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How I Went From $65 to Millionaire Lifestyle At 22 Trading Forex

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Text Comments (287)
Aurora Somnia (7 days ago)
Do you have an Instagram @?
Guesmia issam (23 days ago)
oh men wht shld i say , goncrats but ur booooring as fuck :)
Limitless Trade Hub (29 days ago)
yes strategy works . i am making money with this wonderful money making strategy . thanks mate .
David Harold (30 days ago)
I had watched tons of success trading tutorials and I'm still watching to improve my techniques but in the end the most valuable insight was getting in touch with Mr Andrew, he is really something else, ever since I met him at the start of the year I have made $120000 profits from trading with him You can contact him with this mail <andrewjenkins667 @ gmail.com>
Jessica Campbell (30 days ago)
Wow you trade with him too, I wish I had contacted him earlier enough, he is a life saver
StyngRay (1 month ago)
I can teach you how to trade like the hedge funds do. The cost? Free ! Can you afford that?
Ottmar Francisca (1 month ago)
Hello, nice video. 🏁 I am a forex trader myself and finally I know what to do. I am a trend follower and made a system / strategy M Ottmar M that shows me good pint to enter a trade. 🇳🇱 Maybe nice for you to ckeck my latest videos.
Paul Jr G (1 month ago)
Shame on you... Trying to lure poor people in your spiderweb.
Top Trading Signals (1 month ago)
Thank you.. your strategy is amazing... I turned 2$ into 2 Billion dollars in just 2 weeks from trading with you! Now what do I do with IRS?
Kenneth Padua (1 month ago)
i see so many hating comments. remember, don't hate the player, hate the game, i am a day trader myself and it is an amazing job with unlimited opportunities.
JRL TV (1 month ago)
Sounds legit
Mark Cheng (1 month ago)
Vc iniciou com muito dinheiro?
William Moirt (1 month ago)
I thought this was a song
Blake Calvin (2 months ago)
living a life a luxury and being a successful trader in forex all depends on a perfect strategy. which i've been opportune to have for quite a while now . but i have no taste for show up. But kuddos bro nice video.
Daniel Adams (2 months ago)
Donald Earl is a genius that's all i have to say
Wilson Pacheco (2 months ago)
help me out Blake ...i've lost so much..
frederick Gale (2 months ago)
i've been referred to him countless number of times and i've been looking for how to get to him cause i lost his contact ,i guess i'm ready now.
Jane Pecker (2 months ago)
i just got my mum a Mercedes all thanks to Mr Earl i'm now living the american dream.
Kim Andrews (2 months ago)
Yo Bro, this is H-I-L-A-R-I-O-U-S. Knock knock, .... someone at the door, .... oh the agent has come to get the keys from you looking around that penthouse.
agitok ambang (2 months ago)
sir i want your whatsapp number please
Jessica English (2 months ago)
I struggled a lot with Forex especially with the Fibonacci sequence thankfully I got introduced to a strategy called the Lukka Binomial strategy owned by Lukka Semenov you guys can search about it on Google the strategy really is amazing I get fifty thousand dollars out of it every month
SID GALVANKAR (2 months ago)
Manu Lemos (2 months ago)
It ain't about forex but the number of clicks and subscribers, that's the secret and he knows it
299 999 views (2 months ago)
So much money and you can´t afford a microphone?
Wayne Filkins (2 months ago)
Wow laptops and phones with pictures of charts...HE'S DEFINITELY LEGIT GUYS
abzino kartelino (2 months ago)
cringe fest
Don Vaughn (2 months ago)
How long u 22 years old it's seems u have video a few years back and you say you are 22 still who you fooling
ramal usubov (2 months ago)
even im getting rich when you spell your beautiful name)
Lachhab Regragui (3 months ago)
Teach me how ?
Simon Mockford (3 months ago)
The fact he says 2.5 years makes me want to leave this video and that uzi chain looks worse then ur trim
just for you (3 months ago)
Wow man
Mouri X70 (3 months ago)
if you can trade, do trading and make money...you scamer...you want ppl money
You Good bro? (3 months ago)
How can i be your student??
Slim G (3 months ago)
If u believe this than Holla at me, I'm a Nigerian trillionaire & I got a secret strategy to sell
Emeks Peter (4 days ago)
I need ur strtegy
Deepak Baswal (3 months ago)
You mean to say by buying his course or signals i.e starting 40$ one can be make profits...cmon man if thats true no one in the world wouldn't be doing anything except following your signals.Be practical man
Mohamed Ahmed Salem (3 months ago)
this is a derty way to make promotion for a trading compeny
Arthur Batts (3 months ago)
This seems more like mtv cribs 😂😂😂
MOONJAY GOODMAN (3 months ago)
go buy new sunglasses hahaaa..
