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How to Use Google Scholar

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Here is a brief overview of Google Scholar and how to use the site. It is a great site for simple research and finding great information beyond a basic Google search.
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Fightnight92 (1 year ago)
For some reason none of the articles let me download the pdfs.... holy jesus... what do i do?
John Wiskin (1 year ago)
You could try to print the article and before printing, there may be an option to allow you to "Save as PDF". Try that out.
Strahinja Nestorovic (3 years ago)
hi there, is this still active? I would like to get some articles if possible. Thanks
Strahinja Nestorovic (3 years ago)
Nice to hear from you. I will need a couple of days to sort them out and I can send that to you. Is that OK? We just had a baby and I am all over the place :-))))
John Wiskin (3 years ago)
+Strahinja Nestorovic Which articles are you looking to get?
Ghaya (3 years ago)
This is uninformative :/
how create an account for uploading my biodata
John Wiskin (3 years ago)
+RAJKISHORE PANIGRAHI I just use my usual Google login. I'm not sure how to upload anything to Google Scholar.

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