago)
This is just junk science, the scientific version of fake news. There is no evolution in any of these examples. This is just the common variation found in genetics. Example: A dachshund is not the evolution of the wolf. It is a wolf with a huge number of genetic defects. If placed in the wild, without human caretakers, its survival would plummet. Just like making various dog breeds is not evolution but, instead, breeding only dogs with a specific set of harmful, but survivable mutations. Evolution involves the creation of brand new genes. All these examples are simply cases where the amount of proteins made from a gene is increased or decreased. 10. Weeds change - Not evolution. This is no different than how we modify dogs to create different breeds. They are still dogs. If you take the city ones and plant them in the country, they will reverse the change. In both the city and country varieties, the exact same genes are present. It is just a matter of how much of each gene is expressed. No evolution in this example. 9. Owls - Same as #10. If you transfer a bunch of brown owls to a mostly snowy land area, they will revert to grey. The same chromosomes are present in both colors. No evolution in this example. 8. Tuskless elephants - Tuskless is a genetic defect as one of the genes needed to make tusks has mutated. This is like blacks which have sickle cells which allow them to survive better where mosquitoes are. Blacks are not evolving ahead of the rest of the population and neither are elephants. No evolution in this example. 7. Bedbugs - No evolution in this example. 6. Mountain Lions - This one is just silly. No evolution in this example. 5. Little fish - Same as #10. No evolution in this example. 4. Moscow dogs - Dogs are domesticated and smart. No evolution in this example. 3. Fish in a cave - Same as #10. 2. Lizards - Same as #10. No evolution in this example. 1. Plastic eating bacteria - This is a funny one. When a rare bacteria becomes more prevalent because its food source becomes more plentiful, this is not evolution. This is like saying half the people in a town became fat because half the contestants at the pie eating contest at the state fair were fat. No evolution in this example.
Camilo Parada (11 months ago)
Humans are garbage we deserve to get wiped out
I'm Still Team Daenarys (11 months ago)
Didn't someone just get killed by a mountain lion in California a few weeks ago?
Siberian Orange (11 months ago)
I expected to be upset by this one, but it didn't happen... A couple comments got close, but stayed reasonable throughout... Great job!
Mr Soulfoot (11 months ago)
this is microevolution.
Terncote (10 months ago)
Which is the first step to SPECIATION (macroevolution).
Peter Harper (11 months ago)
Not sure if this is Evolution and not more of Adaptation.
Jarid Gaming (11 months ago)
I with religious people would evolve a brain...
Dan Copeland (11 months ago)
"Evolution" simply means change, and any rational person knows animals change over time. But... The elephant is still an elephant, the bedbug is still a bedbug, and you're still making false equivocations if you think these prove Darwin's theory of a common ancestor of all creatures.
Gordon Freeman (8 months ago)
Humans created dogs, which are a beautiful example of evolution. Evolution is a fact, deal with it.
Mckie Craig (11 months ago)
This blokes head evolved into a baboon's butt. Wow what a load of poo evolutionist are getting stupider each dayyj. Get a new theory dont be a brain dead meerkat or teachers pet and believe something so retardedly unprovable just because the government thinks it's right.
Bob Smithies (11 months ago)
Why are humans afraid of rats, spiders and snakes ? But not mosquitoes or hippos, which are the most deadly to humans in Africa.
Klatschmaul (11 months ago)
Even the bed bugs in NYC are assholes!
Justin Bich (11 months ago)
Mind the misnomer, adaptation and evolution are not the same thing. None of these examples have two different species coming together to form one, or a different species coming from another.
