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#CINews Episode 211: Brexit Sends Pound Lower

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Last week saw sterling fall to its lowest rate against the Euro since September, after the recent raft of Ministerial resignations, reshuffles and renegotiations took its toll on the UK government’s Brexit credibility. While rates have improved slightly over the weekend, new Brexit Secretary Dominic Raab has his work cut out to negotiate terms that are acceptable to the EU, MPs, Conservative backbenchers, and the public. Time is running out for an October agreement and the government is stepping up preparations for a potential ‘no deal’ outcome, which analysts think would very likely send the Pound into free-fall. New Foreign Secretary, Jeremy Hunt, said this morning that without a "change in approach from the EU negotiators", there is now a "very real risk of a Brexit no deal by accident", and Theresa May met her senior ministers in Gateshead this morning for the last scheduled cabinet meeting until September. Full Report: https://www.currencyindex.co.uk/brexit-sends-pound-lower/ For the latest money transfer news you can also: - Find us on Facebook: http://facebook.com/CurrencyIndex - Follow us on Twitter: http://twitter.com/CurrencyIndex - Subscribe to us on this YouTube channel: http://goo.gl/IkXhuI
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