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The ONLY Forex Trading Video You Will EVER Need

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http://www.tieronetrading.com/14-day-trial Instagram @j_graystone Twitter @jasongraystone So many people over complicate Forex trading. Look how simple it is here. High probability trade set up. Entries, stops, targets, management, news, exit. This morning this trade set up. I had been watching it over the last couple of days so I thought I would take you step by step on how I: 1) analysed the market 2) identified it as a high probability trade 3) used a lower time frame entry technique 4) used trade management 5) used discipline 6) waited for news If you only ever watch one video, just watch this and understand, this is the way to trade with consistent profits. See you int he live room! Jason G PS. I look forward to seeing your comments and questions below! You can watch my trading partner Akil Stokes take a slightly different approach on this trade as he shoots for extended targets using trailing stops. If you would like to see how you can trail stops on a position like this and lock in further profits, check out the video below https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1sqppcjpsiM&t=246s
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Elizabeth Wallace (13 hours ago)
I say it with all boldness that Forex trading is the real deal and very profitable provided you work with a trusted trader..
Jude Elliot (12 hours ago)
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Jake Ryan (12 hours ago)
superman Kostas.
Gabriel Parker (12 hours ago)
He has wonderful strategies he uses to win a lot trades.
byron cooper (12 hours ago)
if i was asked to name the ten best account managers i'd mention him 9 times and leave the last spot for the others. by the way for people meaning to reach him. contact him on his email: [email protected] com whatsapp: +1 520 441 6989
Ashton Matthews (13 hours ago)
he is the best account manager around, others should strive to be like him.
Benson Lai (17 hours ago)
Hey, this is Benson. I’ve noticed you are a trader too. I’ve always been a big believer in connecting with liked minded individuals. Do you use s/r lines, trendlines and fibs too?? I feel like we trade with the same strategy :pray:🏼:pray:🏼. I’m from Toronto, Canada 🇨🇦 would def want to connect and work!!! Appreciate a follow back my ig is @benson.fx
WikiFX APP (1 day ago)
To learn is the best way to improve the life of people. After seeing what you post, I think I could be a billionaire someday. Nice to meet you.
Forex Genius (1 day ago)
You are great man!
Maximus.B (2 days ago)
Hey what software/website/app are you using?
Benson Lai (2 days ago)
Hey, this is Benson. I’ve noticed you are a trader too. I’ve always been a big believer in connecting with liked minded individuals. Do you use s/r lines, trendlines and fibs too?? I feel like we trade with the same strategy 🙏🏼🙏🏼. I’m from Toronto, Canada 🇨🇦 would def want to connect and work!!! Appreciate a follow back my ig is @benson.fx
Manfred Müller (2 days ago)
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David Akinwale (3 days ago)
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TheHaratashi (4 days ago)
I think it's great he has no indicators on the chart like he said we don't need them... wait a minute...
Trey Dustin (5 days ago)
I’m so confused to why ur target level is down?
Trey Dustin (3 days ago)
Jason Graystone Any recommendations on books for total beginners to learn forex and or stock market in general. Thanks for your time.
Jason Graystone (4 days ago)
Trey Dustin no I shorted it and bought back at a profit
Trey Dustin (4 days ago)
Ok so u bought in expecting it to go down? Obviously I’m green to stocks.
Jason Graystone (5 days ago)
what do you mean? I was short in this trade
Kristine M. Rodriguez (5 days ago)
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Ankush Kuma (5 days ago)
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Sana Hussain (6 days ago)
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Ankush Kuma (5 days ago)
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MIKE (6 days ago)
Why not just speculate trends, go with what the market is going, trade at least 3 different currencies, and hold on to all of them until there is a profit between them... sometimes it'll take 5 mins, sometimes you'll have to watch it for three hours straight... regardless, there is always a chance for them to have a profit between them, don't sell anything until they line up. It appears to be a statistical likelihood of profiting if you hold onto them until there is a profit in the difference between them. Sometimes you'll predict the exact opposite of every market, but sometimes you predict it 100%.. that's not where your profit comes from tho, it comes from cashing out the moment that you see any overall profit, even if you sell one at a loss. It can be very boring and easy to be overcome with self doubt when attempting to remain patient.
wavy beatz (6 days ago)
I just gotta do it and stop being scared lol
FeverCinema (6 days ago)
Anyone know the trading platform he is using?