Justin Bich (10 months ago)
Terncote problem with that is there are zero examples of separated groups in a species becoming so genetically distinct they can't reproduce that has been observed in nature or reproduced. Another problem with that theory is the lack of "missing links" between species or widely diverse variations of believed linked species. The common rebuttal is that these evolutions take hundreds of thousands or millions of years so are not observable given humanity's short stint of scientific observation compared to the current common belief of the Earth's billions year old existence (which also oddly enough still can't be definitively proven exactly) so there naturally wouldn't be any notable changes. A rebuttal to that is the fact there are species being discovered that were once thought extinct hundreds of millions of years ago being found alive today. If evolution were real explaining those or physical developments so exact that would make vestigial appendages growing from nothing that weren't immediately useful to an organism while it were adapting for x number of generations makes things like tails, squirting (water or venom), or specialized organs little more than massive drawbacks during their development with zero gain. Unless there were some way of knowing potential usefulness of an adaptation in a constantly evolving ecosystem promoting the development of these adaptations there would be zero logical explanation as to why they would be genetically viable without an outside or future perspective, and you'd be hard-pressed to explain otherwise. Mind you, I'm not anti-science nor close minded to accept new data as the fields continue to advance but I draw the line at accepting a continually unproven theory as fact. That's called blind faith, and if cults taught us anything it's how dangerous that is and how much damage it does to the scientific understanding of our universe.
Terncote (10 months ago)
Species arise when separated populations of ONE species become so genetically distinct (from genetic drift) that they can no longer produce viable offspring. New species are NEVER made by cross breeding different species. That is impossible.
G C (11 months ago)
Just less than 5k left for this channel to reach 1 million subs :)
anitacathrine (11 months ago)
I am on a binge watch again 😊I love everything you do. Love from Norway
Michael Donovan (11 months ago)
And we are running out of room for our wisdom teeth; a holdover from when our ancestors needed 32 teeth, and mouth big enough for all of them, to eat raw food without cutlery.
Mike Siver (11 months ago)
Simon, in the first thirty seconds you use the term *_THEORY_* of evolution, and then went on to treat it as a "fact" by giving us many examples of *_ADAPTATION_* , not evolution. The plant did not become a cow. The owl did not become a newt. The bug did not become a fish. The mountain lion did not become an ostrich, and so on and so on. This is the very premise of evolution: That a certain species turns into a completely different species, and nothing you've shown in this video indicates evolution of any kind. Only adaptation, which happens quickly and often. While this is a great video that shows off some great adaptations, it is grossly mislabeled and misleading.
Todd Starbuck (11 months ago)
Have any unliving creatures evolved in modern times? Puma = poo mah.
JL Caius (11 months ago)
10 examples of adaptation within species, never have there been an example of a species developing into a clearly distinct species. Dogs "Evilution" has been pushed for thousands of years yet we still only have extremely different looking dogs, many experiments have been done on fruit flies, they live short live and reproduce quickly, translate their live as human and it would equal millions of years of human evolution. Yet all we yet are some freeky looking fruit flies. Even mainstream science is admitting that evolution beyond adaptation within the species is a failed idea, with no backing by true science. Its a product of the atheist religion only.
JL Caius (11 months ago)
Giratina, Evolution and by its enfluance science doesn't use the word "species" scientificly, its all on a whim it would seem. Why is a wolf and domestic dog a different species, or a grizzly bear and a polar bear? A polar bear is a grizzly that has adapted to live in colder climates, so its a different species? A European human is an African human that has has adapted to colder climates but we are the same species ? What is "evolution" when I hear it I think of the idea that once single celled life formed adapted over millions of years I to all life on earth. At the very least evolution is seen as a progression to a higher form. But actually study will show that's not the case. Perhaps you enjoyed a glass of milk today, but your ancestors would not have been able to, Becouse a part of their DNA told them to stop using the extra resources to digest lactose once they were old enough to not need their mothers milk, then someone was born with a mutation or a flaw that failed to stop that. But you don't poses a new trick, or new genetic information, only a differant way of using the genetic information that was already there. Inside a grizzly bear is the potential to adapt to a pollar bear when needed. But probably the reverse isn't so. Sometimes adaptation is caused by using genes in different ways, sometimes its cause by damage that happens to be binificial. But never, never, never has their been an example of entirely new DNA information or new genes. The closest we come is called downs syndrome , and while those are some special and sweet people , they are not the next step in evolution .
Beaver Steve (11 months ago)
this is adaptation not evolution
MrTurnipThief (11 months ago)
There are some serious flaws even in the definition of evolution in this video, not to mention it is observable and has been in bacteria under laboratory conditions for some time.