S. J. (3 months ago)
too much of boasting and being proud. Enough is enough.
Rocky Fox (3 months ago)
He was in college at 17 bro ur so smart to skip year 10 11 12
wilburnso abbate (3 months ago)
Lооkіng fоr а sоlutіon tо еаrn thrоugh Fоreх. Gооglе and Ѕearсh "Forex Profiter V3.1".
Brandon Adkins (4 months ago)
Stop repeating everything u say u peanut head motherfucker u jus look like a tool.... No one believes this garbage u douche
bryan cortes (4 months ago)
Hahaha you said you have the thousand dolars but you film with a cellphone, look at the reflect in Window.
Flip2 Futures (4 months ago)
Forget Forex. Futures trading is where it's at! We offer a FREE trading room. We make enough money trading why try to rape your consumer base?
L.A.X TASY (4 months ago)
Ben Walker (4 months ago)
Don't trust any of these dudes that go out of their way to flash as much money as possible yet refuse to prove that they know a thing about trading.
Okeffe Lodrick (4 months ago)
Hey ur course helped me, OMG. 1 trillion dollars in 20 second 😎
Ajay Gabriel (4 months ago)
Hes english tallking about dollers poundsss bro
suryanata 182 (4 months ago)
boss, do you have in bahasa ?
Ronald Johnson (4 months ago)
Stop trying to deceive people as if forex is easy. You have not even been trading long enough to know the fundamentals of the market you con artist.
Sadulla Tuhpatullaev (5 months ago)
Hahaha it's a cloun
Nagaraj u (5 months ago)
Urs forex signal is not woking
Yo FX there's so many haters commenting on here. I'm still gonna join. A lot of motivation on this channel
D Emmanuel (5 months ago)
Man.....I just. Made 4 billion dollar from your video.. .😂😂😂
BadgerGaming! (5 months ago)
And i bought your service aswell
BadgerGaming! (5 months ago)
How did you turn 65 bucks into millions ive lost thousands in the market and still cant seem to flip any i lost my account friday i need a mentor not a service
Don John (3 months ago)
Finding a trader to trust is very difficult because alot of these phony traders are scams
Dream Big (4 months ago)
Wiping out one's account several times is part of the learning curve, this is why one must begin FX with small deposits, not thousands of $. To avoid losing it in the future, 2 points: 1) Money management: *before* entering a trade you must decide what your stop loss will be and exit if it is reached. 2) Strategy: you must look for low-risk entries.
Roy Heaney (5 months ago)
what the fuck, this looks like a skit
sparkyman91 (5 months ago)
If you're a millionaire from Forex, why do you need to charge £100-£200 for your training or signal packages?
Rafael Santo (5 months ago)
Nothing comes easily.
Dylan Roberts (5 months ago)
Your what they call a cunt
Fahad Abry (5 months ago)
FX are u still giving the course still no response from ur team .. cheers
Naim Forex (5 months ago)
B.B. BONES (5 months ago)
the way you speak with that vocabulary and the way you present your millionaire signals to the public as if you turned everyone rich, i'll quit school tomorrow!
hahahaha (5 months ago)
im really not tryin to hate on this man but jesus he comes off like a douchebag who wants your money despite being rich...
DMV Trading (5 months ago)
Your chains are only worth $5
Striktly SensÌ (5 months ago)
Salute to you Sir! You are definitely a perfect example of a diamond in the dirt. Congratulations on your success over the years and many more to come. Maybe we'll meet one day and i can discuss my success stories with you... Bless Up!!!!
Ethelya Vlogs (5 months ago)
Winner of a video, I've been looking for "trading in forex for beginners" for a while now, and I think this has helped. Have you ever come across - Menabeth Pips Parapraxis - (Have a quick look on google cant remember the place now ) ? Ive heard some pretty good things about it and my neighbour got great success with it.
noose5150 (5 months ago)
Jacinda Kristine (5 months ago)
I want to join. I live in the US but trading forex is banned through binary options which is who you recommended...help
George Rogo (5 months ago)
Biggest dick head
Luis Ariza (6 months ago)
Can you forex trade as a 16 year old?
Alexson cuyangan (6 months ago)
10$ per click.. http://instantworking.com/?dowork=10689
EERIE (6 months ago)
I joined 1 month ago and he has already turned my $1000 to $250,000 he is the best trader alive
King Kong (6 months ago)
Seems like you need to learn what to do with that money you make lmaoo
Vishal Bhoj (6 months ago)
I'm trade in binary daily income $1k hahaha
Marcos Furtado (6 months ago)
did yo momma give you that name? fxlifestyle?
