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SIMPLE and PROFITABLE Forex Scalping Strategy!

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Learn our Other Scalping Strategy: https://www.forexsignals.com/strategy/scalping-strategy In this video, I will walk you through a simple forex scalping strategy I've been using successfully in the forex markets for the past few years. We'll cover everything from the basic rules to entry and exit! ***Follow us on social media***: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/forexsignalscom Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/forexsignalscom ***The Brokers I Recommend & Trade With*** IC Markets: https://www.icmarkets.com/?camp=1619 Blueberry Markets: https://forexsignals.com/bbm
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Nancy mor (2 hours ago)
I have mad so much on bitcoin
ahsanullah shanto (4 hours ago)
Scalping is a specializing trading technique but not a proper trading style. Scalping in the forex market involves trading currencies based on a set of real-time analysis. The purpose of scalping is to make a profit by buying or selling currencies and holding the position for a very short time and closing it for a small profit. Trade12 allows all scalpers with sufficient trading facilities including smart bridge technology.
Edwin Tay (10 hours ago)
Nice sharing! Could you share how do you set up the trailing stop? Especially on the part on trailing stop at the "3 pips below the previous last 3 candles"
t myers (18 hours ago)
Nicely illustrated. Thanks for sharing.
Amy Francis (20 hours ago)
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Ben Case (23 hours ago)
do the MA need shifts and apply to close?
Manu Delmarche (2 days ago)
Where is the proof that this strategy wins in the long run? Any myfxbook records, for instance?
Shivang Chauhan (2 days ago)
Can we use it on stocks and futures? And how to select stock for such strategy?
is02ub (2 days ago)
Blah Blah Blah - another useless video that teaches nothing but total BS! Perhaps, if you put 10 more different EMAs on a chart, then you'll be in the money - not!
Naeem Shaikh (2 days ago)
What happens if the bar following the trigger bar also touches the 8EMA? Does that become the new trigger candle or is it the first candle that touches the 8EMA that remains as the trigger? Thanks for the informative video.
Kevin Mezzone (3 days ago)
You all miss the point for a start you cannot commit all in and leg out and run high probability chance of earning profit. Makes no sense at all. You are collecting 1 x profit on a minimum of 2 x the risk. Moreover the chart time frames are too distant, the 5 min chart is too unrelated to the hourly chart - there is too much flex in the hourly as regards the 5 minute chart. Strategy does not make a trader successful it is how you run your risk management and that is not about using stop losses. This industry is full of such nonsense
Kiron York (3 days ago)
This guy’s a fucking idiot.
The Mad Forex Trader (4 days ago)
That was cool - I like scalping :)
Sammie L. Glancy (17 hours ago)
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floxpsm (5 days ago)
I have tested this strategy along with other kind of análises and it does work for scalping! Thanks for sharing. I’d recommend testing on demo account obviously .
Elizabeth Seaton (6 days ago)
It's been a great pleasure to come across Hurley Jordan on the back of good reviews from beneficiaries of his strategy and earn the chance to gain so much consistent profits with him
Benjamin Deering (6 days ago)
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Roger Griffin (6 days ago)
Hurley is quite good at what he does despite all the critics about him, he is still doing a fantastic job out there
Gregory Holbrook (6 days ago)
Hurley Jordan is a pro trader and not to be taken as a joke. His prediction patterns are on point accurate giving him a near 100% success rate
Micheal Colunga (6 days ago)
Oh my!!!! I like that, thanks Courtney
Courtney Garman (6 hours ago)
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Emerick Dion Reed (6 days ago)
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barnes marvin (6 days ago)
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joiiboy (7 days ago)
What settings are you using for EMA? (Shift, Apply to...)
Leon King (7 days ago)
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Richard Hood (7 days ago)
Thanks for the strategy Andrew. I'm interested in back testing it, but the platform I use, City index, doesn't offer the indicator of 8 and 13 ema's. Can you recommend a platform that does pls?
TheComposer1979 (7 days ago)
plz if its proftble how u can share it with the worlds and u lose time in youtube? maybe u have good moral reason but its hard to believe sorry
Omar sosa afonso (8 days ago)
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miz poppy (8 days ago)
if there is a trend, no need of any indicators just know when to stop.