FeverCinema (5 days ago)
+Jason Graystone Thank you, i appreciate it. Keep up the content it has really helped me.
Jason Graystone (6 days ago)
Trading view and ninja trader
Jason Graystone (6 days ago)
FeverCinema this is TradingView and ninja trader
julesthekid (6 days ago)
hey, any chance of you explaining the 618 ratio in some more detail? Is that a good point at which to buy or to sell?
FX eye (7 days ago)
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Matheo Lindberg (7 days ago)
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Matheo Lindberg (4 days ago)
+Ankush Kuma i'll give it a shot, see if it works.. Jordan's strategy works fine for me already.
Ankush Kuma (5 days ago)
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Vlado Kovacevic (6 days ago)
i come from KIRKCALDY, Australia and life here is rough and so was it for me until i crossed paths with this great man called Jordan Arnold, that man has really changed my life....
Matheo Lindberg (7 days ago)
i once made $5,000 in a week thanks to Jordan Arnold's immense trading skills. It's just amazing, that's why i love working with this trader.
darganx (8 days ago)
I like the way that he's teaching while literally earning a fk off load of cash - have a cigar sir 👏
Victor Paredes (9 days ago)
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Errol Muller (9 days ago)
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Kevion Terrell (10 days ago)
Just sums up IML in 12 minutes
Deshawn McClacken (10 days ago)
Ima teach every one how to trade for all the new traders and it’s like this (time in the market not no 1 hour a day I’m talking about 4+ hours a day study the market learn the pattern learn how the pair works make your own type of strategy what ppl fail to understand is that everyone ok this planet thinks different so a strategy might work for someone else but it won’t work for you I promise you this if u study and watch the charts for half a year you’ll learn a shit more then signals and all that mentor bs only very very very few mentors actually trade remember that👍🏾
Jason Graystone (6 days ago)
Deshawn McClacken so so so true!!
Brunt Wood (11 days ago)
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Burak Ilgın (14 days ago)
modern studies (15 days ago)
always get ads from people wanting to help me make as much money as them , how kind people are lol
modern studies (15 days ago)
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Vincent O'Briant (16 days ago)
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Blue NoKeys (17 days ago)
T B (19 days ago)
1st enter the market, 2nd out of the market, you only mentioned half while the second part decides how much profit you got which is more important than No 1.
fij 01i (19 days ago)
How to rich from forex ? Just sell books and course training of forex trading.
Jason Graystone (19 days ago)
How to get rich in general? Develop skills, create assets. #NoSecret
Robert Jones (20 days ago)
How much £££ was actually made this trade?
ADD Dad (20 days ago)
Jason, and Akil.... I am making 1-2% per day.... I will continue to listen to your (and Akil's) podcasts but your strategies are IMHO lacking... I posted on Akil's channel as well... FULL DISCLOSURE: I have nothing to sell and our group pays a small fee for mentorship... I have ZERO interest in joining our group... I don't even get a hat.
ADD Dad (20 days ago)
Diego (22 days ago)
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Limitless Trade Hub (24 days ago)
fantastic ! great trades !! but all are winning trades .i think as your perspective is to help us learning more . so if you show us your losing trades also then we can learn more
Benjamin Ajogri (24 days ago)
jubair ahmed (24 days ago)
what do people use other than ava trade?
Robert yafele (26 days ago)
need help with SL, how did u use the ATR to set it?
JARIS (26 days ago)
Hello everyone i need your advice. my broker does not allow me to withdraw with no reason and even he went so far to open trade for me after i have requested for withdrawal. I lost 200 Euro before i could close the trade. I talked to support center but they refered me back to my broker and this broker refuse to communicate with me. Please what should i do? I am trading with tradecapital dot com.
David Harold (28 days ago)
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Jessica Campbell (28 days ago)
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jack Wright (28 days ago)
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JAMES COOPER (28 days ago)
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Kelly Moses (28 days ago)
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Best for you (28 days ago)
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Philip Pate (1 month ago)
i'm just now exploring this and i don't understand how you're making money if the price is falling? can someone explain what it is that he's doing like i understand what he's doing but i don't get how it's turning into money for him if it's losing value
Philip Pate (6 days ago)
+Jason Graystone I figured it out thanks a lot great videos mate
Jason Graystone (30 days ago)
Philip Pate because I shorted the market. I sold the base currency against the terms currency
8D Hits (1 month ago)
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john ashley (1 month ago)
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joseph dappa (1 month ago)
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john ashley (1 month ago)
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David Barell (1 month ago)
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Austin jeremy (1 month ago)
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LJ Browner (1 month ago)
alred otuka (1 month ago)
Indicators have nothing to do with anything they are merely a means of analysis ,we want you to stop advertising lies please?