Nurul Nasbudi Bin Azhar (6 months ago)
forex is gambling..your style trading
Addicted LFT (6 months ago)
TV isnt even a flat screen hahahaha
Levi Smith (6 months ago)
Seems satirical for some odd reason 🤔
Rican Recipe (6 months ago)
looks like an apartment.
Latest Info94 (6 months ago)
jemseed (6 months ago)
Dont believe this guy. Ive traded forex for 8 years. He aint been alive long enough to have full knowledge of the markets and Money management!!!
Jessica English (2 months ago)
I struggled a lot with Forex especially with the Fibonacci sequence thankfully I got introduced to a strategy called the Lukka Binomial strategy owned by Lukka Semenov you guys can search about it on Google the strategy really is amazing I get fifty thousand dollars out of it every month
jemseed (6 months ago)
Cq (6 months ago)
How old are you?If I may ask
charles gordon (6 months ago)
plz get better actress and why is his glasses so skew
Luke (6 months ago)
FCA regulated track record ?
London Memes (6 months ago)
Before this video I had less than 80 dollars(im from uk btw)in my bank account and now I have over 90million, thanks bro
Sewak Singh (4 days ago)
+London Memes bro what r u doing ?
London Memes (6 months ago)
Kevin Leao stop hating that I’m a 22 year old millionaire who lives in a pent house
Kevin Leao (6 months ago)
Karolis Z you have a brain problem
Justin General (6 months ago)
He sells you free ebook pdfs scraped from the internet! Worthless useless 5 page free PDFs off the web!!! Lololololololol, wow.
Fred (6 months ago)
Please put the background music louder next time, I can still hear you talk a bit.
Edwin R (2 months ago)
Key To Trading Success , Forget Technìcal Indicators - Focus on THIS >>t.co/HVGkSFNr7o
Jessica English (2 months ago)
I struggled a lot with Forex especially with the Fibonacci sequence thankfully I got introduced to a strategy called the Lukka Binomial strategy owned by Lukka Semenov you guys can search about it on Google the strategy really is amazing I get fifty thousand dollars out of it every month
allan were (3 months ago)
Onke Faniso (7 months ago)
I just made $500K from watching your video thanks
Jessica English (2 months ago)
I struggled a lot with Forex especially with the Fibonacci sequence thankfully I got introduced to a strategy called the Lukka Binomial strategy owned by Lukka Semenov you guys can search about it on Google the strategy really is amazing I get fifty thousand dollars out of it every month
Bongani Mnisi (2 months ago)
Crap I just made $19 Mill typing here
Onke Faniso (4 months ago)
+ML8593wy God Bless You
ML8593wy (4 months ago)
I made 1 million from reading your comment
lil skiddils (4 months ago)
The Forex Scalpers (7 months ago)
jemseed (6 months ago)
What A Utter Wanker?
Jakiel James (7 months ago)
I can't afford any of your packages☹but I'd love to learn from you
Fira Boss (7 months ago)
Try onother lie
man of Christ (7 months ago)
I feel like God will bless me in this business. But i choose to invest in my future and start a business helping the poor. I am already a great man thanks to Christ. If you wish to join feel free. Peace.
Tatsumi (7 months ago)
The cringe in this video is unreal x.x
Phylicia Sifuentes (7 months ago)
I recomend *FirstMillionRoad* and have nice daily profits
Eric C (7 months ago)
Luxury is by those tall buildings. You are in the hood.
Sergio TL (7 months ago)
Money can't buy you style, it seems.
VisualGamerBF (7 months ago)
U make money in the stock market.....pick the correct stock and wait for few years
Stephen Mccartney (7 months ago)
Great success story bud.i've just invested in a trader and have made 5 thousand in 2 days.
dave mayassi (7 months ago)
King Motivator FX lifestyle is the truth forget the haters bro. Do your thing
Anonymous Honest (7 months ago)
I have less than $50 in my account even lower than you. Should I invest in your course or start trading with that money?
Michael Posada (7 months ago)
Kevincarcosa Abadies (7 months ago)
can anyone donate me some dollars , to start my journey :)
KingSize (7 months ago)
U look like an talking orange :D
Fahad Ahmed (7 months ago)
You live in commercial road
Daniel Pal Szucs (7 months ago)
Am I the only one who is cringing like never ever before? Damn this house is well built.
Tyrus Jackson (7 months ago)
Forex is the easiest game.

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