Bigmr Toe (8 days ago)
Your 21 EMA is red and 8 EMA is Green on the whiteboard. Your 21 EMA is blue and your 8 EMA is red on your example. You should really keep it all the same from start to finish. This very confusing why the colors and numbers change from one example to the next. I’m lost.
ASAD MALIK (8 days ago)
Who is the most trusted forex broker in usa. I have been trading in demo account in MT4 . Please guide me.
Gregory Holbrook (6 days ago)
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Sampdon George (9 days ago)
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Ahmed Absari (10 days ago)
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LAPAROLEDEDIEU \o/ (10 days ago)
Very informative video 💙
Harley04 (10 days ago)
comments are better from the real experts
Paul tribbett (8 days ago)
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ilda menconi (12 days ago)
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Siddhesh Tulaskar (12 days ago)
patrick Igbogbo (13 days ago)
Could u send a link to the moving average video, I don't understand the technique behind this strategy
Priyanko X (13 days ago)
Why not just put the sell in and ride the trend all the way down.
Robert Williamson (13 days ago)
Could you use this strategy with a 15 min and a 4 hour chart based on your rules
Craig Mark (13 days ago)
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bob gibson (14 days ago)
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DanDirindon (15 days ago)
Pls, if I'm right, your method requires waiting for the following conditions before entering the market, in sell by example: ema8 cross ema21 and it starts to stay below ema21. Then we have to find 5 candles of five minutes perfectly under the ema8. Then a trigger of just one candle of five minutes that crosses a bit the ema8 and goes down again (and just one). Then quite soon a candle that goes under the minimum of the last 5 five minutes candles of 3 pips. And so on. I checked it. It seems a good strategy, winning 2 on 3 times, but very very rare. You could need weeks to find a signal like that. In fact ema8 is continuously crossed by the five minutes bars except during trends very very well defined. Rare events. And you have to stay glued to the screens all the day to avoid missing the occasions. And more, you lose a lot of trends where these conditions do not perfectly happen. Too many.
Carlos Berrios (16 days ago)
Buddy Piper (16 days ago)
all trading is bs and a casino. if you do your research the odds can be in your favor. it is still just gambling though.
Buddy Piper (16 days ago)
currencies are unpredictable, stock indices are. scalping is stressful, swing trades are chill and very profitable.
SELMON Orebut (16 days ago)
Great insight to new traders thumbs up for simple and short explanation in using scalping strategy.
Syed Faizan Uddin (16 days ago)
Thanks for sharing the strategy!! Can I use this strategy on Crypto market?
Edris Noori (17 days ago)
Is ForexPro the reliable broker to start with? Which broker do you recommend as per your experience?
Edris Noori (5 days ago)
Is it a broker , but I searched a lot and I couldn't find that? Please give a little more details. I want to know , which broker is most reliable to start with ?
TTapFX (17 days ago)
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Naing Soe Oo (18 days ago)
Thank you for sharing this strategy.
Reyoung Brown (18 days ago)
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Gregory Holbrook (6 days ago)
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doug cane (18 days ago)
the acid test of any scalping system is to show the profit and loss figures - without verifiable proof of trading figures, you will be wishing and hoping your way to financial disaster.
Family World Channel (18 days ago)
yah that s good strategy. Rob Hoffman use a similar strategy inhis trading. google it.
Abdul Qayyum (18 days ago)
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Regit Mail (18 days ago)
There is a bit of a problem with the presented analysis,even though the main idea is OK. When presenting the 1-hour chart for direction, he stated in this example, that the criteria for looking for selling opportunities are EMA8 below EMA21 AND price below EMA8. The close of the green swing high does not meet the direction criteria; wait for another hour... The next down bar that closes has the upper wick above the EMA8; does that mean wait for yet another bar to close, or is the CLOSE of this bar what should be used for checking the criteria? He did not make this clear. Definitely the next closed down bar meets the criteria, so at the open of the following bar, can begin watching the 5-minute chart for a retracement. It's a shame that he did not use an actual set of bars from a real chart example to see this.
Thank you for this strategy. What is needed 13EMA ?
