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Islamic Finance Talk - 03 (Stock Market)

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In this Islamic Finance talk, Muath Mubarak is discussing as how to invest in the stock market based on Sharia Compliance principle including the three main objectives of an investor, white listing process & monitoring the Sharia compliance after the investment.
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Text Comments (6)
Abdus Salam Biswas (4 months ago)
Please give an example
Tarannum khan (10 months ago)
Please tell me where should i invest in india...
Umer Mungale (11 months ago)
Any Whatsapp group related to shariyah share market investment in India
Muhammed Anas (4 months ago)
TASIS Contact them n they will help u
Shinaj Rahman (1 year ago)
Can you provide contacts of Shariah Supervisory Board
Muhammed Anas (4 months ago)
'TASIS ' jus contact them and it help u

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