Jason Graystone (6 days ago)
+alred otuka if you ever need help with your trading, I'll still be here! TAKE CARE MAN
alred otuka (6 days ago)
+Jason Graystone hahahahahahahahahaha i had a feeling this would happen ....i am not subscribed dumdum
Jason Graystone (6 days ago)
alred otuka unsubscribe.
John A Newton Blogger (1 month ago)
too much jargon for beginners
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Donaven Davids (1 month ago)
BS , i can show you a much better way to trade, easy and its naked as hell
Chris R (1 month ago)
no indicators? i count 4 wth thats not naked trading
Jason Graystone (1 month ago)
Chris R you win!
Fortnight Frenzy! (1 month ago)
What platform do you use? And what broker should I use to open my real account?
Bunga Florist Malang (1 month ago)
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Sean Kitahara (1 month ago)
If only this video was in English. 😂
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Warren E (1 month ago)
When you notice you’re the rookie trader that would’ve taken the profit 🤦🏾‍♂️
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Thato Ramalekana (1 month ago)
Hey! This is Thato from South Africa ,and i would jus like to say thank you, thank you, thank you ...i stopped using all these indicators and I've been improving on my trades since I've watched this video.
Laid Said (1 month ago)
YashWiggle (1 month ago)
What software is that?
Marzena Szubart (1 month ago)
Mafi Buds (1 month ago)
Can we get a beginners video bc the most I understood was the Justin Bieber explanation.
Jason Graystone (6 days ago)
Mafi Buds check out our emergence course in the trial platform
James Weish (1 month ago)
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Stephen Bruce (1 month ago)
I sent him a mail 3 days ago. He's yet to reply my mail
James Weish (1 month ago)
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Nhat (1 month ago)
can you show your last 6 months history of your real account
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triggermike25 (1 month ago)
That was the worst use of a fibonacci I've ever seen. LMAO.
Hamid Reza (1 month ago)
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russ weaver (1 month ago)
good advice people really only need to find their edge simple as- ---mine is heiken ashi 50 ma high 50 ma low with stochastic on the daily no noise and i look for an entry on the 1 hr or lower swing trading with the trend.and above all remember your stop loss so if you make a mistake you live to trade another day it works for me
Ifrostify (1 month ago)
Jason Graystone (1 month ago)
I feel your pain
Burak Ilgın (1 month ago)
Nkom Tiku (1 month ago)
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Emanuel Fahngon (1 month ago)
Thankyou, completely new to this trading malarkey, but I'll get there.
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kurt otto (1 month ago)
+Young Keyng yes you can
Sophia Brick (1 month ago)
Yes you can
Young Keyng (1 month ago)
Nicky Rain can I start with 100$
kurt otto (1 month ago)
What a kind hearted man, I have never seen anybody say bad against him
Ava Woods (1 month ago)
Anytime dear, enjoy forex community
Ali Lawal (1 month ago)
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joseph albert (1 month ago)
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joseph albert (1 month ago)
Steve Mandy (1 month ago)
It's called a stop hunt. Nothing is losing momentum, learn where the liquidity is and how market makers work.
Feel Forex (1 month ago)
Good Trade. Also make video that will show some challenge.
Nathic nature (1 month ago)
this guy said as you can see, there's no indicators here lmao wtf. there's 4 indicators dude
John Christmas (1 month ago)
Agree with sticking to your plan and strategy but completely disagree with your notion that professional traders are successful due to this, alone. Professional traders go through rigorous fundamental macroeconomic analysis before they even touch technical analysis and lagging indicators.
Trend Trader (1 month ago)
Noob paper trader starter pack: Double top, RSI, Fib 61.8, bearish divergence, came close to my target LOL Market can be overbought for years. Phony ass trader gambler
Luccardi (1 month ago)
Just imagine the chart going the opposite way he stated after all his signs and this video.
Jason Graystone (6 days ago)
Luccardi you could do......

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