SFNY VIDS (19 days ago)
well every single trader on youtube has this strategy
fxroborent (19 days ago)
if u have "EA" product n want to rent'it on "MQL5" DM on [email protected]_adhitya_
Harley04 (19 days ago)
WOW, all seems so simple, I'd like to see you do a live example using real data, I mean 5 minutes, split positions, trailing stops, pullbacks, it's a lot to handle, but I'm sure you can do it, I shall eagerly await the video. Come on now, it will be a best seller for the website I guarantee it.
sanders michael (19 days ago)
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farid (19 days ago)
Can you please add German subtitles in your videos!?
Adrien SMAJDOR (20 days ago)
It reminds me a lot of ichimoku about pullback and breaking the last lowest point (like breaking chinkou's head), great videos, thanks ! :)
paul jim (21 days ago)
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alexandre kandelaki (21 days ago)
Timothy Lawley (17 days ago)
alexandre kandelaki n
petestrat07 (22 days ago)
He can feel it coming in the air tonight, oh lord!
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Robert Ashcroft (22 days ago)
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Eddy Murphy (23 days ago)
it is very interesting what you say I would like to learn more about the stock market, forex, bticonin etc, although I am new in estome would like to learn from this and do it in the best way
Ilya Gurman (24 days ago)
Would be nice if you would show the strategy at work in an actual trading environment..
Sampdon George (6 days ago)
Ilya Gurman if you want the actual trading environment contact [email protected] Com and he will show you further and guide you more on how to earn bigger
Square Knowledge (24 days ago)
I tried it and it works. I am surprised. I only tried once. Still need backtesting.
Vlad Strizhak (25 days ago)
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Sampdon George (6 days ago)
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Kurt Kopf (25 days ago)
If we're exiting 50% of the trade at TP1, are we moving the SL up to 3 pips below that point again, obviously the base is gone at this point...???
Alessandro Freddo (25 days ago)
Have you test this simple strategy in the cryptomarket?
Emerick Dion Reed (6 days ago)
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LenexForex (25 days ago)
Is it necessary to remove 50% of your position at 1R, can’t I just trail my stop-loss?
Amoon Alaa (17 days ago)
what is 1R?
David Stojadinovic (25 days ago)
Cheers for this, I've been looking for "calculator forex" for a while now, and I think this has helped. You ever tried - Menabeth Pips Parapraxis - (should be on google have a look ) ? Ive heard some incredible things about it and my m8 got great results with it.
FX CAP (25 days ago)
love me some English trader :D
Accurate Signal (26 days ago)
His account in myfxbook results s.ucks. You talk too much with negative performance. BYE !
Hayden Harris (26 days ago)
LOGIC...... Its not individually what other traders do plus economy fluctuations that plots the graphs journey for any product, instead its the obviously unknown infinitesimal combinations of the latter that does and so we cannot possibly know where the graph will go on going. Training courses signals mentoring strategies cannot possibly predict the combinations, Just saying. regards Hayden
Jurij Bilandzic Zajec (26 days ago)
My question would be how many bars should you wait after the "NO TRADE SETUP" bar shoots above 21 EMA? Is the next trigger bar a new buy signal (considering anchor chart is in line with the existing trend)?
frederick eyram apana (27 days ago)
Gangster Inside Of Me (28 days ago)
I think u mixed up colors on 9:14 8ema is Blue color not red..
Tejas (28 days ago)
What is the use of 13ema in this stratergy..
Tao TU (28 days ago)
All FX platforms are online casinos in disguise. All these instructions are paid by FX platforms to lure you in. When you "trade" FX on an FX platform, NOTHING happens in the market, your "order" is NEVER executed by the platform. They are just waiting for you to lose the bet and make a profit, or scrap some fees from you for sitting there and doing nothing. Overall all traders win and loss cancel and they take the huge fees.
ForexSignals TV (28 days ago)
Hi Tao, thanks for the input. I'm sure there are some brokers out there that don't execute their trades in the market , read our blog post about the difference between A and B Book brokers here: https://www.forexsignals.com/blog/2017/08/the-difference-between-a-book-and-b-book-brokers/ The brokers we work with are all ECN and send the trades through to the market.
Tao TU (28 days ago)
Any "strategy", if tested on long enough time series, fail miserably with trading fees, bankruptcy is the only outcome. FX is known for "excess volatility" meaning only risks no returns. If you see "volatility" you think about "opportunity", then bankruptcy is where you are going. Contrary to what you think, "volatility" has no direction, a long trend is also high volatility. The term really means "unpredictability".