Edwin Bell (11 months ago)
This whole video can be disproven with mice. With breeding mice of the same color, once in a while you get a different color mouse. Then you breed those different colored mice with each other and they produce the same color. Mankind have been breeding lots of different animal species to get desired traits to be the norm. This video didn't show evolution. It showed adoptions. All the species didn't magically change into something different, which would be evolution! We didn't see one example of a cat turning into a dog. Or a fish turning into a bird! We have not found one intermediate specimens in the fossil record! They evolutionists are always looking for the "missing link". When there should be millions of links in the fossil record! There is also a species block that makes it impossible for one specie to mate with another. We can take a horse and mate it with a donkey, to get a mule. However all mules are sterile why? We also can't mate two totally different species like a horse and a cow! Or a bird with a fish. This video is for people without cognitive reasonings. 👊😈👎
Soul_Venom (11 months ago)
Weed; we also develop different dog breeds by breeding for desired traits but no one argues that that is evolution. Owls; sames arguement. Evolution implies genetic changes, this is a population inversion. Elephants; once again no new genetic information is being added. Bedbugs; these mutations actually resulted in a loss of genetic material. That is not evolution that is de-evolution. Bacteria; same scenario. In fact not once has such a natural mutation ever added new genetic material to an organism. Not once. Puma; you admit that you don't know but you do speculate quite a bit. Fish; nothing I haven't already addressed. Selective breeding is NOT evolution. Dogs; behaviors can be learned. Evolution is a change of genetics not behavior. Genetically these are still just dogs. Mollys; once again, mutation that result in a loss of genetic material are not evolutionary. Anole; see above facts. Evolution still not shown. Plastic eaters; discoving new species happens all the time. Proves nothing. Scientist probably with create a new plastic eating bacteria because humans are stupid that way. Likely wouldn't take long before they spread and start eating things we don't want them munching.
Soul_Venom (11 months ago)
No. Evolution as opposed to de-evolution implies the addition of new genetic materiel such new proteins, new RNA sequences, etc. That is why the simplistic drawings showing the progression of apes becoming man. Simpler life forms becoming more complex lifeforms. What you need to focus on, focus on & do not forget is that evolution is a microscopic event. Either the genetic code is becoming more complex [evolution] or less [de-evolution]. Even after the great mass extinctions the species that rebuilt were always more advanced. From fish to amphibians, from amphibians to reptiles, from reptiles to saurians the on to birds & mammals but alway more not less. What you are talking about is survival of the fittest which while usually equated with evolution is not always synonymous with it.
shiny x (11 months ago)
antibiotics are not our only defense. we also have phages, which will eventually replace antibiotics.
Malachi T'lonborne (11 months ago)
The Theory of Evolution gives credence to racism. If you believe in evolution you have to come to the same conclusion Charles Darwin did in his book. And that is if there's a human race out there more evolved than all others and this proves racism is a scientific necessity for the human species. I find it funny how everyone who believes in evolution turns away from this logical fact.
jkadoodle (11 months ago)
Religious people don’t question adaptation or feature changes over time. The problem comes when evolution teaches a change in kind such as a whale to a horse. None of these examples show evolution as it’s taught in schools. Darwin saw finches with different beaks ... ok but when does the finch give birth to a mouse?
Rick Bradley (11 months ago)
Just fascinating!
Simon Patterson (11 months ago)
Nobody argues with natural selection, which is what these examples showed. The most exciting part of the theory of evolution is about one species reproducing until its descendants are a completely different species. I was hoping to see an example of that here, but unfortunately no cigar. All the owls, lizards, bacteria etc in this video were still just owls, lizards and bacteria at the end of the observed process.
Lakrids Pibe (11 months ago)
86° fahrenheit = 30° celsius
Aristotelis Papageorgiou (11 months ago)
This is a great video! And I am an evolution biologist...
can you speak French fluently? your pronouncing in the beginning made me do a double take
f f (11 months ago)
The cougars around this state are not scared been within a window separating me from one of them, its pretty scary when they look at you like a piece of fresh meat.
jackson7177 (11 months ago)
People who believe we came from Adam And Steve aka Eve is beyond stupid... Evolution is the Key to life!!!!
john sims (11 months ago)
Love that furry chest
Jurist (11 months ago)
And your fish story is not evolution but selective breeding, and like it typical leftist socialist evolutionary believing twit, you blame it on climate change ha ha ha ha ha ha

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