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Sync Outlook Data on a Android Phone or Tablet

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http://www.actasap.net/android/ Concerned about getting your precious Outlook Data on your new smartphone or tablet? Today's video is an interview with a software vendor who helps saddened Android/Outlook users get Outlook data synchronized with their new droid smartphone or tablet. Learn how you can get started today and SAVE with companionlink special coupon code. Visit: http://www.actasap.net/cl Save $10 with coupon: 10ASAP (expires 9/1/2011) Save $5 with coupon: BC6976
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intentionalhonesty (3 years ago)
This company Companionlink is the real deal, their product works as promised, and their tech service is top notch. I'm not getting paid for this endorsement. I've used their product for many years. They will stick with you on tech support until the problem is solved. The reason I came to them many years ago was that I wanted synched data on my palm pilot and ran ACT! 2.0. Now, I'm on a 2015 era Android phone and use Outlook/Office 365 on multiple computers. I decided to let google know my calendar details. so I chose configuration #3 from this video. This is not the same config setup for everyone. If you don't want to share your private details with Google, then you should choose one of the other three options 1, 2, or 4 to synch your data. This area of tech challenges is not so simple, because a lot of things can go wrong. But if you get it set up correctly, you'll be happy. One thing I have noticed is that most of us who complain, don't know what we have, want or what's possible. If you're looking for a true granular synchronization capability across multiple platforms like Google, Apple, and Microsoft between your gmail/ IMAP/ POP3/ Exchange/ email, calendar, and tasks on Android or iPhone and a persistently connected Outlook on your desktop, then you have found a key resource to get that done in various ways with Companionlink. Oh, and Apple calendar/email/ and contacts can be handled too.
sedighah malekifard (3 years ago)
خوب است
Dave Gadbois (4 years ago)
how about you put in your title "product" i just wasted 5:30 min of my life. by thw nobbdy uses powerpoint any more so i bet the software is crap. 
Hanan Naeem (5 years ago)
Try SyncRoid ... search in google play 'syncroid' ... works perfect for me, using for contacts and calendars between android and outlook over bluetooth. tasks also possible but i do not use it. best of luck
Joe Moore (5 years ago)
I have a real problem purchashing this with all the neg comments on the app store...to bad no other options out there
luna5632 (5 years ago)
why don't any of these apps sync emails or folders in outlook...why just calanders, contacts??
iHananMeer (6 years ago)
shit video
noclandevon (7 years ago)
I currently own an HTC Thunderbolt and I use CompanionLink Pro to sync my Outlook data (Contacts and Calendar) and it works like a champ. Its a good application (DejaOffice) with a small footprint and a fluid, flexible GUI. I can still use my Android contact manager just as was able to before I got CompanionLink and I am able to choose wether or not I want my Outlook contacts to sync with my Android Contact list. FIne application.
Kim Huff (7 years ago)
Tried Companionlink & was disappointed with how it worked. First, I dont want to use a 3rd party contact app on my phone. Companionlink contacts app was rather clunky & not nearly as aesthetically pleasing as the app that came with the phone. My biggest complaint was once I sync'd my data, I could no longer edit my contacts using my phone's contacts app. I could edit it with companionlink but how is that any different than what Google is making us do? (part 1 of 2)

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