ForexSignals TV (28 days ago)
Hey Tao, why the forex hate? If you're watching these video's I assume you still have an interest in trading. I've been making a living from trading the forex market for decades now and assure you it can be done.
Aliceh (29 days ago)
This video is very interesting because it teaches us how to invest in the most efficient and intelligent way
Khotso Mashego (3 days ago)
you sound like his girlfriend
Emerick Dion Reed (6 days ago)
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Sampdon George (9 days ago)
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Brah Yow (30 days ago)
In a total of 10 people, there is one or two crazy persons that would not miss to comment badly and opposite from others even if the strategy is well explained. That is life anyway.
Lud Wig (1 month ago)
Thank you
ForexSignals TV (28 days ago)
You're welcome Lud Wig, thanks for watching.
Nathan Lindo (1 month ago)
Can this strategy be used on a higher time frame. For instance Daily chart for Anchor between H1?
ForexSignals TV (28 days ago)
Yes, it can. But I find it most effective on the 5min chart.
Charlie Brookes (1 month ago)
Hello, I have a couple of questions. Firstly how many bars on the hourly charts confirms a trend for this strategy. Also if on the hourly charts price breaks the 8EMA the trend is now void, do you conisder a wick pierce of the 8EMA enough to void the trend? Or do you only consider a close the wrong side of the 8EMA? That brings me to the 5 minute charts, same question again. When you wait for a retracement into the 8EMA does a wick pierce count? Or do you wait for a close inside the 8EMA. Sorry for the essay, and thank you for sharing this strategy
Abdul Motin (1 month ago)
Great Andrew but adding 3 pips to stop loss doesnt work for every broker!
ForexSignals TV (28 days ago)
Really? Who are you trading with?
Kenneth Gerald Torino (1 month ago)
Thanks for sharing sir, about the EMA, is it applied to "close" or "high " candle?
Kenneth Gerald Torino (16 days ago)
what if the last 5 bars were engulfed by the trigger bar? yet it did not touch the 21 EMA. where can I put my BUY STOP? 3 pips above trigger bar or still the same 3 pips above highest last 5 bars? thanks.
ForexSignals TV (28 days ago)
To the close
Hector Martinez (1 month ago)
Good evening... I'm wondering if this strategy is suitable for M1 charts instead of M5 charts, or if it tends to fail at shorter periods. Thanks!!!
Hector Martinez (28 days ago)
ForexSignals TV thank you very much
ForexSignals TV (28 days ago)
1min charts are full of noise. I don't recommend you every use them with your trading.
Demetris Spyrou (1 month ago)
What a bunch of bs. Really dude??? 3 pip stop loss??just hear you makes me cringe. Stop making these videos pls for the good of new traders. Professional forex trader my who teaches scalping strategies. Omg like really dude??
ForexSignals TV (28 days ago)
Like yes. Really. Try it and if it doesn't work then bring the hate.
Paras Jethwani (1 month ago)
Hi, it would be good to show some back tested results as well to confirm the reliability of this strategy over different time periods, currency pairs and market conditions
ForexSignals TV (28 days ago)
Good point Paras. Next time I do a video showing one of my strategies I'll be sure to give some real life examples.
mbavhi nema (1 month ago)
why don't you do a live trade video and show us those entries and Take profit that way its much easier and explained well.
Jeremy Hildebrand (1 month ago)
STRATGY. Sounds like a failed strategy.
cooper hallgarth (1 month ago)
this works. but you still have to put work in. watch the video several times. do not add your own rules. follow andrews rules. there must NOT be a crossover of moving averages and the distances between must be clear. it helps to know elliot wave and a bit of fibonacci... elliot wave for where the price is in the market and fibonacci coz it correlates i.e. even andrews 3 moving averages are fib sequence numbers. makes big sense. be patient and dont look for the entry. wait for it to come to you... you will see it jump out at you with practice. blow a whole demo account if you have to. ive had a 75% success rate with the 2x risk on the 2nd trade being the real strawberry jam. thanks andrew.
Placido Albanese (1 month ago)
I have programmed an EA that trades exactly the suggested strategy and it is the perfect money losing machine. Does not work. The EA has been backtested on a months period and the equity line goes down in an almost perfect slope. Forget about it.
Sohabuy Health Journal (1 month ago)
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